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The night of the surprise (Chapter 17)

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Hi Baby, it was my two mistresses . . . . .

SOLO . . . . . (are you sure??)

"Hi baby", it was my two mistresses that were arriving from work. "Hi Ladies" was my reply. Then I asked, "at what time my mistresses want dinner tonight"???   Nancy responded that they were not going to eat dinner tonight. They had a party, to which I was not going, and that they were going to change, shower and dress. "Sorry baby, - Gabby said, -  "but tonight is girls only night.   We’ll make it up to you on the week-end. Go ahead eat, pick up and clean and then it is your night".  


I was saddened by the idea that I was not going out with my mistresses but at the same time I new that the week-end would be glorious. I went to the kitchen to eat and then I, as I was told, I picked up, put away the leftovers and cleaned the kitchen spotless. I went to my ladies’ room, knocked on the door and reported all clean. I heard some moaning so I assumed that they were eating each other in a 69 prior to showering and dressing. They did that every now and then. They did love each other much. I was their boi and they loved me but among them their love was strong and passionate. They liked their pussy juices a lot. I liked their juices too and from time to time they would allow me to eat them and make them an orgasm. I really liked to do that. It was my way of saying to myself that they still needed me for that.


So, I went to the family room, turned on the boob tube and began watching the news. I got depressed quickly. The news lately are all tragedies. Accidents, fires, inundations, murders, etc. I turned to one of the movie channels and they were showing an Elvis Presley song and dance flick. I like those because they are entertaining without demanding a lot of attention from you. Listen to Elvis sing and see some young Hollywood starlet dancing and hope for a kiss from the King. Like I said, entertaining.


The movie ended and the station was announcing the next one that it was going to be a “detective shoot’em up”. Then the commercials and my mistresses were coming out of their bedroom. They put on some really nice, and ironed, jeans and I could see that they were “packing”. Their legs were filled by the strapon dildoes they were wearing. I knew that they were really going to have fun on “girls only night”. They were going to the Les Bar where my mistresses met. They were wearing some halter tops, sans brassieres, and they were showing their really firm, flat and toned stomachs and I could see the lobes of their breasts coming out by the lower portion of the halters. The halters being a small size than what they should wear. One of my mistresses had a very cute yellow with nice looking flowers and the other had a blue one with sport numbers. Both halters, as I pointed out, smaller than their breasts.


They both had really pretty tits. A bit of silicone to make them perky without being too big. My two mistresses really worked at keeping their bodies toned and firm. And they in fact had great bodies. I always said that their faces were not of the Elizabeth Taylor level but were pretty good competitors to the Mariska Hargitay type. Tall with a real nice looking face.


But I digress. So, they said good night and don’t wait for us up. I went to my room because after seeing them so pretty and packing I had a sexual desire to have a good orgasm. I got out my faithful small dildo, the one I penetrate my boipussy with and leave it there for prolonged periods of time. This builds up my horniness and then from there I go to “my” basement and to “my” pummel horse where I get into position. I move the horse towards the dildo with the suction cup that is at the wall and I impale myself on it. I stay with that dildo also for some time giving my horniness time to build my orgasm and explode all by myself. And explode I did. But, back up a minute here.


I was not able by myself to tie me to the horse so I did not have all my erotic points working. But I was able to take me to the wall. My boipussy was lubed and I pushed myself into the dildo on the wall and at the first pressure I felt the dildo breaking the tightness on my pussy lips and opening it to accept the whole head and then the whole cock. I felt fucked and full. I began a very mild “around” type move since I really could not do well the out/in for a real dildo fuck. But by doing this I was getting up to my orgasm. With a little help from my hand I was able to cum well and sexually satisfying. I cum and enjoyed it.


I remained there impaled for a while and I think I dozed off. I woke up to my mistresses commenting "Why, what do we have here"?? "Our boi has been doing things to himself. Well darling, we bring you a surprise". – What is it?? I asked. With that Nancy came to the horse, began tying me down, first ankles and then wrists and finally she moved me away from the wall and the impaling. Gabby in the meantime had already placed my blindfold and my mouth gag on me. I felt them putting the brakes to the horse and I felt the first dildo pushing into my boipussy to begin tonight’s sexual onslaught on me.   Because I had been impaled for a while, my pussy lips were widened and their penetration moved inside me easy and wonderfully filling my boipussy.


I knew it was Nancy ’s cock fucking my pussy because Gabby kept talking with me at the location of my head letting me know what was happening to me. As if I did not know. But she thought that if she narrated what was happening I would get a better sex. . . . .


Nancy was being her Valkiria self like always. An assault on my pussy by a Warrior Woman from the “Frozen Countries”. She was strong and powerful and she was giving my pussy a fantastic work out. I would never accept to Gabby but Nancy ’s fucks were more sexually rewarding than hers. Not that Gabby’s were not good, but on a scale of 10, Nancy was 10 and Gabby was 7 and ½. I reached my orgasm before Nancy got hers. So after I yelled in pleasure and happiness, Nancy continued her fucking which made my orgasm more sexually pleasurable. She did cum and her orgasm was vocal to say the least. Her last push in left her cock buried inside my pussy for a while and she was resting on my back. As long as her cock was inside me and her breasts were resting on my back, I was happy. After some time, have no clue about the time, she removed herself from my back and from inside me. My pussy hole was probably open and inviting Gabby to come in and fuck me.


I felt Gabby coming to the horse and preparing herself to penetrate my pussy. Which I felt her cock presenting the head to my pussy and pushing in to fill me up with her wonderful tool. I felt once more impaled by my mistress Gabby and I was happy and satisfied. Gabby knows I love to feel filled and she remained without movement for a while, and then her in/out began. First slow, and I felt every millimeter moving by my pussy lips. That made it very pleasurable. The same feelings in were when she was pulling out. Since I had an orgasm just a few minutes before, my level of orgasmic feelings returned faster and I was ready to shoot my second cum. Which I did. However, Gabby needed more time to set her to produce her orgasm so she continued with her in/out so that her clit would receive the excitement for her cum. Which she did.


After some time, again clueless, she cum and I felt a warmth invading my inner pussy. Wait, I thought (remember I am gagged), this is a boi cum!! I have been fucked by a boi!. Totally unexpected and highly pleasurable. As I said back on my “it had to happen” chapter, I got finally fucked by bois and I loved it. The warmth of boi’s cum hits my “G” spot (prostate) and increases the sexual feelings of an orgasm. So my second cum was more pleasurable for the warmth on my “G”. What a delightful cum, what a delightful surprise. The boi’s cock actually began releasing the blood soon and the boi had to pull out. I wanted to see who it was. I had a favorite boi that I got to really like after my first gay experience. It was Yanni. I wanted this time so much to be Yanni . . . . So I was hoping for my mistresses to remove my blindfold and my gag so that I could know who it was. Sure enough once the blindfold and the gag were off, I saw it was Yanni. And I was very happy and said so to my mistresses and to Yanni.


Now, the relationship between my mistresses and I is a very cordial one. They always try hard to make me happy, not only for the sex but also in what respects my own life and personal happiness. So they began loosening me from the horse and said that they wanted to bring Yanni so that I could have a sleep over with a great lover. Yanni was kissing my mouth and exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue which I was responding to him very eagerly. I saw my mistresses leaving the basement and wishing us a good night sleep. Well that night neither Yanni nor I slept all night. When we were not 69ning each other one was fucking the other. We had a whole night to do that.              


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