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The Driving Test

Alex Robinson finds out his instructor wants to do alot more than just test his driving skills.
“So, Mr Robinson, when you’re ready? I want you to continue down the road, and turn left at the junction.” 

The instructor sat there waiting for me to get the car moving, waiting for me to make another mistake. The test had gone horrible from the start. Forgetting to check my blind spot when I pulled out from the test centre, he maybe could have forgiven that, but mounting the kerb turning the first corner, or almost hitting that pedestrian when he told me to park up, no matter how nice he was being to me he couldn’t just look the other way.

Come to think of it he had been awfully nice to me throughout most of the test, almost stroking my shoulder when ever I made a mistake. Cooing words of encouragement every time my head dropped in disappointment. The way he stared at me as well. It was cheeky a smirk. The same smirk my girlfriend gave me when she was feeling horny.

I couldn’t look him in the eye. His eyes were a deep shade of blue. I almost lost myself in them when I first stared at him the moment he came through the door of the test centre. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that accentuated his abs, and his tight trousers left nothing to the imagination. What he was doing as a driving instructor, I don’t know. He could easily have been mistaken for a gym instructor, or a footballer. 

“We can take as long as you like,” he said, that same smirk on his face. “Just take a deep breath, and relax.” 

He brought his hand up, and stroked a lock of my brown hair out of my eye. I didn’t recoil at first. I froze in my seat; my heart hammering against my chest.

“I-I think you taught my friend Jack how to drive,” I said trying to get out of this situation.

“Hmm, what was his surname?” He didn’t take his eyes off me.

“T-Thompson, Jack Thompson,” I said as his hand moved to my cheek.

“Ah! Yes Mr Thompson.” The smirk was even more apparent now. “He certainly had a lot of trouble with his gear stick, I seem to recall." He was chuckling to himself now. “Yes I went down a back passage, or two with him, but he was practically begging to go again when we got back.”

I was very naive so his innuendo was lost on me. “Oh, that doesn’t sound so bad,” I said as I turned my head to look into his eyes.

“No,” he breathed moving his face closer to mine. “It wasn’t.”

I was terrified, too scared to move, so I said the first thing that I could think of to get out of this awkward situation.

“S-Shouldn’t we be getting on with the test,” I stammered, the fear very apparent in my voice.

His expression changed to one of mild disappointment as he sat up straight again, and pulled his hand away from my cheek.

“Very well,” he said, the smirk once again on his face. “We’ll take a slightly longer route to the back passage.”

Once again the innuendo went right over my head. I shifted in my seat getting evermore increasingly aware of the growing bulge in my pants. Oh God! I thought please don’t look down, please don’t look down. I took a deep breath, pressed down on the clutch pedal, and took off the handbrake. As soon as I pressed down on the accelerator there was a terrible grinding sound. Oh no! The gear stick. My hand shot out, and met his as we both reached, for the gear stick. I made a whimper of fear as I tried to pull my hand away, but his grip was strong.

“Remember,” he said his voice deep, and husky. “Deep breath, and relax.”

He took my hand, and moved it to the bottom of the gear stick. He then slowly, and seductively stroked my hand up the soft leather to the tip. My cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. I felt as though my cock was about to burst out of my trousers. Then he firmly pushed the stick into first gear. I let out another whimper at the suddenness of his movement.

“You don’t have to be so stiff with it,” he said, I could almost swear he winked at me.

“Right! Let’s get moving then. We’ve got a test to complete,” he said breaking me out of my stupor.

I took a deep breath, and set off smoothly. As we continued with the test my mind kept fluttering back to the way he caressed my hand, and the deep, almost sexy tone of his voice. I tried to concentrate, but it kept coming back.

Now I wasn’t gay by any stretch of the imagination. I had a girlfriend for god’s sake! I shouldn’t be feeling anything. My raging hard-on however told a completely different story. I had looked at gay porn on the internet, which was more about curiosity than anything though. Yet still my mind played with the thought. Maybe I enjoyed it when he stroked my cheek. When he leaned closer to me. Almost as if he was going to lock his lips onto mine, and let our tongues dance together.

