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The Business Trip

Work colleagues' friendship changes forever
The weeks had gone by. We had visited the archive room and the gent’s toilets on a number of occasions. Each time my work friend, Mike, sucked my cock. He really was good at it, and it would have been rude to refuse his requests.

Besides, I hadn't wanted to refuse.

I desperately wanted to suck him, but each time he said, "Wait until we are away together." In the meantime, he continued to suck on me regularly.

We had known for a while that we would have to be away on business together with one other colleague, Jenny, at the other end of the country very soon. We were going to be entitled an overnight stay. When the call came through confirming the dates, I had quickly called Mike and Jenny into my office to discuss arrangements. Mike and I agreed to share a room. We would have liked to have booked a double but because Jenny was travelling with us, we had to keep up appearances, just in case she visited our room for any reason. 

Incidentally, I had had a brief affair with Jenny a number of years ago, before she married, but that’s another story.

I confirmed the arrangements and started counting down the days. Looking forward to a stressful meeting seemed strange but it was the fringe benefits I was really looking forward to. On one occasion, when discussing the travel arrangements, Mike was beside me when we were viewing the hotel online and his hand was under my desk, rubbing my hardening cock. As you can imagine this was very erotic and quickly led us to a joint visit to the toilets for some hot oral sex.

The big day finally arrived. We traveled down to the hotel and checked in.

We decided that it would be nice to have a drink before going to our rooms. Working all morning and travelling all afternoon had taken it out of us, so we ordered drinks and settled down in the hotel bar.

Mike and I shared a couple of erotic glances at each other, with knowing smiles, our time to be together in the privacy of a hotel room was almost upon us.

The three of us chatted away. I suggested that we relaxed and enjoyed our drinks and then take our time getting changed, before meeting Jenny back in the bar, about one hour later, before we went for our evening meal.

My real plan was just about buying us some time to have some fun, as well as get showered and ready for the evening.

We had been allocated rooms on the same corridor, but not next to each other, which was a relief, as I didn't want Jenny to overhear anything that may occur in our room.

As we entered our room, I smiled: the twin beds were close together, with no furniture in between them.

Mike and I looked at each other with a grin. Mike said, "It’s looking good to me." 

We quickly unpacked our overnight bags.

I was careful not to lift out the tube of lubrication that I had brought with me as I didn't want him to think I was being presumptuous, after all, he had only sucked my cock before, I hadn't even seen his.

I went to use the bathroom, and as I came out, Mike was sat on one of the beds, with his shirt removed, revealing his sexy torso.

Just as I had become accustomed to, Mike was being very direct. "Are you getting your clothes off then? I need to suck on your cock," he said casually. 

Taking a leaf from his book, I returned with, "As long as you do too. I've waited a long time to get my lips around that cock of yours." 

He moved over to me and gave me a long sensual kiss on the lips. I relaxed immediately thinking of the night of passion that hopefully lay ahead.

We broke away from our embrace and moved the beds together. I began to undress. First my shirt, quickly followed by my footwear.

I moved onto my trousers, seductively undoing them. With a bit of a show, I started slipping them down slowly, to reveal my tight purple pants. My hardening cock was clearly pushing against the material, producing a large bulge.

"You’re looking hot and hard," said Mike.

This only encouraged me to continue the strip show. I turned away to tease him, before slowly removing my pants, bending over to give him a really good view of my ass, before turning back to reveal my now hard cock, pointing directly out at him.

‘See he’s pointing at you, he wants you,’ I joked.

‘And he’s going to get me,’ replied Mike.

I stood naked for the first time in front of him, thoroughly enjoying the moment. It had been a long time in coming, but this was our time.

I moved onto the bed and our lips met, gently kissing. My tongue began to probe inside his mouth, I moved down his bare chest, paying particular attention to his nipples, before moving onward down towards his waist.

I undid his belt, and worked his trousers down and they fell to the floor. I had waited a long time for this moment - for the first time I was going to see Mike’s cock.

