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The Driving Test - Part 2

Alex Robinson has another chance encounter with his instructor...

I moaned into his mouth as he fucked me. The muscles of his back and legs flexed and strained as he held me in the air, thrusting powerfully into me. His cock burrowed into my tight hole with each thrust, gaping me as I threw back my head and cried out.

“Oh god! It’s so big!” I moaned, as I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding on for dear life.

“You love my prick in you, don’t you?” His deep voice sounded strained from the effort he was putting in. That same sexy, cheeky smirk lit up his face when he spoke.

That cheeky prick! I thought. He knows how much I love him in me. Feeling his nine inch monster deep inside me. Feeling dominated and slutty as he used my body for his sexual desires. Your fucking right I loved it!

“Fuck me hard baby!” I ordered. “I love you deep inside me!”

The smirk played upon his lips again. I lunged my head forwards and mashed my lips onto his, kissing the smirk off his mouth. Our tongues reunited like lost lovers, embracing and writhing together. I ran my hand down his cheek as we kissed, feeling his stubble bristle under my fingers.

“Mmm, you taste so good babe,” I smiled, as I stared into his magnificent blue eyes.

He kissed me again lightly on the lips, his hands clutching and squeezing my arse. He opened his mouth to speak.

“Alex! Wake up!” His voice was oddly feminine. He sounds just like my girlfriend.

“ALEX!!!” He screamed...

I woke to find my girlfriend shaking me. Her long black hair draped around her shoulders, her cute face a mixture of amusement and concern.

“Somebody was having a nice dream,” she smiled cheekily, as she motioned towards the bulge that was emerging from my crotch.

“Oh shit,” I said, as I sat up and moved my hands down to try and hide my erection.

“Tenting in a tent you naughty boy,” she giggled, as she leant forwards and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back, enjoying her full lips, my hand instinctively reaching to cup her breast. She softly grabbed my wrist.

“Now, now Mr Morning Wood,” she giggled again. “We’ve got a lot to do today, you promised to take me shopping remember!”

“Yeah, I remember babe,” I said, trying not to sound disappointed. She kissed me again on the lips.

“If you behave yourself Mister, then I might let you have some muffin later on tonight.” She smirked and winked at me as she exited the tent, her plump, juicy arse swaying in my face.

I smiled to myself, before getting dressed and following her out of the tent. My mind wondered back to my dream. It had been two weeks since my encounter with my driving instructor. After the sex we had lain on the backseat for what seemed like ages, him holding me from behind. His hard body pressing into my back as I felt his wet cock rubbing against my arse. He had said that I had passed my test, but all I could think about was how good it felt to have another man deep inside me. To have him fuck me hard and make me scream and beg for it. I felt like a slut when I was with him.

I stared at myself in the reflection in the window of the bus, after me and my girlfriend had boarded and sat down. I had always thought that I was nothing special in the looks department. My brown hair was still messy from the sleep; it was like a tangled mop going down past my ears. My girlfriend had said that I had a good honest face, that she liked my stubbly chiselled jaw and my cute pointed nose.

“Almost there babe,” her voice sang out. “Don’t go to sleep on me now.” She kissed me on the cheek.

After we had left the bus we began walking round the high street, me following her like a lost duckling as she wandered into shop after shop. My mind wandered constantly. I had never thought about anyone else, but my girlfriend since we got together. Why was he having this effect on me? The sex was amazing, but for me to capitulate like that and practically beg for it in the end. I didn’t want to think about what Jennie would do if she found out...

The day had slipped by on fast forward as we had been shopping, the sun had glided across the sky and had started to dim. We had begun to walk back to our campsite when I saw the local pub nearby.

“I fancy a pint babe,” I blurted out. I needed it to take the guilty thoughts away.

“Hmm, don’t stay out too late Mister,” she said, as she pecked me on the cheek. “Don’t come back too drunk.”

I promised her I wouldn’t, before entering the pub. The locals were arrayed around the establishment in various states of inebriation. I hardly garnered any curious glances as I ambled up to the bar, hailing the barkeep as I leant onto the bar itself.

“A pint please mate,” I asked producing a ten pound note from my pocket.

“Here alone mate?” He quizzed, as he pulled me a pint.

“I am yeah, just been shopping with the missus.” I put my money on the bar top and wrapped my fingers around the drink I had ordered.

“Women eh?” He sighed at me rolling his eyes as he placed my cash into the register and gave me back my change.

I didn’t favour him with a reply; I was too distracted to engage in any lengthy small talk. I raised the glass to my lips and let the cool, amber liquid slide down my throat. After another few swallows I began to feel the soporific effect of the alcohol. I felt a buzz as I reclined against the bar, draining the last few dregs from the glass. Then I heard him.