I shifted my gaze from the road, and looked at him. He was staring at me again, that smirk on his face like he didn’t have a care in the world.

This time he definitely winked. My eyes quickly shot back to the road. He knows! My heart once again started thumping like jackhammer. There was going to be nothing left of my pants if this continued.

“Right, just turn left here if you will please.” He pointed to a little dirt track about a hundred meters on the right.

I indicated, and turned off down the passage, and into a small clearing completely obscured from the road by an impenetrable collection of hedges, and fir trees. I brought the car to a stop, and pulled on the handbrake. I suddenly realised that we had left the town at this point, and must be one of the country that snaked their way along the outskirts.

I turned to meet his deep blue eyes. God he was sexy!

“I’m going to be honest with you, Mr Robinson.” His voice seemed softer this time, like velvet. So sexy! “If we were to complete the test now you would have failed miserably.”

Even though I knew that there was going to be no other outcome, I still felt a sick feeling in my gut.

“Where did I go wrong?” I said, knowing very well where I had gone wrong.

“It’s not really about a problem with your technique,” he explained. “It’s all to do with nerves.”

“If you’re too nervous, your performance will suffer.” His voice was almost hypnotic. “Not just in driving but in a lot of other things as well.”

His hand gently rested on my leg. If he wasn’t aware of my dick tenting in my trousers, he was now.

“You can’t be so tense either.” His other hand reached between my legs, and pulled the catch.

I was shifted into a reclining position as the seat fell away behind me. I gasped as he leaned over me, bringing his face a hairs breadth from mine.

“You’ll tell me if I’m going too fast, for you won’t you?” he breathed. 

If there was ever a time, for second thoughts, this was it. My rock hard shaft told me all I needed to know. I nodded.

“Good,” he breathed.

He pressed his lips onto mine, kissing me deeply. At the same time his hand shifted from my leg, and cupped my cock, slowly massaging my throbbing shaft through my trousers.

My mouth opened in surprise, despite the fact that he was kissing me. That was all the invitation he needed. His tongue snaked its way past my moist lips, and sought out its twin. This was a hundred times more passionate than any of the times me, and my girlfriend kissed.

My tongue moved to meet the slippery intruder. Embracing like two mating eels our tongue’s wrestled with each other. My arms coiled around him as I drew him closer wanting us to become one. His other hand ventured down, and stroked my curvy ass, giving it a little squeeze.

He suddenly broke the curtain of passion that had shrouded us, and pulled away from me. He moved from his seat, and straddled me. Hastily unbuttoning my jacket, he flung it aside, and practically tore off my t-shirt exposing my bare chest. I had very little hair despite being eighteen. He leaned down, and began planting kisses on my hairless chest.

“Mmm,” I moaned as he lifted his gaze, and stared at me that cocky smirk on his face, and began swirling his tongue around my nipple. All the while keeping eye contact.

I didn’t do anything to stop him, I just let him amuse himself with my body. I’m his to play with I thought. My girlfriend seemed a distant memory, a mere misstep leading to this moment. What he was doing to me just felt so good, so right.

He stopped what he was doing, and straddled me once again. Scooting up, so that his crotch was level with my face. He began to unzip what looked like to be a sizable bulge trying to spring from his pants.

“Let’s see if you can handle this gear stick any better,” he said.

My hands fumbled clumsily with his trousers as I tried to get a glimpse of his package. He pushed himself up on his hands, so that I could pull his trousers completely off. I threw them aside, and beheld him kneeling over me. I reached out with both my hands, and yanked his Y fronts down. All of nine inches of his cock sprang out at me; almost hitting me in the face. My mouth formed an O as I was dumbstruck by his massive dick.

“You’re gonna have to use your mouth for this one I’m afraid,” he explained, smirking. “Just take a deep breath and relax.”

