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The Cossack

A servant pleases his master...
Cossack Vissily Volkov stood at the mouth of his tent, looking out at the wide, inhospitable terrain of the Russian steppe. The wind played gently with his long, dark hair as his grim features stared at the open country, the cool of the evening flowing over his semi-naked body. It had been a hard ride, the last few days, but perhaps now they were out of the reaches of the Imperial troops that had been chasing them. As he studied the terrain, he wondered when, or even if, he would see commander Yemelyan Pugachev again. After he and his servant, Andriev Zaytsev, had crossed the Volga, they had ridden hard, becoming separated from the rest of the division after their crushing defeat at the hands of the of the Imperial army, lead by General Michelsohn.

As he stood there, he felt a hand reach between his thighs and press itself to his scrotum through his trousers. Despite his sombre mood, he couldn't stop himself from reacting as the hand rubbed him, gently at first and then with growing firmness. Soon his impressive manhood was solid and wanting.

"Come back inside, my Master," he heard Andriev say.

After a last scan of the horizon for Imperial troops, Vissily closed the flap shut and laced it up. They were safe for the moment, he thought. All the while, Andriev had not taken his hand from his burgeoning groin, and he felt a certain satisfaction from the man's desire to be serviced by his master once more. Andriev had been with him for most of the campaign, and after he had taken on his services, the man had quickly become his willing 'malchik'. Over the past few months, Vissily had often been pleasured by the man's skilful tongue, not to mention the dark, velvety cavern between his buttocks whose taking had kept him warm on many a cold night. In the steamy Turkish baths, he had shared his services with another man, and both had sodomised him several times, once even together. Despite his often rough treatment at the hands of his master, the young man was nearly always ready for more.

Once the tent flap had been secured, Andriev moved forward and nuzzled his groin lovingly, and Vissily felt the man's hot breath through his pants. Looking up at his master, Andriev slowly undid Vissily's waistband and pulled the linen material down, revealing the long, thick cock underneath that he yearned for. Without waiting, he parted his lips and took the head of the large member into his willing mouth.

Vissily gave out a small gasp of air as he felt the other man's mouth enclose his erect cock, closing his eyes as Andriev took it deeper into his mouth, savouring every inch of it. The familiar pleasure of his tongue wrapping itself around the head before engulfing his entire penis in his mouth and into his throat made Vissily give out a little groan. He opened his eyes, and by the dying embers of the small stove, he could just make out the shadowy figure of the head that was giving him so much pleasure. He reached down and took his servant's long hair firmly in his grasp and held him tight as he drove his hips forward, pushing his cock in a long, slow motion until he felt the moisture of his lips caress his belly.

Holding his head steady, Vissily began to pump his servant's mouth and throat with unrelenting strokes. Andriev was used to such treatment at the hands of his master, and he prided himself in adapting to ensure he gave him as much pleasure as was demanded of him, unfailingly submitting himself to his master's desires. Adoringly, he stroked Vissily's strong thighs and buttocks, his fingers lightly caressing the firm, muscular globes of the man using his willing body for his own pleasure.

Vissily felt his balls begin to tighten as he bounced Andriev's head up and down on his manhood, and his buttocks tightened as the familiar urgency started to fill his groin. He couldn't stop himself from giving out a small cry when he finally felt the flow of his life force erupt from his body and into Andriev's mouth, the ringing in his ears almost drowning out the sound of his cum being greedily swallowed. Andriev moaned too, pleased that he'd satisfied his master and been rewarded with his luscious seed. Even though the cock thrust deep in his throat was uncomfortable, the familiar, warm sensation he felt inside as the creamy fluid worked its way into his belly only made his satisfaction even greater.

As his cum gushed into his servant's mouth, Vissily's hand on the back of his Andriev's head ensured that not a drop of his precious juice was wasted. With an iron grip, he kept the malchik's lips firmly pressed against his belly so there was no choice but for Andriev to swallow all of his discharge. Only when he was completely spent did he release him from his duties. Andriev gasped for breath as he was released, but still managed to thank his master for the gift he'd given him.

Vissily grunted in reply, the relief of his climax still resounding through his body as shrugged off his trousers before he lay down naked on the furs strewn around the large tent. But as he tried to get comfortable, he knew it was not enough. Andriev had only piqued his appetite, and now he wanted more. The strain of the hard ride from the battlefield, along with the constant wariness of avoiding the Imperial patrols had made him taut inside, like a coiled spring. He craved the sweet oblivion that claimed him after a hard rutting, the sweaty urgency of copulation that ended with total satisfaction and then sleep. Deep, restful sleep, like a baby's.

The fire in Vissily's belly grew. He told Andriev to strip while he watched him as he lay back on the furs strewn across the floor. Once the servant was naked, Vissily instructed him to lubricate himself with pig fat, and then rub some on his master's phallus. Andriev knew perfectly well what this meant, and eagerly obeyed the instruction. It had been some time since he had enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Vissily's magnificent penis penetrating him, his master using his body for his own enjoyment until he was satisfied.

Andriev applied a generous amount of fat to his hole, acutely aware of his masters' size and aggressiveness when he was in this kind of mood. Once he was well prepared, he moved over to his master and began to stroke the still half-erect manhood between his legs. Expertly he moved his hand up and down the large cock, gripping it tightly at the head and then making long, strong strokes downwards, twisting his wrist slightly as he did so. Vissily lay back and enjoyed the sensations his servant was giving him, losing himself in lust and fervour. It didn't take long before he was hard once more, a small, clear fluid oozing from the slit. Andriev saw the pre-cum and rubbed it into the head of Vissily's penis, adding it to the white fat that now completely coated his master's cock.