“Fancy meeting you here, Mr Robinson.” His deep husky voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

He sat down next to me, placing his own pint on the counter. I gazed at all 6’2 of him; he was wearing a tight t-shirt similar to our previous encounter. The muscles of his chest stood out as the material clung to him. My eyes moved up his body to his face, a smirk played upon his mouth, his full kissable lips taunting me.

“I do hope you enjoyed our last encounter, it was a very hard lesson.” He chuckled to himself.

“I-I don’t k-know...” I managed to stammer out, sounding like a love struck teenager.

“I’m not making you nervous am I?” he asked, as he placed a hand on my leg. “Would you rather leave this place so we can talk in private? My house isn’t very far from here.”

I don’t know what came over me, both the feeling of his strong hand grabbing my leg and the buzz of the alcohol messed with my mind. I wanted him.

“O-okay,” I agreed, the thought of the amazing shag we had last time filling my mind.

We both stood up and left the pub, beginning the short walk back to his place. I stole glances at him while we walked; his trousers also looked tight and showed off his strong leg muscles. My tongue played on my lips in anticipation; any thought of my girlfriend was completely gone.

We arrived at a new looking two storey house, walking up the driveway I noticed his car parked there. The same car he had fucked me in. He noticed where my gaze was directed.

“I remember when we were in the back of there.” He chuckled. “I solved the problem with your gear stick didn’t I?”

He produced his keys from his pocket and unlocked the front door. I walked past him into his house, before he closed the door behind me. What now?

He led me into the living room and sat me down on his spacious couch. He wondered off and emerged again a few minutes later holding two opened bottles of beer. Handing me one he sat down beside me, taking a swig from his bottle. I shuffled nervously on the couch as he moved closer to me; I took a quick drink from my beer as he put his arm round me.

“You seem a little nervous, Mr Robinson,” he said, as he placed his hand on my leg. “It’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“I-I’m just not sure,” I stuttered. “I want to, but...”

He moved his hand slowly up my leg, making me shudder as he leant closer to my ear.

“If you didn’t want it.” I felt his breath on my ear as he whispered. “Why did you come?”

He cupped my chin in his hand and turned my head towards him, kissing me passionately. I moaned with surprise as he devoured my mouth with his, but I didn’t push him away. We wrapped our arms around each other, embracing as we kissed, our tongues ravishing each other. We broke the kiss and began tearing at each other’s clothes, all pretence abandoned. As I tore off my t-shirt he began to place kisses on my hairless chest, eliciting moans from me, as his mouth found my nipple. He flicked my nipple with his tongue, before sliding his tongue up my chest, then up to my chin and into my mouth again. I fell backwards pulling him on top of me, my arms wrapping around him, stroking the hard muscles on his back.

We writhed together, our arms exploring each other’s bodies. His hands slipped down to my crotch and rubbed my stiffening cock, making me groan. His hands began deftly unzipping the button fly on my jeans, before sliding them down revealing my tight grey boxers. My cock clearly outlined through the thin material.

“Mmm, Mr Robinson, are you pitching a tent for me?” he asked, so seductively. His hand pressed onto my bulging dick, massaging my throbbing shaft.

“Oh please!” I begged. “Please touch me! I need you!”

He smirked at me as I begged. He knew I was lusting after him. Knew I was infatuated with his touch. His hand slowly slid down the front of my boxers and lightly gripped my straining shaft. My cock wasn’t as big or as thick as his, but it was of a size, at least six inches. He pulled my dick free from its confinement, still gripping it securely in his hand.

“You do have a firm gearstick Mr Robinson.” He locked his gaze onto mine, smirking. “I’ll show you how to handle one.”

I threw back my head on moaned aloud as he took my cock into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down on the tip, before running his tongue down one side. I wriggled and groaned as he expertly sucked my cock, his tongue and lips caressing my veiny shaft. He began to flick his tongue across my bulbous mushroom cap, before taking the tip in his mouth and guiding his tongue into my piss slit.

“Oooh! My god! It’s so good!” I cried out. “I love you sucking my cock!”

He pulled away from blowing me. His hands began tugging at my jeans and underwear. I moved my hands to help him, sliding them down, leaving me completely nude. His lips returned to my bulging meat, as he placed his hands underneath my legs, lifting them up to my chest. I reached out and held my legs in place near my chest, so I was looking between them as he made love to my cock with his mouth.

He pulled away, my cock sliding from his mouth, still glistening with his saliva. He stood in front of me and began to take off his own trousers. I licked my lips in lust as I saw the outline of his massive rod, straining against his y-fronts. I stirred from my position on the couch, making the attempt to reach his mammoth appendage.