“It’s so big,” I said. I tried to wrap my hand around his massive tool but I couldn’t. I had a pretty firm grip on it but my fingers were still a good two or three centimetres from my thumb.

“Best get used to the size, 'cause it’s going in your arse soon!” He growled.

Fear gripped me. It’s not possible, I thought. He’ll tear me apart. But a part of me was excited by it, wanting to know what it would feel like. I’d gone this far, what was stopping me going further?

While I was lost in my thoughts he had pushed his dick forwards till the tip was practically resting on my bottom lip. My eyes widened in surprise, and yet it didn’t put me off. I wrapped my lips around his mushroom cap, and circled it with my tongue, all the while using my hands to stroke his thick, veiny shaft.

“Oh! Fuck yeah! Suck my cock!” he commanded, as I slurped and sucked up and down his bulging man meat.

I licked my way down his stiff fuck tool till I arrived at his heaving ballsack. I popped one in my mouth, and sucked on it as he moaned in pleasure above me. Enjoying the musky scent I once again worked my way up his saliva soaked monster to the glistening purple head. Locking my eyes onto his I took his cock into my mouth, working it deeper down my throat.

My eyes were watering, and I was almost gagging but I was determined to shock him by deep throating his cock. He was grinning as I stared up at him, his massive erection spearing into my eager mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and began to slowly push, working his throbbing dick further down my throat. My gag reflex was long since overcome as I felt his one-eyed monster sliding down my throat.

“Your one dirty little fucker aren’t you!” I heard him gasp as my lips settled into his pubic hair.

Taking short ragged breaths, which were hard with a man’s huge pole down my throat, I cheekily winked at him. Determined to live up to his previous statement; I wrapped my arms round him, and clasped them onto his tight arse. Slipping my fingers into the cleft between his cheeks. I sought out his hidden hole.

“Ohhhh! Shit,” he moaned as I circled his puckered arsehole with my finger tips. My eyes never left his as I pushed my index finger into his brown eye. His anal wall tightened around my finger, trying in vain to halt the progress of my intruding digit.

“You filthy bastard!” he breathed, his voice husky. “Not yet! I’m not coming yet!”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from his arsehole. My disappointment must have been apparent, as he stroked his hand across my face to reassure me.

“It’s not that I don’t want to cum in your mouth,” he explained, despite his throbbing dick lodged in my throat. “I’ve got another warm hole in mind.”

I pulled my head away from his crotch. His massive fuck pole slipping out of my mouth with a wet pop as saliva dribbled down my chin.

“How much will it hurt?” I said, my face all cherub-like and innocent.

“I won’t lie to you,” he said. “It will hurt a lot at first, but once you get used to it the pleasure is unimaginable.”

I must have not looked very convinced, as he went on to say.

“Your friend Jack was begging me to fuck his brains out again after I’d cum in his arse,” he said, the smirk returning to his face.

“I’m not Jack!“ I blurted out, confidence filling my voice with every word. I pushed him off me, and tore off my trousers, and tighty whiteys in one go. Pulling my legs above my head I gripped my arse cheeks in each hand, and pulled them apart exposing my eager, puckered rose bud.

“I’m much better,” I breathed, staring deep into his blue eyes, and giving him the longest don’t-stop-fucking-me look that I could possibly give.

“I’ll have you begging by the end of this,” he boasted as he leaned forwards, and locked lips with me, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

He broke the kiss, and lifted me up, pushing me into the back of the car. He lay me down on across the back seat, and lay down on top of me. Our lusty hands began exploring each other’s sweaty supple bodies, as we kissed passionately. Nothing else mattered as we lay there, our cocks rubbing up against each other, his out sizing mine by a good two or three inches. I don’t know how long we lay there, our slippery, sweat soaked bodies rubbing against each other, our fingers, mouths and tongues communicating what no simple words could say.

He pulled out of the embrace, and lifted me up so that I was kneeling on the backseat my arms resting next to the rear window screen. He pressed up against me from behind, his rock hard cock sliding in between my pert cheeks, dividing them like spongy loaves of bread.

