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The Howling Wind

Two old friends hold each other close at work while someone watches!

I'm not a wild man and I don’t think I've ever done anything spontaneous before. I've been a school bus driver at Lakewind High School District for seven years. Between our four high schools, I've been driving for Lakewind and Heeler High Schools for five years. That job was to keep myself busy after I retired from my huge position at UPS for accounting at their headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

I'm sixty-four years old and still maintain a fabulous body. Although my appendages don't move as fluidly as they use to, my toned body caters to the overindulgent fantasies of the younger female demographic. I'm about 5'9, dark caramel-skinned with short, straight grey hair with splashes of black. My wife died ten years ago due to lung cancer complications. While she grew comfortable in her hatred for me, I continued in my attentiveness until she passed. I loved her the entire time, although her touch made me physically ill. That's another story though.

From then, I've made my presence known at a local adult video store as I made weekly visits. My libido is as rampant as a prime stud dog, ready to inject his DNA into any available female hole. However, I wanted to find the right partner to make love with. Unlike a stud dog, mating is a deeply emotional ritual that I was robbed of during my grueling marriage. The fond memories I had from before I met my wife were too distant and my body was growing weary for the torrid, loving touch of a sexy woman that wanted me. For years, I thrived on jacking off in sleazy video booths and to stacks of bland, repetitive, over exaggerated magazines. Until four years ago.

Four years ago, it was early September when Jersey schools would start. I was starting the same run I had for a year to pick up the students on the county border to Lakewind High School. One out of fifty-four of those students made herself well known on the bus. Ava Reyes was a sophomore on the most hated road in the town. She was only sixteen. On the first day of school, I arrived at her house at 6:44 AM, a bit earlier than called for. As I reined the bus to a stop, the feminine shadow was cascading down the driveway with speed. The dark skinned girl donned a curvaceous figure, which stumped me as to how she was sixteen, but so mature. Her long, cocoa brown hair washed over her thin shoulders, flying in the breeze as she sped up the bus stairs. She was gasping for breath before she could speak to me.

"This is bus fifty-three to Lakewind, right?" the girl stammered, fighting to regain her breath.

Her milk chocolate eyes sweetly twinkled in the bus's overhead light. "Yes, ma'am. It is. You must be Ava Reyes?"

"Yes, sir," she choked.

"Well," I continued, pushing her from my mind. "happy first day of school. Please try to be at your stop at least ten minutes earlier. We don't want any runners."

The Latin girl smirked at me and obliged before taking her seat. Mmm...she grew into a gorgeous young woman like crisp, fine wine. I knew she was off limits until she was eighteen. The district has strict policies regarding relationships with students. They had to be eighteen and graduated to pursue. However, Ava had no regard for the rules. When she was a junior, Ava would sneak onto the bus during trips and tease me, knowing well that I wanted her.

I remembered the night she turned eighteen. What a wild night that turned out to be on a school bus in New York City! From then on, Ava and I screwed each other during school sporting events or after school activities on my school bus in the parking lots of the schools or wherever we were. She was the only one of my partners that genuinely loved me and yearned to please me. Some days, we'd even sit there and talk for hours, enjoying one another's company. I was the one she saved her virginity for even though I was old enough to be her grandfather. But, I loved it.

Our matings became so repetitive and routinely that I would sit on the bus, stroking my thick, seven inch cock until she arrived. At the end of the school day, all of the buses would line up in the school driveway in two lines. The buses were to arrive about 30 minutes before dismissal. As a senior, Ava would be dismissed early, so we could have a shag before the other students were unleashed into the long driveway. One afternoon, she came bursting out of the building and raced up the bus stairs with her bottoms already down. Within seconds, Ava straddled my fat, hairy cock, milking it for all it was worth. Her firm, thick ass exuded perfection as she bounced on my hard on, growling for me to slam it into her hard.

"Make me yours!" Ava groaned, pushing my cock deeper into her. "Cum in my pussy!"