"Are you ready, my Master?" the servant asked.

"Yes. Begin."

Eagerly, Andriev moved forward and squatted over Vissily's rampant cock, facing his master. Haunching down, he slowly lowered himself towards it, guiding it between his cheeks until the tip pushed against his rosebud. Gently and slowly he sank on to it, moaning loudly in pleasure as it pushed passed his sphincter. For a moment he held it there while his body adapted to the invading monster before lowering himself down until he gasped as the entire length filled his willing cavity. Again, he held his master's cock for a moment, enjoying the fullness of the large, stiff manhood inside him before raising himself until just the head of the mighty cock was gripped by his backside.

He began to slide up and down the strong penis in a regular motion, using his short, powerful legs to ride the wonderful stallion of his master. Feelings of pain and pleasure mingled inside his bowels until just the deep warmth of pleasure began to spread through his groin. Andriev could not help himself as small cries of lust and joy escaped his lips each time his master's rod filled him.

Vissily reached up and took hold of Andriev's hips, pulling him down and raising him up to the rhythm that he wanted. The servant obeyed, and rode his master's cock like a cheap woman of the night, each stroke bringing him untold bliss as he felt the fullness of Vissily's impressive size stretching him. The little yelps of pleasure grew louder each time his cheeks slid down the well greased pole, as if the mighty cock was pushing the air out of his body. His own flaccid genitalia bounced on Vissily's belly, unneeded and unwanted.

Vissily smiled as he felt the tightness of his servant gripping his manhood and listened to his squeals of enjoyment. Secretly, he adored the little man and savoured not only the pleasure that Andriev gave him but also watching him get his own pleasure. He'd realised long ago that his servant's wantonness and willingness to please stirred his loins more than anything. It never failed to amaze him that, no matter how many times he took his willing body or subjected him to the most degrading and lustful practices, his faithful servant was always ready and willing for more. He was a jewel, his most prized possession.

After a few minutes, Vissily felt his loins stirring. He raised himself up, pushing Andriev backwards until he was flat on his back. Vissily arranged their bodies until he was kneeling over his prostrate servant, his ankles in his firm grip. He pulled the man's body towards him, spreading his legs wide as he thrust into him with long, powerful strokes. Their bodies slammed together, the ripples of the force of his master's thrusts passing through Andriev's body. He moaned in ecstasy as the huge man rutted him, and each time Vissily's balls slapped against his buttocks he gave out a low, passionate cry of pleasure as he writhed underneath him. He looked up to see the well defined torso of his master, the sheen of sweat on his muscles as he pounded his body mercilessly only made him adore the man more.

Andriev reached up and caressed the hair on his master's chest, rubbing the palms of his hands over the bullet-like nipples protruding through the matted hair. Vissily's manly odour filled his nostrils and he breathed it in like a sweet perfume. The warm, tingling sensation between his legs fuelled by his master's relentless pounding suddenly grew, and he felt something inside burst, like a dam of ice-cold water. He knew that he'd climaxed, and he could feel the clear fluid leave his body via his limp, paltry penis, causing his grip on Vissily's cock to tighten.

Vissily grunted as the yielding hole around his manhood clenched tighter. The fire in his loins was building into a furnace, and he felt his body tensing as his lust grew, screaming for release. He guided Andriev's ankles over his shoulder and moved forward, pinning the man down by his wrists as he mercilessly pounded him with long, powerful thrusts. The veins in his neck began to stand out and his body became one huge mass of muscle, all of his power and effort concentrated between his legs. His thrusting became so furious that his cock was almost a blur, and the sounds of his groin slamming into his willing servant's buttocks filled the tent.

Both men were groaning in sheer effort and pleasure, their rutting taking over their very being. Vissily felt the tell-tale signs deep in his groin as his seed cried out for release, and he pushed his body to its limits. Andriev gave out a cry as he felt the pleasure start to mix with pain in his anus, and began to urge his master on, begging him for his seed, pleading for Vissily to erupt inside him. He squeezed his sphincter as best as he could, tightening his man-cunt to please his adored master. It was his servant's begging that finally took Vissily over the edge, and with a loud, blood curdling yell he felt himself explode deep inside Andriev, filling him with wave after wave of pent-up man-juice.

The roaring in his ears as his whole body felt the swell of untold pleasure and release was deafening. How long he continued to thrust his seed into Andriev, he didn't know. Not until he was totally spent, his cock beginning to deflate did he start to relax. He looked down at his malchik, pinned underneath him. In the dying light he could just make out his servant's moist eyes, full of gratitude and adoring.

"Thank you, my Master," Andriev whispered in the sudden silence that seemed to have invaded the tent.

And now, Andriev felt a peaceful contentment. Between his legs, he felt his master's juice running out of his used hole and dribbling down between his stretched cheeks, its warm stickiness spreading as it flowed like warm honey. It was a sensation that Andriev had come to know and enjoy, a clear mark to show that he had willingly and satisfactorily submitted his body to the man he adored. It was only then that he noticed his belly was wet with his own juices. Vissily's climax had triggered another of his own, and his cock, trapped between their two bodies, had left a sticky residue that had become matted in his master's hairy body. As Vissily released him, Andriev quickly moved forward to lick clean his juice off the sweaty belly of the man he adored.

His tongue had just licked the first strand of clear nectar off Vissily's stomach when they were both startled by the sound of low, murmuring voices and the glow of torches close outside...

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