The Salt and Pepper Hunt Club

By edlangston

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I joined a hunting club and sucked the cock of one of the black members.
I am a married white male in my 50s, and I have been a fan of cuckold, creampie and bisexual stories for many years, ever since my wife lost all interest in sex. I have also written many stories on these topics, and I guess that is just my way of getting a little sexual release without taking the risks of trying to meet with another woman or man. One thing that I have noticed is that many of the stories and fantasies involve white couples seeking black men with big cocks to fuck their wives, and a lot of white men also actively seek black cocks to suck. Some of my favorite fantasies involve mature, married black men, but I had never actually experienced sex with anyone except my wife. This story describes a life-changing experience I had just this past year, when I joined a hunting club that had white and black members.

My wife and I moved to Denver about 20 years ago, due to a job transfer with the high-tech company that I worked for in California. It seemed like I was always so focused on my family and career, that I never took the time to find any hobbies for myself. But after our children were raised and out of the house, I started looking for an activity that would allow me to enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in Colorado. I had done a little reading on hunting in our state, and even though I had no previous experience with firearms of any kind, I decided to give hunting a try. I searched the internet to find a hunting club to join, and finally came across a listing for “The Salt and Pepper Hunt Club”. I found out that the name referred to the club’s preference for mature members in their 40s and older, with gray or graying hair, but as it turned out, there were also both white and black members. This was just the type of club that I was looking for, because I preferred to associate with mature people. As you would expect, most of the members were men, but there were also a few women who belonged, some being the spouses of male members.

The club had about 100 members and met monthly in a training room at a local gun shop, and the shop owner and some of his employees were also members. But just like any organization, not all of the members showed up at every meeting. Many of the meetings covered various firearm and hunting safety issues, but they also planned hunting trips and had parties for social interaction. There were also some special training meetings for people like me who had never handled a gun before, but these were just scheduled as needed. The club also usually assigned a mentor to new members who had no previous hunting experience, just to make sure they knew all of the safety rules.

I had been a member of the club for about four months at the time of this story, and had attended several monthly meetings and three special training sessions. One of the members, Leon Watson, who was also a gun smith at the shop, was my mentor, and he thought that I was doing very well in my training. Leon was a back man of 50 years old, 5’10” tall, and weighed about 190 pounds, and he had a little beer belly. We got along very well, and had become friends, and I often stayed over after the meetings to watch him work on guns if he had any overtime work that needed to be done. We never had any discussions about sex, except for the usual guy talk about big breasts, wet pussies and fucking women.

One night after a club meeting, I was sitting in the shop watching Leon work on a very complicated assault rifle that had been a real challenge for him. A spring and some other small parts had to be held in just a certain way to allow re-assembly of the weapon, and he had been trying for 20 minutes to get everything lined up correctly. He was holding the parts with his left hand and was finally ready to push everything into place, when he realized that the tool he needed was in the front pocket of his sweat pants.

Leon asked, “Ed, I need my tweezers to put these parts in place, but I put it in my left pocket a little while ago, and I can’t reach it with my right hand. I can’t let go of these parts without losing their positioning. Would you mind reaching into my front-left pants pocket and getting it for me?”

I said, “Sure Leon, no problem.”

Leon’s request for me to reach into his front pocket seemed quite normal to me, especially since I had seen him struggling with those parts for so long. So I stood slightly behind and to the left of him and reached into his pocket with my left hand. I noticed as I was moving my hand around in his pocket, trying to locate the tweezers that I could feel through the material a warm and very thick object running down his left thigh, and it had to be his cock. I was a little embarrassed at touching his penis like that, but he didn’t say anything, so I continued pushing until I felt the tweezers at my fingers tips. I removed my hand with the tweezers between my fingers, and also felt that big piece of cock meat on the way out. I handed Leon the tweezers, and he didn’t say anything about me touching his cock. He just gave me a nod of thanks and a curious look and continued with his work. I had never touched another man’s cock before, and certainly not one that felt as large as Leon’s, and I have to admit that it did excite me a little.