"You're already mine!" I cried, shoving her back against the steering wheel. I fucked her to the hilt, grinding my swollen cock head against her soft, hot pussy walls until she quaked above me with a hushed squeal.

Unlike my late wife or any other girl I've fucked, my torrent of cum resembled a strong river with Ava. Within three deep thrusts, I flooded her pussy with each intoxicating spasm. Her hips shuttered in unison with mine until she collapsed in my lap, gasping for oxygen. My paternal instincts kicked in and I wrapped my arms around her and pecked her flushed cheek. Still inside her, I wiggled around, exploring the tightness and natural heat of her sex. Simply incredible. With a giggle, Ava pulled herself off and sucked my cock clean without command. My seed was pouring from her innocent womb as she tugged her athletic shorts over her sexy curves. Before she took her normal seat to the seat closest to the stairs, Ava took me by the tongue and locked me in a deep, passionate kiss. A moan slipped from her lips as our plushy mouths became one.

"Hey, Rob!" a deep, masculine voice called from somewhere, startling me.

Without hesitation, I zipped up my fly and fidgeted in my seat until I saw one of my colleagues walking alongside my bus through my side mirror. It was Dane, my closest friend and coworker in the Lakewind district. His real name was Frederick, but he was bestowed the nickname due to his large size and slender body resembling a Great Dane. Dane was about 6'4 with long, bony arms and rough, powder white skin. His gentle blue eyes were masked by rough lines of age cascading over his cheeks. He was covered in soft, black fur while not much grey hair remained on his head. Life took Dane on a roller coaster and he was paying for it with his health and aging appearance.

We started driving for the district only a month apart and we've bonded ever since. I always admired his beautifully built body and how pristine his expressions were. He wore his feelings on his sleeves though. Whenever there were emotional breakdowns or counseling, he and I shared those precious hours and days pulling each other through it. He lost his wife and two daughters last year in a car accident caused by a drunk driver and the anniversary was coming that week. Based on the look on his face, Dane must've been having a terrible day. As the large man climbed the stairs, Ava threw herself into a seat in the back of the bus to remain hidden.

"Dane," I acknowledged my depressed friend, stretching out my hand to his. "How are you feeling today, ol' boy?"

"Can we talk, Robert?" Dane sighed, griping my hand tightly. His cold blue eyes locked with mine as I invited him to take a seat. We still had thirty minutes until the kids were dismissed, so we could talk uninterrupted. Before I turned to him from the driver's seat, I slammed the bus door shut with the lever next to my right hand.

"What's on your mind?"

Dane had a blank stare toward the window. "Did I ever tell you what Sarah said to me right before she jumped into that car with my two little girls?"

Being through a similar experience, I knew how complex the grieving process can be. Bits and pieces of emotions could be left behind after years. I didn't respond in order to give him a chance to construct his rushing thoughts.

"She started to loathe me years before that happened, that was a fact. Sarah thought she was always right and that I should've shut the fuck up rather than input my meaningless opinion. It was the night of September 8th 2012 and it was raining...Sarah was packing her things and commanding the girls to do so with their stuff. During the shouting match, Lily and Marisol were hysterically crying. They started to slow down in their packing, wanting their mommy to stay with daddy. But that wife spun around and yelled at them, calling them the most vulgar names. She slapped and kicked them as they frantically ran to the car with their backs, howling in such pain I've never witnessed. A caliber of anger waved over me and I grabbed Sarah by her neck so tight...vowing that I would get my kids back. In the heat of the moment, she kicked me hard in the gut until I was forced to let go. I chased her all the way until she slammed the door of the car with her and my daughters on the other side. My lungs were suffocating and I collapsed in front of the car, quaking from shock."

