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The First Time I Let A Man Fuck Me

The Unique Erotic Experience Of Losing My Anal Virginity

I always knew I would let another man fuck me eventually.

And I finally did it for the first time at age 46, around two years after I got divorced and I was free to fuck and be fucked by whoever I wanted - after 22 years of an monogamous and very sexually satisfying relationship with my ex.

Once I made my decision I never looked back. I was excited and nervous too. I fantasized about what it would be like constantly, and when I fucked my new girlfriend I wondered what it was like to be fucked instead of being the one doing the fucking.

I'm bisexual and my sexual DNA is overwhelmingly straight so I knew that I wouldn't have - and I didn't want to have - too many gay encounters. So I took my time and waited until I met a guy who I was really hot for. And who also was really hot for me. Mutual lust is what makes a fuck a hot fuck and I wanted every one of the handful of gay fucks I would soon have to be a really, REALLY hot fuck.

My gay sexual attraction is driven by two things: a cute black man with dark skin and a very big dick between his legs. And I went out to find a man like that.

I went out a few times alone to some gay bars which was a totally new experience for me. I got comfortable the second or third time and around six months after I began my quest I finally met someone who fit the profile. I saw him across the room and walked up to him immediately and said hi and soon we were talking and flirting. Ten minutes later we were in a taxi and heading back to my place.

I won't get into all the sexual details and that's not what this story is about anyway. But I'll tell you how it all felt to me.

"Jamal" had a big dick - 9.5 inches and when I got down on my knees and pulled down his pants and I saw that black monster for the first time, I felt a rush of sexual thrill run through my body that was as intense as any sexual feeling I've had in my life.

I almost shot my load when I opened my mouth and put Jamal's dick between my lips. His dick wasn't hard at first so I felt it get harder and bigger in my mouth and that was incredibly hot - both physically and also because I knew it was my tongue and lips and black dick worshipping that made it happen.

But after the initial thrill wore off I started to get bored by sucking his - or any other guy's - dick. Which I didn't expect and actually I expected I would have the exact opposite reaction beforehand.

But I really loved kissing him. I'm as good a fuck-kisser as anyone out there so I really get into kissing every fuck partner I've had. I know how and when and where to do it just the way that individual person likes it the most, and no two people like being kissed exactly the same way.

Then it was time for Jamal to fuck me. When I told him I was an ass virgin and that I chose him to be my first he got really excited and told me we would have a really hot fuck together and that he would fuck me exactly the way an ass virgin should be fucked.

And that's what he did. Slowly and carefully at first and then a little faster and harder when I was ready for that. I masturbate anally all the time so I already knew that I'd love the physical sensation of having his 9.5 inch dick in my ass, and the real thing felt just as good as the diodes and ass beads and butt plugs I had fucked myself with before that night.

He fucked me in every position that he and I could think of and I liked them all - but my two favorites were me riding him cowboy style and me on my back with my legs spread wide and pointing upwards with Jamal fucking me face-to-face missionary style with his hands on my legs and totally controlling me.

I can't decide which one I liked better so they're tied for first place on my favorite ways to get ass fucked list!

I loved riding him mostly because his dick felt so good from that angle and also because I really got turned on by being the one having control over how fast and hard and deep each thrust would be. And I could also stop riding and sit on him with his dick all the way up and inside me and kiss him passionately. And face to face fucking is the best. Hot Hot Hot!

I loved being fucked on my back because we could kiss that way too, and because we could look at each other while we fucked just like we did when I was sitting and riding him as well. The physical sensation of his dick fucking me that way also felt really hot but a little less hot than it did when we fucked cowboy style. But the hottest thing about being fucked on my back was mental and not physical - I gave him total control and I spread my legs like a girl does and he fucked my brains out!

That's all for now. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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