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Theater Sex

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First time at a Adult Movie Theater

Guess I should tell you that every thing I had written and the stories that follow are all true and happened during the 4 years I was in the Navy and stationed at San Diego, California. My only purpose for going on liberty and going into town was to find men to have sex with and I didn't care what they looked like. You will notice that I used the word "men" and not "man" because I wanted at least 3 or 4 different men to enjoy my body.

About a week after the costume party that I attended I had the weekend off from the base and after getting into town and changing my clothes at the locker room I started my "walk of pleasure", I had not gone more than 10 steps before this car stopped and the driver told me to hop in. As soon as I did I noticed that it was a man called John who had picked me a number of times. I like him a lot because he was in his 50's, very demanding but in a nice way. Whenever I was with him I knew that he was my master and I obeyed everything he told me to do without question and while he seem to enjoy using me sexually he also enjoyed watching other men use me also.

He asked me if I had ever been to an adult movie and when I said "no" he told me that I was in for a treat.

He drove to a store that was closed and after he parked the car in the back he reached in the backseat and pulled out this dark coat and told me that he had this coat special made for him. The top of the coat had a partial shirt that was sewn into the coat and on the bottom there were two pant legs sewn into the lining. He informed me that whenever someone wore this coat and the coat was buttoned it looked like the individual was wearing a shirt and a pair of pants even though he was actually naked.

He told to strip naked except for my shoes and put the coat on and when I did as he requested he inspected me to make sure it looked alright. I must have passed with flying colors because he told me to get into the car and we would go to the movies. To be honest I felt kind of weird. Even though I was completely covered I felt kind of naked and when we walked from the car to the theater, which was about a block and a half, all kinds of scenes were bouncing around in my head.

For example I envisioned a man coming up to John, talking to him for a few minutes and then having him push me into a store front, bending me over and fucking me right there on main street. I knew it would never happen but the scene excited me and I ended up with a hard on that threatened to poke out of the folds of the coat,

We walked into the adult movie theater and John must of known the owner because they spoke each others name, shook hands and then the owner asked John if this, meaning me, was his new pleasure boy.

"Oh yes", John replied "and so far he is the best one. He loves to be gang banged and I thought that a trip to your theater would be just the thing to satisfy all his and your customers sexual appetites."

"As long as you are going to share him with everybody I won't even charge you admission. Just take him back to those special seats you know so well."

John and I walked into the theater and this was like no theater I have ever seen. The entrance was down by the screen and you walked up to the last row rather than vice ve rsa . John led me the entire width of the theater to the far wall and then we walked up to the last row of seats. I noticed that there was about 4 rows of seats missing and John informed me that they had removed those seats because if you had sat in them you would not be able to see the screen because the projection booth sat on the floor.

I also noticed that there were two seats missing from the row and again he told me that if you had sat in one of those two seats you wouldn't be able to see the movie because of the projection booth.

This was my first time to see an x-rated movie and when I looked up at the screen and saw two men fucking a woman my cock got instantly hard again. This was actually the first time I had ever seen a woman naked but she held no interest for me but the men sure did. I actually began to fantasize that I was that woman and those two men were using me like they were using her.

While I was gazing intently at the screen a man had walked around behind me and was now standing by the projection booth. John had placed my left hand on top of his cock which he had taken out of his pants. I don't know about you but whenever I touch a cock, whether it is hard or soft, a tingling sensation goes thru my body and I get really excited because I know that I will be providing the owner of that cock a great deal of pleasure whether it is from just my hand, my mouth or my pussy.

John leaned over to me and whispered into my ear to unbutton my coat and when the last button was unfastened he pulled the left side of the coat opened which exposed half of my naked body. Almost instantly I felt something rubbing against my right cheek which startled me because at the time I didn't know anyone was there.

I heard John say "Don't worry, I know the man and he will treat you alright ." I turned my head to the right and the cock that was rubbing my cheek immediately poked against my lips. Without even thinking about it my mouth opened wide and I swallowed his cock until my nose was buried in his thick wiry pubic hair. The man placed two hands on my head and he started to fuck my mouth. At first gently and then with increasing pressure and speed. His cock smashed against the back of my throat causing me to gag a little but since his cock wasn't that large I was able to take all of him. As he pulled his cock back a little I was able to swirl my tongue around the head which seem to give him a great deal of pleasure..

Since I had turned sideways to suck the strangers cock I felt John's hands on my shoulders and he began to slide the coat down my arms until he had slid the coat entirely off of my body. I really didn't even realize what he had done because I was concentrating on providing that stranger with the best blowjob that I could,

At that point I felt John's hands move down to my hips and he actually lifted me up so that I was standing free of the seat and bent over and the strangers cock never left my mouth. John knew that my ass was already lubed and before I realized it John had inserted his hard cock deep inside my ass and it was then that I realized that I was completely naked and exposed to anyone in the theater who cared to look and that fact made me even more excited than I was already.

