The Roommate

By canuck45

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I thought he was straight, until movie night at home
I’ve had half a dozen roommates in the last 15 years, some for months, some for years. Sean stayed with me for about 4 years. All my roommates were in recovery, and staying here provided a chance to start rebuilding their lives when they had to start from square one again (cheap rent and all utilities included).

He was a good looking guy, 6’1”, good physique, beautiful blue eyes and the sexiest smile. He was friendly, courteous and gregarious. Because so many of the roommates had next to nothing, I always allowed them to use my computer, since they couldn’t afford the fees or the cost of the computer in the first place. A few had older computers of their own, so I just provided internet service.

When Sean moved in my other roommate had a computer in his room, so I had moved my computer into my bedroom. I always had my door open during the day, so I told Sean he was welcome to use my computer anytime I wasn’t on it.

At first he only used it if I was home, and he had asked if it was OK. I told him he had permission, whether I was home or not. Eventually he got used to the trust I demonstrated and would use it whenever. Sometimes when I was tired I would retire early and he would get off the computer. I told him it didn’t matter if I was going to sleep or not. Just use the earbuds if he was playing a game, if I couldn’t hear the noise, I would sleep no problem. Eventually he got used to that too.

With time I might be in bed and he would quietly open the door and use the computer, trying his hardest not to disturb me. What he didn’t know was I would wake up briefly when he entered and go straight back to bed. I would scare him occasionally by speaking to him after 5 minutes, he thinking I was sound asleep. Of course in addition to playing games he was downloading porn, thinking I wouldn’t notice. He became comfortable playing online for hours while I slept blissfully.

We often watched TV together as we were both B grade horror movie fans. All in all we had a good relationship as roommates. Having a DVD player, Sean would rent some of the classics from the library as well as his personal collection of cartoons he had compiled over the years. My collection on the other hand leaned more towards those videos brought home from my work, the local ‘adult video store’. Oft times I would be viewing one from my collection when he would arrive home, I would immediately turn off the video as I was not certain if he would like or be offended by my choice of material. When he asked one time what I was watching, I mentioned I watched either bi or gay videos. I was fairly sure he knew or strongly suspected I was gay and he said, “You don’t have to turn it off just for me”. Hmmmm that raised a point of interest.

There were a few other items that happened that I thought might be very subtle signals. He had asked me to trim his hair one night, just tidy up the back of his head. When he asked he was in the bathroom, wrapped just in a towel. After I had trimmed his neck and tidied up his last cut I joking mentioned I should shave his chest and belly, he snickered and we left it at that.

I came home one night and Sean was asleep on the couch, not an unusual happening. Often he would watch a movie and fall asleep. When I got home from work I would awaken him and he would go off to bed. This night however he was wearing PJ’s. He never wore PJs, he would fall asleep in his street clothes usually, so this was something new. As you know most pajamas don’t have a zipper on them, a fly with a button maybe that’s about it. As it turned out, his button was undone and the fly was slightly parted, offering a view of his cock.

From what I could see, either he was already hard or this boy had a pretty impressive limp dick. I did nothing, poured a coffee and, with the volume low, decided to see what was on TV. Of course my eyes kept drifting towards Sean and his ‘accidental’ display. I thought, he wasn’t worried about walking in when I watched gay porn, he had no trouble sitting next to a guy in the bedroom, granted I am sleeping but what with the summer heat and my propensity for sleeping nude, had he had free shows that I was unaware of? Was he trying to give me a hint? Regardless of my thoughts, I decided not to pursue anything, rather I let him sleep.

Next day was just another day. We carried on just as roommates, he none the wiser to my thoughts or his display the previous night.

A little while later, days or a week maybe, we were both home and he called me from his room and asked if I have ever seen “YXZ”movie. I hadn’t so he said, “I have it in the DVD player in my room if you want to watch it.” I said sure. Now at that time I was in a housecoat only, I went to his room, got comfortable on the bed and we watched the movie. Now comfortable in this case happens to be sitting on the bed, back against the wall, on top of the covers. His window was wide open and after a bit I got cold, so I asked if I could get under the blankets and he was fine with that. We had a bit of conversation and continued watching the movie. By the time it was finished I was quite comfortable and snug under his blanket.

I figured since I was comfy, the bed was warm, he and I were all but naked, take the next step; so I said, “Since the bed is already warm, why don’t I just stay here for the night?”.

Sean said, “Sure that’s ok with me,” and crawled under the covers too.

“Be back in a second, I have to use the bathroom.”

I got back and noticed his underwear was on the floor next to the bed and I was sure he had it on when left the room. I took off my housecoat and slid in next to him.

“This is cozy,” I said as I put an arm across his chest. “You’re ok with this,” I asked as I began to run my hand over his chest.

‘Hmmmm,” was all he replied.

I started to gently run my hand over his chest, stopping and playing with each nipple. He just sighed softly as I continued to caress his chest and abs. Each time I worked my hands a little lower on his body. Reaching his pubes, I slid my hand to the side and over his muscular thighs. Each time my hands came closer to his cock and balls, the whole time he just sighed softly in pleasure.

