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The Security Guard

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security guard gets played
I took my job as a security guard very seriously. A lot of people think of it as a flaky job, but I busted my butt to do the job well and to keep my eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. Not that it didn't get boring, but that was one of the nice features of working the graveyard shift. You were alone and it was quiet, and if you were feeling horny, you could whip out your dick and whack off.

I liked being able to whip out my dick any time l wanted. That may sound contrary to my taking my job seriously, but I never cheated the company out of any time, horsed around by not making my rounds or slept on the job. I was just one of those horny guys and I enjoyed a little relief, especially at night.

As l made my way from floor to floor and station to station, I would occasionally notice what some employees had doodled on the scratch pads on their desks. 

Surprisingly enough, some of the drawings were very erotic in nature. I really got off on some of them. I even got a little help from one guy. He caught my eye every day as he went past the security check out. I'd seen him work late before, glued to his computer, so l knew where his work station was. One evening, after everyone was gone, I checked out the security cameras and then went about my routine. I went from floor to floor to make sure the building was vacant. When I got to the second floor, I pawed his station and noticed that his computer hadn't been shut down. At first I assumed it was copying a program and it would probably shut off automatically, or maybe he had accidentally left it on. When I got up close and saw what was on the screen, it knocked my socks off.

He had left something from the internet running. It was a slide show that flipped from one image to another of guys sucking and fucking. That set my cock to twitching, and I was fully hard in an instant. I watched for a few seconds then sat in his chair taking in the action on the screen. I pulled out my fat erection and started pleasing myself right then and there. I hadn’t completed my normal rounds, but at the moment I didn't give a shit. I was whacking away like crazy when I suddenly had the feeling I was being watched. My training had taught me not to bolt or give away my awareness of the situation. I kept looking at the screen, but now I concentrated on the reflection of the room behind me.

Sure enough, I saw someone’s head peeking around one of the cubical walls a couple of work stations behind me. I kept stroking myself slowly, but I planted my feet so I could jump up quickly if l had to. I soon recognized the face to be that of the stock boy, so l relaxed a little. As l continued to gaze at his reflection in the computer screen, I realized that he was playing with himself.

I didn’t let on that I had seen him and kept fisting my club, slightly turning in the chair to give him a better look. At first I thought I'd just jerk off and give him a show, but then I decided on another plan. I abruptly shoved my hard on back inside my uniform pants, stood up and walked away, pretending to leave the floor. I left the internet sex pictures running on the computer. I went out one door and quietly snuck back in another. My cock throbbed at the thought of watching the stock boy beat off as he examined the fuck action on the computer.

I crept to the exact spot where he had been. Now the tables were turned and I was spying on him. Just as I thought, he had gone right over to the work station I had left. The stock boy was so engrossed in watching the action on screen that he didn't even suspect I had returned. He had taken his jeans completely off and was standing there in just his flimsy tee shirt and white bikini underwear. His dick was so fucking hard it stretched out his bikinis nearly ripping them off. I had a great view of his smooth boy nuts through the stretched out leg hole of his briefs. I silently took my cock out again and started to squeeze and pump my organ.

It became thick and lengthened to its full potential again in an instant. The kid was about to get the real thing, first hand. Watching him grope his package and twitch and clench his ass cheeks had made me fucking horny. I was getting ready to give him something to clench between those cupcakes. I opened my shirt and tweaked my firm nipples as quietly as I could, I removed my trousers trying to not fall down as I pulled them off over my boots I wasn’t in the habit of wearing underwear and my heavy ball sac hung loose and full of man cream.

I was going to need to empty it real soon, and the stock boy's butt or throat was as good a place as any to do that. I crept up behind him. He was obviously too engrossed in the fuck pictures to see my reflection in the screen. I grabbed him by the arms, pulling them back as I rammed my pride and joy up against his cotton covered ass crack. He was startled and let out a loud grunt.

“Gotcha!” I announced. “What the fuck do you think you're doing in here?’

After a few heavy breaths, he stuttered out, “Uh, I'm just looking!“

My cock head poked into the crevice of his tight, sweaty ass cheeks and seeped out a trail of pre cum. I would have loved to bend him over the desk and plow his fuckable butt hole on the spot, but I wasn’t sure how much experience the kid had with man sex. My thick boy pleaser could easily cause him some damage if he wasn't prepared for it.

“You're not supposed to be up here, boy! The building is closed for the night, We’re under lock down; you can’t leave now, that means we have the whole night ahead, just the two of us, how old are you anyway, boy!“I flaunted my authority.

"I'm just past eighteen sir," he replied.

I pulled the stock boy back against my naked torso.

“You like watching that kind of stuff?" I asked.

“I, I, I guess so sir!" he sheepishly replied as my cock slipped beyond his tight little hole and wedged between his smooth, quivering thighs

As I continued to hold him tight, I reached around him. I let my hand slide over his taut stomach and down around his smooth cock and balls. My fingers slipped inside the opening of his tented bikini briefs. The kid still had a huge boner, even after my surprise intrusion. I felt around for his hairless nuts and my captive boy moaned as I touched them and rolled them between my fingers. He leaned back against my solid body, and tilted his head back against my shoulder. My boner was pressing against the back of his boy nuts. I could feel the head of my own cock as I toyed with and fondled the stock boy’s berries.

“Since I seemed to have caught you wandering around where you‘ re not supposed to be, I think I need to make sure you haven’t stolen anything, A little body cavity search is what‘s called for, here." I was quiet and let him ponder my statement. Since he wasn’t fighting me, I knew I had his interest. He seemed to be a more than willing participant in my little game. I purposely didn't touch his rigid dork. I wanted him to last. I was planning to use his hot mouth and tight ass more than once that night. I put my hand up to his face.