“I’ll give you one chance to back out,” he said, filling my ear with his sexy masculine voice. “If you’re unsure about this we’ll forget this ever happened, put our clothes back on, and go back to the test centre.”

My mind was made up before I even answered. There was no way I was going to leave here without feeling him deep inside me.

“The only time I want you to back out is after you’ve filled me up with your hot sticky cum,” I breathed trying to sound as sexy as I could.

“Here I go, baby,” he said nibbling on my ear.

I held my breath as I felt the tip of his throbbing fuck stick probing and prodding against my tight arsehole. He grabbed his cock in his hand and pushed it slowly into my eager fuck hole.

“Oh Shit! It hurts!” I whimpered as his nine inch monster struggled to fit in my tight love tunnel.

“Just relax, baby,” he cooed in my ear. “Just a few more inches to go.”

“Fucking hell!” I screamed. It felt like someone was trying to force a baseball bat up my ass. After a few more whimpers, and squeals I felt his pelvis slap against my ass, and I knew the worst of it was done.

“That’s it, baby,” he growled in my ear. “I’m all in now, can you feel my cock filling up your arse?”

The pain slowly faded as my anal wall stretched to accommodate this unknown, throbbing intruder. He stroked my hair, and whispered words of encouragement as he began to slowly stroke his massive dick in and out of my aching fuck hole. He built up a slow rhythm as our moans, and groans filled the car. I felt the full length of him deep inside me, slowly sliding, stretching me wider and wider. But to slow for my liking.

“Come on stud!” I moaned. “Show me what that fucking monster can do.”

I jerked my leg up, and slapped his ass with the sole of my foot, urging him to show no mercy as he assaulted my love canal.

“Take it, you cheeky bastard!” he grunted as he began thrusting with ever increasing ferocity. His crotch slammed into my butt over and over as he drove himself, seemingly deeper and deeper, his massive cock plundering every inch of my once virginal hole.

“Its sooo goood! Don’t stop, babe! FUCK ME!” I screamed the last two words as loud as I could, all embarrassment expunged from my mind. All that mattered was this moment, my mind filled with the fervent wish that this would never end. He responded to my shout by clasping his hand onto my shoulder, pulling me towards him, further impaling me on his mighty appendage.

The car shook with the force he was putting into each thrust, creaking and groaning as he shagged me mercilessly. I moaned like a bitch in heat as his monstrous member slid in, and out, trespassing on places were nothing of its size had gone before.

“Oh! Shit! I’m gonna cum!” he shouted suddenly, he started to quicken his pace.

“No!” I exclaimed, pulling away from him, breaking the connection below our waists. I shuffled to far end of the back seat. My breaths came deep, and ragged after the pounding I’d taken. I gazed at my lover opposite me. He had propped himself against the door, his right arm draped over the back of the seat. My attention shifted to his crotch, his impressive shaft stood resolute from his dark pubic hair. The shaft that had just had me squealing like a bitch. There was an empty feeling in my gut, and my gaping hole ached, almost as if they were pleading, begging to be reunited with his sweat drenched cock. I licked my lips. Who could blame them?

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he said. He wrapped his fingers around his turgid shaft. Slowly he began to stroke it up, and down. Playing on my lust, teasing me.

I leisurely stirred from my pose on the backseat, and began to crawl towards him on all fours, my pert arse, seductively swaying from side to side. He gave me a sexy smirk as continued to caress his throbbing pole. I slid my hand underneath his, and lovingly caressed the very thing that had just been deep inside me moments ago.

Beads of sweat glistened on his tanned body, as began to caress his abs using my tongue. His musky scent assailed my nostrils as I worked my way up his chest to his luscious lips. He let out a groan of approval as my tongue snaked its way up his neck, and along the curve of his clean-shaven jaw. I let out a moan of delight as my tongue wormed its way between his pouting lips, our mouths opened as I french kissed him deeply, and passionately.