Eventually I reached for his cock and wrapped my hands around his hard meat. He was completely hard, thick at the base, tapering to a smaller head. As I began to stroke his cock, I shifted my body so I could suck his nipples while stroking him. As I reached the base of his cock, I cupped his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze and tug. The whole time he was not active in any way, beyond the sighs of contentment. Nervous, fearful, not sure what to do?

From his nipples I moved my mouth down his treasure trail, my tongue played on his skin. Holding his cock at its base, I licked the head of his cock and he groaned. I opened my mouth wide, moved down his cock and then closed my lips on his thick veiny shaft and sucked as I slowly slid my mouth back to his head, using my tongue to add to his pleasure. Within a few strokes and with a bit of sucking, I could feel his balls pulling up and his body start to tense. He was going to cum within minutes of our playing.

I bobbed my mouth up and down on his cock faster, increased the sucking and rolled his nutsack in my hands. He moved his hips in time to my mouth, and when I slid a finger down his ass crack he blew his hot load into my mouth. One minute and he was spent.

As he went limp, I continued to play with his ass crack. Sliding my finger down his crack and around his puckered hole, he began to become more animated and vocal. He rolled onto his stomach, exposing his ass completely and I knelt across his knees, his white ass in front of me. I massaged his ass cheeks and ran my tongue over his tight manpussy, He groaned and arched his back, raising his smooth round ass into the air.

“I’ll be right back,” I said and got the lube and a condom from my room. I returned and his was still face down with his ass raised in the air. I rimmed his ass some more and he is just squirmed and moaned. My straight fucking roommate was offering me his ass and loving it.

I grabbed the lube and squirted some onto his ass and probed his tight hole with a finger. As the first finger entered, he groaned and pushed back, working it deeper into his ass. I finger fucked him, first with one finger and then worked in a second and third. He was squirming and gasping as I stretched his asshole, loosening it up for my cock.

After 5 minutes of fucking his ass with fingers he was ready for my cock. He gave moans of pleasure each time my fingers penetrated his ass and asked me to fuck him with my cock. I slipped on a condom and added lots of lube, working it over my hard cock. I slid my lubed cock up and down his crack, teasing him with what was to come. Then slowly, holding my hard meat, I pressed the head my cock against his tight little fuckhole.

All he did was give a deep guttural groan as my swollen head slowly penetrated his tight ass. It felt so tight, hot and good. My head stretched his ass wide and then it popped through the barrier. It was like a vice squeezing on the top of my rigid pole. Sean was gasping and I paused with just the head of my cock in his ass. As he breathing slowed and he felt started to relax, I ever so slowly slid my cock into his ass. Smoothly, with his ass gripping it tight, my cock was swallowed by his ass. I slid my cock in until it was buried, my balls against his. I held it there for a few seconds as Sean panted and adjusted to having his ass filled with my stiff thick dick.

“You like that, you want my hard cock fucking you.”

“Oh god yes, fuck me Anthony, I wanted this for weeks,” he gasped out. “Fuck me hard, fuck my ass raw,” he screamed.

I began to pull my cock back until just the head was in his ass and teased him with a slow fuck, gently and slowly sliding my cock in and out of his ass. I wasn’t giving him swhat he wanted immediately. He shoved his ass back to meet each stroke. I grabbed his hips and pulled him back as I slid my cock into him. I sped up and gave him full smooth strokes, my cock going deep into his ass as he writhed on the mattress, stroking his now hard cock too.

It felt so good and I wanted it to last. I pulled my cock out all the way, his ass staying open, waiting for my cock to fill it. I plunged my cock into his ass, each time pulling in completely out and then ramming it home to my balls. All Sean could do was grunt with each thrust, his balls swinging between his legs as his body rocked. I ravaged his ass with my hard cock, finally giving him what he wanted. I fucked him hard for 10 minutes, he gasped, moaned and begged for more. I was ready to cum and cream his ass. I shortened my strokes, so his tight ass ring rode only on the head of my cock. My cock was tingling as his tight lubed ass rode my head, my balls tightening up. Sean fell flat onto the bed as I drove into him, my cock never leaving his ass. His cock was grinding into the mattress as my cock ground into his asshole. His hands clenched the sheets as I rode his ass.

I drove my cock home as the first spasm shot through me, yelling, “Oh fuck yes,” my cum burying itself deep in his ass. Between shots I pulled my cock out and then shoved it back viscously into his asshole as the next load shot from my cock. Four, five, six times I shot my cum into him....finally collapsing onto his back, my balls spent. Exhausted, we lay there for a few minutes, panting.

My cock went soft, but was still clenched in his ass. I pulled out, his ass making a soft sucking sound, squeezing the last of the cum from my spent cock. I rolled onto my back and pulled off the cum filled condom. Sean lowered his mouth to my cock to lick the cum from my deflated cock, softly making sounds of delight, like a dog with his favorite bone.....

Ah it's so hard to find a good roommate.