“Let's start here,“I suggested. I forced my thumb inside his mouth and roughly ran it around inside. I wasn't trying to hurt him, just getting him ready for something bigger and better.

“Suck it!" I ordered, straightening my thumb out in his mouth.

“Get used to it, I've got something a lot more tasty waiting to be sucked on,“I added.

I slowly turned his body around to face me. He was now looking right up at me. My thumb was still deep in his mouth.

“Keep sucking," I told him.

I could see from the look on the lad’s face that he was both a little apprehensive and a little anxious. He kept sucking my thumb as I poked it in and out, giving him a preview of what it was going to be like when I fucked his pretty little face. I pushed the stock boy to his knees. He kept sucking my thumb as he had a good look at the man cock that was going to replace it. His eyes widened in surprise. but he seemed eager for more.

“I think I need to use something a little more sensitive to the touch," I said, popping my thumb out of his mouth and aiming my throbbing hard on at his face. I shoved my cock against his tight lips, forcing it into his mouth. I hadn’t been in his mouth two seconds before he started sucking it like a baby on a bottle. I was kind of surprised. This kid really knew how to suck cock!

He was working my rod so expertly with his tongue, I was afraid that I'd pop my load down his throat any minute. I had to pull out and let him chew on my nuts for a while so I could have a chance to cool down. The stock boy was as good with my balls as he was with my cock. I looked down at him and noticed he had started stroking his long, skinny boy cock. It was now sticking out the waistband of his briefs and the entire shaft was shiny with the copious amounts of pre cum that leaked out of his piss slit. He was oozing out so much cock drool that I could smell it, and it was driving me crazy.

I very seriously thought about popping off right in the kid’s face. It would have been a treat to plaster down his blond hair and coat his pretty little face with my pecker snot, but I decided that a better treat would be to dump my spunk inside his tight hole.

I put my dick back in his mouth and said, “Get it good and wet, son, cause it's going right up your hole when you are done!"

“Yes, sir!" the kid responded. “I'll do anything you say, sir. Just please don’t tell my boss!"

“You just do as you’re told, boy," I said, picking up on his fantasy.

"Maybe it would do you some good if your boss came in here and saw you taking it up the ass from a security guard. What would you say when he asked you how you got into such a mess? would you tell him that you were sneaking around the plant, jacking off and watching porn on the company computers?" I said.

“No, sir,” he said blushing. “Please don’t tell. I'll let you have my ass!”

“You’re damn right you will!" I said as I spun him around. His briefs were still covering his butt, but only barely. I took care of that in record time. I grabbed them by the waistband and yanked until they ripped completely off him, revealing his beautiful boy butt. The sight of his smooth round ass made my big club start to leak a river of pre cum. I ran my hands over his butt cheeks and gave my rod a couple of good strokes before bending him over the desk.

“Reach back here and pull those cheeks apart, boy, Show me your little hole. Yeah, that's it, son, We’re gonna turn that ass hole into a pussy.” I said.

I squatted down and pressed my face into his butt. I knew I had to get his hole nice and wet to take my battering ram, so I started lapping at that tight rosebud. The kid's ass crack was hot and moist. Getting caught had made him break out in a nervous sweat. As I continued to eat away at his hot, little tunnel, I pressed one, then two fingers up inside.

I stood back up. I knew the kid was ready for some butt fucking, but that I’d have to take it slow. I ran the head of my cock back and forth across his hole a couple of times then placed the head right on target. I gave a gentle push, intending to slowly enter him, inch by inch. All of a sudden the kid's hole opened up and I sank balls deep inside. As my belly pressed into his butt cheeks, I heard him give out a little groan and sigh of pleasure.

“You sure as hell ain't no virgin, are you kid?" I said.

“Uh no, sir. I get caught doing bad things a lot," he replied.

“You always get fucked up the ass when you do something bad?" I asked with a laugh.

“Yeah. my boss says I'm too old to spank,” he replied again.

“I don't know about that, son," I said as I smacked him a good one right across his hot butt. He didn't seem to mind, so I gave him another one. Soon I was fucking and spanking him for all I was worth.

He started grinding back against me and shouting, “Give it to me! fuck my naughty little ass! make a man outta me!"

Needless to say, I wasn't going to last long. His talented hole practically milked the cum right up from my nuts. I thrust my hand into the small of his back, holding him still on the desktop, and dumped a huge load up his chute. He pulled so much spunk out of me that it overflowed and dripped down over his hairless nuts. It didn’t take me long to realize that the stock boy was getting his own nut. His hole spasmed around my softening man cock as he pumped shot after shot against the side of the desk.

I made him lick his cum up off the desk and any of mine that had dripped out of his ass onto the floor. But we were just getting started. He had me up his ass all over the plant that night. I think he finally learned his lesson.

The next night, as I was making my rounds I noticed that the same man from the day before had left his computer on again. As I got closer, I noticed that it was playing a slide show, just like the night before, only this time every fourth or fifth screen was a typed message. As I got closer I could read it.

“Hope you enjoyed your night with Randy last night. He sure did." Then the screen changed and flashed some more pictures. Then, “He can be a bad boy sometimes but he's really a good kid. His ass just needs a good fuck every now and then.” Then there were a few pictures of Randy getting fucked. He looked

like he was really enjoying it. Finally, “Maybe the three of us should get together sometime,“and it was signed, “Randy‘ s Boss."

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