He pulled me into an embrace as we kissed; his hands slithered down my back and cupped my asscheeks in each hand. I let out a yelp of surprise as he lifted me up, and nestled me in his lap.

“Mmmmm. I’m all yours baby” I breathed as I wrapped my legs around the small of his back. I felt his stiff dick rubbing against my arsehole.

“Are you ready to get fucked again?” he asked. 

I wanted him in me again. To feel his throbbing cock deep inside me. It was the best sex I had ever had, and I wasn’t going to let it end now.

“Stuff it in me, baby! Ram it in deep! Fuck me!” I ordered. He lined up the tip of his cock against my brown eye, and thrust upward, plunging deeply inside me. My eyes watered as his meaty fuck pole once again assaulted my battered hole.

“Oh my god!” I wailed. “It feels so good don’t ever stop.”

I squealed, and whimpered as he drove into me, the empty feeling in my gut had been replaced with a sense of completion as his dick packed every inch of my gaping love canal.

“Your arse is so tight!” he breathed. “You're one sweet fuck.” He slid his tongue along my neck, teasing as he violated my rose bud.

The car's windows had steamed up at the frenzy of our love making. It was akin to being in a sauna. The air was hot and heavy, the sweat from our bodies permeated the upholstery, and the scent of sex filled the air. Each deep thrust was accompanied with a yelp from me as he ravaged my supple body mercilessly.

“I’m gonna come, baby!” I breathed as I felt my balls churn as my love juice prepared to burst from its confinement. My hand flew down, and gripped my cock as I began to rapidly wank myself to a climax.

All of a sudden he lifted me up, and shifted into a kneeling position. He pulled his cock out of me, and placed me onto the backseat. I let out a cry of dismay as our passion was interrupted.

“No! Put it back in,” I pleaded. He responded by pushing my legs up to my chest, exposing my fuck hole. I heard him spit, and felt his saliva land on my arse. He then took two of his fingers, and slipped them deep into me.

“Fuck me!” I screamed. He then lay on top of me, and silenced my protests with a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, and moaned into his mouth as he lustily frigged me with his lengthy fingers. His intruding digits massaged my sensitive arsehole. Making me whimper with delight.

“Come on, give me that big dick!” I said reaching down, and gripping his mighty appendage.

“I’m gonna fill you up, babe,” he whispered in my ear. I felt his fingers slip out of my ass, which were then replaced by his bulbous mushroom cap.

“I want your spunk, baby, give it to me now!” I demanded. He reacted to my pleas by ramming his fuck stick balls deep, and resuming his lusty assault.

“Oh yes! Oh fuck yes! Shag me, baby!” He grabbed my dick, and began to wank me in time with his fervent ramming. My loins once again stirred as I felt my man fluid burst from the tip of my cock, coating both our chests in my hot sticky cream. My cries of release seemed to urge him on as he increased his pace, my squeals pervading every thrust.

“I’m gonna cum!” he cried suddenly, his face screwed up in concentration as he quickened his screwing. I clutched both his asscheeks in either hand, bracing myself for torrent that was to come. I felt him shudder and groan above me; the tidal wave of fluid that had built up during our passion burst from him, flooding my bowels with his warm man juice. I lost count of how many times he spurted his seed into me; we clung to each other like drowning men as we moaned in unison,

We lay together afterwards, him spooning me on the backseat as I felt his cum dribble out of my well fucked hole. I felt his cock start to shrink as I held his arms around me, his warm, hard body pressing into my back, making me feel safe. His breath felt cool upon my neck as he planted kisses on my cheek and ear. I smiled to myself. I don’t care what happens now, that was amazing!

He nibbled tenderly on my ear, his tongue slipped into my ear hole making me gasp and giggle.

“That was incredible, baby,” I said meaning every word.

“Well, Mr Robinson, I believe congratulations are in order,” he breathed into my ear, his hands meanwhile his hands explored my exhausted body.

I looked up at him, my face an image of confusion.

“You’ve passed you driving test!” He smiled, leaning in, pressing his lips onto mine, kissing me deeply


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