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The Golf Outing

I sucked my boss' cock when we were out of town at a golf outing.

This story will describe the events that occurred at a golf outing that I attended when I was forty years old.   I was a mid-level production manager at a small manufacturing company in the Atlanta area, and three of my co-workers and I arranged for a week-long golf outing in Hilton Head.   I had worked with te guys for four years, and although we had a good working relationship, we had not socialized very much.   But, we all loved the game, and took advantage of our one-week production shutdown to go on the trip.  

We decided to share our expenses, with two of us in each room, and I would be staying with Mick Daniels, my boss at the plant.   The other two men were Larry Withers from marketing and Jeff Laurel from accounting, and all of us were about the same age.   We were also all married and had families, but that was a well-deserved break and we were really looking forward to it.

We drove to Hilton Head on Saturday, arriving just in time to get some dinner and then rest up for our first round of golf the next day.  Our room was comfortable, with two double beds, but we obviously needed to share the one bathroom.   Mick and I were pretty modest, wearing gym shorts and t-shirts in the room instead of underwear.  

Our first eighteen holes on Sunday went pretty well, except that we were all a little rusty, not having played for a couple of months.  But all-in-all it was a good round.   We didn’t start drinking beer until our second round, and by the thirteenth hole Mick and I really had to piss.  

We were sharing a cart, so we stopped along the path in a wooded section of the fairway and went into the trees to piss.   I went behind a bush in the trees and Mick went to another bush to my left, slightly turned my way.   We both began to pee, and when I heard Mick’s piss hitting loudly on the leaves, I absent mindedly looked over at him.   I never before that moment had any serious interest in another man’s genitalia, but I was really impressed by what I saw.  

There was his big, yet still soft, cock shooting a powerful stream of piss, and I had never seen a soft cock that large, in all my years of going to the gym to work out.   He also has a big bush of red pubic hair that caught my attention.   I suddenly became aware that I was staring at him, and quickly looked away before he caught me looking, or so I thought.   We continued our round of golf and finished the day with nothing being said about me looking at him so intently.

Now, I have to admit that I sometimes looked on the internet for porn and had seen plenty of pictures of cocks and balls of all sizes and colors.    But I mainly liked to look at cuckold sites and stories, and for some reason it excited me to see depictions of big-cocked men fucking other men’s wives.   I usually identified with the cuckold, since my cock is less-than-average in size, and although I sometimes fantasized about sucking another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy, it was just a fantasy.   And as much as I enjoyed looking at those pictures of cocks, I had never imagined myself being interested in sucking one.

That night Mick and I joined Larry and Jeff for dinner, and then we returned to our respective rooms.   It had been a long, hard day, and we needed to rest up for another two rounds of golf on Monday, so we went right to sleep.   The next day’s first round went very well, and we were all getting back into the game. We had a nice lunch and then started our second round, and we also started drinking beer again.   That time we needed to take a piss on the way to the fifteenth tee, so Mick and I went into the woods again.  

We took similar positions to the day before, but I noticed that Mick turned himself a little more towards me, and he also unfastened his pants completely, revealing all of his large cock and balls.   I was again staring at him without realizing it, and was impressed with not only his large cock, but that time I saw his huge, hanging balls, as they slowly swayed as he pissed.   All of a sudden, I sensed that Mick was watching me watch him, and I looked away, feeling embarrassed at being caught looking.   Thankfully, nothing was said, and we completed our round and headed for dinner.

We stayed up a little later after dinner on Monday night, since we had a later tee time the next day and were only scheduled to play one round on Tuesday.   We also continued our beer drinking, and by the time we got to our room we were both pretty drunk.   Mick went into the bathroom first, and when he came out he was wearing his tight briefs instead of the gym shorts he had been wearing the two previous nights.  

I didn’t pay much attention though, since I was very woozy from all the beer.   I then went to the bathroom and returned to the room wearing my gym shorts and t-shirt.   Mick had turned on the TV while I was in the bathroom, and he was lying on top of his covers watching a soft-porn channel.   I got into my bed, and we both watched the TV for a while.   I glanced over at Mick and noticed that he was getting a hard on, and his briefs were starting to reveal a very large bulge.

Mick was the first to speak and said, “Man, this movie is making me very horny.”

I responded, “Yes, it's pretty good, but I’ve seen movies that are a lot more revealing.”              

Mick looked over at me briefly, kind of like he was trying to decide what to say next, or whether he should say anything at all, and then he just came out with it and said, “Speaking of revealing, I noticed that you were looking pretty hard at my cock and balls when we were pissing today and yesterday, and I just wanted to know what that was all about?”

