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The Company Bowling League

I joined the company bowling league and sucked my boss' cock.
I was 48 years old and working as a mid-level marketing manager in an oil company in Houston at the time of this story. Our company sponsored a bowling league, and there was enough interest in bowling that there were a total of 10 four-man teams, each representing a different department. One of my good friends and coworker, Jason Fuller, was on the men’s team for our department, but I never had much of an interest in bowling so I never tried out for the team. Jason was my age and a really nice guy, and we worked very well together. Larry Dexter was the team captain and a very good bowler, and he was 45 years old. Larry was also the director in our department, and he was very aggressive and pushy when he wanted to get something done. Ralph Peters was a little younger at 38 years old, and he was also a good bowler. The fourth member of the team was Mike Miller, and because he was being promoted and transferred out of the Houston area, there was now an open spot on the team.

Jason had been pestering me for weeks to join the team, ever since he found out that Mike would be leaving in a month or so. He wanted me to start practicing so I could replace Mike, especially since there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the department interested in taking his spot. I finally agreed to at least try out for the spot, and although I wasn’t very good at bowling, Larry saw enough potential in me that he thought I could maybe be a good bowler someday.

I was just a normal, married, middle-aged guy at 6’ tall and about 180 pounds, and I thought it might be fun to get out of the house a couple of nights per week, since my wife and I really didn’t do many other activities. My sex drive was still very strong, but my wife, who was then 47 years old, had lost all interest in sex since she had gone through menopause. It seems that many couples experience this scenario in middle-age, and men in my situation handle the realities of no spousal sex in different ways. In my case, I started looking at internet porn sites, and really began to enjoy looking at the nude pictures of men and women, and I especially enjoyed reading cuckold, creampie and bisexual cock sucking stories. Despite all of my internet activity, I still had no desire for sex of any kind with a man, although I have to admit that some of the cuckold stories where the husband sucked the cock of the stud were strangely appealing to me.

I started going to practices with the team, and although I had not bowled very much in the past, I was learning quickly and seemed to be have a lot of natural ability for the game. Larry was especially helpful in my training, and sometimes he, Jason, Ralph and I would go to the alley on off nights for a little extra practice. We sometimes had a little more beer than usual on those nights, and it was kind of fun having that kind of social interaction. I had been with the team for about one month, and we were at the alley for one of our extra practice nights, when Larry and I happened to go to the bathroom at the same time, due to all of the beer we had been drinking.

There were only two urinals, separated by a low splash guard and as Larry and I stood there pissing away, I casually glanced down to his urinal. I did not intentionally peak at him, and I guess it is just something guys do sometimes when they’re bored while pissing at the urinal and kind of looking around. I first noticed that Larry was shooting a heavy stream of piss, but then I saw that he had a large, uncut cock, and it looked to be about six inches long, and it was still soft. It was also very thick, and was the kind of cock I sometimes saw in pictures on the internet, where they hang heavily and look big. I looked up momentarily and saw that Larry may have noticed me watching him piss, so I looked away as if nothing unusual had happened, and Larry didn’t say anything about it.

The following week we were at the bowling alley for a regular game night, and we were all in the changing room right next to the bathroom. They had about 20 lockers and a couple of benches for bowlers who had to change out of their work clothes and into the team bowling uniforms. I was sitting on the bench in front of my locker, bent over tying my bowling shoes, and Larry was standing in front of the locker next to me. When I looked up after tying my shoes, I noticed that Larry was standing there in his underwear briefs, arranging his belonging in his locker, and his crotch was only about a foot from my face. I could see his soft, thick cock angled over to his thigh and a bulge of what looked like two very big balls, and I could also smell his musky scent. He continued looking at something in his locker and then absent mindedly reached down to rub and adjust his cock as guys will do sometimes. I could not help staring as I saw his hand encircle that big piece of meat and move it around, and then he stopped doing that and turned the other way to pull on his pants. We left the locker room to bowl our games, and as far as I knew at the time, Larry did not notice me staring at his cock again.