I was at the shop with Leon again a couple of weeks later, after a special meeting, and I was helping him install a bracket on the inside of the door to a large gun safe that would be put on display in the store. He was standing in front of the safe with the door open, and the only way I had access to hold the bracket while he drilled and bolted it to the door, was for me to sit on the floor of the safe facing out. I sat in the door of the safe holding the bracket, as Leon moved closer to drill the hole. And as he stepped even closer to the opening, I realized that I was sitting in the perfect position for his crotch to be right at my face level. Leon was wearing his sweat pants again, and I didn’t think he realized just how close he was getting to my face, but I was beginning to smell the musky aroma of his crotch. I heard the drill start up, and then Leon stepped a little closer to me to get better leverage, and I could now feel his huge cock pressing against my face. He just kept working as if he didn’t notice what was happening, and as I tried rotating my head to get away from his cock, I just ended up rubbing his meat all over my face.

Leon then stepped back a little as he finished mounting the bracket, and I was still a little flustered at what had just happened. I had never had a desire to touch another man’s cock, but now that I touched Leon’s dick with my hand a couple of weeks ago, and felt his thickness rubbing on my face, I was starting to get curious about what his cock looked like.

Leon didn’t say a word about having pressed his cock up against my face. He just looked down at me with a smile and a raised one eyebrow as he said, “Thanks a lot Ed; I couldn’t have gotten that thing in place without your help.” I was left to wonder whether “that thing” that he was talking about was the bracket or his big cock, but nothing else was said that night about what happened.

There was another regular club meeting in three weeks, and this one was more for socializing than for discussing serious hunting issues. One of the members even provided a half-keg of beer, and we all had a good time drinking, and some members loosened things up by telling raunchy jokes and funny hunting stories. It was really good to see everyone getting along so well, and I was especially pleased at the obvious racial harmony. There wasn’t as much bigotry in the west as there was in some other parts of the country, and the members all seemed to be very close. The meeting broke up at about 9:00 pm, and some members gave others rides home because they had too much too drink.

Most of the others had already left, and I was headed to the door, when Leon asked, “Hey Ed, do you want to stay a little while longer and talk, and maybe have a little more beer?”

Then I said, “Sure Leon, I’d like that.”

We each tapped another beer and sat down, and then Leon said, “You know Ed; you’re not like a lot of the other white folks who join our club.”

I was surprised to hear any kind of comment like that with racial overtones, and especially from Leon, and I asked, “What do you mean by that Leon? I didn’t think our members gave much thought to racial differences.”

Then he said, “Yes, I can tell that you aren’t aware of some of the things going on around here. It might surprise you to learn that some of the white men and couples that join our club are just trying to meet black men for sex. I can’t really explain it, but a lot of white people have fantasies about sucking and fucking big, black cocks, and our club is one of the few that strongly supports mixed membership. Many of the white couples you see here are having sex with our black members all of the time, and the husbands enjoy being cuckolds to our big, black meat. There are also a few black cuckold couples who enjoy some large black meat sometimes, and some of the black wives really enjoy fucking a white face. A lot of those supposed “rides home” tonight were just an excuse for some of those white couples to get some black cock. Have you ever heard about stuff like this?”

I said, “Yeah, I have heard about cuckolds before, and have even read some stories about white couples fucking black men, but I never knew for sure that it was true. What else goes on here?”

Leon continued, “Well, it’s not just the couples who enjoy black sex. Some of the white men just enjoy sucking black cocks, without having their wives involved, and more of that goes on than you can imagine. Hell, once I got to know you better, I even tried to push you a little to see if you were interested, since you didn’t make any moves on your own. That day I asked you to get the tweezers from my pocket was just a way to give you a feel of my cock. But, when that didn’t spark your interest, I pushed my cock into your face that day we were assembling the gun safe, and still no reaction from you.”

I responded to Leon’s comments about testing me by saying, “Damn Leon, I thought it was just accidental when I had my hand in your pocket and when you stepped closer to me and rubbed your cock on my face.”

Leon smiled and said, “Sorry to do that man, but I was getting pretty horny and wanted a warm, white mouth to fuck. I haven’t had much action since I became your mentor, and we’ve been spending so much time together. Aren’t you even a little bit curious about what my cock looks and feels like?”