"'You're nothing but a fucking loser! All you care about are these girls. What the fuck about me? That embarrassing sham of a dick doesn't even work anymore! You neglected me, but I'm going to ruin you. Fuck you, Fred! You look like a retarded Great Dane caught with his head up his ass! I'm glad I let Fernando and Roy at the office screw me too, because they can handle a woman like me. We're finished here, old coot. All of us.' As she sped away, the girls screamed for me and clutched onto each other...I never saw them again. I couldn't even shout 'I love you' to them. They were only six and four years old, Rob."

Tears were streaming down from our eyes as Dane struggled not to sob. He kept shaking his head as I slid into his seat and pulled him into a tight embrace. I patted his back softly, whispering in his ear convincing him that his girls knew he loved them. Dane sobbed into my t-shirt and safety vest as I held him tight. He sputtered before he could speak again, gazing up at me like a helpless, apprehensive child.

"Robert," Dane trembled, clutching onto my hairy arm. "Would you do me a favor?"

"Anything, buddy," I struggled through my tears. "Name it."

Dane swallowed before he continued. What did he want me to do?

"Would..." he started, holding back. "Would you...make love with me?"

A loud, sudden gasp erupted from the back of the bus, but I don't think Dane heard it. Damn it, Ava! My mouth was agape with shock and confusion. I didn't think I heard him right! Dane never mentioned anything about having these feelings before.

"I know it sounds ridiculous, but you're closer to me than all of my family ever was. You make me feel loved and special when I share things with you. I haven't been touched since my last daughter was born. I just want someone to make me feel desired for myself, not my money. Please, Robert. We've been friends for so long and it would make us grow stronger together. I've been dreaming about this for a long time. Imagine you pumping me full of your hot, creamy spunk, announcing to the world that my body is yours."

I let out a monstrous sigh, thinking over what my options were. Facing a similar situation, I too have been in his same boat for years. However, I found Ava who became a close friend and lover when I needed someone most. As I pondered, his puppy dog eyes were swelling as his lip twitched with melancholic woe. After a few seconds, I let go of him and stood on my feet. I started unbuttoning my safety vest and ripping my t-shirt off. He must've been more shocked than me, because Dane's mouth was on the ground.

I never had sex with a man before, but I have thought about it. In the adult video shops, the 'breeding' section always fascinated me. Plastered on the screen would be some guys small hole being split by a ripped, horny stud above him. I decided that if I ever did it, I would want my anal virginity taken slow and relaxed, not wild and rushed like most of those videos. Who would be a better person than my best friend and horny boy, Dane?

"What are you doing?" Dane choked, pulling off his clothes hesitantly.

"Get on your knees," I commanded, letting my pants and boxers fall to the floor. "You will do everything I say without hesitation and we will never speak about this to anyone, understood?"

The aroused dog of a man hypnotically shook his head, his mouth in awe at my thick, unsheathed dick that sprang to his lips. My heart leapt in my chest as my swollen, red cockhead was pushed into his hot, wet mouth. He obediently jumped to my feet in seconds, taking my entire length. I struggled to stay quiet as Dane quickened his sucking. His tongue twirled around my cock like a carnival lollipop as I begged for more.

“Oh, Dane,” I whimpered, getting closer to climax. “You seem so experienced… have you been hiding something all these years?”

As his thick, sausage fingers roughly kneaded my swollen balls, my hungry friend responded with a growl of contentment. Dane started pumping my sugary treat with his giant paws. Faster and harder, he fisted me until I started gasping for breath.

“Stop now,” I nudged him away from my stiffening organ. “Hurry and lay on your back in the seat.”

Begrudgingly letting go of me, Dane complied with a thin smile and took his place in the seat behind the driver's. He was completely exposed with his tight, pink hairy hole winking at me. Dane's legs and crotch were coated in soft, warm fur. Waiting for my arrival, Dane licked his lips hungrily and spread his thick ass cheeks wider. Stroking my cock as I stared down at the submissive man, thoughts were rushing through my head. I've never done anything like this before, but it was making me lose my mind with thrill! Plus, Dane was at his lowest point, feeling hated and like a failure, which I couldn't stand to see any longer.

