The Mall

By Bronco

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I could not believe someone was watching me jack off
Imagine a dial that says gay on one side and straight on the other. Now imagine the needle on that dial going from one side to the other almost every day. That meter would be a good model for how my mind worked when I was in my early 20's. On the day this story takes place the needle would be leaning slightly to the gay side.
When I locked eyes with Jim, the needle went all the way over to gay.

I had come to the mall to shop for music. Hooking up with a guy was the last thing on my mind. I was looking around the store for the section I wanted when our eyes met. We held each others gaze a little too long. He smiled, I smiled back. The next thing I know I am following him down the mall.

He is about 5' 10" and slim, with curly hair and olive skin. The tan shorts he is wearing show off his leg muscles and the bugle from his hard on. Thats because of me, I think with surge of pride. My own cock grows even harder.

He leads me to Dillard's. The second floor men's room has a glory hole between the stalls. He looks back over his shoulder and smiles at me as I step onto the escalator just a few steps below him. His eyes are a beautiful shade of green. They look me up and down stopping at my crotch. I run my finger up the bulge my hard cock is making in my pants. He smiles down at me even wider then before. I had always thought of sucking another guy's cock just as something I would have to do to get sucked in return. Now I could not wait to to suck his cock.

The men's rooms was located off of the foyer of the stores restaurant. I follow him into the men's room.

Once in our stalls our pants hit the floor at almost the same time. If not for the old guy at the urinals I wold have dropped to my knees in front of glory hole right away. I sat down on the toilet and stroked my hard cock. Jim did the same and turned his body so he could look through the hole. I could not believe some one was watching me stroke my cock.
I had been in this john and others like it in the past year and every time I got scared and left before anything happened. A few time my fear keep me from even getting hard.

This time what little fear I had added to the excitement.

I looked through the hole at his cock. It was a little longer then mine and the skin the same olive tone.

The old guy left and Jim stood up and put his cock through the hole. As I get up I step out of my pants and kick them towards Jim's stall. They slide across the floor stopping at Jim's feet. I take off my shirt and it to shorts and briefs.

I get down my knees completely naked with Jim's beautiful cock inches from my face. Then for the first time ever I give my first blow job.

I start by licking his shaft. He moan's with pleasure which makes me feel proud. I pucker my lips and slid them over his cock head. I want him to feel like he is entering a tight seal. His cock slides down my tonge. I gag a little as my chin touches the wall. kept it up and even pick up the pace I can hear his breathing grow faster.

Every now and then he says, " That is so good." and that feeling of pride would swell through me. "Get ready it's coming," he says just as the door opens. "Oh shit!" Jim says.

I pick up the pace. I can hear the mans footsteps coming close. He is relieving himself at the urinal next to my stall as Jim unloads his hot cum into my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can. The man washes his hands for a long time.

The mirrors allow you to look into the gap between the doors and the walls of the stalls. I had done it before myself. My heart beat faster as I heard the stranger walk over to the stalls. I pulled my head back to I could see through the gap around the door. He is a cop or at least mall security.

"Oh shit," Jim's says.

The new arrival walks to my stall and looks in at me. What he See's is a naked guy on his knees with another guys cock in his mouth and cum running down his chin. I move back so Jim's semi hard cock slides out of my mouth and turn so the cop can have a better view. I know I am in trouble but the way he is looking me turns me on. The fact that he is good looking doesn't hurt.

I stroke my hard cock. He smiles and moves over to check out Jim. "I don't see any cum on your chin." the officer says to Jim. "I think you owe someone a blow job. Come on lets get going hear and open those doors so I can watch. Some guy complained about fags in the john so I put up the closed for repairs sign just in case he was right."

We opened the doors and in a few seconds Jim was giving me head as the mall cop watched. I am so turned on it only takes a few minutes for me to cum. A few seconds latter the cop says, "Don't worry I won't bust you guys. Although I will be taking you to my office. There is a little tax you need to pay for using my glory hole. I will be waiting for you out side. I'll take you to my office. I usually give guys the choice of blowing me or taken it up the ass. But you..."

He was looking at me. His eyes traveling up and down my naked body. I was thin but not skinny, I had some muscle in the right places.

"You," he continued, "are going to do both and I bet your going to like taking my rod up that tight ass a lot..."

Jim had come out and was checking me out as well.

"I hope your right. I'll want some too."

He got some and so did the cop but that's Part Two.