I looked at Leon for a moment before responding and said, “I have never seen another man’s cock except in the gym showers and in pictures on the internet, and I’ve definitely never purposely touched another man’s cock. But I do have to admit that I did get a little excited rubbing up against your cock in your pocket, and then again when I felt its thickness against my face.”

Leon had an even bigger smile on his face now and said, “I’m really happy that I at least stirred up a little interest in you. Come on and take the next step. Sit next to me and put your hand down into my sweat pants and get a good feel of my cock.”

All of this conversation about big, black cocks, cuckold white couples, and white cock suckers was having an effect on me. I could hardly believe that I would do this, but I sat next to Leon, and as he held open the top of his pants, I slowly pushed my hand down to feel his meat. He must have taken his underwear off, or maybe he didn’t even wear any, because my fingers soon came into contact with the base of his big cock. He was still soft, but growing and his cock felt firm and rubbery in my hand. I continued to move my hand farther down, and I could feel it stiffening. I finally reached his prominent cock head, and I could feel that it was wet with his precum. Leon then placed his hand over mine, from the outside of his pants, and began to rub my hand over his cock, and thrusting his hips, fucking himself against my hand. In just a few minutes his cock was fully hard, and I’m guessing that it must have been at least 10 inches long and nearly as thick as a coke can. At one point he pushed my hand even lower, to cup his huge balls, and I had no idea that testicles could be that big. They seemed like the size of small lemons, and hung very low in the scrotum. We continued this for a few minutes, but it soon became apparent that Leon wanted more.

Leon was breathing a little harder now and said, “Come on Ed, just pull my pants down and take a look at my cock and balls. You’ve already felt how big and hard my cock is, and how large my nuts are, so go ahead and take a look. You also told me that you’ve read cuckold stories and have seen pictures of cocks on the internet, so I’m sure that you have some interest in seeing my big cock up close.”

I felt a little ashamed that Leon’s comments were having such an effect on me, but I was anxious to see his cock and I really wasn’t thinking clearly. I should have guessed that he would probably want me to do more than just look at his cock, but I was getting excited about seeing him, and I was getting a hard on just thinking about it all. So I kneeled in front of Leon so I could get both hands on his sweat pants, and he lifted his ass to help me, as I pulled them down. It was amazing seeing that thick cock come into view, and it looked like a big, black snake lying there between his legs. His balls even looked bigger than they felt in my hand, and they were hanging down below the edge of the chair and gently swinging. I had seen many pictures of huge black and white cocks on the internet, but Leon’s cock looked especially large, being so thick and right there in front of me. I could also smell his strong musky scent, and it was very desirable and enticing, rather than being offense.

As I continued to kneel in front of Leon, taking in the sights of his huge genitalia, he let me know that he wanted to take this to the next level, saying, “Come on Ed, you’ve felt my cock and balls in your hand, and now you’re seeing them up close, so why not take the next step and take me in your mouth? You and I both know that you want to, so just give in and do it.”

I was feeling very tempted to suck his cock, but I just couldn’t bring myself to take his bare cock in my mouth, so I said, “Leon, I would like to help you out, but I just don’t think I can take your cock into my mouth. That would make me a cock sucker for sure, and I’m not ready for that.”

Leon then said, “I’ve got an idea. We have some condoms here in the shop that we sell customers to cover the barrels of their rifles and shotguns when they’re out hunting in bad weather. What if I put one of those on and then it won’t be like your lips and mouth are touching my cock? That way I could even get my nut without you having to worry about tasting my sperm. What do you say Ed?”

I had already gone this far, and I was anxious to feel that big cock in my mouth. The condom idea seemed like a fair compromise, so I said, “Okay Leon, I’ll give it a try, but you need to stop if I ask you to.”

Leon was excited and said, “You won’t be disappointed. It will be a great experience for you to feel my cock in your mouth.”

