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The Concert

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A married man's first time with another man.


I recently brought my sixteen year old daughter and one of her girlfriends to a concert in Los Angeles .   It wasn’t held in a large venue, but rather in a club.   The tickets were very reasonably priced and I subsequently found out that this concert was the first of a worldwide tour on which the band was embarking.   Frequently, bands play in small clubs to work out the kinks before beginning their tour.  


From a father’s perspective, I was quite pleased with the venue.   There was a stage and enough standing room for about three hundred people.   I expected a large crowd and to see how small the audience was put me in an extremely good mood.    I let my daughter and her friend stand by the stage while I stood back and away from the crowd.   The music started and all attention was drawn to the stage.   I noticed two cocktail bars on each side of the club and I knew that today would be a very good day.


I found my way to the bar and ordered a double Tanqueray and tonic.   As I listened to the music and nursed my drink, another father came to the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks.   We struck up a conversation and I discovered he brought his daughter and four of her friends to the concert.   “Where are they?” I asked.   He scanned the crowd and pointed toward the right side of the stage. “Over there, next to the tall muscular guy in the white tank top.”    I couldn’t help but notice the young man he used as a landmark.   “Do you know him?”   I asked.   “No,” he replied.   “But I think he’s very handsome.   Don’t you?”   I looked again and noticed he was about seventeen years old, tall and yes, his muscles were very toned.   Of course the fact that his tank top was tight helped accentuate his body.  


“Yes, I guess he’s very handsome,” I replied.   “My name is Jeff,” I said as I offered my hand in friendship.   “Kevin,” he replied.   Kevin continued, “I always hoped for a boy, but it didn’t work out that way.   I have a daughter.   How about you?”    “I have three daughters and no sons,” I replied.   Kevin chuckled and said, “I guess I shouldn’t complain.”   I laughed and ordered another drink, and so did Kevin.


The music was rocking pretty good and my daughter and her girlfriend were at the stage with their arms in the air swaying to the music.   I looked back at my drink and caught Kevin looking at a couple of young men standing close by.   I watched as Kevin’s eyes moved slowly up and down as he scoped out the two guys.   I looked at the two boys and I found my gaze fixed upon their crotches.   Their denim pants were tight I clearly saw the outline of their large cocks.   For the first time in my life I got horny looking at young teen boys.  


Kevin got up and approached the boys.   He engaged them in conversation for a few minutes and then he came back as the boys walked away.   “I think those guys are very handsome,” said Kevin with a grin.   “I hate to admit it, but so do I,” I replied.   Kevin chuckled, gulped his drink and said, “Finish your drink and come with me.”   I guzzled the rest of my drink and followed Kevin asking, “What about our kids?”   Kevin looked at the band as the crowd was thoroughly into them and said, “They’ll be fine.   We won’t be long.”  


I followed Kevin into the foyer and the buzz from the gin was catching up to me.   We walked down the hallway and into the men’s room.   This was a needed break so I went to a vacant urinal and relieved myself as Kevin stood at the urinal next to me.   We were the only ones in the rest room and Kevin said, “When you’re done, go into one of the empty stalls, but don’t lock it.”   I looked at Kevin strangely and he said, “Don’t worry.”   Just then, the two boys with the tight jeans came into the rest room.   I couldn’t help but glance at their crotches and they seemed larger than before.   Maybe it was the brighter light of the rest room.   Each of the boys entered an empty stall.  


Kevin finished at the urinal, washed up and walked into one of the stalls.   I thought to myself, ‘what the fuck is going on?’   I finished, washed up and curiosity got the better of me so went into the other stall.   There stood a six foot one inch, blonde haired surfer-looking boy that couldn’t have been older than 19.   He had taken his shirt off and stood before me bare-chested.   His chest was hairless and tanned.   I lowered my eyes to his abdomen and saw he had a six pack of muscles.   The button to his low rise denim jeans was unbuttoned and his zipper was pulled down.   I saw a small tuft of pubic hair at the exposed base of his cock.


