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The Truth (Part 2)

Fuck yeah! FUCK! His yells can faintly be heard against the creaking of the bed.
"Good, you woke up."

"Look who's so anxious to learn about my gay past…"

"Yes. You were on the second part of the story?"

"Right… The second part starts when I'm in a bed, but not mine."


There's always something different about fucking guys. The obvious differences are physical. I love the rough texture of the skin, the tightness of the asshole. My large, muscular body spread against another man, pumping strings of cum into his hole. There's another difference to it, though. Their reaction is always different, and they are more open to hardcore sex, though this may be because of the fact that I usually get the rough guys. I'm too big for the regular ones.

I lifted my semi erect, throbbing, 7 inch-thick cock out of the man beneath me, who laid panting, muscular limbs spread apart.

"Cut" yelled the director, and I got off the set, finding a towel to clean myself.

When I looked in the mirror, I still marveled at how much I've changed from the kid I was in high school. Besides becoming a gay porn star, I was now 24 years old and in college. My shoulders widened, hair covered me from my face, through my chest and stomach, to the bottom of my legs. I also went to the gym regularly, maintaining a very muscular physique. 

This shoot was a kind of a get together. I reached my hand out to Mike, helping him off the bed. We had sex many times after that initial butt humping I gave him in high school, and when we left for college, he went officially gay. He was also the one who introduced me to the porn industry when I needed the cash for my college studies.

"How was that Mike?"

"Amazing, as usual. I still don't get why you won't come out as a gay."

"I just want to find a nice girl and settle down. Coming out won't help that" I replied to the question he had asked me every time we had sex.

He sighed as he strolled off the set, pulling on a tight t-shirt handed to him by a short (though nonetheless handsome) man- his latest boyfriend. What a slut, I thought, smiling to myself. I couldn't help but check Mike out. His strong hands pulled down the tight t-shirt, and it clung to every feature of his body, highlighting his abs and arm muscles. His clean shaven groin emphasized the long flaccid cock that flopped about with his every move, along with his low sagging balls. As he turned around to pull a pair of lime green boxer briefs up his strong thighs, I stared at that perfect piece of ass that I just pounded.

The director, a short little fellow, came up to me. He had, when I first came into the industry, told me that he loved that raw feel about me, the muscles, the hair and the cock.

"That was an awesome scene Greg. You got a few minutes?"


"Come into my office for a second, I need to talk to you."


"So you get to be the main fucker for the new film they're shooting?" asked Mike, spread on the bed in his rented apartment. "The one in two months?"

"Yeah" I replied. "But there's a problem. They want me to play a man who's big in… all directions."

"Well surely you're up for it. Isn't 9 inches enough?"

"They want me to add at least another inch. I think it's petty, but I don't know. This part could be enough to pay for the remainder of college." I shrugged, and pulled a small pack with a few pills in it out of my bag, just the amount to get me from 9 to 11 inches in length. I need to take half of it to get the part.

"Well man, it's your body. And I'm loose enough for you any size you'll be. It's your choice."

"I guess…"

We finished the conversation and I left for my own apartment, the thought of the pills in my bag so prominent in my head I didn't notice as I bumped into a young guy near my apartment, knocking him to his feet.

"Oh dude, I'm so sorry" I say as I hand him an arm.

"It's ok" He says in a foreign accent, as he grabs my hand and picks himself up. He is clearly from Africa, if to tell by his accent and his skin color. We introduced ourselves. His name is Len, and he just moved in. Oddly, when I told him my name he frowned in disappointment.

"Ha? Oh, yeah… You just really reminded me of someone." He answers when I ask him if everything's alright.

I try to locate my keys in my bag, and half mindedly ask "Who?"

"Don't take it the wrong way, but… you really, really look like Dane, a gay porn star who I'm a huge fan of."

I smile. It's nice to know people recognize me by my screen name, and that I have fans. Suddenly, a wild idea pops into my head.

"Maybe that 'Dane' is just a screen name. Perhaps his real name is Greg. Who knows?" I shrug. "Would there be a way to see if I am really that Dane?"

Len's eyes light up. "Yes, but I'd have to see you naked for that..."

