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The Prince and the Bell Boy

Prince Charlie and his forbidden love for an innocent and sexy bell boy
Far north of England, high on top of a hill stood a grand gold palace where a king and queen lived with their only son, twenty year old Charlie. Prince Charlie. He was spoilt rotten and got everything he wanted and when he wanted it.

One bright sunny day, Prince Charlie came down to the dining room for afternoon tea and noticed a strikingly handsome young bell boy in a red suit outside the front entrance of the palace struggling with suitcases through the window. He went to the front door and rushed out and took one of the suitcases from the bell boy.

"Hey, let me help you with that," Prince Charlie said. His and the bell boy's eyes met and there was an instant attraction between them. They smiled at each other.

"Charlie, let the bell boy deal with that," called a tall, dark haired man in a navy blue suit.

"Really, it's fine," the bell boy replied, quickly smiling before taking the suitcase from the prince and taking it inside.

The king walked to his son and tapped his shoulder, "come, son, let's take a walk," he said.

Prince Charlie looked back at the palace where the bell boy was talking to the queen then turned his way and their eyes met.

Over the following weeks, Prince Charlie and the handsome bell boy kept on smiling at each other whenever they could but never gave in to temptation. For one, it was absolutely forbidden for a prince to be attracted to another man and two, it was wrong to want someone who wasn't royalty.

One night, when the king and queen were out at a party, Prince Charlie called the bell boy up to his bedroom.

"Yes, your majesty," the bell boy asked.

Prince Charlie sat down in his royal silk robe on his bed and admired the shape of the bell boy's body with his eyes. They traveled down his body to the bulge in his pants. He grinned and untied his robe where it fell open to show the bulge forming in his black briefs.

The bell boy's blue eyes grew wide with shock and his face turned bright red. He quickly turned his back to his royal highness. He swallowed hard nervously and felt all of sudden hot. He was getting turned on. The bell boy glanced down and saw that he had a bit of an erection going on in the trouser area.

Prince Charlie took off his robe and stood up and then stepped up behind the bell boy and pressed his body against his and his hands slowly ran down the shape of the bell boy's bottom. He quickly went over to his bedroom door and locked it then turned back to the innocent looking and sexy bell boy. He stared longingly at him and then walked up to him looking into his eyes.

"If there isn't anything in particular you wanted, your royal highness, I should be getting back downstairs to my normal duties," the bell boy said. His eyes glanced down at the prince's toned and tanned athletic body and gulped as he got more turned on and his erection grew. His eyes quickly went back to the prince's handsome face.

"You're attracted to me, are you not?" Prince Charlie said, starting to walk round him.

The bell boy began to shake his head.

He walked back round to the front with his right hand on his chin in a thoughtful look. "So, you're not attracted to me?"

"No, your highness," the bell boy lied nervously.

A wicked smile curled around Prince Charlie's lips as he glanced down at the erection in the bell boy's trousers. He stepped closer and his right hand grabbed hold of the bell boy's bulge making him gasp, pleasurably. "For someone who isn't attracted to me you have a rather big erection." Prince Charlie looked deeply into the bell boy's eyes then kissed him hard on the lips.

The bell boy stared back in shock and then gave in to temptation and kissed the prince back passionately. They had their arms around each other. The prince helped the bell boy out of his uniform and onto his king sized bed where they kissed side by side naked, stroking each other's bodies.

Prince Charlie got in between the bell boy's legs and leaned down and placed his hard, erected dick inside his mouth and began moving up and down. The bell boy moaned out pleasurably gripping the pillows with his hands at the back of his head.

Prince Charlie straightened up so he was on his knees and then leaned forward and kissed the bell boy. He grinned at him then winked as he stretched out his body and guided his fully erected cock to the bell boy's anal hole and then thrusted forward inside. Both the prince and his bell boy lover gasped out loud.
After a few minutes, Prince Charlie placed his legs onto his shoulders and fucked him faster and harder.

Their lovemaking grew faster and faster and then faster still like an earthquake erupting. Each of them moaning out vocally with pleasure.

"Don't stop, your royal highness!" cried the bell boy.

With that notion, Prince Charlie thrusted harder and faster making the bed rattle and bang against the wall. He felt his body getting ready to erupt. Suddenly, his body went into spasms for a few minutes and he cried out, as so did the bell boy.

The Prince pulled out and then rolled onto his back breathing heavily trying to catch his breath again. He turned his head to the left to look at the bell boy and he was looking at him. He reached out and stroked his face.

"I better go," the bell boy said, starting to get off the bed but the prince grabbed his right arm and he turned and looked down at him.

Prince Charlie sat up and moved closer to him his right hand was on his face looking at him lovingly and with passion.

The bell boy closed his eyes as he fell back into the prince's arms and they began to make love for the second time.

Who would've thought a bell boy would get with royalty. Not alone a very handsome prince.

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