I was really embarrassed, knowing for sure that I had been caught looking at him both times, and I was struggling to find something to say.   Finally, I got my wits about me and said, “Hey, sorry about that, Mick.   It’s just that you were turned my way, and your hard stream of piss hitting the leaves got my attention.   Then I noticed how large your cock is, even soft, and I was just a little curious.   Sorry, man, I sure didn’t mean to upset you.”

Then Mick replied, “I’m not upset, I just find myself wondering if you ever had an interest in sucking another man’s cock.   Hell, I’m not homophobic in the least bit, and I figured that if you did have an interest, then maybe we could help each other out.   I’m used to fucking my wife almost every night, and since we’ve been away from home for a few days, and I also haven’t had time to look for a woman like I sometimes do on the road, I sure could use a blow job.”

I was really shocked by what Mick was saying, but I was also getting aroused.   He spoke about that stuff so matter-of-factly, that it almost seemed like it would be the logical thing for me to do.   My mind wandered briefly to all those cuckold pictures and movie clips I’d seen, some of them even with the cuckold husband sucking the bull’s cock and taking his cum.   I was trying to think of something to say that would allow me to show a little interest, but without making me sound like a cock sucker.

I finally said, “Look, Mick, I've never done anything like that before, and besides, we work together and that could make it real uncomfortable at work if I did something like that.   I just don’t think I could take a man’s cock into my mouth.”

Mick replied, “What if we covered my cock with a condom, and then it wouldn’t be like your lips were actually touching my dick?   I always bring condoms with me when I’m out of town, just in case I find a woman to fuck, and I could put one of those on.   Then it would just be like you had rubber in your mouth, and not my cock.”

I knew that the rubber argument was pretty weak, but I was actually starting to consider it.  So, I played along and said, “Okay, we can try it for just a minute with the condom on your cock, but you can never tell anyone about this.   Is that a deal?”

Mick was elated at my response, but he pressed a little harder saying, “Of course this will be our secret, but if we do this, it has to be for more than a minute.   The whole point is for me to cum, and it shouldn’t be a problem for you since the condom will catch all of it.  Will that be okay with you?”

I felt like I had played hard-to-get long enough, to save a little face, so I said, “Okay, Mick, I’ll give it a try, but if I want to stop for any reason, then we’ll stop.   Is that good for you?”

Mick said, “That’s good for me, so come on ever to my bed and let’s see how this goes.   I’ll just lie back, and you can pull down my underwear and take your time getting used to the reality of doing this.”

I was still feeling a little sheepish, but I went over to Mick’s bed and sat on the edge next to him.   He had a huge grin on his face as I reached for the waist band of his briefs, and slowly slid them down his thighs and off his legs.   His cock looked to be fully hard, and I estimated it to be eight inches long and very thick, and he also has a large cock head.   His red pubic hair also covered his large balls, which hung heavily in the scrotum sack on the bed.

I was getting excited at the possibility of sucking his big cock.   I took the condom he handed me and had a difficult time rolling it onto his cock, since it was a regular-sized rubber, and his cock is so thick.   That was the first time I had ever touched another man’s cock, and I felt that it was very hard, yet pliable, as his cock heat radiated through the condom, which only covered the first six inches of his meat.

Mick was smiling down at me, with a pleased look of triumph, as I lowered my mouth and the big head of his cock slipped between my lips.   I just held it there for a few moments, savoring the feeling of that solid piece of fuck meat in my mouth, and then I slowly started sucking and moving his cock into and out of my mouth. I finally got enough of his cock in my mouth that I felt his bare cock with my lips, so I stopped going down so far and just sucked on the part of his cock that the condom covered.  I sucked Mick like that, going faster and faster, and sucking harder and harder, until he started moving his hips up to meet my down stroke, and he began to fuck my mouth.  

After a few more minutes, Mick reached down to hold my head in place, and he made one more hard thrust, and held his pulsing and throbbing cock all the way in my mouth as it pumped cum into the condom.   I felt his cum spray into the condom, and expand the tip of it as it filed with his semen.   I was so distracted by the large volume of cum, that it took me a moment to realize that on that last strong thrust, his cock had slipped all the way into my mouth, and my lips were again licking and sucking on his bare cock.

I continued to suck Mick’s cock until it softened so much that the condom was loose and starting to slide off his cock.   When I lifted my head, Mick was smiling down at me, no doubt thinking that he had found a good cock sucker for himself.   He reached down and slid the cum-filled condom from his cock, and then he did something surprising.   He handed me the used condom, just as if that was the natural thing to do, and for some reason, I just took it from him with no argument.  

I held it up to get a closer look, and I saw that his thick, white cum filled the reservoir end, plus an additional two inches of the rubber. Mick wasn’t kidding when he said that he needed to cum, and that was the most cum that I had ever seen, when comparing it to pictures on the internet.   I reached up with my other hand to feel the fullness of the end of the condom, and Mick just sat there with a smirk on his face, watching me play with his splooge.