I started thinking about the incident at the urinal the previous week and then the situation this week with Larry standing next to me with his cock in my face, and I was trying to figure out why Larry’s cock attracted my attention so much. I knew that I was a normal, married guy with no homosexual desires, and that I would always prefer to suck and fuck a pussy when it was available to me. I certainly had no attraction to men romantically or physically, and I would never look at a man and think he’s nice looking, or that I wanted to have sex with him or anything. But there was just something about the sight of a thick cock and large balls that attracted my attention. Maybe it was because my cock was small and other men with larger cocks impressed me. Whatever it was, I needed to get control of myself before I was caught looking at Larry’s genitals.

The following week we were having another special practice night, and afterwards, Larry invited all of us to his home to talk some more and to have a few more beers. Larry had a large, detached garage next to his home, and the back half had been converted into a really nice workshop that had heat and air conditioning. This was his little getaway, and his wife normally allowed him privacy when he was out there entertaining the guys from the team. The room was about 20’ by 15’ and had several large power tools, several cabinets, a couple of work benches, and an old computer that Larry used to look up parts for projects. He also had some padded stools with back supports for us to sit on, so it was pretty comfortable for us out there.

We continued drinking and were talking about the bowling league and some work related things, and most of us were pretty drunk. Then Larry said, “Man, I sure do miss Mike. No offense Ed. You are progressing very well with your bowling and are now almost as good as he was, but it’s just that Mike sometimes provided some “special services” for the team.”

Jason had less to drink that the rest of us and seemed concerned about where this conversation was headed, and he said, “Come on Larry, we don’t need to tell Ed about all of that stuff. Mike has moved away, so let’s just leave it alone.”

Larry replied, “Don’t worry about it Jason. It won’t hurt for Ed to know about this, and he might even be interested in trying it himself.”

Now I was getting curious and said, “Now you’re really making me curious Larry. Go ahead and tell me about what Mike did for you guys.”

Larry said, “Well okay. I think you knew Mike from work, and he was a really great guy. One night we were here in my workshop drinking and talking, and the topic of sex came up, as it normally does when horny guys get together and are drinking. We were discussing how hard it was to get our wives to give us blow jobs, and Mike mentioned that he didn’t understand why they were so much against it, and that he didn’t see a problem with it. Of course that led to a lot of teasing. I finally dared him to suck my cock if he thought it was no problem, and after a little coaxing, he did it.”

I said, “Holy shit! Mike actually sucked your cock? I thought he was a happily married man, and he never seemed to be gay or anything. Did he suck you just that one time?”

Larry then said, “Just because a man is married and likes pussy doesn’t mean that he can’t develop a taste for cock. Hell, after the way you looked at me pissing a few weeks ago, and then the way you stared at me in the locker room last week, I thought you might be interested in doing those special services for us.”

I laughed a little and said, “Whoa Larry. I am a happily married man, and I’ve never had any desire to suck a cock. I just accidentally glanced at you in the urinal that time, and I can’t help it if you stuck your groin in my face in the locker room. So I have no intention of sucking anyone’s cock, but it is a little interesting to hear about what Mike did for you.”

Larry then said, “Mike really enjoyed having a cock and balls in his mouth, and he especially liked to taste and swallow the semen. He used to suck me off every time we were in the workshop after a bowling event, and he sometimes sucked off Jason and Ralph when their wives were on the rag. He started liking cum so much that, on nights when we wouldn’t be able to go back to my workshop after bowling, I would sometimes go into the bathroom at the alley and jerk off into a magnum condom for him. You should have seen him slurp that shit down as soon as he got into his car.”

Then I said, “I’ve never heard about married guys doing stuff like this. How is this all even possible?”

