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The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

I finally know I'm gay
I just figured out I’m gay. I’ve been dating a lot of women, but I just don’t feel it with them. I mean sometimes I feel I might even be bisexual, but lately I’m feeling I really want to be with man.

When I look at guys I get very excited. I love when a man has a muscular frame. I find it really sexy and exciting if a guy has defined abs. I haven’t told any of my family or even my friends that I think I’m gay. But, I’m pretty sure I am.

I decided to check things out and actually go to a gay bar. I’m a little nervous and not sure what to expect, but I’m very lonely and really want to meet a man. I’ve been with women, but they just don’t really do anything for me. I really want to fall in love and have somebody to share my life with. I mean it doesn’t really seem like something that hard.

I got dressed and I put on a pair of Levi 504 boot leg jeans on. I wore a dark blue navy Ralph Lauren shirt and my brown Docksider shoes. I sprayed some Calvin Klein Eternity cologne on called a cab and went to the bar. I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.

The cab let me off and I entered the club. When I got inside, it was very dark and there were so many people. I kind of felt like I was a piece of meat. Everybody was staring at me and I almost felt like they knew I was new at this.

“Hey do you want to dance?”

“Maybe later, I just got here.”

I went to the bar and I ordered a Heineken. I was looking all around and there were guys making out at the bar, men dancing. There were women there too. My eyes were looking all around and then I saw this really good looking guy. He was so my type. I smiled at him and sure enough he walked over to me.

“Hi, my name is Jay and who might you be?”

“I’m Todd nice to meet you.”

“May I sit down next to you? Can I buy you a drink?”

“Yes, that would be great. I’m drinking Heineken.”

“Ken, when you get a chance can we have two Heinekens?”

“I’ve never seen you here. Are you from around here?”

“This is my first time. I figured I would see what it was all about. I’ve been thinking a lot that I’m gay. I’ve been dating women, but they just don’t do anything for me.”

“Well I came out about a year ago with friends and family. It was the best thing to finally do. I hated hiding it. When you figure it out, it is best just to come out and live your life like you want.”

Jay is an attractive man. He's six foot and weighs about two hundred pounds. He works out and is very muscular. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He has the nicest smile you ever saw. We talked for a really long time and had many drinks.

“I haven’t had a relationship in a while. I was seeing somebody, but then he cheated on me with somebody else. It was pretty depressing, we had gotten a place together and then he left. I guess it’s been about six months now since he left.”

“Todd, do you maybe want to get out of here and maybe go back to my house. We could have drinks there and get to know each other better.”

“Yea, that would be great.”

I felt really comfortable with Jay. I didn’t think he was the kind of a guy to just have a one night stand. He looked like a guy that wanted to date somebody and have a relationship with. We left the club together. Jay hailed down a cab. Luckily, he didn’t live to far from the club.

Jay paid the cab and we went into his townhouse. He lived in a really nice place. He took me around and showed me the place. It was decorated really nice. Jay grabbed some beers and turned on some music and we sat down and started to talk.

“I really want to kiss you Todd. Would that be okay?”

“Of course, I’m really excited. I’ve never kissed a man before.”

With that Jay moved in closer to me. He put his face up against mine and gave me a kiss. We shared a deep, passionate kiss. I swear I think fireworks went off. I know that sounds ridiculous, but at that moment I knew I was really gay.

“Todd, I really like you. I want to date you. But, I know you have all these questions and want to know if you really are gay. I would love to be the first guy you’re with. I hope I’m not too forward, but I really want to make love to you.”

“Jay, I really like you and would love you to be my first.”

Jay took my hand and we went upstairs to his room. We both undressed each other and we continued kissing. We each were stroking each other’s cock. Jay was about seven inches long and I was more like six inches. We both worked our hands up and down each other’s shaft. We were kissing deep and passionately.

Jay then got on his knees and put my cock into his mouth. I swear the fireworks kept going off. I knew this guy was the love of my life. He worked his mouth up and down my thick shaft. He massaged and rubbed my warm and fleshy balls. Jay even put his fingers into my ass and rubbed and massaged my prostate. I was getting more and more excited.

“Oh Jay, that feels so good. Fuck, I may come in your mouth. Oh yea! Oh fuck.”

I had my hands in Jay’s hair as he slurped and gagged on my thick prick. Jay really seemed to love to suck my cock. He was deep-throating me.

“Oh Jay, fuck that feels so good. Oh God. Here it comes!”

I came in Jay’s mouth and he drank my semen down his throat. After that I returned the favor. Jay stood up and I got on my knees and I took his cock into my mouth. I never tasted a cock, but at that particular time I knew I wanted Jay’s. I worked my mouth up and down his thick prick. I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his dick.

I did the same thing as Jay did to me and put my fingers into his ass. I rubbed and massaged his prostate, while I slurped and gagged on Jay’s thick prick. I bobbed along his penis.

“Oh Todd, you’re so good at this for a first time. Oh fuck! Yea, suck my cock. Take it down deeper. Oh yes! Oh fuck!”

I guess I was doing a good job. Jay now had his hand in my hair, while I slurped and gagged on his thick prick.

“Here it comes Todd. Oh fuck! Oh dear God.”

Jay blew his load down my throat. I really enjoyed sucking his dick. I was finding I was definitely gay and loving him. His come tasted really sweet. Perhaps, he ate a lot of fruit. After all the cock-sucking, we just embraced and kissed on the bed. We each had our hands on each other’s dicks and we were getting each other hard again.

Now it was the time I’ve dreamed about. Jay went into his bathroom and got some lube and a condom. He came back and he rubbed it all over my ass and his cock. He put the condom on his thick prick. I got on my hands and knees and Jay slid his hard cock into my ass. He went very slow as he fucked me. It felt really good. Again the fireworks were going off in my head. I knew that Jay was the love of my life.

Jay held onto my hips and penetrated my ass deeper and deeper. It felt really good. I jerked my cock as he fucked me. He was fucking me slowly and then he picked up speed. It felt so good.

“Oh Todd, I’m going to come. Oh fuck. Here it comes.”

Jay then pulled out and took the condom off and threw it into the garbage. Then he said to me it was my turn to fuck his ass. He handed me a condom and the bottle of lube.

I put the condom onto my cock and then rubbed the lube over his ass and my dick. Jay got on his hands and knees and I slid my hard cock into his ass.

“Todd, go on fuck me harder. Do it faster!”

I was fucking Jay full length. I held his hips and he was backing up into my cock. I fucked his ass hard and deep.

“That’s it Todd, oh yea baby. Fuck my ass. Harder Todd. Oh fuck, yes.”

I let out a huge scream and I came in his ass. I pulled out and took the condom off and threw it into the garbage.

Jay and I just embraced on the bed and we kissed and held each other. I knew at that moment I was definitely gay. I also knew that Jay was the love of my life. Jay and I fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day Jay made breakfast. He made us coffee and eggs with toast. He asked me to start dating him. I really was very happy.

I realized the night we made love that I was definitely gay. About a month later, I moved into Jay’s condo. Once I moved into Jay’s condo I told my family I was gay. Now Jay and I live together in a committed relationship. Life is just grand.

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