My only goal at the moment was to provide the stranger who had his cock deep in the warm depths of my mouth the greatest pleasure I could and I swirled my tongue around the velvety head causing him to let out a moan. I began to suck harder, pulling him in deeper and compressing my lips tight around his maleness.

Within a few minutes I felt other hands touching me, some sliding up and down my back while others were rubbing and pulling on my nipples. I don't know where they all came from and I didn't care because at the moment I was in complete ecstasy . I was where a good slut should be and that is completely naked, surrounded by men all waiting their turn at one of my pleasure holes.

I don't know if it was the combination of watching people fuck on the movie screen or the availability of a naked boy taking on all available men, but I do know that most of those men that evening didn't last very long before they provided me with their male juices.

No sooner had the man in my mouth fill me with his delicious nectar and before I could swallow it all, he had pulled out and another cock would be pressing against my lips demanding entrance. I would open wide and could feel the new cock pushing the previous mans cum down my throat and I would again be providing pleasure to yet another stranger .

It was the same in my pussy. Normally I enjoyed the feeling of hot cum running down the inside of my thighs but this evening it had no chance to do so because just as soon as one cock would erupt inside me,, he would pull out and I would feel another hard cock being rammed in and after a few thrusts he would add his seed deep inside me and so the evening went, one cock after another.

I had no control over my body that evening. All of my movements were dictated by the men surrounding me. Every once in a while I would feel hot cum splashing against my naked flesh by men who could not get to one of my pleasure holes but felt compelled in giving me their hot cum.

I had no time to think during this time because I was being passed from one man to the next and was put into many different positions. Sometimes I was just bent over while men plowed into both holes. One time I was sitting on one man's lap, bouncing up and down on his large cock while another man stood in front of me so I could suck his cock and at the same time I had hold of two other cocks in my hands. It felt like I was being fucked in 4 different holes.

It got so intense that the two men I was jerking off came first and I felt their hot cum running down my arms while the man fucking my ass gave one final thrust and crammed the entire length of his cock deep inside me and he held m e tight while his man juice was forced deep inside my bowels. The man I was giving oral pleasure to pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his hot load all over my face. I felt spurt after spurt hitting my forehead and cheeks and then running down to drip off of my chin to my hairless chest.

I thought at the time that it was all over and I would get a chance to rest but to no avail. I felt hands lifting me off of the man I was sitting on and they led me around to the floor behind the last row of seats where the hands pushed me to the floor onto my back.One man straddled my chest and he began to rub his cock all over my cum covered face until he told me to open wide and his cock slipped inside and while his cock was fucking my mouth another man had my legs on his shoulders and he was fucking my cunt. with deep, hard thrusts. They both came inside me, pulled out and left.

When they were finished with me I was pulled to my feet and someone forced me to kneel on one of the seats so my back was to the screen and I was skewered from both ends once again. and all I could do was to hold onto the back of the seat while they had their way with me.

After a while it was hard to determine when one cock left me and another would take its place. Time had no meaning and it was like I was in a fog of sorts and all I could hear was the moans of the men around me as they poured their juices in and on me.

All of a sudden I felt really empty and when I looked around the theater was empty of men except for myself and John. I must have had a dazed look on my face because John asked me if I was alright. I managed a small smile from my bruised lips and asked him where everyone had gone. John told me that I had just provided a lot of sexual pleasure to about 14 or 15 men and that he was the only one left. He gave me a towel to wipe off all of the drying cum that had plastered onto my body and then I slipped his coat back on and we left.

Everything on my body was sore including my lips and my ass but I was very contented and pleased and I told John that I would be very happy to come back again.

When we got to the front of the theater the owner met us and told John "That was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my theater and let me tell you, I have seen a lot. I watched it all from my hidey- hole and wished that I had been back there helping out. Do you think he is ready for one more fuck?"

John had me remove my coat and bend over the candy counter. He then turned to the owner and told him that I was so lubed up with cum that he could just plow to his hearts content.

The owner put his cock at the entrance of my very sore ass and gave a big shove until he was buried deep inside me. It was a good thing I was enlarged back there from so many cocks pushing into me before because his cock was the largest so far and every time he moved his cock forward it would life my legs off of the floor and the only thing preventing me from falling over was the candy counter. He must of been very excited from watching all that action because all it took was a few thrusts from his cock before he added another gallon of hot cum to my already filled ass. He left his cock inside me until I could feel it getting soft and slipping down my chute until I could actually hear the "plop" as it left me.

I immediately fell to my knees and the owner grabbed my head in his two hands, turned me around until I was facing his slimy cock and directed me to clean him off. I put his soft cock into my mouth and began to lick him clean and I discovered that there was a lot of different tastes there. I realized that I was not only tasting the owners cum but was also tasting the other men that had already cum inside me. It was like Bas kin-Robbins 57 different flavors and they were all good.

John and I left the theater and went back to his car where I removed his coat and put my clothes back on. I went back to the base where I took a long hot shower and slept for about 9 hours.

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