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The Black Hitchhiker

I pick up an older, hitchhiking black man and suck his cock in his friends trailer.

I am a bisexual, married white man in my fifties, and although I prefer to suck and fuck a nice juicy pussy, I still like to suck cock and balls and swallow cum every now and then.  I started down this path about ten years ago; reading cuckold and creampie stories, and slowly developed an interest in sucking cock. 

The stories about hung studs fucking a cuckold’s wife were fascinating, especially when the husband sucks up all their combined juices, and then even sucks the stud’s cock.  The stories that got my attention the most were those about big-dicked black men fucking white wives. 

I have read literally thousands of cuckold stories about black men fucking white women, and I know that many white men share that fantasy.  I also enjoy looking at pictures of big, black cocks, and for some reason, I especially like viewing pictures of older black men who have thick cocks.  There is just something about being submissive to a strong black man with a big cock and huge, cum-filled balls that turns a lot of white cock suckers on.

The events of this story occurred one late night when my wife was out of town and I had traveled to an area in town that had adult book stores and porn cinemas.  I spent an hour or so in an adult book store, looking at fuck flicks in the arcade, and looking through the glory holes at men, both black and white, showing and playing with their cocks.  I was propositioned several times to both suck and to be sucked through the glory holes, but I just didn’t have the guts to do it.  I try to be careful about whose cock I stick in my mouth, and sucking an anonymous cock just seemed too dangerous to me. 

I finally left the arcade and went next door to the adult cinema, and watched a couple of different movies, both of which featured black men with huge cocks, and white women sucking and fucking them.  It’s hard to find movies that depict cuckold situations, so I like to watch the ones with black men and white women, and just imagine myself as clean-up man.  I saw a lot of action around me in the cinema, with men’s heads bobbing up and down in other men’s laps, sucking their cocks, but that also seemed too risky for me. 

I was getting hungry for some cock to suck, but I knew that law enforcement periodically visited those theaters, and it just wasn’t worth the risk to me.  After another hour in the cinema I was getting very horny, so I decided that I would just go home and beat off, thinking about all that I had seen at the arcade and cinema.

I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street and headed north toward home.  After traveling a couple of minutes I spotted a hitchhiker on the side of the well-lit road.  He is a short, older black man who was dressed in jeans and a long sleeve work shirt, like he was on the way home from work.  I passed him by, but then I looked in my rear-view mirror and started to feel sorry for him being out there so late at night.  I turned around and went back to talk with him, to see if he was going in my direction and how far he was going.  I have to admit that I was also curious about what he looked like, and I was still thinking about all of the black cocks I had seen in the fuck flicks, but had no intention of approaching him for sex at that time.

I pulled up next to him and said, “Hey, man, where are you headed?”

He replied, “I’m headed to my friend’s home, a couple of miles north and about three miles east of here.”

Then, I knew that his destination was pretty far out of my way, but he seemed like a nice guy, and since I didn’t have any place that I needed to be, I decided to take him to his friend’s home.  I said, “Okay, I’m headed your way and would be happy to take you there.  Come on and get in.  By the way, my name is Ed”

As he got into the car he said, “Thanks a lot, man.  My name is Louis and I really appreciate the lift.  I have had to work the evening shifts lately, and by the time I get off work, it’s too late to catch the bus that I normally take.  Is there anything that I can do for you for being so nice?”

I didn’t expect Louis to ask that question, and while it caught me a little off guard, it also got me to thinking.  I was horny as hell from all the movies I had seen, and I sensed that this might be a very good chance to see a black cock up close.  Louis is about five feet ans seven inches tall and looked something like the guy in one of my favorite black cock pictures. 

That is the picture of a short black man standing next to the open door of a full-sized van with his pants and underwear down around his ankles.  That guy’s cock is about eight inches long, which wasn’t that unusual for a black man from the pictures I had seen, but it is also very thick, and looked like a hunk of sausage with a large head hanging there, with enormous balls hanging down below it.  I struggled with myself to get up the nerve to make a sexual move on Louis, and my lust finally got the better of me.