Leon got up from the chair for a minute to get the condom, and by the time he sat back down, he had already rolled the rubber onto his cock. The condom looked small on that large cock, and it was stretched very tightly across his thickness. I tentatively lowered my mouth to his cock, and I could feel the heat of his cock head as he slid it between my lips. His cock did feel wonderful in my mouth, and I started to suck him harder and pick up the pace of my movements. Leon was starting to moan ever louder, and I knew that he was really enjoying having me suck his cock. At one point, I felt his hands on the back of my head as he pushed me down farther on his cock, and he was holding my head in place as he thrust his cock ever harder into my sucking mouth.

I had so much of his meat in my mouth now that I could feel his bare cock-skin, since the condom only covered the first five inches of his cock due to the thickness. I continued sucking him, and having my face fucked in this way for another five minutes, and then I could feel with my tongue that the top of the condom had split open from being stretched so tightly on his thick cock, and the shredded condom had worked its way down to the base of his cock.

I was now sucking his bare cock, and was starting to panic since I knew that he would be ejaculating soon. I started to struggle to pull away from his cock, and was trying to tell Leon through my cock-filled mouth that the condom had broken.

But Leon held my head firmly in place and said, “I know that the condom split apart, and that you want me to stop, but I just can’t man. I haven’t had my cock sucked by anyone in a couple of months, and I can’t wait to fill your mouth and throat with my cream. Just trust me when I tell you that you will love my cum, just like all of the other white cock suckers who suck my dick. I don’t know what it is with some of you white people, but you really enjoy being submissive to a strong black man and taking his seed into your mouth. Some of you are even nastier than that, and like to have me sit on your face so you can suck my asshole. But I don’t think you’re ready for that yet, my friend.”

Leon continued holding my head in place while he fucked my face, and in only a few more minutes I could feel him tense up, hold my head even more firmly, and then his massive black cock began to throb and pulse as his thick cum shot into my mouth. I had never tasted cum before, and his was a little bitter, which made it seem even nastier and more arousing. I had to swallow three times to get control of the heavy flow of his semen, but the jerking and shooting finally subsided, and I continued to nurse his cock as it began to soften. Then Leon pushed my mouth off of his cock, before holding his huge nut sack up to my mouth, forcing me to suck his balls and scrotum. I was really getting into sucking him now, and I couldn’t seem to get enough of his taste and texture. After sucking his nuts for a few minutes, he pulled me back onto his cock to lick, suck and swallow the remnants of his cum that kept oozing from his piss hole. Leon tried to push me away from his cock again, but I resisted him because I liked the feel of him in my mouth, and I felt like his nasty little cunt.

Finally Leon did pull away and said, “Damn Ed, for never having done this, you are a natural. I could feel you sucking the cum right our of my balls, and it seems that you have really grown a taste for my black meat. That’s the way it is with most of the white members. Even if you had no intentions of sucking a black cock when you joined, it only takes one taste to keep you coming back for more. And your women are even more excited to feel these big, black hunks of meat in their tight, white pussies. So it all works out pretty well. You whites want to be fucked, and us black men just love fucking your mouths and cunts.”

I finally had a chance to speak and said, “I don’t know about the other white men, Leon, but I can sure tell you that I loved sucking your cock and balls and swallowing your seed. I can see that this will be a much more interesting club from now on.”

We continued chatting that evening, and after Leon had a little rest, he fucked my face again. Only this time, he had me lie on a table in the room, and he laid on top of me and fucked my face until he gagged me with his cum. Then he sat on my face and fed me his big balls, until my mouth was too tired to do anymore. This was just the beginning of me sucking Leon’s cock and balls and swallowing his cum, and he soon let a couple of the other black members know about my new hobby of sucking black cock, and I had a constant supply of thick black cum. And then the adventures got even better.

In the fall during my first hunting season, Leon and I, along with one white cuckold couple and one black cuckold couple went on a hunting trip and stayed in a small cabin in the mountains. I not only sucked cocks all weekend, but I also sucked the creampies out of those two wives every time they were fucked. And the wife of the black cuckold took great pleasure at sitting on my face with her cunt full of cum, and it thrilled her to nearly suffocate me as I sucked her fat and juicy pussy. So joining that club was just the beginning of a great adventure in being sexually used by many of the members.