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The Darkness

A blindfolded meetup in a forest with a cum slut.
Darkness is an odd thing to see. Sometimes darkness can be scary, but not this kind. This was self-induced. The sun shone from above onto my neck and head—a spectacular feeling. It just couldn't overpower the feeling of nerves; and yet sexual excitement I felt. I felt, as I can only put it, like a slut. I'd never felt this way before and I wasn't too sure I liked it. Sure, I had done this before but not like this.

As I had woken from my slumber that morning, I decided to check my emails. Perhaps it was a ridiculous idea to put out an ad for a “suck and go”. I prepared myself for the disappointment that would follow.

I had an email with no name given. The subject line struck me—so simple and yet so shocking. It read, “worthless slut”. I wondered who would think that addressing someone as that would get them what they wanted. I went to delete the email and yet I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I wanted to see what was inside. Each letter of the words stood out clearer than anything. I decided a small read could do me no harm; there was no way I would let this guy have what he wanted. The message read as simple as the subject: “Meet me in the Sherwood Forest at four, on your knees and blindfolded.” Hah! I’d never do that.

As the day passed, I waited and waited for a reply to the ad. I longed for someone to answer to take my mind off this mysterious man. With each passing second my curiosity grew stronger, and I found myself hard at even the thought of it. I had read the email probably about four times now and yet the impact never lessened. My longing to have this mysterious man’s hard cock in my mouth grew and grew. To have him empty his cum down my throat and leave without caring seemed an amazing idea. As it reached half past three, I decided I would go. But I would not be pushed around and made a slut; that I was sure of.

It was too late to go now and yet my brain was riddled with doubt, an unusual fear of this man. I wondered why he wanted it blindfolded. Perhaps he was ugly; maybe even famous. Who knows? As I sat on the forest floor, I could hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees. There was a sound that pierced through all of them despite being the smallest—the sound of a foot falling on the autumn leaves. And then another. Each one was louder than the one before. It dawned on me that this was it and there was no going back. I was at this man's mercy and would have to serve his cock and balls in any way he wanted. I felt my cock push up against my trousers at this thought. Was I starting to like this?

The glorious sun on my back was suddenly no more—an ironic symbolism, I found. I turned my attention back to the footsteps and realised they were silent. This shadow must be him. He was completely silent and yet seemed to inspect me, without even touching me. His glare was piercing through the darkness of the blindfold. He owned me now and I was at his feet, ready to serve as he saw fit.

I felt his hand on my head as he brought me to his cock. I reached out my tongue to touch it and I licked all the way along its shaft. It was huge, the biggest I had ever touched. I let out a sudden moan of pleasure, unable to control myself. I reached out my hands and took it into my mouth; even while not hard it filled my mouth. I cupped his balls into my hands and felt them—they were stunning. I could imagine the cum inside, just waiting to be emptied down my throat.

Suddenly he pushed my head further away so it no longer filled my mouth—this man knew what he wanted. And I loved it. I licked it slowly and flicked my tongue over its head until it was fully hard. He pulled my head closer as I took it into my mouth. I began to suck it slowly to tease. I could be a naughty slut sometimes. Ten minutes of flicking and gentle teasing passed—this man obviously had experience. He pushed my head slightly faster and his cock slightly further into my mouth. I felt so dirty and degraded. I knew nothing of this man and yet would do anything he asked.

Suddenly, a frenzy caught him and he pushed it deep into my mouth. Not my first deep throat, but one of my most difficult by far, and most pleasurable. He fucked my mouth fast, never stopping. It was like this for what seemed a while. I lost track of time. He began to moan, the first I had heard from this mysterious man. I could tell he would cum soon. I heard, "Make sure you swallow it, you little slut," in between his moans of pleasure. Normally I wouldn’t swallow, but this man commanded me and my greatest wish was to please him.

I felt his cum shoot down my throat, stream after stream. Even if I hadn't wanted to, I would have had to swallow it. I licked any cum left on his cock's head until it was clean. It was delicious; better than I had ever tasted. He took his cock out of my mouth and presumably back into its cage, the monster it was. He threw me to the floor and left. I felt used and devalued, like the cum slut I am. And I liked it.


Hope you enjoyed that, please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions. But this was my first time writing so play nice. If you PM me I will answer and if you enjoyed it I could try and do requests. Looking forward to talking to you and receiving your feedback.

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