The Wait

By kirzo

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First story, please go easy on me :)
As I lay on my bed, waiting for you, I wonder what is taking you so long. You said you had to run to the store but for what? Nothing should take this long. I start to get uncomfortable as the anal plug you put in before you left starts to dig in a little deeper. My wrists start to burn as I try to shift my weight to relieve some discomfort, but the cuffs are cold and solid. I notice that the candles that you lit are almost burnt out. What did I do? I try to recall my day, work and some shopping. Did I forget something? God, I wish I knew why you left me like this.

As the candles burn completely out, I hear you on the other side of the door. I think I hear another voice but it is very hard to tell who is with you. The voice sounds soft compared to yours. Is it a woman? Why would you bring her here? Suddenly the door starts to open and a sliver of light is cast upon my naked body. You look in to the room to view the work you left behind. Cuffed and stuffed, just the way you like me. The door shuts and I start to panic. My heart races as the room turns black again and the silence is deafening. I don't dare scream for I've learned my lesson the last time I did that. I still have marks from that lesson.

I hear screaming in another room nearby from my guest bedroom, their not screams of fear but of lust. For what seemed an eternity, I lay there and wait. Wait for the screams to stop, wait for you to come back and release me. Finally I hear the front door open and close. My bedroom door is opened once again. No light this time, you've shut them all off. You reek like sex and cum. It`s a delicious smell. She must have tasted good. My cock starts to rise with your smell,.I can't see you but I smell you and I can hear you breath. I anticipate your touch. It never comes but I can still smell you and your breathing has slowed to normal. I know you`re there but where?

I start to doze off but am awakened with an awful *CRACK* on my thigh. The sting from the whip radiates to my balls and my cock stands straight up. I feel your strong hands rub the sting away then reach to my ankle. I loathe you for making me stay here so long but I want to make you happy so I comply to your rough orders.

" Leg up now!" you shout.

I feel a rope tied to it from above. What did you do while I was sleeping?

"Other leg!" you bark.

I lift my other leg so now my arms are cuffed over my head and my legs are up like a V. You pull the plug out viciously and without warning, I had totally forgot it was there! My hole gaped from being stretched for hours and with my leg in a V its very easy for you to access. You shove all 7 inches into my ass. It feels so good to be filled by you. I have waited for hours for this but as soon as you`re in you`re right back out.

" Fucking whore," I hear you say before you leave me alone in the room again.

I am alone again, needing you,wanting you. I must have you. I start to struggle but your knots are true and the cuffs unforgiving, I feel warmth run down my arms. The door opens. I hear you step in. It`s still pitch black. I hear you placing items, then there's light from the new candles you placed. You kiss my forehead and start to rub my wrists, moving slowly down to my chest. Avoiding my groin area, you work your way to my legs and lower them slowly to let the blood back into them, but never untie them. I see the work you've done while I was sleeping, pulleys over my bed, clever bastard.

You tell me you've been stressed at work and you need to relax. You sit in the chair in the corner and vent. You tell me about the slut you just fucked and how you were able to fist her ass while you fucked her cunt. I'm hard as a rock again, waiting for you to finish. I tell you I'm sorry for whatever I've done to deserve this but there's no response from you.

My eyes have adjusted by now and I see you, sitting in boxers, stroking your shaft while you stare at me. You stand up and you pull my legs back up and take off your boxers. I can smell your musk as you come near my head.

"Open your mouth," you command.

My mouth barely opens and you start to throat fuck me, deeper and deeper while I gag and fight for air. As I struggle to take all of you in, you start to run your hands through my hair and tell me how good of a cock sucker I am. I try to say thank you but it comes out all mumbled. I feel your member start to pulsate in my mouth and you spill your sweet tasting seed in my mouth. You pull out of my mouth and I thank you.