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The Boss Has His Way

I travel with an employee on an out of town assignment and convince him to suck my cock.
My name is Phil, and at 43 years old I am the vice president in charge of acquisitions for a large venture capital firm located in New York City. My team goes out into the field to investigate potential acquisition candidates, and although I traveled a lot before my promotion to vice president, I haven’t had to go out of town much in the last seven years or so. Instead, I have relied on my team to bring the necessary documentation back to the home office for my review. However, the bad economy has caused our company to lay off several of our key professionals and to cut back on expenses, so I had to start traveling again. The assignment that gave rise to this story was a large potential acquisition in the Minneapolis area, and I decided to take Ed Langston with me for what would be a one month stay, and we weren’t going to be able to travel home on the weekends due to the expense. Ed is 40 years old and a senior member of my team, and we and our families are also good friends since Ed has been working with me for nearly 15 years, and we have had many opportunities to meet socially. It was normally our policy for each person to have a separate hotel room, but with the budgetary constraints we were facing, I decided that we would share a business suite which had two separate bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a small kitchenette with a small table and two chairs which was part of the large living area which had a desk, couch, and TV.

We were working very long hours the first few days and didn’t have time for much relaxation, but then I decided that we should use our company membership in a national health club chain to relieve some stress and to stay in shape. This trip was also stressful for me because my wife Tara and I have a very active sex life, and we normally fuck at least six times per week. I am blessed with a very large, uncircumcised cock which is 10 inches long and as thick as my wife’s wrist when hard, and I also have large, hairy balls which are the size of eggs and they hang low between my legs. I am a pretty good looking guy at 6’2” tall and weighing 195 pounds, and I was used to getting all of the pussy I wanted in high school and college. Tara and I started dating towards the end of college, and she just loves my big cock and can’t seem to get enough of it. When I was traveling heavily earlier in my career I also picked up a lot of women and fucked them in my hotel room, but I was reluctant to do that now that there were so many serious diseases out there. I just love feeling my big, uncovered cock sliding into and out of a wet pussy, and then feeling my cum filling her vagina, so I didn’t want to pick up women and fuck them with condoms. So the first few days I was masturbating every night.

I was enjoying working with Ed since we are friends in addition to me being his boss, and we were going to the health club just about every night. It wasn’t until the third night at the club that I started noticing that Ed might be sneaking peeks at my cock and balls in the shower. He was definitely trying to hide it, but I could see him glancing at me, and then he would look away when I looked towards him. We had been in the shower together many times at the health club near our office in New York, and now that I think about it, I can remember that he was always near me in the shower, but I never saw him peaking at me there. I do know that Ed has a small dick, and although I have never seen him hard, his soft, cut dick is only about three inches long and very thin. So maybe he was just a little curious since my cock is about seven inches long and still very thick even when it is soft, and my balls were always hanging low and swinging between my legs in the warm water of the shower. I started paying more attention to him and was soon sure that he was looking at my cock, so I decided to tease him a little. We always spotted each other for safety when we were bench-pressing weights, so I decided to wear a pair of my loosest shorts without underwear the next time I was helping him. I was standing over him holding the weight bar, and my cock must have looked huge so close to his face and I could see that his eyes were glued to my freely hanging cock and balls when he was lifting. I leaned my head back a little so he couldn’t see that I was watching him watch me, and now I knew for sure that he had at least some interest in my cock, which was a surprise to me.

I knew that Ed was happily married to Marci, and they had two kids in high school, so there was no way that I would suspect him of being bisexual or gay. I’m not sure why this interested me so much, but maybe it was because I was out of town and missing my frequent sex with Tara. I was horny all of the time, and was thinking that it could be possible that given an opportunity, Ed just might suck my cock. And as I thought back, I could remember Tara telling me about a conversation she had with Marci, describing how Ed has a small dick, so he always sucked Marci’s pussy to orgasm after he ejaculated into her. So at least I knew that he was eating his own cum. I decided that I would do a little research on the internet that night in our hotel, just to try to figure out what Ed might be thinking. I started with a search on “cock sucker” and then went to “bisexual” and “cuckold”, and I was very surprised by all of the material available out there. After looking at many of those sites, I began to see a kind of trend in the stories and pictures. It seemed that it wasn’t all that unusual for some married men with small dicks to fantasize about men with big cocks fucking their wives, and these so called cuckold relationships often led to the husband sucking the cock of his wife’s lovers. Most of these men were considered to be bisexual because they still liked sex with their wives, and some men took an interest in sucking cocks even if their wives weren’t involved.