“Stay there!” he ordered, his voice deep and masculine. I moved to obey, pulling my legs up to their original position. My tight puckered hole taunting him. He slid down his pants, his mammoth member standing resolute and proud from his trimmed, black pubes. I gazed, mesmerised at his huge dick, the tool that had once been deep inside me. Oh god I need it!

He dropped to his knees in front of me, engulfing my cock with his mouth. His hands clasped each cheek of my firm ass in each hand and gave them a squeeze. I moaned and wriggled as he sucked my dick, his mouth pleasuring me beyond words. I ran my fingers through his short black hair, moaning out loud.

“Oh Christ! It feels so good!” I wailed. “My whole body is yours!”

Suddenly, I felt one of his fingers slide between my globes of flesh and slowly rub my rosebud. I gasped as he circled my tight hole with his digit, shuddering as he caressed my anal entrance. He pulled away from my cock and slid one of his index fingers into his mouth. He lubed it up with saliva, before pushing it tantalisingly slowly, into me. I moaned and squirmed, as he gradually glided his intruding digit past my anal ring, driving it in as far as it would go.

“Mmm, you’re nice and tight Mr Robinson,” he breathed, as I squeezed my ass around his finger. He began to finger fuck me in my tight ass, stretching it wider before adding a second finger to mingle with the first. I squealed as he gaped me with his fingers, crying out loud as he managed to squeeze a third finger into my quivering ass.

“Ahhh! Fuck! You’re stretching my hole!” I wailed, as my anal wall tightly enveloped the three intruders. He stroked his fingers in and out of my aching hole. He pulled his fingers out suddenly eliciting moans of disappointment from me. That was until he placed his hands on my ass, pushed my ass further up and pushed his tongue into my gaping hole. He lapped at my yawning man pussy, his tongue slithering over my aching fuck hole, before pushing it inside me.

“Fuck! Shit! Fucking rim my hole baby!” I demanded, loving the feeling of his tongue on my asshole. I writhed and moaned as he stimulated my hole. The feel of his hot breath and moist tongue inside me, pushing me to the peak of sexual ecstasy.

He lifted up from rimming me and leaned over me, putting his hand behind my head and pulling me into a passionate kiss. I tasted myself on his tongue, but it didn’t repulse me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer, my arms coiling around his back as we kissed.

“I need you in me babe,” I breathed. “Fuck my tight ass with your big dick!”

“You are a needy little slut aren’t you, Mr Robinson?” He gave me another cheeky smirk. I nodded in agreement and then gasped out loud as I felt the bulbous head of his cock pushing at my love canal. I moaned and shuddered as his throbbing pole slowly pushed into me, packing my hole with his bulging man meat. My anal wall stretched to accommodate him. He pushed in slowly, stroking my cheek and cooing encouragement to me whenever I grimaced in pain. After a few more painful moments I felt his bushy pubes pressing against my ass and his throbbing tool pulsing inside me.

“You’re so big!” I clenched around his thick rod. “You belong in my ass!”

He started pulled out slightly, and then pushed back in slowly. He started fucking me slowly, letting my tight fuck hole stretch around his cock. I moaned like a bitch whenever he pushed into me, loving every moment. I locked my legs around him letting him know he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Come on babe,” I breathed seductively. “Nail me to the couch! Fuck me!" 

He responded instantly by pulling his cock all the way out of me and thrusting it back inside hard. I squealed out loud as he began thrusting rapidly into me, his cock packing every inch of my aching fuck chute. The frenzy of our passion was evident as sweat clung to our writhing bodies. The couch groaned and creaked with each rhythmic thrust. I clasped my hands onto his face and sought out his lips with mine. I kissed him deeply, my tongue slipping into his mouth as he thrust into me. I love this!

“Your my little fuck slut aren’t you, Mr Robinson?” he said tauntingly, as he thrust into my quivering ass.

Even though I completely agreed with him I wasn’t going to let the smug git get away with it. I used my remaining strength to roll us over so that I was atop him. Straddling his lower body with his cock still buried in my tight man pussy. I leaned down and kissed him as I began to ride him. I gyrated on top of him, feeling every inch of his throbbing dick. He clasped his hands around my waist as I began to slide up and down on his cock. The head of his cock passed over my prostate every time I slipped down, causing me to cry out in pleasure. I became lost in the moment. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation of sex with another man.

Suddenly, I heard the door of the living room burst open. I quickly opened my eyes to witness my girlfriend stood in the doorway. Her mouth wide open in shock...

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