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The Favorite Client

A young straight man gets an offer he can't turn down from his attorney.
Twenty five year old Jordan Vasquez was the type of guy that women longed for and other men envied. His dark tasseled hair fell perfectly in place on his head, and he had amazing almond shaped eyes that were nearly black. His skin was a desirable dark complexion, and he stood at nearly six feet, which was rather tall for someone of Hispanic/Italian descent. His perfectly muscular build showed prominently in anything he wore, and he was just as much in love with himself as everyone else was.

Jordan seemed to have the perfect life. He was the most popular auto mechanic in town, he already had his house paid off, and he had several luxury cars sitting in the driveway. His bank account was growing more by the minute.

Though Jordan could have had any girl he wanted, he didn't like the idea of commitment, so he usually picked up married women for sex. He never thought of the trouble this may bring.

While fucking his favorite married lady, Gwendolyn, from behind, they were interrupted by the slam of her front door. Jordan had barely had time to zip his pants when the angry husband burst into the bedroom. Gwendolyn tried to cover herself as the buff real estate agent came towards her with every intent of choking the life out of her.

"You are nothing but a cheap, lying piece of trash whore!" The man shouted angrily.

Jordan stepped in front of the man, pushing him back to keep him from physically assaulting his slutty wife.

"Take your goddamned hands off of me!"

The man shoved Jordan with such force that he took the bedroom door almost completely off the hinges. Jordan's back ached terribly from the fall, but he lifted himself from the floor and went back for more. He balled up his fist and punched the husband in the jaw, sending him stumbling over the bedside table. Before he could get up, Jordan slammed his fist into his face and head three more times.

Realizing Gwendolyn was no longer in the room and her husband was unconscious, Jordan decided to leave while he had the chance, hoping she had done the same. He felt his heart pounding inside his chest as he galloped down the stairs and stormed out the door. He was shocked to see that Gwendolyn's car was already gone.

Before he could open his truck door, he was thrown to the ground by police officers and arrested for aggravated assault, trespassing, and breaking and entering.

As it turned out, Gwendolyn had made the call to the police that had landed him in jail. He was able to bond out, but it wasn't over. He would need a damn good attorney before he went to court on the charges.

The next day after he posted bail, he visited several attorney offices before deciding on Keith Hughe. His sign read that he was a criminal defense attorney with fifteen years experience.

Jordan's hands trembled nervously as he walked into the large brick building that was shared by three attorneys. As he sat in the waiting area making small talk with the hot secretary, he wondered if he would have enough money to pay his way out of everything.

"Right this way, sir." Jordan followed the secretary into the attorney's cozy office.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Vasquez," the handsome attorney greeted him. "How can I help you?"

Jordan handed the stack of papers to the lawyer, searching his face for some sign of reassurance. Mr. Hughe's bright blue eyes were filled with concern.

"You're looking at around five years if Mrs. Jenkins continues to go along with her husband's story."

Jordan's face fell. He knew that he would lose everything he had worked so hard for if he had to serve time.

"What if I pay you double what you're asking," Jordan began, "and maybe throw in a little something extra for the judge? You have to understand, sir. I can't serve any time. I will lose everything!"

"So, you would be willing to do just about anything to stay out of the penitentiary?"

"Yes," Jordan answered. "Anything!"

"I can save you all of that money in exchange for a little one on one time with me."

Jordan's mouth fell open. "You want me to-"

"Once today and once after court, after I have won your case. You won't serve a day."

"I've never-"

The attorney interrupted him. "I'll teach you everything you need to know. Don't worry. It will be our secret. I'm married, you know?"

Jordan was hesitant at first, but he knew that it was his only chance of being free.

The tall attorney walked over to lock the office door before standing in front of Jordan.

"Take off your clothes," he whispered.

Jordan timidly removed his shirt, revealing flawless tan skin. Keith watched his young client undress, and his mouth began to water at the sight of his muscles bulging as he moved. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, carefully sliding them over his hips along with the navy colored boxers, allowing them to hit the floor. There was no hiding the bulging erection he had been trying to contain now. His seven inch cock was harder than it had been since he was a sex crazed teenager sneaking in through windows.

Keith ran his hand across Jordan's ass. It was firm and smooth. He smiled coyly at the sight of Jordan's hard cock as he unfastened his dress pants.

"Get on your knees."

Jordan obediently kneeled in front of Keith, closing his mouth around his engorged, uncut manhood. He pushed Keith's foreskin back and swirled his tongue around the the head and shaft. Keith rested against the wall as he watched Jordan's head bob up and down on his dick. He thrusted in and out of his client's mouth, feeling the head of his cock touch the back of Jordan's throat. His mouth felt amazing. Keith was about to shoot off in his throat, but he held himself back, because he wanted to cum in his ass. He pushed Jordan's face away and positioned him over his desk.

Keith licked Jordan's tight fuck hole, allowing the spit to run down his ass. He pulled away and gently worked the head of his throbbing cock into his client's hot ass. Jordan grunted as the attorney filled him. He forgot the pain when his fat cock was all the way inside him, and Keith was pounding his ass. It was a feeling he had never experienced before.

Keith pumped Jordan's stiff cock as he worked in and out of his tight ass, still slick with his spit. Jordan moaned beneath him as he came, shooting his thick white cream into the attorney's smooth hand and onto the hardwood floor of the office. Keith grasped Jordan's hips as he fucked him, shooting his hot load into his ass. He rested against his client's back until he caught his breath.

Jordan seriously wondered about his sexual orientation as he felt the gentle thumping of the attorney's heart against his back. This payment option had turned out to be quite exciting!
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