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The Black Mail of a Black Male (volume 1)

Sooner or later it had to happen....

Jim's my best friend and he's full of himself.  We hang out when we can and have most of the same interests.  We often laugh about the fact that I'm the "black friend" that most white guys have and he's the "white friend" in my life.  Two Saturdays ago we were playing a game of basketball and things got a little out of hand.   Here's how it went. 

After drinking a few beers (yes, like most I'll initially blame it on the alcohol) somehow we agreed that the loser would kiss the others cock.  Don't ask me how the subject came up - I really can't remember.  Being considerably smaller than Jim and not very athletic I should have known better.  As things would turn out, I lost.  

I'll never forget the crazy smile on his face as he made the last basket.  "Pay up dude" he laughed.  A few jokes and insignificant small talk and we were inside having another beer.  He went to shower while I sat on the floor and watched television. 

About 20 minutes later Jim walked in the room with a towel wrapped around his waist.  Not really paying attention, I was caught totally off guard when he stood over me and dropped the towel to the floor.  I tried to get up but he's taller and stronger than I am.   Effortlessly I was  pushed m to the floor (my back to the couch).  It was then that I realized that, in front of me, was the biggest cock I've ever seen.  He must have noticed that I was looking because he stopped struggling. Jim's cock had to be 8 inches long and quite thick.   

"Just a kiss", he said.  "I promise not to tell".   Calling him crazy I again tried to get up.  He grabbed it at the base and held it towards my face.  It was semi-hard and as red as a stop sign. 

Believe it or not, the plan was to try to kiss it and he'd jump back and leave me alone.  I leaned forward and to my surprise he pressed it against the side of my face.   I could not believe this was happening.  When he moved it to my lips a low moan came from his mouth. 

Our eyes met as he held his cock to my lips.  Seeing the painful need in his eyes I slowly opened my lips and licked his cock head.  His legs began to shake.  Our eyes never leaving each other, I opened my mouth again (as wide as I could) and slowly he pushed forward. 

Methodical hip movement began and slowly I took him in my mouth.  As I sat there, Jim adjusted and carefully straddled my face.  Hovering over me, my head tilted back, I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth.  Sweat began pouring from his body and his muscles tensed when I reached up and held his balls for the first time. 

Noticing that I was having trouble breathing he removed himself from my mouth and, as if I've done it a thousand times before, I licked the thick vein under his cock and took his balls in his mouth.  I thought he would pass out.  Up and down I licked him until he was about to burst.

Jim pulled back and I started sucking him again.  This went on for about three minutes.  Suddenly he placed his hands on the side of my head and started humping faster.  Knowing what was about to happen I tried to push him away.  Suddenly he gave a loud groan, pulled his cock out so just the head was between my lips, and filled my mouth with cum.  I tried hard to swallow every drop.  Just before he stopped, Jim started fucking my mouth again.  

When he finished, Jim collapsed beside me and we both rested for some time.  No words were spoken for about 15 minutes.  As he lay there I couldn't help but notice how big he was.  This was the beginning of a long week for us.  It seemed as if every day he found time to come to my house and let me taste his juices.  Yesterday Jim came over to watch a movie.  To my surprise I was the star.  Turns out he recorded our first encounter.  Jim made it perfectly clear that if I didn't "take things further" he would show it to everyone.  I don't know what I'm going to do.......

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