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The Swim Team

I began humping the ass of the most homophobic guy I know....
"C'mon ladies! One Two One two!"

That's the coach. He always yells at us, like otherwise we wouldn't have the motivation to swim. But he's a good coach anyway. Most coaches would have thought twice about adding a gay member to the swim team, but he just looked at my body and said I was fit enough to make it.

The strong blow of the whistle signaled that we can now get out of the water. I stood crouched over the rim of the pool, looking at my reflection as I breathed deeply. I was 18, one of the younger members of the team. My short blond hair was something most guys liked about me, and my swimmers build.

"Good work today guys." The coach said when we gathered around him. "Keep up the good work, and the competition next week is ours! Meanwhile, rest, practice, and eat healthy. We'll meet tomorrow for another practice."

We all said goodbye to him, and went into the changing room.

This was the best time of the practice - nine hot studs changing cloth around me, their dicks flopping everywhere and their balls hanging. But they asked me not to look at them, and definitely not to do anything. I kept my promise to them not to do that. This is why it was also the hardest.

After they all drop their swimwear, all the guys walk into the showers. Josh, the only member of the team I hate, stopped me.

"Listen here fag! I don't want you looking at me! Understood?!"

"Why would I be looking at you? I'm interested in men who are... above average."

Josh blushed, and rushed into the showers. Some guys showed their sympathy- they accepted me even though I was gay, and they didn't like how Josh was treating me. I followed them into the showers, which were just a large pipe with some overhead shower heads, in a large open room. We all had to stand close together to wash. I stood near my old time friend and the guy who convinced me to join the team in the first place- Jack. Jack is clumsy, and he always drops his soap. However, I never do anything about it, even though I might die to. It's cliché for a gay guy to fuck the guy who drops the soap anyway- which is why everyone was surprised to hear a loud slap, echoing through the room.

"What the hell man?!" Jack said, rubbing his behind.

"It wasn't me!" I said. I looked over Jack, and narrowed my eyes at Josh, who was grinning broadly.

"C'mon Stan, I don't believe that." Jack told me "Who else would have done it? Josh?"

"Yes." I replied.

Josh stopped grinning. He walked up to me, and pointed a finger in my face.

"You said something fag?"

"I said you slapped Jack's ass." I said as I pushed his hand away. "It makes sense too. You are covering your obvious homosexuality by pretending to be homophobic." I had some good rough sex with guys like that.

"That's the dumbest thing you said all week!" Josh exclaimed, maybe too quickly.

"Really?" I replied. "Your boner doesn't seem to agree with you."

All the guys looked over at us, wanting to know what is going on. Josh's average dick was throbbing in the cool air, and was fully erect. He had no excuses.

Nowhere to run.

Nowhere to hide.

"Fuck this." He said.

He pushed me back, and I slipped on the wet floor. I pulled myself up to my knees as he continued to walk to me.

"What the fuck are you –" I yelled, but he plugged my mouth shut with his cock.

"Shut the fuck up and take my cock in your mouth you fag!" He whispered, placing his hands behind my head and forcing me onto his cock. I moved up and down on it.

"You like my cock you little gay fuck, don't you…" He said, loudly.

I hate to admit it, but I did. It has been so long since I had a cock in my mouth, I missed the feel of it, and even though it was Josh's, it was good to be back. Also, the rest of the guys formed a circle around us, and it turned me on.

Josh was busy pushing his cock into my mouth and didn't let go of my head and look around. If he would, he could have seen that Jack, behind some other guys, was stroking his long and wide sausage that I used to have dreamed about before he made it clear he didn't want to fuck. Well, he certainly was enjoying this show. So were the other two guys on my other side. In fact, they didn't only masturbate- they were rubbing each other's cock. A fourth guy, who bathed in his swimwear, had an impressive bulge and his manhood was poking out. Surprisingly, he made the next move.

He approached Josh from behind, and started licking his ass. I took one hand and slapped that guy's ass through the tight Speedo swimwear. I let my hand trail down his butt crack until I reached that point below his hole and before his balls. By the way he shook, you would have thought he jizzed right there and then.

Slowly, Josh slowed down, moaning as the Speedo guy took care of his ass. He eventually let me go, and I went behind him, and moved that guy away. Josh was going to get it.

I spanked him a few times, and hard, till you could see the outline of my hand on his ass. I crossed my hands in front of his stomach, and pushed him to me. His hole was lubricated with the saliva of Speedo guy, and I forced my way in. I felt my hard rod pushing into Josh, invading him. He gasped for air, and as I pulled back out, his raspy breath cut a few times. I moved him down to the doggy position, and I began humping the ass of the most homophobic guy I know.

"Maybe I am a little gay fuck, but you're a little straight fuck. Why don't you tell all the guys how you love my cock?" I whispered to his ear, and he mumbled back.

I straightened up and pulled his head up too. "I said- Tell these guys how you love my cock!"

"I love your cock!" He yelled out! "Fuck yeah!" He screamed as I rode him "Fuck me hard!"

That was the last straw for the guys. Some came over and pulled Speedo guy's Speedo off, and started giving his cock a royal treatment. The guys who were holding each other's cock were now giving blowjobs to each other, and the other guys started doing whatever they wanted, ready to experience gay loving.

"Jack! Come over here!" I yelled.

He came over, and I slapped Josh, ordering him to suck Jack nice and dry. Which he did- what a good bitch.

All over the room, Moans and cries escaped mouths. I exited Josh, and invited Jack to take over. I enjoyed his eyes as Jack's massive manhood entered him. I saw the lust in his eyes. In fact, I saw it in everyone's eyes. It seems like a huge load of sexual tension has just been released. As I walked between the entire swim team, I saw everywhere sandwiched swimmers, their rippling abs, glistening from the shower, and their cocks, buried in assholes, mouths, or hands.

I moved to the largest group, where five out of the ten swim team members were intertwined in a circle of lust and gay sex. Two guys were humping two more guys bareback, as those guys explored the body of a sixth member. I placed myself over his throbbing, swelling shaft, and let myself down. I felt him rip into me, and the pain mixed with the sheer sexual pleasure of riding the men I fantasized over for a year, and never thought I'd get. I pulled myself up and let myself back down on his manhood, pleasuring him as well as myself. He cried out as I rode him.

I heard someone yell. It was Josh, who just had his first gay orgasm. His cum flew over the room in arcs, as he vibrated on jacks cock. They stayed plugged together for a while, and then Jack pushed Josh off, and moved his hand over his own cock, until stream by stream of cum landed on Josh's hair, back, and used ass.

Very soon, the orgy slowed down, and more and more people sprayed their cum everywhere. The guy I rode came the second after I pulled off, and I moved to help some other guy. We were all hot men, and we all got tested, so we came on each other, on ourselves, and basically wherever we wanted.

We helped each other up, and washed the cum off our bodies. I don't think this will be the last time we will have some fun in the showers, I thought as I slapped Josh's ass and, winking to the other guys, left the changing rooms.

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