Larry responded saying, “The biggest thing that I think gets guys interested in this stuff is that their wives start losing interest in sex in middle-age, and the men start looking for a little sexual relief. Some men just naturally want to get their rocks off, while others develop a desire to suck other men’s cocks, so everything works out fine if they can just find each other. This is what they call bisexuals because they still like women, and especially pussy, but just find enjoyment in sucking or being sucked, or both. Even though there are some married guys that have an interest in sucking cock, it is usually difficult to find a place to meet without the wives finding out. With me having the privacy of my workshop, and my wife’s attitude about leaving us alone out here, that was the perfect situation to see if Mike liked to suck cock. When I thought you were spending a little too much time looking at my cock, I thought that you might also be interested in sucking me.”

I responded by saying, “Sorry to disappoint you Larry, but I didn’t sign up to be your cock sucker.”

We continued talking for a little while longer and since it was getting late, it was time for us to go home. Jason offered me a ride home since I was still drunk and he had pretty much sobered up. When we got into the car and started heading towards home, Jason seemed almost angry when he said, “Damn Ed, you better be careful talking with Larry about that cock sucking stuff. That’s just how it started with Mike, and Larry can be so persuasive that he finally convinced Mike to feel and then taste his cock. And then once Mike had a taste of Larry’s cum, he became Larry’s regular cock sucker.”

I then said, “From what Larry said, it sounds like Mike also sucked your cock, at least a few times.”

Jason responded, “Yeah, on a few occasions when my wife was on the rag, I got very aroused watching Mike suck Larry, and when Mike offered to suck me off, I just let him do it. It did feel great, but I never needed a frequent sucking like Larry wanted. And Larry wasn’t kidding about the condom thing. I saw Larry hand Mike a cum-filled condom on several occasions. It’s amazing to me how he could have had such a strong desire for that semen, especially when I saw how much cum was pumped into that rubber.”

When we pulled up in front of my house, I said to Jason, “Thanks for the ride and the warning Jason. I don’t think Larry will be able to convince me to suck his cock, but I will stay on the alert.”

About a week later Larry invited me over to his place, without asking Jason and Ralph, and he said that he just wanted to show me some good websites that had bowler information that would be helpful to me as a beginner, and that Jason and Ralph wouldn’t need the training. I mentioned to Jason at work that I was going over to Larry’s that evening and he said, “Don’t go over there alone with him. You know that he’ll be trying to convince you to suck his cock.”

I asked Jason, “Well, what does being alone have to do with it?” You said that you and Ralph were there when Mike sucked Larry the first time. Don’t worry Jason, I’ll be just fine.”

I have to admit that the reason I went to Larry’s that night was because I was curious about what his cock looked like hard, but I had no intention of doing anything to encourage him, and didn’t believe that he could convince me to do it. As I look back on it now, maybe reading all of those porn stories and looking at the cock and ball pictures on the internet had given me a latent desire that I wasn’t aware of, but I wasn’t conscious of that at the time.

I arrived at Larry’s at about 7:00 pm, and we went directly to his workshop. We pulled two of the stools in front of the computer, and Larry started showing me some websites that had full-motion graphics that showed how the ball curved or hooked, based on the way you placed your fingers in the ball holes, and how you twisted the ball on release. Other websites showed equally impressive graphics about how to stand before stepping to the foul line, and the best way to time the release of the bowling ball. We spent about an hour on the bowling sites, and then Larry started going to some porn picture sites.

He said, “Ed, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve found a few sites with porn pictures that you might like. I know that you said you weren’t really looking at me on purpose those two times, but I still think you might have a little interest in seeing big cocks.”

I said, “Feel free to bring that stuff up if you like. I’ll look at them with you, but it’s not going to convince me to do anything.”

So we visited site after site, and Larry seemed to pick the ones that had pictures of thick uncut cocks, just about like his. Some were hard and some were soft, and all of them had large heads which were mostly covered with foreskin. Most of these pictures also showed large balls. I have to admit that seeing all of those pictures was having an effect on me, and my dick was hard as a rock, but I tried not to let it be so obvious. I glanced down at Larry’s lap when I thought he wasn’t looking, and I could see a rather large bulge developing in his sweat pants as well.