I have to admit that it was arousing looking at all of those pictures and movie clips of men sucking other men’s cocks, and I could almost feel those mouths on my big cock and balls, and feel them actively sucking as my cum exploded into their mouths. It seemed that many of the stories depicted men who really liked to taste and swallow cum, and that was appealing to me because I didn’t want to waste my semen by shooting it into a condom. It also seemed that a lot of cock suckers really liked uncircumcised cocks since they weren’t as common, and seeing, feeling and tasting the thick, moist foreskin sliding back and forth on the cock head was very arousing to them. I was really getting turned on reading about how these men like to feel and suck big cocks and balls, and I was even beginning to enjoy stroking my own cock and feeling its weight, as well as handling my balls. Tara never did like sucking my cock, mainly because she liked it in her pussy so much, so it was exciting thinking about the possibility of somehow convincing Ed to suck my cock. I read many stories about first-time cock sucking experiences, and they gave me some ideas on how to assess Ed’s interest in sucking me, without it being too risky for me to expose my interest in feeding him my cock and cum. It was also in the back of my mind that if Ed became my cock sucker, I might eventually be able to fuck Marci, and she was a beautiful and shapely woman with big tits and a nice, firm ass. My plan was to continue exposing myself to Ed until I could catch him showing enough interest in my cock that I could challenge him on it, and then just see how things developed.

We were now in our second week in Minneapolis, and I had been exposing my cock to Ed at every opportunity, even in our room by “accidentally” dropping my towel when leaving our shared bathroom and even at the urinal at work. Then one night at the club I decided to give him an even more arousing view, and just before I was going to be spotting him on the weight bench, I jacked my cock for a few minutes in the locker room to get it almost hard and dripping with precum. The look on Ed’s face was priceless when he saw my long, thick meat straining at the fabric of my shorts and he could also see my precum dripping out of the foreskin. I even squatted down a little acting like I was trying to get control of the weights, and my cock and balls were only a couple of inches from his face, certainly close enough for him to smell my musky manhood. It looked like a drop of my copious precum hit his face right next to his mouth, and I was sure that I saw him lick it off with his tongue. I was getting so horny to have my cock sucked, that I decided to try to make it happen that night when we got back to our room.

Ed took his shower first when we got back to the room, and then he was sitting in one of the chairs in the kitchenette which was right next to the refrigerator. I then took my shower and came out into the kitchen area with just a towel around my waist, and I opened the top freezer door of the refrigerator, which covered my upper body and head but left me exposed from the waist down right in front of Ed’s chair. I peaked around the side of the open door and could see that Ed was staring at the bulge of my cock in my towel, and I made it look like an accident when my towel fell to the floor. Ed was now only about a foot from my nude cock and balls, and I could see that he was still staring at me since he thought I couldn’t see him. When I knew that he was totally mesmerized by my genitals, I slowly closed the top door to the refrigerator, and for just a few moments he didn’t see me looking right at him as he stared at my cock. This was the moment I was waiting for, and I shifted my weight slightly which made my cock and balls swing in front of him, and then he looked up and saw me smiling down at him. He then knew that he had been caught staring at my cock and said, “Oh shit Phil, I didn’t mean to stare at you. But you were just standing right in front of me at it was hard to look away.”

I then moved over to the other chair and sat down, without covering myself and said, “Don’t worry about it Ed. No problem. But if you are being honest with me and yourself, you’ll have to admit that you have been staring at my cock in the shower, urinal and when we were lifting weights, soon after we got to Minneapolis. In fact, I have gotten the distinct impression that you have a lot of interest in my big cock and balls. So what do you have to say for yourself?”

I knew that this was now make or break time to see if he had a real interest in my cock, and I had not committed myself one way or the other at this point, so the ball was in his court, so to speak. Ed had his elbows on the table and he covered his face in his hands for a few seconds, no doubt trying to hide his embarrassment and to think of what to say. He still had his face buried in his hands when he started talking saying, “I really sorry Phil, but you have one of the biggest cocks and largest balls that I have ever seen, and I just couldn’t keep from looking.”

I was now curious just how many other cocks he had seen so I asked, “Well, just how many other cocks have you seen?”

