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The Swimming Coach

Daniel slapped me on the ass as he fucked me fast and furious from behind.
Daniel Henney was the most beautiful man I’d ever saw. He was 29 years old and I was 22. He was our swimming coach on the swim team at university.

Daniel had the bronzed body of a Greek God, rippling stomach, and huge biceps. He looked more like a fitness instructor than a swimming coach.

Let me introduce myself, my name’s Andy Davis.

I grew up in North London but then got a swimming scholarship to transfer to the 'States where I am now in Los Angeles. Man, the men here are hot! You can certainly tell they look after their bodies. As you can tell, I’m gay, always have been and always will be. My parents did try and failed miserably for me to turn straight but it didn’t happen. For example, if Megan Fox or Britney Spears walked by, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Now, if it was Brad Pitt or David Beckham, then that would definitely grab my attention.

Just too bad they’re both married with children.

One hot summer’s day, the men’s swim team and I had just finished our training in the pool and we all took a shower naked. I couldn’t help but to gawk at their gorgeous bodies.

“Hey Davis,” a black guy showering across from me called out to me. “What are you staring at?”

I turned away quickly and finished off showering.

20 minutes later when all of the team had put their stuff into the lockers and then grabbed up their stuff to leave I was last to exit. I tied up my trainers laces then swung my bag over my shoulder and was just about to walk out when I heard water running. With curiosity getting the better of me, I went to have a look.

Hot steam from the shower room flooded through the room down the hallway. I peeked around the corner and my eyes widened in surprise as I saw the coach, Daniel Henney, butt naked taking a shower. The hot water running down his hot toned body... He turned around with his eyes closed and hands running on the back of his dark hair. The vision made me excited. He had a big dick and it wasn’t even hard.

I felt arousal growing in my groin as I continued to look. Something moved in my shorts I glanced down and saw my dick had come to life. Sticking out like a rocket ready to shoot off. Unfortunately for me having an erection in shorts makes it very uncomfortable as it strained the fabric. I opened the button on my shorts and sighed quietly with relief. I peeked round the corner and saw Daniel had shut off the shower and now was walking my way.

Shit, I thought, panicking. I quickly went into the laundry room which unfortunately Daniel had seen someone had gone into.

“Hello, is someone there? Davis is that you?” he called. Daniel opened the laundry room and gasped in shock at seeing me there even more so with a big erection in my pants. “Get out of there!” He stood in the doorway and waited for me naked still wet.

I quickly stepped out of the laundry room.

Daniel turned to me with hands on his hips. His brown eyes lowered down to my erection in my shorts and then looked back at me. He stepped forward backing me against the wall. His eyes lowered down to my huge dick and his right hand ran over the tip making me gasp.

My blue eyes lowered down and widened as my coach’s dick grew bigger and was hard as a rock. I looked back up and met his gaze and before I could say anything he pressed his finger to his lips.

He unzipped my shorts and pulled them down releasing my hard dick and I felt relieved. I watched with delight and amazement as Daniel’s right hand cupped around my dick and moved up and down. I gasped and closed my eyes with utter delight.

'Oh, god, oh, god', I thought with pleasure.

Unfortunately because I was so horny and hadn’t had any love action for a long time, I came very quickly spurting out all my juices onto his hand. I watched as Daniel sucked it up from his hand.

“You taste lovely, suck me, babe,” he said in a sexy tone.

I got down on my knees and took his large dick into my mouth making him gasp out loud. He grabbed hold of the back of my head and pushed me harder onto his cock.

Daniel tasted lovely in my mouth. I heard him cry out as I felt him shooting his load deep inside my throat. I swallowed.

Daniel smiled down at me when I looked up at him. He told me to get down on all fours and I did. His dick grew rock hard again and then thrusted it inside my ass.

I cried out with a combination of pleasure and pain. Mostly pleasure. I gritted my teeth as Daniel fucked me harder and faster. It felt wonderful having the man of my dreams’ cock deep in my ass riding me.

He smacked my ass and fucked me harder and harder. Daniel grunted heavily working himself up to an orgasm.

I myself felt I was about to orgasm as it was so hot exciting. I trembled beneath him as I spurted thick white juices onto the floor.

Daniel fucked me faster gripping my hips as he rocked back and forth furiously into me. He let out a mega roar of a cry as he came to his climax and his body quivered over me and exploded his hot ejaculation inside my ass.

Suddenly, we both looked up and saw a couple of guys from the swim team stare at us in utter shock then hurried away.

Daniel and I laughed and breathed heavily.

“How was that?” Daniel asked me, pulling out from my ass.

I looked back over my shoulder and smiled and he smiled back.

“Amazing,” I replied.

He grinned. “Good. I got to go now but, what are you doing later?”

“Not much, why?”

“Good, keep it free.”

I looked confused but Daniel kissed me on the lips.

“You’ll see.”

I watched as he put shorts on and sleeveless top then kissed me again.

“Tonight, at eight, car park, don’t be late,” he told me. Daniel winked as I pulled my shorts back on.

I grinned, “And if I’m late?” I asked.

Daniel stepped up closer to me pushing me back against the wall and his left hand rubbed up and down on my dick.

“If you’re late then I’ll just have to punish you for being a bad boy,” he replied.

He kissed me long and hard on the lips and gave my cock another rub up and down making it hard sticking out a bit in my shorts. He felt me grow in his hand and glanced down and grinned at me, “Whoops.”

“Err, how am I meant to go out into public like this now?” I complained.

Daniel stepped back and threw up his hands, grinning.

“I don’t know, not my problem. Masturbate if need be,” he said. “See you tonight, lover boy.”

He blew me a kiss and then walked away around the corner.

I sighed with annoyance and glanced down at my dick sticking out of my shorts. Images of what had happened between me and the gorgeous swimming coach, Daniel Henney, and what would happen tonight made me pull down my shorts and masturbate until I came and relieved myself.

I couldn’t wait for tonight and how fantastic the sex will be with my gorgeous coach.

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