Finally Larry said, “Well Ed, it seems to me that you are enjoying these pictures, judging by the lump in your jeans, and I also saw you looking at my crotch. Most of these pictures are very similar to my cock and balls. Are you sure that you don’t want to reach over here and feel the real thing?”

I then said, “I have to say that I am enjoying these pictures, but I’ve never touched another man’s cock and I’m definitely not gay or anything. I just don’t think I could do it Larry.”

Larry then said, “Come on and just touch my cock from the outside of my sweats. If you want to stop, I won’t keep trying to convince you. But this seems like a very good opportunity for you to see if you would like to touch it, since Jason and Ralph aren’t here. And, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.”

I could feel my resistance lessening and I really wanted to see what a big cock like that felt like in my hands. Larry was sitting on my left side, and I slowly moved my left hand over to his lap and let my fingers curl around the big lump in his pants that was lying on his right thigh. His cock was almost fully hard and it felt like it was at least eight inches long and very thick. My fingers were wrapped around the shaft and they were just barely touching, so I’m guessing that his cock must have been about seven inches around. That is pretty thick; especially when you consider that a cola can is about eight and one-half inches around. As I held his cock, Larry started to swivel his hips slowly from side to side on the stool, which caused that big piece of fuck meat to move in my hand, almost like I was jacking him off.

Larry had a big smile on his face when he looked over at me and said, “See Ed, that’s not so bad is it? How does it feel having my big cock in your hand?”

I was enjoying the feeling of that big cock slipping back and forth in my hand and said, “I can hardly believe your cock is that big. It only looked like about six inches in the bathroom and locker room. Hell, my cock is only about four inches long and thin when it is hard, so yours really feels huge to me.”

“I’m glad that you like it,” Larry said. “Here, if you don’t mind, I’ll pull these sweat pants down so you can get a better feel.”

I was starting to get excited at rubbing Larry’s cock and should have known where this was heading, but I moved my hand as Larry pulled his sweat pants down and off his legs. He was then sitting there with his cock plainly visible in the semi-transparent nylon briefs he was wearing. His cock looked huge lying across his thigh, and I could now see his large balls, which had to be the size of eggs, bulging out in the briefs. I moved my hand back to his cock, and as Larry started to move from side to side again, I could see and feel a big wet spot in his briefs from the oozing precum. With just the thin briefs on, I could see and feel Larry’s foreskin slide back and forth over the head of his cock, and could also feel the protruding veins that ran around his thick cock. Larry was obviously enjoying me gripping and rubbing his cock, and he had his eyes closed and was quietly moaning.

After a few more minutes he looked over at me and said, “Damn, that really feels good Ed! I’m going to take off these briefs so you can feel my dick with no obstruction.”

I think Larry knew that I was enjoying the feel of his cock, because he wasn’t asking about taking off his briefs, but was instead just saying that he was going to do it. He gripped the sides of his underwear and pulled them down over his cock and balls, and then down his legs and kicked them off. His cock then swung from off his thigh and was slightly hanging heavily in front of him, and his large scrotum and balls were hanging over the edge of the stool. I reached back over and gripped his cock, and it was now at its full nine inches and very hard. I started stroking him again, and he also began to move forward and back on the stool, fucking my hand. The precum was flowing heavily, and my hand was wet with it, and the feeling of his foreskin sliding back and forth over the head was very arousing to me.

Larry then clicked the computer mouse and was selecting a different website. The one he selected had movie clips of men sucking large, uncut cocks. Then he said, “It really feels good having you stroke my cock, and I’m glad that you are enjoying doing it. Here is another site that you might enjoy watching while you continue to stroke me.”

I started watching the movie clips as I continued to jack Larry’s cock, and I could tell that my resistance was fading further. The vision of those big cocks fucking the mouths of those cock suckers was turning me on, and I was beginning to wonder what his cock would taste like. I was really struggling with myself because I had never done anything like this before and knew that I wasn’t gay, but I was slowly developing a strong desire to taste Larry’s cock, although I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that. But Larry had experience convincing men to suck his cock, and I’m sure that he could tell by the way I was enjoying jacking him, and from the aroused look on my face, that he could convince me to go all the way and suck him off.