I quickly put my fingers inside his pants and pulled them down, revealing his trimmed and hardening member. My lips moved down and around the tip, as I got my first taste of him. I licked the end, taking in his pre-cum juices that had clearly been building for sometime.

I began to work his beautiful organ, maybe seven inches long, with a girth which felt good inside my mouth. I took it deeper, and into the back of my throat, working up and down on it. I could feel myself smiling as I did.

I then moved to lick the full length, before taking his balls in my mouth, and sucking at each of them. I was in heaven. I had waited so long and dreamed of this moment, and it was more than living up to my expectations.

While I was working on his balls, Mike began to run his fingers lightly up and down my shaft, and then between my legs, occasionally feeling at my little hole. I moved my legs wider apart to encourage him, and give full access to my ass.

He fingered lightly, just inside me, taking me to a new level of pleasure. He then took my cock inside his mouth; we were both sucking hard on each other, whilst deep inside each others' mouths.

I felt my juices rising, and I began to swell. Mike sensed this and sucked harder, before breaking off briefly, to yell his desire to take every drop. My load rose up my engorged member. I felt it shoot into the warmness of Mike’s mouth, as he licked and sucked to ensure not a drop was wasted.

This seemed to drive him over the edge. He began to groan, and I knew I was about to take his cum for the first time. My work colleague and friend for over 10 years, and suddenly he was about to fill my mouth with his juices.

I sucked harder as his warm ejaculation filled my mouth. He tasted so good. I continued to suck and lick for all I was worth, to ensure I lapped up every last drop.

We both collapsed on the beds, as our breathing slowed, I looked up and smiled at Mike, "How was that for you then?" he asked.

"Fantastic," was all I could say.

I moved around so we could kiss, and relax in each others' arms. I felt so emotional, after all these months and years of being in Mike’s company, wondering what it would be like to be in this kind of situation. I felt drained and high, all at the same time.

I just grinned at him and continued to gently kiss him.

We lay there for a few minutes, just listening to each others' heart rates as they reduced to normal. I suggested we had better get dressed for the evening, as we were due to meet up with Jenny in less than 30 minutes, and we hadn't even showered.

We got up, and started to get ready for the evening. Comfortable now, both naked, walking around the hotel bedroom, happy and smiling after our first proper session together. We each showered and shaved.

Mike asked if we could swap underwear for the evening. Strange I know, but it would be a turn on, not only for the evening, but also something for the future. Every time I wore that particular pair of pants, I would know Mike’s cock had been in them.

I picked out a pair of my tight orange pants, and he passed over a pair of dark coloured briefs, which I quickly put on. They felt nice and my erection began to return, pressing against the material of his pants. Mike put mine on, and that just made me want him more. I watched his cock grow, against the outline of my pants.

I moved towards him, kissed him on the lips - but we didn't have the time for another session now, so we would have to wait.

We met Jenny in the bar, and had a quick drink while we decided where we would like to eat. In the end, we decided to go into the center of the city to see if we could find a nice restaurant, and then maybe move to a bar for a few drinks.

It was a pleasant evening, both in the restaurant and the bars we visited. We covered many subjects that we didn't normally have time to talk about in the office, which included a light-hearted conversation about who may be bi-sexual or gay but not ‘out’ in the office. Mike said that he believed that most people would have a sexual experience with the same sex, given the right circumstances. I quickly said that I was sure that is the case and I guessed I would if it felt right.

This comment was for Jenny’s sake really; to see if I got any reaction. Mike of course already knew my persuasion. Jenny let it go with a quick look, but then admitted that she did have a thing for a couple of the girls in the office, and would love to experiment, given the chance.

The conversation was getting quite horny, and chatting with two, who would normally be described as work colleagues. Wearing one's briefs was quite a turn on, and I could feel my cock hardening.

When Jenny left us alone, while she went to the toilet, Mike leaned in close to me, squeezed my bulge, and whispered that he was thirsty for my juices. It really was hard to control myself when Jenny returned.