He then looked up at me and said, “I guess I’d better tell you everything. As you’ve probably noticed in the shower, I’m not nearly as well endowed as you are, and I’ve always had to suck Marci to orgasm after we fuck. Then, several years ago I picked up a porn magazine in the hotel where I was staying on one of our acquisition trips, and I started reading stories about husbands with small dicks who liked to watch men with big cocks fucking their wives. From there I started going online to read stories about this cuckold stuff and to also look at the pictures, and I became obsessed with the thought of seeing Marci fucked by a really big cock, and then me sucking the cum from her pussy. And then when I started seeing your big, thick, uncut cock and low hanging balls in the shower at the club in New York, I realized that your cock looked bigger than most of the pictures I was seeing in the magazines and online. To make a long story short, I finally got the courage to make Marci aware of my obsession, and she was sympathetic enough with me to allow us to fantasize that she was fucking other men, and that I was cleaning her pussy of their semen. I eventually told her about how big your cock is, so you became the object of our fantasies. Now, every time I see your cock, I can’t help being turned on just thinking about the fantasies that Marci and I share.”

Ed was much more forthcoming than I thought he would be, so I decided to press him a little further to see if his fantasies included sucking cock. I had already learned a little about cuckolds, but I decided to appear ignorant about it and asked him, “I have heard the word cuckold, but I don’t know much about it. What else do cuckolds do besides watch their wives fuck other men?”

He thought for a few seconds, trying to decide how to answer and then said, “There are all kinds of cuckolds. Some just like to watch their wives being fucked, while others also suck the cum from her pussy. Then there are other men who also clean the cocks of the lovers with their mouths, and some of them become outright cock suckers.”

I knew that this was the key moment and I asked, “Well, what about you? Have you ever had fantasies about sucking a cock?”

Then Ed said, “I haven’t really thought about that much, although some of the stories that talk about the husbands sucking cock are pretty arousing. Why do you ask?”

This was now the moment for me to commit so I said, “I think you know that Tara and Marci have discussed our sex lives over the years, so Marci must know that Tara and I fuck at least six times per week. If Marci told you about that, then you must know that I get very horny when I’m away from home, especially for such a long assignment as this one. So when I noticed that you were staring at my cock so much, I thought that you might be thinking about sucking me. You just said that you didn’t think much about sucking cock, so that means that you have thought about it at least a little. So the bottom line is that if you have even a little desire to do that, then I certainly have a need to be sucked off. And after all, you have already eaten your own cum.”

Ed was really looking embarrassed now, but he finally looked up at me and said, “I don’t know how I could do that Phil. We and our families have been friends for years, and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize our relationships. And besides, I have never sucked a cock before and wouldn’t know how to begin.”

Ed didn’t say no outright, so I knew that I had a good chance of getting him to suck my cock, especially since he was now staring at my genitals, so I said, “I won’t hold it against you if you do suck my cock, and it will be our little secret. And besides, if you do a good job sucking me, maybe we can make your cuckold fantasies with Marci come true. So let’s just sit down on the couch together, and maybe you could hold my cock in your hand just to see if you like it.”

I moved over to sit on the couch and was surprised the Ed followed me there without objecting. My cock started to get hard, just in anticipation of what Ed might do for me, and sure enough he slowly reached over with his hand and wrapped his fingers around my now almost-hard cock. He started to slowly stroke me which made my foreskin slide back and for the over the head, and he said, “Wow that is amazing feeling your thick foreskin sliding back and forth on your cock, and I can see that you are already producing a little precum. I have never touched another man’s cock before, and certainly not an uncut one.”

My cock was now at its fully-hard 10 inches, and I decided to encourage Ed further by saying, “Oh man, it feels so good having you stroke my cock, and it is really getting slippery with my precum. Go ahead now and give it a taste. You know you want to, and I will never tell anyone unless we agree to it first. Come one Ed, you can fulfill some of your cuckold fantasies and give me a lot pf pleasure at the same time.”

I knew that he was really enjoying the feel of my cock, but he was still hesitant to suck me and was not moving his mouth to my dick. So I slowly moved my hand behind his head and gently pulled him towards my lap, and that must have been what he was waiting for so he wouldn’t appear to be so eager. He moved his head with little resistance, and I soon felt his lips touch the head of my cock which was now covered with precum. I pushed him farther down on my shaft, and it felt amazing when he started to actually suck on my meat. My cock is very large, but Ed was still taking about six inches of me in his mouth, and his lips were stretched around my shaft. He continued sucking me and I slowly started pivoting my hips and fucking his mouth. I could tell that he was enjoying it because he moved his hand to my balls which were hanging heavily on the couch, and began massaging them as he slobbered and sucked on my cock. I could feel the thick crown of my cock head on the inside of his lips on each stroke, and it felt amazing having him sucking my big cock.