As I continued stroking Larry’s hard cock, he put his right arm on the back of my stool and turned slightly towards me and said, “Come on Ed, I think we both know that you are curious about how my cock will taste. Just lean over and taste the head. I think you’ll really like it.”

I didn’t say a word, because I knew that Larry had correctly assessed the situation, and I could feel his hand on my back as he gently pushed me down and towards his cock. It was a surreal feeling, almost as if I was looking at someone else, as I lowered my mouth and licked the head of Larry’s cock. He continued to hold me there, and it was a little uncomfortable being bent over that way, but I lifted his cock up and took the head into my mouth. This was my first taste of precum ever, and it was just a little salty but rather bland. His cock head was huge, and felt rubbery, but firm in my mouth.

Then Larry said, “That feels great Ed. Go ahead and move down on your knees in front of me, so you can more easily suck my cock. I knew that you would like it if I could just get you aroused enough. Go on now; suck it real good for me.”

I slipped off of my stool, keeping his cock head in my mouth and my hand on his cock, and kneeled in front of him. As I continued sucking on the head, Larry pushed his hips forward and I felt another two inches of that big cock slip into my mouth, and his balls swung into my chin. I started moving my mouth back and forth on his cock, without him telling me to, and the feeling of the foreskin slipping back and forth on the head and the heavily veined shaft in my mouth was amazing. I also liked the taste of his cock skin and precum, and this was a very arousing first cock sucking experience.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock, Larry pushed my head away and lifted up his cock, pressing his huge balls to my lips. He said, “That’s it Ed, you’ve done a nice job sucking my cock, now I want to feel your mouth and tongue on my balls. My wife will never suck them for me, so I have to get cock suckers like you to do it for me.”

I was a little shocked at hearing Larry call me a cock sucker, but I have to agree that I was sucking his cock and enjoying it very much. I then took one of his hairy balls into my mouth and began sucking it, and the musky aroma of his scrotum added to the pleasure I was feeling. I spent about 15 minutes sucking both of his balls and his hairy sack, and then Larry surprised me when he slid down farther on the stool, lifted up his balls, and pressed his perineum to my mouth. His perineum was very thick and pronounced, much larger than others that I have seen in pictures, and I turned my head a little sideways to suck him, as he lifted his legs up onto the bench, giving me full access to that area between his balls and asshole. I was enjoying the musky smell of his genitals, and even though the ripe smell of his ass was a little overpowering, I was still enjoying being submissive to his desires. I sucked Larry’s perineum and balls for another 10 minutes, and was really enjoying sucking him like that.

Then Larry pulled his balls away from my mouth and scooted back on the stool and said, “Come on back and suck my cock Ed. I’m really turned on now and I need to cum.”

I was a little shocked and afraid at hearing Larry say that he wanted to cum. I guess I knew in the back of my mind that this was where all of this was leading, but I had never consciously thought about having cum shooting into my mouth. So I delayed putting his cock back into my mouth and said, “Hold on Larry. I don’t think I can let you ejaculate into my mouth. Sucking your cock and balls is one thing, but taking your load would be a whole different thing.”

Larry replied, “Oh man, I really need to cum bad after all of the sucking you’ve given me! Just start sucking my cock again and I’ll warn you when I’m about to cum and will pull out. How would that work for you?”

I wasn’t sure that I trusted Larry to pull out when he was ready to cum, based on how aggressive he had been so far, but I really wanted to taste his cock again, so I nodded my head and took his cock back into my mouth. I guess I knew that there was a chance that he would try to trick me and fill my mouth with his seed, but I felt that I could just pull away when I knew that he was ready to shoot.