Before I could say anything he reached out and put his hand on my crotch.   To my surprise, I was fully erect.   He began to stroke my cock through my pants and again to my surprise, I didn’t stop him.   My heart began to beat hard and I thought it would come through my chest. All I could do was look at this young man’s hard, tanned chest and six pack abs.   I reached my hand out and placed it on his chest.   His muscles were so hard and I began to move my hand gently over his nipples.   His nipples got hard and he moved closer to me.   Now his chest was less than six inches from my face.   My breathing became faster and my heart pounded even harder as I leaned forward and extended my tongue toward his nipple. He moved just a little closer and his nipple met my tongue.   I began to lick his nipple and in doing so, his hand began to stroke my cock a little faster.  


From the next stall I heard a stifled moan and I knew Kevin was having his way with the other young man. My mind came back to the hard body in front of me as I took my hand and slid it down the front of his open pants.   I took his hard cock and began to return the favor of rubbing it.   He pulled his pants off and there he stood, totally nude.   His hard cock was standing upright and I knew that if he continued to stroke my cock, I would blow my wad, the pressure of which was building with anticipation.


I don’t know what had come over me but this entire scene was almost mind-boggling.   I was a married man with teen daughters.   I had always enjoyed meeting my daughter’s girlfriends because some of them are beautiful.   But as my tanned surfer stroked my cock, I had flash backs of times at the beach when I noticed the boys more so than the girls.   Then I thought of the times at the gym when in the shower and locker room I made every attempt, without being obvious, to catch a glimpse of the men and young teen boys who were nearby.   Was I gay?   Was I doing anything differently than the average married man?   Does this type of thing happen but just not talked about?


I looked at the hard cock in front of me and without hesitation I dropped to my knees and began to lick its head and the underside.   I had never sucked a dick before but as I progressed, it seemed very natural.   Before I knew it I had this young cock in my mouth and my head was moving back and forth.   As I drove my head harder onto my anonymous lover’s hardness trying to take all of it into my mouth, it started to go down my throat.   I continued to take all of it in and it wasn’t long before my lips were pressing against that small tuft of hair at the base of his cock.   I wanted to take more into my throat but I already had all he had to offer.   My lover grasped my head and moved his hips in tandem with my head as if he were fucking my mouth.   I drove my head onto his cock and my lips banged against his pubic bone over and over again.   My young lover started to moan softly and his body became rigid as I felt his cock expel its sweet nectar into my throat.   I couldn’t get enough of it and I made certain every drop was out of his cock before I took it out of mouth.  


My cock was aching and it wouldn’t take long before it would explode.   My young toy grabbed my arms and helped me up.   His lips met mine and his tongue pierced my mouth.   It was as if he wanted to taste his sweetness, but I had swallowed it all.   He dropped to his knees and took my aching cock into his mouth.   He began to suck it but not for long.   Once my cock was moist, he stood up and turned his back toward me.   He bent over and I found my hard cock knocking at his backdoor.   “Do it,” my young lover said.   I took my cock and guided it into his waiting ass.   I moved my hips back and forth and watched as my cock stretched his glory hole.    I couldn’t wait any longer and after several deep and hard thrusts I shot my load deep into his hole.    


As quickly as it began, it ended.   My young lover got dressed and left the restroom.   I also got dressed and stepped out of the stall.   I heard some movement coming from the stall next door and couldn’t help but push the door open.   I saw Kevin bent over as his young man was fucking his ass.   I walked away, washed myself in the sink and left the restroom.  


The music was still playing and when I returned to the bar, I saw my daughter and her friend still waving their hands in the air as they danced to the music.   I ordered a Tanqueray and tonic and sat at the bar.   I couldn’t believe what had just happened.   A part of me was embarrassed and another part of me seemed satisfied.   I looked around and nobody seemed to be the wiser so I quietly drank my drink and began to wonder if a rendezvous like that would happen again and if so, with whom.   





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