I said, “Louis, there is something you can do for me, but I’m very embarrassed to ask you and don’t want to piss you off.”

He said, “Don’t worry, man, I’ve heard just about everything.  You’re nice enough to give me a ride, so go ahead and ask.  And besides, I know that you probably don’t live anywhere near the part of town you are taking me to, so I appreciate your lift even more because of that.  So, just spit it out.”

As I began to speak, my little cock was starting to get hard just thinking about the possibility of seeing Louis’ cock, and I said, “Well, Louis, I am a happily married man and like pussy as much as the next guy, but I have also developed a fascination with men’s cocks, and especially black men’s cocks; and I have never seen a black cock in the flesh, so to speak.  I have seen thousands of pictures of big, black cocks and their low-hanging balls, sometimes with them shooting cum, and I’ve been very curious to see one up close.  You remind me of a picture I’ve seen of a black man with a big, thick cock, and I was hoping that you would let me at least  look at your cock and balls.”

Louis paused before speaking, and then got a smile on his face before saying, “Well, I can tell you that you’re not the first white guy to ask me that.  I have been hitchhiking to my friend’s home for about three weeks now, and I get picked up in about the same area every night, and usually by older white men like yourself.  Only a couple of other men have had the courage to raise that question to me, and then they chickened out when I agreed to show them my cock and balls.  I can tell that most of the other men wanted to ask me, but just couldn’t do it." 

"I don’t know what it is with you white guys, but a lot of you really seem to have a thing for black cock.  I have read about that in the past, even about white men who wanted black men to fuck their wives for them.  But I didn’t believe it to be true until I started hitchhiking and got so many rides just north of those theaters.  I guess you white guys go in there and get all turned on watching the black men fucking white women in the movies, and then go on the prowl for cock or something.  So sure, I’d be happy to show you my cock, but first you need to tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

I was then both scared and elated at hearing Louis’ response, and I was determined not to miss this chance.  I said, “Damn, I really appreciate your being so open about this.  What I’d like is for us to pull off of the road behind a strip mall, and have you recline the passenger seat.  Then, I’d like you to pull down your jeans and underwear, and lay back so I can see your cock and balls.  I’ve seen many pictures where white guys are sucking black cock in cars in that position, and I at least would like to see that.  Sometimes those pictures show a black man with a big, hard cock sticking up, covered with cum.”

“So, you just want to look, and not touch my cock?”, Louis asked.  

I said, "Well, Louis, truth be told, I would love to try to suck your cock and balls and swallow your nut, but I don’t know if that is going too far for you.  Also, I try to be careful not to catch any diseases and I’d like to know a little more about you before I would do any of that.  Just how much are you willing to let me do?”

Louis seemed to be getting a little excited and said, “I’m just a normal fifty-two year old, married black man who gets plenty of pussy at home, but I haven’t had any for a while.  My wife has been out of town on business ever since I started this evening shift three weeks ago, and that’s why I have been staying with my friend Monty in his trailer home.  I don’t mess around with other women, and you would be the first man to suck my cock." 

"I have to warn you that I am a big cummer, and since I haven’t had any pussy for a few weeks, I will be feeding you a big load of my nut.  So hell yes, I am horny right now and will let you suck me as much as you want to.  But, instead of pulling behind a strip mall, let’s just go to my friend’s place where we can be more comfortable.  Monty was headed over to his girl friends place, and I don’t expect him home for a couple of hours.”

That was a dream come true for me and I said, “Thanks, Louis, you won’t be disappointed.  I’m so anxious to taste my first black cock that I’ll be very enthusiastic in sucking you.”

We continued our short trip and soon arrived in front of Monty’s trailer.  It is a nice double-wide in a decent park, and I followed Louis up the steps and through the door.  There is a couch in the living room with a coffee table in front of it, and Louis motioned for me to take a seat.