"That can be arranged," I say as I spin my key and open the door. "Is now a good time?"

Len nods quickly and follows me inside, where I already decided a night he'll never forget awaits him.

He sits on my bed, and I apologize, saying I have to take a shower first. However, I leave the door open when I start shedding my shirt, pants and underwear. I noticed his eyes widen with excitement when my dick flops out. I step into the shower, and, making sure Len sees every motion, begin to rub the soap over my body. He rubs his bulging crotch and takes off his shirt. I appreciate a nice body when I see one, and Len's no exception. He has no hair on his chest, but I can see his pubes under a gorgeous six pack as he stands up. He strips naked and joins me in the shower, and starts rubbing my chest. The water makes everything slippery as he rubs himself on me, his body glossed over by the soap. He makes small hip motion and moves his cock against my thighs, feeling my own. I hold him by his firm ass and pull him out of the shower, both of us dripping wet. I drop him onto my bed, where I wedge my cock in his ass and move it up and, till I force it in. He screams into my pillow as I enter him at once, with no lubricant but the shower water. I start to pull out, and he moans. I push in and out, slowly raising the speed. Len moans sharply with every move.

"Fuck yeah! FUCK!" His yells can faintly be heard against the creaking of the bed.

I move in and out vigorously, but I am forced to withdraw when Len moves to the side. My large dick vibrates in the cold air, but I grab Len, and rolling him to his side, thrust back into him.

"Damn Dane! You're too fucking big!" He moans.

Pre-cum rolls down his dick and I reach out and grope his balls, pressing myself against him as my hips sway back and forth. He smells faintly of the soap, faintly of sweat.

"So I am the porn star, aren't I?" I whisper into his ear. He nods.

I withdraw as a fountain of cum erupts from my cock, landing on both of us. I stand up immediately to get a towel, but Len stays down, panting. I pushed so hard, even I pant a little before I catch my breath.

"You're so big…" he moans.

"Yeah, and can you believe they want me to put on another inch?"


"Yeah, they even gave me the pills for it, they're in they're in my bag as we speak."

"Will you do it?"

I shrug, throwing the used towel into the laundry basket. I'll need to shower tomorrow morning, but right now, I crawl into bed with him, feeling his smooth warmth against my body- completely different from a girlfriend, but somehow- entirely the same. I hear his breath soothing, and slowly, sleep comes over me.

By the time I wake up, Len's out of bed and about. I notice with a smile that he's still naked.

"Good morning" He smiles at me.

I sigh, sitting up in bed and stretching my limbs. He hands me a cup of coffee, and sips his own.

"Thanks" I say, and gulp down the bitter coffee quickly. There's no "job" to be done at work, but I have some college work, and I want to get started, which I do as soon as Len goes back to his apartment. I sink into the mediocre work, forgetting all about my job, or the enlargement pills I was suppose to take.


Time flies. I found that while I still hadn't come out as a gay, Len was becoming increasingly my boyfriend. We watched movies, he stayed over for days at a time, and we had a very active sex life. I was surprised to see two month have flown by, and I got a call from the director.

"But I haven't taken the pills… "I started to object.

"Doesn't matter" He cut me. "Come today at 4:00, I'll see if I can get you a part either way."

I spent the rest of the time at Lens house, before I drove to the director's office, where all the meetings were held. A line of men were outside. I knew most of them from previous productions, and so we talked some, until I was called inside.

"Ah, Greg, I'm glad you came." He said when I quietly closed the door behind me.

"You told me to come, so I came. What's up?"

"Well, we wanted you as the lead role for this film, but seeing as you aren't quite as big as we want, I've got some other candidates."

I nod, waiting to see if he has a part for me or not.

"Now, I know you said you didn't take the pills, but maybe we should take another look, just in case."

I shrug and drop my pants. I didn't wear underwear today, and my dick hanged out, a thick, long sausage. The director eyed my cock.

"Greg, are you sure you didn't take the pills?"

"Positive. I didn't even find them, when I looked around for them after you called this morning."

