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The Jake Stories: Chapter 1

Jake Finds a Shower Buddy
The Jake Stories
Chapter 1
Jake Finds a Shower Buddy

I stayed after school to work out in the weight room as I did several times a week. I like to keep fit even though I am not on any of the organized teams. I'm a senior now, 18 years old, and we were just starting the Christmas break. The school was pretty much deserted since most of the kids lit out like jackrabbits as soon as the final bell rang. It was nice to have the weight room to myself for a change instead of waiting in line for the various pieces of equipment. I was working on the bench press when I heard the door open. I was a bit disappointed in having my solitary workout interrupted. I was further disappointed when I saw it was Ted Stewart, a senior cross country runner who was thinner than me. I go about 5'9", 150 lbs. and have brown hair and eyes just like my mom (my mom and I have been on my own since my dad left when I was very young). But I stay fit as I mentioned, have nice washboard abs and while I'm not overly developed, I have good hard muscles and a nice smooth body.

Ted was, well, most guys around thought he was gay, although they didn't put it in that charitable of terms. He was thinner than me and a bit shorter and very pale and blonde. He was a gentle-looking guy who I'd never had a problem with but had never hung out with either. We knew each other a bit from having classes in common but that was it.

I looked up over my bare torso and running shorts and saw him smile as I said hi. I should mention to that I'm pretty well hung. I can't say it's really been beneficial for me since the few girls I did get into a position to use it were too frightened and tight to use it much at all. The most I ended up with was a quick, nervous hand-job in place of intercourse and was dumped after that. I knew that word of my size had gotten around school but it wasn't like the online stories I read of non-stop sex. It was big though and I was grateful I wasn't as small as most of the guys I had seen in the showers in gym classes. By my senior year I was ten inches long and as thick around as a beer can. Even soft it was six-and-a-half inches long and thicker than a Red Bull can. I’m cut and the head is very large and I like how it looks, it hangs down thick and covered in wide heavy veins and looks great ... it’s weird but I do think it’s sexy. I could swear I saw Ted's eyes widen as he looked at my crotch bulging between my spread thighs, my big soft cock stuffed into the jock pouch and showing more than usual. I wasn't offended. I'd been stared at all my life especially when in shorts or swim trunks or in the showers at school. I was used to it and even liked it at times.

"Hi Jake," Ted said smiling as he walked over to the bench. "I think we're the last ones in the school."

"I bet we are," I said smiling. I looked up over his body and while very lean, he was in great shape. "Most everyone left right away."

"Yeah they did. I needed a workout though. You look like you're keeping in great shape." He smiled and gave my body a once over.

"I'm okay. I just like the feeling after a good workout."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." His smile was very warm and genuine and it was as much as we'd ever talked. "I better get started."

He went to start his circuit of the machines and free weights and I continued mine. We spoke a little more here and there as we used pieces of equipment near one another and finished about the same time. I thought for a moment of just going home to shower but Ted was chatting away and we were both in the locker room before I knew it. By then it would be awkward so I started to strip down. He was in a locker not too far away and as I undressed, he also slipped off his sweaty workout clothes. I didn't mean to look but I glanced up as he said something and there he was, standing next to me with his towel, his long smooth cock hanging down about twelve inches from my face. I swallowed hard as I was surprised by both his closeness and the silky smooth look of his cock. He wasn't as big as me but he had plenty to work with as it was maybe four inches long and two fingers thick. It was the perfect smoothness of it that made me stare for a moment too long and when I looked up to his face, his smile was bigger than it had been. I stripped off my shorts and threw my towel over my shoulder and headed to the showers quickly, walking just ahead of Ted. I was a little shaken by my fascination with his cock. I mean, I'd seen plenty of cock on the internet since like any guy I did my fair share of porn surfing, but his was really amazing. It looked perfect and like it was made of silicone or the smoothest material one could find. I tried to stop thinking of it and got under the shower as Ted took the one right next to mine around the pole that held six spigots. As we wetted down and soaped up we continued to talk and turned to face each other. I was very comfortable talking with him as he washed and was soaping my jumbo egg-sized balls when he looked down and said "Damn." I looked up and he looked at me and back down at my equipment.

"I'd heard the rumors but man, I thought everyone was exaggerating."

I felt myself blush for the first time in years due to his tone of voice. He was impressed and excited about seeing mine. I looked at him as he looked up again and he had an odd smile on his face.

"You've got an amazing package, Jake."

And then he licked his lips. I felt my body electrify as I watched him. He probably wasn't even conscious he was doing it but he looked at me with his tongue slowly running over his lips and I could feel myself growing. I immediately began to think myself 'down', trying to not let it swell. When I glanced down though, Ted's smooth cock was getting bigger and swelling quickly and mine wasn't far behind.