“Have a seat, Ed,” Louis said, “I’ve got to take a piss and will be right back.”

The bathroom is right next to the living room, and I heard Louis’ strong stream of piss hit the toilet as he unloaded his bladder.  Then a few minutes later, Louis came back into the room, totally naked!  I could hardly believe how much he looked like the black guy in the picture that I had seen. 

Louis has a little belly, but hanging below that is a very thick, six-inch cock, and it was still soft.  He also has very large balls hanging below his cock, and it almost looked like pictures of horse balls that I had seen.  I really like to see cocks that are thick when soft, and Louis has just the perfect cock and balls to fulfill my fantasies.  Louis then pushed the coffee table away from the couch a little and sat down next to me.

He said, “Ed, just get down on your knees in front of me and I’ll give you a taste of my big black meat.  But first I’ll scoot to the edge of the couch and lay back while you suck on my big balls.  My wife won’t suck me, and I’m really looking forward to feeling your white mouth on my balls and cock.”

I got down between his legs and Louis brought his legs up on the table, giving me full access to his balls.  That was a sight to behold.  His balls are as large as eggs, and they hung heavily in his sack, down over the edge of the couch.  I leaned down to take my first taste of his sack and was almost overwhelmed by his musky, manly odor.  I started licking his scrotum, and as I glanced up I saw Louis smiling down at me.

Louis said, “Come on, white boy; get to work on those nuts.  Take them in your mouth and roll them around and lick every inch of them!”

I was really enjoying sucking Louis’ balls, and I was even getting excited that he was being a little more dominant.  I really can’t explain it, but it was exciting being submissive to a black man with a big cock.  I continued sucking his balls, and as I looked up I saw that his cock was fully hard.  It had grown to about eight inches but was just about the same thickness as when it was soft.  What a beautiful piece of meat!  His cock has a big head and thick veins all over the surface, and of course it is very black.  There was also a large amount of precum running down his cock, and I knew that it was time to start sucking him.

Louis said, “Time for your feeding, white boy!  Get up here and suck my cock.”

I rose up a little on my knees and took the head of his cock into my mouth.  The firm, yet rubbery head of his cock felt good sliding between my lips, and his precum tasted salty and sweet.   I had to open my mouth very wide to take in his thickness, and the heavy veins also felt good on my tongue.  I started moving up and down on that massive piece of black meat, while sucking it as hard as I could.  I could only get about six inches of his cock in my mouth because of its thickness, and believe me, my mouth was full. 

I had been sucking his cock for about fifteen minutes and I could tell that Louis was starting to get close to nutting, when I heard the front door open.  Monty had come home a little earlier than expected and caught me on my knees sucking Louis’ cock.  I tried to lift and pull away from his cock, but he held my head in place with his hands, and I just continued sucking him.

Monty said, “Damn, Louis, where did you find that sweet white mouth to suck your dick?”

Louis replied, “Well, I’ve told you before about those hungry, white cock suckers who always pick my up near those porn theaters, and it looks like this one had the guts to ask for a piece of my black meat.  I don’t know why, but a lot of these white boys have a hunger for black cock and nut.”

Monty continued, “Sorry to interrupt, man, but I was fucking my white bitch, and her husband called and said that he was coming home early.  I finished cumming in her but didn’t have time to clean up because I had to leave so quickly.  Maybe your white boy can clean me up after he takes your load?”

Louis said, “Hell yes, I know that Ed here would be glad to suck your cock.  He also loves the taste of black balls, so I’m sure that he’ll enjoy licking and sucking the fuck-slop from your big nuts.  Watch this cock sucker go.  He just loves my meat and he’ll like it even better when I feed him my nut.  These white boys just love black meat!  Come on over a sit next to me and let Ed get a look at your big, black fuck stick”

So, as I continued sucking on Louis’ big cock, Monty sat down next to him, after removing his pants and underwear.  I could hardly believe the size of his cock.  It is as thick as Louis’, but is about ten inches long, and I saw that it was covered with partially dried cunt juice and his cum.  His balls are also huge and they were covered with cum and pussy juice.  Monty started stroking his cock as I continued sucking Louis.