The position we were in seemed a little awkward for him, so I said, “Man, that all feels so good Ed, but why don’t you get on your knees on the floor between my legs so you will be more comfortable.”

So Ed slowly shifted his body from the couch, and I knew that he liked sucking my cock because he just kept on sucking and moved with it still in his mouth. He was soon on his knees in front of me, and I took his head into my hands and began thrusting harder into his mouth. As I pushed more of my cock into him he started gagging a little and I could feel the head of my cock starting to push into his throat. As much as I wanted to go ahead and push my whole cock into his mouth and throat, I thought it might be better not to push too hard this first time.

I was starting to get close to shooting my load of cum in his mouth, and I wanted to delay my orgasm a little longer and enjoy Ed’s mouth. So I pulled my cock from him, even though he struggled to keep sucking me, and I said, “Your sucking really feels great Ed, but I’m getting too close to shooting, and I’d like you to suck my balls for a while. So move on down there and taste my hairy nuts.”

I then lifted up my nut sack and Ed immediately started licking and sucking me. I would never have imagined that it would be this easy to make him my cock sucker, and I was really enjoying his mouth on my nuts. My wife rarely sucked my cock, but she never had sucked my balls. Ed continued hungrily sucking on my scrotum sack and balls, and I thought I would try one other thing. I slowly scooted down a little farther on the couch to partially expose my ass, and I lifted my balls out of the way and pulled Ed’s mouth to my swollen perineum. I know that is getting pretty close to my asshole, but he did not hesitate to cover my perineum with his mouth and hungrily suck it. I was confident that it would only be a matter of time before I would be sitting on his face with him enveloped in my hairy ass and sucking my asshole.

Ed had been sucking my cock, balls and perineum for about a half hour, and I was getting anxious to cum. So I said, “Okay Ed, it’s time for me to cum in your mouth. I want you to turn around and sit in front of the couch and lay your head back on the seat. I’m going to kneel in front of you and fuck you face and then feed you my cum. So get ready since all of your sucking has worked up a big load.”

Ed did not even hesitate to get into position or to argue about me ejaculating in his mouth. I got in front of him and pushed my still-hard and throbbing cock into his mouth and began to thrust into him. He was actively sucking my cock and sticking his tongue into my foreskin every chance he got. I continued fucking his mouth and soon my cock was throbbing and pulsing as I shot a huge load of my fuck juice into his mouth. I believed Ed when he said that he had never sucked a cock before, and I was amazed at how easily he swallowed my seven strong pulses of semen and sperm and continued sucking me after I was empty and my cock was softening. I had no idea that a first-time cock sucker would be that enthusiastic and willing to please me.

I finally pulled away from Ed and we sat down on the couch again. Ed was the first to speak and said, “Oh shit Phil, I had no idea that your cock would taste that good and feel so good in my mouth. Your cum was also thick and tasted very good. I’m so pleased that you pushed the issue tonight. And as far as your other question is concerned, I’d love to watch you fuck Marci and then let me suck your big load of cum from her pussy. Your cock is so big and I know she’d enjoy it. It might take a while to make it happen but I’ll sure try. And tell me, how was it for you?”

I looked at Ed and smiled and said, “It was just wonderful for me my cock sucking friend. I’m so glad that you like my cock and cum, and I was really surprised how easy it was for you the first time. You can suck my cock all of the time, and I sure will take you up on your offer to fuck your wife. But for now, you must know that I have a high sex drive, and I will want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum at least twice a day while we are here together. We can try a lot of different positions, and you can sleep in my bed and suck my balls and perineum every night as I fall asleep if you want to.”

Ed continued sucking me every day, and by the third week I was even sitting on his face with him sucking my asshole. After we returned to New York, it only took a few weeks for Ed to talk Marci into fucking me and cuckolding him, and we got together as much as possible. She just couldn’t seem to get enough of my huge cock. Over time, Ed and I went on other out of town trips together, and he always sucked my cock and swallowed my cum for me. He even sucked our other coworkers on assignments when three or more of us were there, and he was now a committed cuckold and cock sucker.

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