Mick then said, “Well, Ed how did you like sucking my cock?   Did you like the feel of my cum shooting into the condom?   Do you think you’ll want to try this again?”

I tried to ignore his questions and said, “I’ll be right back.   I’m going to dispose of this in the toilet.”

However, what I really wanted to do was get a closer look at his cum, and possibly even smell it.   I went into the bathroom and stuck my nose into the open end of the condom and was rewarded with the very strong smell of his semen. I don’t know why that excited me so much, but I just loved playing with and sniffing his cum.   I finally sensed that I had been in there too long, so I reluctantly flushed the condom down the toilet and returned to the room, sitting on the bed next to Mick.

I answered his previous questions, trying not to appear too anxious to suck him again, saying, “That was certainly a lot different than I imagined it would be, and not altogether unpleasant.   But, I don’t think it would be a good idea to do it again.   Let’s just consider it a pleasant, one-time experience for both of us, and let it go at that.”

Mick then countered, “You seemed like you enjoyed it, and for a few moments you even had your lips on my bare cock.   Let’s just sleep on it and see how you feel tomorrow.   I know that from my perspective, that was a tremendous blow job, even though we had that condom getting in the way of real mouth-to-cock contact.”

We then went to bed for the night and slept in a little on Tuesday morning.   We met Larry and Jeff for breakfast, and then made our way to the course for our next round.   Our game was proceeding normally, until it came time for Mick and me to piss again.   That time when we went to the woods, Mick had a strange request.

He said, “Come on over here and stand next to me while we piss.   I’d like you to hold my bare cock and feel the weight of it while I pee.”

I don’t know why I did as Mick said, but it was probably because sucking his cock the previous night had awakened a hunger in me that I couldn’t deny.   I wanted to hold his cock for him, so I reached out and held it when he started to piss.   I felt the vibration of the strong stream of piss flowing through his thick, semi-hard meat, and I was mesmerized by it.   It reminded me of the feeling of his cum flowing through his condom-covered cock in my mouth, and I was starting to get a hard on just holding his cock like that.  

Mick was pleased that I had complied with his request, and said, “That was cool, man, and I could tell that you enjoyed holding my cock while I pissed.   I can hardly wait for tonight to see if you will suck it again.”

We finished the round, had some dinner with the guys, and then returned to our room.   The tension was thick as we entered the room, and Mick removed his clothes, assuming that I would suck him again.   With nothing being said, I moved to his bed, and noticed that Mick had already rolled the condom onto his thickening cock.   I thought that he would want me to put it on him, but I guess that it didn’t really matter.  

I sucked his cock, just like the previous night, and when it was time for him to ejaculate, I got a big surprise.   Mick had obviously snipped the tip of the condom, and when he held my head down on his cock when he started spraying his cum, I felt and tasted it shoot through the tip of the condom and directly into my mouth.   Mick held my head in place, so I had to taste and then swallow his cum to keep from choking.  

Mick removed his hands from my head as his ejaculation subsided, and when I lifted my head off of his cock, he removed the condom and then pushed his cock back into my mouth.   Then I had his bare, cum-covered cock in my mouth, and he began to move his hips and fuck my face.   He finally released my head, and I gave him a piece of my mind.

I said, “Holy shit, Mick, what the hell made you think you could snip the tip of the condom, and then feed me your cum and bare cock?”

Mick said, “Sorry to trick you, Ed, but I could tell by the way you were playing with that cum-filled condom last night, that you really wanted to taste my cum, whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not.   Was I wrong?”

I was starting to calm down now, and had to admit to myself that I loved sucking his bare cock and swallowing his hot and tasty cum,.   So even though I was still embarrassed about sucking him like that, I said, “I hate to admit it, Mick, but I love sucking your cock and eating your cum, and I would like to do it again and again if you'll let me.”

That was only Tuesday night, and I had already sucked Mick’s cock twice and swallowed his cum.   I sucked his cock every night for the rest of the week while we were at Hilton Head, and I also learned that he liked having his balls sucked, so I did that as well.   I don’t think that Larry and Jeff ever suspected that anything was going on between Mick and me, but they did question why we always wanted to go directly back to our room after dinner.  

I also continued sucking Mick’s cock and swallowing his cum every chance we got after we returned home to Atlanta , but it was usually during times when his wife was on her period or out of town.   The four of us returned to Hilton Head the following year, and Mick and I decided to include Larry and Jeff in on our encounters, and I sucked them off too.   That experience helped to turn me into a real cum slut. Even though I still preferred to fuck and suck pussy, I also enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum when I had the chance.







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