Louis said to me, “Finish me off now, cock sucker.  I was close when Monty walked in, so speed it up and take your feeding!”

Having Louis talk to me like that got me even more turned on, and I started sucking him harder and playing with his balls to get him to cum.  Finally, I felt Louis stiffen up and lift his ass off the couch a little, and he held my head in place as he thrust his hips into my mouth.  I knew that he was about to cum and I feltl his cock begin to throb and pulse as the first spray of his cum hit the back of my throat. 

His nut load was massive, and I had to swallow repeatedly to keep up with the flow.  It was almost as if a faucet had been turned on, and I was enjoying the taste and texture of his sweet, plentiful cum.  I looked up at Louis and he was smiling down at me, enjoying the sight of pumping my white, cunt mouth full of his semen.  The flow of cum finally subsided and Louis’ cock began to soften, but I continued sucking that beautiful piece of meat.

Louis then said, “Look, Monty, this white cock sucker can’t seem to get enough of my black cock and cum.  Maybe we should have him clean you up now!”

“Damn right”, Monty said.  “Let’s take this white bitch to the bedroom so I can fuck his face after he cleans me up!”

So, with that, I got up from my knees and Louis and Monty led me to the bedroom.  Both of their black cocks and balls were swinging as they walked, and although I was a little apprehensive about what Monty had in mind, I was still excited to be sucking those virile black men.  Monty had me lay back on the bed and then he climbed on and straddled me, with one leg on each side of my head.  His massive black balls were hanging in my face, and I smelled the strong aroma of his manhood and the combined fuck juices of the white wife he had just fucked.

He said, “Go on, white boy and clean up my fucking mess.  Use your tongue and mouth to lick and suck the fuck juice from my sack!”

I started sucking his balls with a hunger that I had never known and continued even when Monty put more of his weight on my face and slid his balls back and forth over me.  That was all like a dream come true as I was partially smothered by his manhood.  He even shifted himself a little and made me suck his musky perineum.  Monty seemed to have a bigger bulge than most men have, and it was very erotic sucking it for him.  I was able to get his balls in my mouth, one at a time, and I also sucked on his sack, which has a leathery texture.  After about fifteen minutes of completely cleaning his scrotum, Monty felt that it was time to clean his huge cock.

Monty said, “Okay, white mouth, time for your second feeding.  I want you to clean my cock while I’m fucking your cunt mouth.  Get ready for a real face-fucking!”

Monty then lay down on top of me and pushed his massive cock into my mouth.  I was starting to choke on that big piece of cock meat, but he was relentless as he continued to thrust into me.  I tasted the combined fuck-slop from his previous bout with the white wife, and I could also taste some of his fresh precum.  His juice was a little bitter, not sweet like Louis’, but that made it more exciting for me. 

He continued to fuck my face for about fifteen minutes, and he finally tensed up, and I felt his massive cock throbbing as he unloaded five or six squirts of his tasty nut.  He was filling my mouth and I had to swallow several times to keep from choking, and I had to wonder how much cum he would have produced if he hadn’t just fucked that white woman.

As Monty rolled off me he said to Louis, “I ‘m glad you found this white cock sucker, man.  He’ll be good to have around when I can’t get that sweet, white pussy when I need it.  I still find it hard to believe how much these white cunts love the black meat and juice, but I’ll just enjoy it if they are that hungry to suck black men!”

With the sucking completed for the moment, we all sat around and talked about what had happened.  I admitted to being a confirmed black cock sucker, and both Louis and Monty were very happy with the way I had serviced them.  We agreed that I would stop by from time to time to take care of their needs, and they even brought over a few of their friends to fuck my face.  All those black men have good-sized cocks and big balls, although all of them aren’t as big as Monty’s.  The other thing was that all those men produced huge cum loads, and that was what kept me coming back for more.





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