Fifteen minutes were left and I couldn't wait any longer. I yearned for Dane's body to wrap around mine. Quickly, I pushed myself in between his legs, with our noses barely touching. His breath was hot as Dane opened his plush lips to inhale my tongue into a heartfelt kiss. He moaned again as I pressed my cock against his resisting hole.

"I love you, Dane," my husky voice snaked into his ears. "I always did and will."

A wide grin spread across the man's weathered face as his body quaked at my genuine words. His muscles relaxed at my straining cock's prodding.

"Take me, Robert," Dane whimpered, pushing more of my glistening head into his ass. "I'm yours for the taking and I'm glad you're my first."

Within seconds, I pushed my hips forward, plunging deep into Dane’s tight, virgin ass. Dane howled out in pain as I impaled him on my cock. In my state of pleasure, there was no turning back at that point. No amount of crying or begging would’ve stopped my wild carnal desires. The stud dog needs to breed and satisfy his bitch. His face twisted from shock mixed with excitement. As we moaned together, I wondered what Ava was doing in the back of the bus. Her fingers were probably hastily dipping into her hot pussy at the harsh slapping of my balls against Dane’s soft ass. Dane’s cock grew hard and stood up as the rough pounding continued.

My heart raced as Dane’s long arms wrapped around me, burying my swollen cock deeper into his hot, wet tunnel.

“Oh, my God!” Dane shouted, watching my cock in awe as it disappeared and reappeared from his sore bottom. “Coat my insides, Rob! Ugh, I need it!”

My cock twitched at his words as Dane’s tight insides massaged my shaft.

“Cumming… ” I groaned as the throbbing clouded my mind. “I’m cumming!”

I was spent as my cock slowly went soft inside of Dane. He wiggled around, enjoying the sensation of my warm man milk oozing from his raw, puckered hole. I shot four rings of thick cum before I collapsed in the seat. At the moment I came, Dane followed suit, splashing some onto my stomach and dripped down my balls as his stomach was coated in seed. Still on top of him, we joined in one last kiss before pulling apart. Eventually, I stood up and covered my flaccid self with my boxers. Dane finally came to his feet after panting with a huge smile.

“That was amazing,” Dane sighed with satisfaction, while hauling on his jeans. “Did you really mean what you said? That you… love me?”

I giggled while taking his sweaty hand. “Of course I do. You’re my best friend and I couldn’t stand to see you hurt like that. Dane, you are a strong, compassionate, gentle man and you have a sensitive personality that I love. We have carnal and sensual needs and should be fulfilled within our trusting, durable relationship. It could be our little secret… ”

As Dane was about to respond, a sneeze erupted from the back of the bus. Our eyes shot to the emergency exit door where a small face could be seen poking from underneath the last seat. It was Ava with her skinny jeans and thong down with her body crushed in her hiding place. She stood up sheepishly, blushing as Dane's eyes roamed down her caramel curves.

"I..." the teenage girl stammered, panting from sheer arousal. “I promise I won't tell..."

Rather than fear, a wicked grin snaked across Dane's face as he turned to me and winked. I understood what he meant instantly. My young lover was caught and there was no way out of it. At least, I don't think she wanted out of it, considering the emergency door was behind her. Dane licked his lips with a smirk as Ava cowered in her stance, ashamed of her naughty deed. From the outside of the bus was the roaring laughter and gossip of students pouring from the school. She grew nervous as students came closer. Before Dane climbed down the stairs to get to his bus, he left giggling, with fervency in his step.

"Boy, do we have a surprise for you tonight," he laughed, throwing me a high five as I teased reluctant Ava with a seductive wink. "Just you wait."

Disclaimer: All characters are eighteen years old or older. Sorry to ruin it, but everything is FANTASY here. Thank you all for your support and feedback! A story every weekend keeps writer’s block away! (9/29/13)

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