The Dare

By dewolf69

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A dare to go into a gay bar, as a pig. Maked and bound
I was called into the kitchen to meet Naomi’s tranny girlfriend, Natalie. Naomi ordered me to kneel down in front of Natalie and suck her cock. I knelt down in front of Natalie and was sucking her cock as Naomi spoke.

“Natalie doesn’t think you have the balls to take on her dare. Of course, I accepted for you. Be ready to leave with Natalie tonight at 10 pm ...” Naomi paused, “in my van.”

I continued to suck Natalie until she came in my mouth. Then I stood up and left the room, still masturbating. Wondering what I was about to walk into tonight at 10.

10 pm arrived and so did Natalie. Minutes later, I was sitting in Naomi’s van, naked and masturbating at Natalie drove. One hour later we pulled up to an isolated lounge and the outskirts of town.

The lot was full of trucks and motorcycles. After a few turns around the lot, Natalie pulled into a space and turned off the van’s engine. She spoke, “This is the Blue Oyster, a gay bar. I told Naomi that you didn’t have the balls to walk into the Blue Oyster naked and masturbating.” She paused as if waiting for me to respond. When she was met with my silence, she reached into a small pouch and extracted a leather dog collar and leash. “Get out of the van and put this on,” she ordered. I obeyed. Moments later, I stood naked and leashed like a dog. “One last thing, I forgot to mention,” Natalie interjected as she reached into the van and pulled out a large jug of Mazola oil. “You need to be greased. You know, a greased pig.”

After she emptied the oil over my head and nude body, she circled me to inspect her work and assure herself that my nude body was completely coated in oil. After which she took hold of the leash and led me to the side door of the Oyster. As she knocked on the door she grinned, “Start masturbating but do not cum.”
I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest as the door opened.

Natalie handed the leash to the leather clad man who opened the door then she turned and headed for the van. I was led masturbating into the building.

My senses were on overload as I entered. 60’s music echoed in my ears, cigarette smoke filled my nose and burned my eyes. I could feel the rough, sticky floor under my bare feet as I was led down a narrow hallway that emptied into a storeroom just behind the bar. Without a second hesitation, my guide led me through an adjoining door into the main lounge.

I was now in a gay bar, naked and masturbating. My guide unhooked the leash from my collar and with a stinging slap to my bare ass with his bare hand, he said, “Go around and introduce yourself.”

I walked slowly around the room as I stroked my erection. Each person I met, I nodded and smiled. I hadn’t walked 10 steps when three men gathered around me and began placing their hands all over my bare skin. They grabbed and squeezed my ass cheeks and my nipples as they commented with “nice ass. Smooth skin” and “he’s shaved”.

Seconds later, hands grabbed my wristed, pulled them behind my back and tied them together with rope. I was pushed forward onto the bar so I was bent over for the inevitable butt fuck that I knew was coming.
My question was, how many cocks was my asshole going to encounter?
Two hours later, I would still not have the answer because I had lost count.

The first cock that pressed against my sphincter muscle hurt as it entered my rectum. With each subsequent cock the pain diminished exponentially until my asshole gapped open allowing thicker and thicker cocks to enter me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my mouth in the evening festivities. Just like my asshole. My mouth received equal consideration. My gag reflex worked overtime as each cock pressed deep into my throat.

The evening became a blur I was moved from the bar to the gift counter where I was put into a wrist and ankle harness exposing my asshole to more abuse as cock after cock was thrust into me.

At the end of two hours of service, my asshole was sore, my mouth and throat was thick with sticky cum and my nipples and ass cheeks were red and raw from the numerous slaps and pinches.

When the men had finished using me, they gagged me and hog tied my ankles and wrists together before giving me the bum’s rush [1] . They carried me outside and placed me in the food dumpster.

Natalie panicked when she returned to pick me up after the lounge closed. It took a phone call to the owner of the lounge before Natalie and Naomi found me.

After a shower and a day to recuperate, literally giving my mouth and asshole time to return to normal, I was begging Naomi to take me back to the oyster. I wanted more.

Naomi asked only one question. “I know you had a great time. However, what was your worst moment?”

I answered an emphatic “When I was in the food dumpster and knew it had ended.”

Naomi smirked with an innate knowledge and spoke. “Get a good night’s rest. Tomorrow I want you to lie outside and get some sun. We’ll discuss the oyster after I know you are rested.”

[1] Forcible ejection from an establishment