It was getting late, so I suggested we go back to the residents’ bar for a night cap before going bed. I ordered the drinks - spirits to end the evening. Soon after, Jenny said she was retiring to her room for the evening. Mike and I took this as our opportunity and quickly finished our drinks and headed back to our room.

I walked in front of Mike as he grabbed at the cheeks of my ass, and leaned in to say, "I want that sexy ass of yours." 

I quickly responded, saying, "I would love you to have it." 

We entered our room, and almost before the door had closed behind us, we were removing our clothing, both of us quickly down to underwear. We stopped to give admiring looks at each other. Our hardening members pushed against the other's pants, which we had worn all evening. We then removed the underwear, and stood naked before each other, smiling, horny and ready for a night of passion.

I opened my overnight bag, revealing the tube of lubrication I had brought with me. I simply smiled and said, "I hope you don’t think me presumptuous, but I had to be prepared." 

He smiled back and took it off me and placed it on the bed.

We kissed passionately, even more so than earlier. The evening seemed to be building, and I for one, was ready for the ride of my life. As we kissed, our hard cocks rubbed against each other. We could not have got any closer if we had tried, our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

We fell onto the bed, rolling about in a tight embrace.

We adjusted our positions to enable us to suck on each other. As I worked Mike’s shaft, he took mine deep in his mouth and performed the best sucking I have ever received.

It’s hard to describe how good he was. He pushed all the right buttons, before he moved to lick behind my balls and towards my hole. I opened my legs more, giving him the green light to go where he pleased. He picked up on this, moving his lips to my tight little hole. His tongue explored around it, until he pushed it inside me, working it in and out, before withdrawing, and gently licking around the whole area. It was simply better than anything I had ever had done to me before - I was in heaven.

I continued to lick up and down his cock, taking each of his balls in my mouth in turn. He tasted so good, the manliness of him: his fresh but undoubted male aroma was like champagne to my lips.

We moved positions so Mike was on his back. I straddled him, my ass rubbing against his hard dick. He moved his hands onto my hips, guiding me, raising me up slightly, so that my hole was above his rock hard member. He grabbed the lube, and rubbed some on his cock, before getting some more, and applying it to my hole, pushing it in with his finger, deep inside of me. This felt fantastic, and I cried out with pleasure.

He then allowed me to lower myself onto him, taking it slowly and sensually, as I felt him enter me for the first time. I controlled my move onto him, so as to avoid any pain, but I was so turned on and relaxed, I was soon sat on him, his cock deep inside of me, his balls touching the cheeks of my ass.

We began to move in unison, me raising myself up and Mike rocking up and down gently. I could feel his hardness rubbing against my prostate. I lifted my head and moaned with pleasure, looking down at a smiling friend, inside of me for the first time.

As our speed increased, it felt like Mike was going deeper and deeper inside me. It felt good, and my own cock was sticking up and out, towards Mike’s face, which we both knew, was going to get some cum on it very shortly.

With each movement inside me I got closer to my ejaculation, and I wanked my cock with the encouragement of Mike. I felt my juices swell up through my member, and then I shot a large load all over his face and mouth.

As Mike continued to pound my ass, I leaned forward, and licked my own cum off his face. He smiled at the newly found confidence I had, in wanting to lick up cum with such abandon. I was certainly enjoying the freedom to express myself that I had found with him.

As I finished licking up all the juice, I could feel Mike swell inside of me as he released his load into me, we both groaned with pleasure. To feel his warm cum enter me was heavenly.

I lay on top of him for a few moments, whilst we caught our breath, and then gently kissed. I could feel his cock reducing inside me, so I moved to pull off him. He asked that I move my ass as quickly as I could onto his face, as he wanted to take his release back into his mouth. I did as he asked, and felt his juices drip out of me, as he lapped at my hole with his tongue.

I rolled off him, and we lay side by side, looking at each other. It really felt like a culmination of months of desire that had built up, and lead to this moment. We chatted about the experience, and how much we had both enjoyed it, clearly we both had needed this for sometime.

