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The Elevator

A surprise in the elevator led to MUCH better things!
After high school I got a job at an older hotel in downtown Rochester. Built in 1920, it had once been a pretty posh place with a penthouse, restaurant and lavish lobby furnished in reds and golds and warm oak trim. By the ‘70s it was mostly patients for the Mayo Clinic. As such, working third shift was pretty easy. At 11:00 p.m. the bellhop left and pretty much everyone was in bed so I had the place to myself ‘til morning.

Of course, that also meant that anything anyone needed was my job too. The elevator was one of those jobs. It was manually operated so anytime anyone wanted to go up or down I had to run it. A handle by the door (which also closed manually) moved left or right to make the car go up or down and you had to stop it (and allow for some ‘coasting’) to align the car with the desired floor. It took some skill to judge the weight of the passengers so you could estimate how much the car would coast. Usually you ended up giving it a bump or two with the handle to get it perfect, or at least close enough.

I used my time during the night in a variety of ways. Having only minimal bookwork to do to close the day I found all kinds of amusements from rebuilding carburetors for my car to flying paper airplanes off the roof. Some nights my friends would come down and watch television or listen to music, usually interspersed with visits to the old penthouse to smoke whatever someone had brought.

A lot of the nights were just plain boring. I found some women’s lingerie in the lost and found, bras, half slips and panties that guests had left and started trying them on in the bathroom in back of the front desk. I had played in my aunt’s dresses as a kid and even tried on some of my sister’s things but these were more, well, mine! I began to stash away the things that fit (or nearly fit) in case the manager decided to toss out things that had been there a long time. Soon I was wearing lingerie under my clothes almost every night, changing after things quieted and then changing back before the cook came in at 5:00 a.m. to start breakfast.

One quiet night I was feeling quite sexy. Under my ordinary ‘man clothes’ I was enjoying a lacy cupped bra, full slip and silky bikini panties. The feel of all that slippery nylon under my clothes as I walked around the deserted lobby was heavenly and getting me very aroused. I was going to have to retreat to the bathroom soon to pleasure myself.

It was nearly 1:30 a.m. when my sexy thoughts were interrupted by a guest entering through the front door. He approached the desk and I hurried around to the inside of the office. He asked for his room key (people frequently left their keys when they went out) and asked to be taken up in the elevator. We walked over to the elevator and I shut the door behind us. I knew the floor by his room number.

“Five, right?” I said and he nodded but kept an intense gaze on me. As we started up I watched him watch me, a little disconcerted. I didn’t usually think about my own safety even though I worked alone all night, but still you had to be alert. As we reached his floor he suddenly crossed the elevator car and kissed me!

I was shocked! I stopped the elevator sort of between floors and turned around. Immediately I saw him retreat to the far corner with a look of fear on his face. He had taken a chance and was bracing for the consequences. I thought it was brave, and sweet.

“That was sweet, and very brave,” I said as calmly as I could. In fact, between the lingerie I was wearing and the surprisingly erotic stealing of a simple kiss I was nearly breathless!

“You didn’t mind then?” he started, still fearful.

“I thought it was lovely. No man has ever kissed me before and it felt wonderful,” I reassured him.

“Would you let me kiss you again?” he asked. He was relaxing and slowly moving out of the corner.

“I would if I can kiss you back,” I said smiling.

He moved from his corner of the car to mine and started to place a tentative kiss on my cheek when I turned my head to meet his lips with mine. He kissed softly, still a bit startled but then put his arms around me and we kissed full on. Our mouths opened, our tongues explored and our arms held us tight together. Hands began exploring bodies. We were both slim young men and we fit into each other like puzzle pieces. As his hands explored my body I felt him stop when he felt my bra straps.

“You’re wearing a bra?” he asked.

“And more. I feel sexy in them. Is that a problem?” Now I was the nervous one. He just smiled sweetly and kissed me again, deeply and passionately. Our hands began exploring lower. When he found my erection I moaned. My cock had been begging for attention most of the night.

“Oh! I like that!” he said. “Let me see.”

I unfastened my pants and let them fall to the floor. He lifted the hem of my slip and reach into my panties. Gently, masterfully, he stroked me then slipped my panties down my legs. I lifted the hem of my slip up for him. Standing out almost pointing, my cock was hard and pulsed at each of his touches. Without a word he knelt down, kissed the precum from the tip and then lowered his mouth over my shaft.

I leaned back against the wall, moaning and clawing for something to support me. His mouth was heavenly wrapped around my cock and every knowing move brought me closer and closer.

“Oh god, yes! How did you know I needed this so badly?” I whispered. “Oh yes! I’m going to cum. Oh yes … YES!”

My cum shot into his mouth in hot jets. I held on to him to support me while I came and came. I heard him swallowing and slurping, still pumping his mouth on my shaft to get every drop. I finally collapsed against the wall, panting and sweating.

“That was good,” he finally said getting to his feet. “I love the taste of your cum.”

“You were amazing! I can’t remember when I’ve cum so hard!” I was still trying to catch my breath. As I started getting dressed he kissed me again. The salty taste of cum was in his kiss.