I continued sucking on the first three or so inches of Larry’s cock, and as my mouth became accustomed to his thickness, and as he pressed farther forward on me, I eventually got about six inches of his cock into my mouth. I was moving back and forth on my own, and Larry was also aggressively thrusting into me from the stool, and it was like he was fucking my mouth like a pussy. I was looking up at him while he was fucking me like that, and sometimes he had his head back and eyes closed, and at other times he was looking down at me smiling, like I was his most recent conquest.

I had been sucking Larry for about 15 minutes, when I could hear him starting to breath more heavily, and his thrusts into my mouth were becoming more aggressive. I thought that he might be getting close to ejaculating. I started to pull my mouth off of his cock, and I could feel him place both of his hands behind my head, holding me in place, as he continued to pound my face. I looked up at him with panic on my face, but he just looked down at me smiling and said, “Sorry Ed. I’ve just got to cum in your warm, sucking mouth, and I’m confident that you will enjoy it, even if I force you to do it. Mike always loved my semen, and I think you will too.”

After Larry finished talking, he closed his eyes and pushed his cock as far into my mouth as it would go, and he held me there. I could feel his cock shaft start to stiffen further, and then it throbbed and pulsed, and I felt the first gush of his cum in my mouth. There was so much cum that I had to swallow to keep from choking, and it felt like he sprayed about seven big streams of cum into my mouth. I was beginning to taste his semen, and was pleasantly surprised at the salty, yet sweet taste. It felt so thick going down my throat, and all I had to compare it to was my own cum which was usually kind of runny when I jacked off into my hand. Larry held me in place until his cock stopped pulsing and shooting and finally began to soften. Although I was kind of angry at Larry for forcing me to take his load, I was also happy that I got to experience his tasty cream. I continued sucking on his cock until it was totally soft, and I had swallowed all of the remnants of his ejaculation.

Larry removed his hands from behind my head, and as I pulled off of his cock, he said, “Holy shit Ed, you are a natural-born cock sucker. You sucked me a lot better than Mike ever did, and I could tell that you really liked the taste of my cum. Man, you sucked me until I was completely dry! So, how do you feel about having given your first blow job?”

I was embarrassed at hearing Larry describe what a good cock sucker I was, but I couldn’t deny that I really enjoyed it. I then said, “When I came over here tonight I was pretty sure that you would try to get me to suck your cock, but I was just as certain that I wouldn’t do it. But now that it has happened, and you forced me to swallow your semen, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed sucking your cock and balls, and I’ve discovered that I especially like the taste and feeling of your cum shooting into my mouth, and then swallowing it.”

Larry then said, “I’m so happy that you enjoyed it as much as I did, and I’m very pleased that we have totally replaced Mike on the team. I’m looking forward to many more times having you suck me. What about Jason and Ralph? Do you think you’ll want to suck them too?”

I said, “Jason is a good friend of mine, and it will be a little embarrassing at first to suck him, but I enjoyed sucking you so much that I’m sure that I would do it for him. I don’t know Ralph that well, but what the hell…if I’ve already sucked you and Jason, then it wouldn’t be a big deal to suck Ralph too. I really enjoy the taste of cum, so I hope that both of them shoot as big a load as you do.”

Larry had not put his pants back on, and as we continued to talk, his cock was getting hard again, probably since I was talking about sucking Jason and Ralph. He looked at me in a very knowing way and nodded to his cock, and spread his legs. I was only too happy to suck his cock again, and I dropped to my knees and took his hardening cock into my mouth. I continued sucking him for another 25 minutes, since it was harder for him to cum the second time, and this time when he stiffened up, he did not need to hold my head in place. The taste of his cum was amazing, and I liked the feeling of it shooting into my mouth, even though the load was a little smaller this time.

Larry and I discussed whether or not to tell Jason and Ralph at work the next day about me sucking him, and we decided to make it a surprise when we met after bowling the following week. This was the beginning of my life as the team’s cock sucker, and I have to admit that I really enjoy the taste, smell and texture of cum, and will suck cock every chance I get.

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