Working with someone who you find attractive can be difficult, but almost doubly difficult for me, as I had to battle with my straight persona, whilst all the time craving the raw sexual passion of male on male sex.

This had been the first full sex I had had with a man for a long time, and it felt right. We had nothing to be ashamed of. We weren't affecting anyone else, by our actions; we had simply expressed our sexual side, with a like-minded person.

We continued to chat for a little while, as we drifted off to sleep, naked and safe in each other's arms, dreaming of the pleasures we had expressed, and hoping for more in the morning.

I awoke during the night, to find us both lay on our backs. With the small amount of light coming into the room, I could see the outline of Mike, his cock seeming to be slightly aroused. I remember thinking, 'I hope he was dreaming of me,' which got me hard again for a while, before I drifted off to sleep again.

When I next awoke, it was to Mike running his fingers lightly up and down my torso. I turned my head towards him and smiled. He leaned in and kissed me. "Morning sexy," he said.

‘Morning honey,’ I replied.

We cuddled up for a few minutes, naked, my hardening cock against his sexy bum, my hand around his waist, running my fingers up and down his member. After a few minutes, I suggested it may be fun to shower together, so we went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Mike stepped in, followed by me.

It was an over-bath shower, so room was a bit tight, but enough to be able to have some fun. I grabbed the shower gel, and applied some to his back, before beginning to rub it in all the way down to his cute bum, paying particular attention to it, ensuring I ran my fingers between his cheeks, fingering his hole for the first time.

I continued to lather the whole of his back and legs, before he turned around to reveal his hard cock, pointing out at me. I got some more gel, and rubbed it all over his chest, and of course his hard cock.

I moved him back a little, under the main flow of the water so as to wash off the soap. As I did so, I moved onto my knees to enable me to take his cock in my mouth. The sensation was amazing; here I was on my knees in the shower sucking my long-standing friend off, with the water cascading over us both. It felt fantastic.

I continued to lick and then took each of his balls in my mouth in turn, sucking for all I was worth. I moved my hand around, gently worked my finger around his hole, until he relaxed enough to allow it to enter him. I heard a groan of pleasure, against the noise of the water.

This only encouraged me as I pushed my finger deeper inside him. As I felt the internal muscles of his ass relax, I pushed a further finger inside, and then another, three fingers pushing into his open hole, as I continued to suck on his juicy stick.

I sensed his release was nearing, so I took his member deeper into my mouth, just as he shot his warm cum into me, sucking with a new found vigour. I ensured not a drop was wasted, he tasted so good.

I looked up at Mike’s face to see an expression of sheer delight, as he asked me if I would like him to bend over, so I could take him. I certainly wasn't going to turn this chance down.

He turned and bent over under the flow of the water, holding onto the taps. I stood up again; he was offering his ass to me for the first time.

His hole was already open and ready for me, but I applied a little gel to my cock to ease the entry. I then pushed my end against him; it quickly and smoothly went deep inside him and I started to work it, in and out with increasing speed.

With the eroticism of the moment, I knew it would not be long before I came, and as my juices rose through my engorged member, we both cried out with pleasure, as I felt my release enter him.

Taking my lead from his actions of the night before, I withdrew and moved my mouth down to his hole and I drank in a mixture of the water and my cum, as it dripped from his hole.

Mike stood up and turned to me. We kissed with an abandon and a freedom that I had not experienced up to that point. I felt we had made the most amazing connection over the last few hours.

We finished showering before we moved back into the bedroom, lying side by side, as thoughts ran through my head.

We spoke about how our friendship had changed since that first suck in the archive room, only a matter of weeks ago. How we had given ourselves fully to each other since our arrival at the hotel, only a few hours earlier.

Unfortunately, our private time together for this trip was over as we had to dress and check out in time for our meeting. We had enjoyed our time together, and we both expressed our desire to repeat the experience, when circumstances allowed.

We hugged and kissed for the final time, and then left the room that would always have happy memories for us. Room 22 was our special memory.

It was back to the grind of the working day.

Our friendship had changed forever.

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