The Man on the Plane

By xxmusicxx

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And I’m happy it was one of the most sexual times of my life.

I had already lost my virginity to a girl, lost it a while ago, but to my dismay, I hadnt lost it to a man. That was until tonight. I was on a plane, coming from Charlotte to Newark, and there was a man sitting next to me. He wasn’t hot, but he had a decent body and was wearing tight pants, and his cock was very visible. 7-8 inches at LEAST. and THICK too. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I was wearing a black thong under my jeans because I usually like to dress up a little, just enough that I can feel frisky and still be a guy. Somehow, as I got up to go to the bathroom, he must have seen it.

When I came back to my seat, he was smiling at me. We were in the back row of the plane, (this was NOT a crowded flight) and there weren’t many people around. He reached his hand over (I assumed to place it on the arm rest) and reached in and pulled out a strap of my thong. He let it go SNAP. I looked at him in fear, to the fact that he had found out my secret. He just smiled at me, and pulled up the arm rest. He moved closer to me and put his hand on my inner thigh, getting close to my cock. I’ve always thought about a man touching me like this, but never experienced it. I was in heaven. 

He got very close to my cock, and rubbed my inner thigh, teasing me for the longest time. Then he slipped his hand on my lower back, about to go down my pants and I stopped him. He leaned in and whispered 

“Don’t stop. Stop me again, and I’ll get up and tell everyone on this plane you’re wearing a thong”

I let him continue. He moved his hand down the back of my pants, and into my ass. He rubbed my tight virgin ass for a few minutes before I felt him start to penetrate a little, It was amazing.

This continued, and eventually the flight landed. I was so upset, I didn’t want him to leave, didn’t want the flight to end. He slipped a piece of paper in my pocket with the address of the hotel he’s staying at, complete with room number. Under that, it said: “Dress sexy, come to the door in your girl clothes”

A few hours later I showed up to the hotel, which was fairly near my house, in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Under these, I had my thong, and a tight black dress I had rolled up around my waist. I went into the bathroom inside the hotel, and applied my makeup. It’s a good thing nobody was around when I came out, coming out of the mens room looking like a teenage girl. I usually shave my ass and legs (i like the way it feels) so this wasnt an issue. My hair is long, so I just let it down.

He answered the door to his room, looked at me, and smiled. He invited me inside, and as soon as I walked in, he pushed me onto the bed. He kissed me and rubbed at my crotch, squeezed my fake, stuffed tits. I pushed him off, and started unzipping his pants. He stopped me.

“Bitch, who do you think you are? You’re MINE. I’ll tell you what to do.”

He turned me over, pulled up my dress, exposing my smooth, firm ass. He started spanking me. “fuck, ohh FUCK” I cried out, it hurt, but it was a mix between pain and pleasure. 

He stopped spanking me, and got up off the bed, unzipping his pants and letting them fall. A HUGE 7-8 inch cock hung from his waist. It wasn’t just long, but it was THICK. 

“Suck it, slut” He said, grabbing the back of my head. He forced it deep into my throat, nearly making me gag. Tears started to well up from the gagging, deep in my throat. My mascara was starting to run down my cheeks. 

He pulled off, “Ohh, bitch doesnt like sucking cock?” 

“No I do” I responded feebly, “but-” before I could finish he grabbed my hair, pulling me up and throwing me on the bed. 

“You like sucking cock, eh? Well I guess that makes you a slut. I’ll show you how a slut gets fucked!”

He pulled my thong down around my knees and started probing with his dick, just rubbing against my tight ass. 

“Good thing you’re messy when you suck, my cock’s already lubed up.” He stopped probing my ass for a second, and walked away. He came back with two belts, and told me to get hands and knees on the bed. He bound my hands up to the bedposts, and spread my legs. “You want to be a slut, you’re gonna get treated like one”

He immediately plunged full force into my ass, making me let out a girlish scream. “Now that’s more fuckin like it! There’s my bitch!” He started fucking me harder and harder, I kept trying to refuse, but at the same time, it FELT SO GOOD. After about 30 minutes of solid pumping, and spanking, and him reaching around to tug on my cock a little and lightly pinch my nipples, he finally pulled out. He hadn’t cum, so he unbound the belts from the posts, and then bound on around my back, and the other around my ankles, I obliged.

He forced me onto the ground and shoved his cock back into my mouth. He made me suck and gag and deepthroat, and lick his balls, and I loved every second of it. Finally, his breathing got heavy, and he pulled my head off and came all over my face and chest.

I was covered in cum, and he pushed me over onto the ground. He leaned over my cum-soaked body, and said: Come back tomorrow night, I’ll have friends.

To be continued