“Can I get a wake up call in the morning?” he asked.

“Oh course. What time?” I said returning to a more business mode.

“What time are you through? I don’t have any appointments tomorrow.” He gave me a quick smile and a wink. I caught his meaning and almost blushed.

“I’m off at seven,” I said.

“I’d like to be off shortly after seven then,” he teased. I took him up to his floor and opened the door. “Just let yourself in, and wear the slip again, okay? I like how it feels on you.”

I nodded. As he stepped out into the hall he turned and we kissed again.

The rest of the night seemed to creep by. I thought about the amazing orgasm I had. I remembered the feel of his kisses, the gentle caress of his hands across the cool nylon of my slip. Seven o’clock couldn’t get here soon enough but I wondered what he might want to do. I decided it didn’t matter.

I walked up the stairs to the fifth floor after finishing my shift. There would be too many questions if I took the elevator. I reached his room and took out the spare key I’d taken from behind the desk. I opened the door and stepped quietly inside. In the darkened room I saw him naked and asleep on the bed. His body was much like my own … slim, long legs, almost no body hair. I admired him as I quietly undressed. When I was only wearing my silky slip I went over to the bed. He woke as he felt me lean on the bed.

“Is it your turn now?” I quietly inquired. He rolled over and I saw him already semi-erect. His cock was beautiful. It curved just slightly in its seven inch length with a small helmet shaped head. He rolled over to his back and I knelt next to him and began stroking him. His hands found my body covered in its silkiness and he smiled and began fondling my nipples through the slip. I moaned softly to tell him how good his hands felt.

“I love the feel of nipples through a nylon slip, don’t you?” he asked. His fingertips were making my own cock grow again.

“You’re making me so hot!” I breathed. “I’ve been thinking about this all night. What do you want me to do?”

The excitement, almost desperation was apparent in my voice. I lowered my mouth over his cock and began to lovingly suck and lick the head. I wanted to give him the pleasure he had shown me. His cock quickly came to life in my mouth, hard and hot. He moaned while he gently guided my head up and down over his shaft.

“Mmmm, you are good,” he said, “but maybe we could do something else instead.”

I let him slip from my mouth and looked at him curiously.

“Have you ever been fucked in your ass?” he asked.

“Yes, a couple of times,” I said nodding.

“Just straddle my hips then.”

He reached for some lube as I obeyed. I’d fucked my girlfriend this way before but I’d never been the one on top. He put some lube on himself and then slipped a slippery finger up between my butt cheeks. With my legs spread to either side of his hips I was spread wide for him, vulnerable yet feeling very much in control. He positioned himself below me holding his erection vertical.

“Now just lower yourself down onto me,” he instructed.

I bent my legs and felt the tip of his cock at my anus. I lowered myself easily onto him enjoying the pushing feeling as he slid inside. I rose up a little and pulled away but then lowered myself again, deeper. I began to move up and down, up and down, truly enjoying the feel of him inside me and the control I had. The other times I’d been fucked, I had been completely submissive. This time I was doing the fucking, and I liked it!

And he liked it too! His hips began matching mine, thrusting upward each time I lowered onto him. He reached up and caressed my body through the slip, first my nipples, then down my waist to hold my hips. His hands lifted the lacy hem of my slip and exposed my hard cock. He held my slip up and began stroking my cock.

“Oh yes! That’s good! I love fucking you! Keep doing that!” I panted. It was all so much sensation and I could feel his gentle but firm hand bringing me closer to orgasm.

“I’m so close,” he said. “Can I cum inside you?”

“Oh yes! Anything, yes!”

My own orgasm was building, my balls tightening, and my shaft hard and engorged. He’s going to make me cum again, I thought. I stiffened and shot my cum all over his belly. He stroked each shot from me while his hips continued to pound his cock into me. I could barely move but just enjoyed the waves of excitement going through me. He started fucking me harder and faster, letting go of my cock to hold my hips. I could see in his face the orgasm starting and began feverishly fucking his cock.

He stiffened and cried out. Each time I lowered down onto him, taking him inside me as deeply as I could, I felt him squirt again. Hot cum from a hot stiff pulsing cock. This was SO good! As his orgasm ended he held my hips and stopped me, too sensitive to continue. I looked down at him. My half erect cock still held up the hem of my slip and oozed another droplet of cum. His belly was covered with my cum and his cum was deep inside me. How could this get better?

I let him slip out of me and lay down beside him. Our fingers began playing in the cum on his belly. He lifted his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. Then he covered them again and offered them to me. I opened my mouth and accepted my cum. It was kind of odd to taste my own cum but not bad. We shared the rest as we lay next to each other, interrupted by an occasional cum-flavored kiss.

The night and the morning had worn me out and I was getting sleepy.

“Go ahead and get a nap,” he said. “I have some things to do. If I’m not back when you wake up just let yourself out.”

I drifted off to a sound satisfied sleep. When I awoke I was alone. I got myself cleaned up and dressed and slipped quietly out the hotel’s back door.

We only saw each other once the next night before he left, just a quick kiss at the elevator and mutual thanks before he checked out the next day.

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