He looked perplexed, and asked me to get erect, pulling out a string and a ruler from his desk's drawer. I looked in the mirror as I moved my hand against my long shaft, letting it swell up in my hands, and it didn't seem that different. And yet, when I measured it, sure as fuck, it showed 10 inches long, and 8 thick.

"Well, it would seem you may get the part after all." The director said, sitting down.

"But I didn't take those pills…" I mumbled

"Are you sure you hadn't? When was the last time you saw them?"

I didn't answer, but I remembered- the night I first fucked Len was the last time. Could he have slipped it into a drink, maybe that cup of coffee when I woke up? By the time I'm out, I make up my mind. I'm so enraged it's a wonder my ears don't steam and my head doesn't explode, but if that bastard placed those pills in my coffee… And here I thought about coming out as gay for him, only to realize he played with my body! The idea, fittingly, comes to me from one of the foreplay sessions I had with Len. A perfect last sex scene, which I know he loves- he'll get a taste of what he lost.


I placed the black beanie over my head, and rolled it down, letting only my eyes and mouth show. Ragged blue jeans on my legs and white boxer briefs beneath them, tight black shirt over my body, I kicked my way into my apartment. Len was in bed, but fully awake.

Covered to his head, I could see how aroused he was by the outline of his erect, throbbing cock through the thin blanket. I drop my bag, and pulled it away. He was naked from the groin down, revealing his cock. I sure am going to miss that.

"What… what do you want…?" He mumbled, not even trying to cover himself up.

"Look at you, slut…" I spit out, putting on a deep voice.

I reached at him, and before he could roll over, I tore his shirt away. He fell onto my floor, and I pressed him down with my palm. His heart was racing, and it gave me a tiny thrill.

"C'mon ya little fuck…" I groaned, rolling him over and slapping his butt.

I unbuckled my pants, and lowered them. He breathed audibly, and then cried out as I pushed in him at once, and pulled out again, not letting him get a better look at me, for fear that he'll recognizes me.

"Tight cunt you have, ass fuck…" I groaned as I humped him as fast as I could, my thick cock penetrating his ass, sliding in, and sliding back out. He replied with fast, sharp moans.

"Please…." He gasped finally

"Please what, cunt? Take my cock faster?" He moved his head up and down in agreement as I forced myself to fuck him faster and faster. Can I have really taken a liking to that slut?

He moaned and I slowed down, feeling for his dick. It was moist with precum, and shook when I grabbed it. Len gave a big shudder and I felt the warm cum spreading. I turned him over and grabbed his face, cleaning my fingers in his mouth.

"Wanna taste something else, ass fuck?" I ask, spreading my legs over his naked body, half lying half sitting on the floor. 

He leaned forward, and opened his mouth wide, but I moved my hips, slapping him with my manhood. It stiffened, and blew stream by stream of cum onto his face. It dripped slowly down onto his body.

"Gather your things." I yelled, pushing him up. He enjoyed the fuck, but he is still not sure what's happening. Perfect. His cum and my own were dripping over him, but he ran around and soon he had all his stuff inside two large bags. I tore the mask off my face and he gasped, opening his mouth to speak before I cut him.

"I know what you did. You think my body is your own property, dip shit?" I told him, a dangerously low tone to my voice. "I want you out of this apartment, and I don't want to see your face ever again."

He breathed in, as if trying to articulate a response, but simply walked out. He held his nose high, as if he had done nothing wrong. I drop onto the bed- everything went by so quickly, and now he was gone. I bring up that face he made as he left the apartment, and I shake my head in disbelief. How could I have really… loved that man?


"I had completely lost my footing after that. The thought that someone I'd let so close to me would do such a thing was somehow beyond my grasp. I had quit men, though it was hard at times. But close to my graduation, I met this beautiful blond girl who had barely been in that college for two weeks."

"I'm guessing that's me?"

"Yes. And once we got in a relationship, I haven't been with a man. That is, until yesterday."

"The third part?"

I nod in agreement, and crawl out of bed.

"I'm heading to the kitchen to get breakfast. I'm starving."

"In which case you'll continue telling me the story in the kitchen."

"Very well" I sigh, and leave bed, heading to the kitchen.

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