"I hope you aren't embarrassed but god Jake, you're amazing."

Then Ted stepped over to me and with his soapy hand, took my growing cock in his hand and moaned feeling the weight of it. My knees got weak and I put my hand on his shoulder to make sure I stayed upright. I never felt anything like what Ted was making me feel so quickly. I looked down and Ted's smooth cock was boned completely and at least seven inches long and thicker than I would have thought. Meanwhile mine was getting harder and harder and Ted was stroking it in the slick suds. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.

"Ted, I've never ..."

"Me either," he said quickly and looked up at me. "I know the guys think I'm a faggot but I've never been with a guy ... until now."

I stared into his eyes and he into mine and I couldn't believe it when I reached out and took his perfect smooth hard-on in my hand and squeezed. He shut his eyes and moaned the sound echoing in the shower room. I'd never been with anyone that was as sexually aroused as he obviously was. My own rock hard shaft couldn't belie my arousal either.

"You have a beautiful cock, Ted."

He opened his eyes and smiled and then leaned forward and kissed me, his hand stroking my throbbing cock. My mouth was hanging open to begin with so his tongue was instantly inside, snaking around mine as I was hypnotized in the moment. His hand stayed on my cock as he pressed his chest to mine, our smooth wet bodies touching as he moved my hand and took both our cocks into his two hands and jacked them together as I moaned loud and long into his mouth.

I was breathing hard and humping up into his hands when he stepped back and rinsed me off. Then he dropped to his knees. He smiled up at me and said I was even bigger down there and then sucked my head into his mouth. He had to open wide since my head is huge but as he got it in, he moaned and I almost shot my wad right there. I held his head and started to pump back and forth, short strokes since he couldn't take it too deep. His one hand was fondling my balls while his other squeezed and explored my tight ass. I yelped when two fingers suddenly plunged deep into my ass and when he started to probe my prostrate I knew I wouldn't last long. His head was tight in my hands as my fists clenched his hair and he took my cock hungrily as my cum boiled up the shaft. He rammed his fingers down hard inside me and I exploded like I never have before. I can usually count on twelve good long sprays but Ted took me to a new height. I was almost pissing cum into his mouth as he swallowed hard and fast but couldn't keep up. The cum flowed over his lips and down onto his chest and I pumped his mouth until I was completely drained. I'd never felt so emptied in my life. My cock burned and throbbed and hurt all at once from the ungodly effort.

"Jesus, you are a horse and a half." Ted was licking cum off his lips as he stood up smiling. "You liked my fingers in your butt?"

I nodded and smiled. "I've never cum that much and I cum a lot all the time."

"Yeah, I bet you do with that big thing," Ted said laughing.

"I'll suck you now ... I hope I do as well as you."

Ted took my arm as I started to kneel and pulled me up. He kissed me and I could taste my cum in his mouth and then turning me around, he pushed me to the wall. I was starting to get the idea and wasn't feeling like it was a good one when all of a sudden he grabbed me tight, pressing me into the wall and his cock, slick with my cum, snaked into my ass with a single savage thrust. I screamed as he held his cock inside me, whispering that he knew I'd take it in the ass when he was finger-fucking me. I begged him to stop but he laughed and started to fuck me. I was panicking and embarrassed all at once. Here was a guy who everyone thought was a sissy boy and he was taking my ass in the showers and there was nothing I could do. He was far stronger than he looked and he had me pinned, his cock buried deep inside, and I had no way out. Ted thrust up hard and long into me and as he kept pumping, I began to relax and the pain and panic receded. Ted was kissing my neck and ear and whispering how tight I was and how he'd watched me working out and wanted me the whole time ... and I was rock hard sliding into the slick cool tile wall. And to my greatest surprise, my hands slid down and rubbed his hips, then pulled him into me. I wanted Ted's cock in me; I loved Ted's cock in me. And I said it out loud, surprising myself as I heard the words lightly echo back to me. Ted's hands caressed me, moving over my tight buns and across my hips to my washboard abs and finally ending with rough twists to my nipples as he shot his wad deep up my ass. I felt the hot cum spray into me and as I gasped, my own cock exploded again.

Ted turned me around and kissed me deep and warm then, our cum-covered cocks rubbing wet and heavy over one another. I didn't have any idea this kind of monumental sex could be had with a guy, especially one I barely knew. We then showered and got dressed and just before walking out the door, he kissed me again, giving my ass a squeeze.

"I hope you enjoyed that and we can get together over the break."

"Me, too." Then I initiated a kiss with a guy for the first time and moaned against his lips.

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