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The Music From Apartment 12A Part Two

The conclusion and sex that didn't appear in part one of my story.
I had probably overstayed mywelcome by a few hours. I couldn’t help but want to stay longer in Rion’s company. I looked up at the clock when there was a small gap in our conversation and realized it was nearly five hours later. Rion glanced up at the clock, following my gaze, and gasped.

“Oh my god I can’t believe how late it is!” He looked at me nervously and rubbed his arm. I wasn’t ready to leave. There was no way I was leaving without getting what I wanted. What I originally came here for was long forgotten, I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to. Now I wanted the very beautiful man sitting to my left on his plush couch. Ever since we had entered his apartment we hadn’t left his couch, and I didn’t plan to. Well, unless we were heading to his bed that got more appealing by the minute. I’d been flirting for all I was worth, and so far all I had gotten was blushes and sped up breathing.

“Um…do you like wine? I have some wine…you can have some. You know if you want some that is…” I smiled at his shyness and slowly moved closer to him, slipping my hand slowly over the couch and placing it on his knee. As I rubbed slowly he seemed to get more and more nervous.

“You know what I really want? Like food or something…” I closed my eyes for a few seconds when he pulled away and literally launched himself to his feet. I had about had enough of the teasing. He may not have realized it but all night he’d been resisting my advances and doing little things that drove me insane. He’d brush his soft looking hair away from his face, biting his succulent lower lip, opening and closing his legs and to top it all off he would rub his hands up and down over his inner thighs. He couldn’t be naïve enough to think that a gesture like that could be considered innocent after my various attempts to get in his form-fitting pants. I think I had had enough and finally snapped. There’s only so much a guy can take when his mini friend is trying to eat its way through his pants.

I gripped his arm and pulled him back onto the couch, this time under me, “you know what I really want?” I couldn’t help the smirk forming on my lips. He had the cutest look on his face, eyes wide and mouth agape. I slowly leaned down and pressed my mouth full against his, closing my eyes immediately. It was like someone touched my lips with something hot and cold at the same time. My lips burned, but at the same time they were tingling, and I never wanted this feeling to end. Then it got all the better when his little pink tongue darted out and ran over my lower lip. He was arched up off the couch and his chest was pushed against mine, his small arms wrapped around my neck. Suddenly he pulled away and looked up at me, out of breath.

“I don’t even know you…We can’t do this.” I shook my head and ran my hands up his shirt, slowly slipping it over his head. His body looked even better now that it was being rid of the meddlesome clothing. It should have been a crime for someone so beautiful to cover their body the way he did. My work wasn’t done yet though. I still had a very big problem with the pants covering what could be the best part of his body, though. That problem would soon be resolved as well. I slipped my hands lower and yanked his pants down over his nice round ass. He let out a soft gasp and his small hands pulled at my clothing.

“It’s not fair you’re still fully dressed!” Soon after the words left his lips we were both completely naked and my hands had developed a mind of their own. I gripped his ass, pinched his bright pink nipples, and ran my hand over his hard erection. It seemed like I’d never be able to regain control of my hands. He was on top and grinding himself down against my erection. Things were moving so fast that I was out of breath. We barely stopped kissing and touching each other after our clothes were thrown around the room.

“A-are you ready?” he gasped softly, looking down at me, his pretty eyes clouded with lust. The only answer I gave him was a sharp thrust into his incredibly tight entrance. The scream I got made a shudder run throughout my entire body and as I maneuvered him under me and held his legs under the knees I knew this had been worth the night of torture. I pushed his legs a bit closer to his chest and began thrusting evenly in and out, earning sharp gasps and long moans. His head lolled back and he already had a thin layer of sweat covering his forehead. He arched his back again as he had before and tried to force himself down on me. I moved to wrap my lips around one of the taut pink nipples and sucked softly on it. I felt Rion’s nails drag roughly up my back and I hissed softly at the slight pain. Oddly enough I wasn’t into the rough sex that resulted in blood. I would rather keep those fluids in my body. To me, sex wasn’t worth days of healing and discomfort. For some reason, Rion doing it seemed to take the edge off and make it pleasurable. I grit my teeth and lost my rhythm, thrusting wildly as I felt my orgasm nearing. The loud panting and sharp pain from my new lover’s nails and mouth were pushing me that much closer to exploding.

“I-I’m close…al…almost there.” I nodded and let out a cry as I felt his hot seed spill onto my stomach. This triggered my own orgasm and I released mine inside him. My arms were like noodles and I soon found my face smashed into a soft pillow, two hands running up and down my back.

Music was a beautiful thing.

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