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Third Shift

"I slapped her tits with my cock, rubbed my balls on her nose, and sprayed all over her face."

That's the reason no one liked working with Leo. Not that he was a bad guy, he just had no filter when it came to speaking. Lines like that, to Leo, were as normal as "Good morning," or "Extra sugar with my coffee please."

The early fall was the busiest time of the year for the factory. They would often run a first and second shift on the production floor and a second and third shift in the warehouse. The two warehouse shifts being responsible for kitting parts for the the two production shifts to run smoothly. The bosses would ask for volunteers for third shift, eager for the bump in pay with the shift differential, I quickly took them up on the offer.

Leo had run of the warehouse on third shift, so I'd be working for him. I said my goodbyes to my line mates that Friday. They left me with goodbyes and more than a few "Have fun working with Leo," in an almost a warning tone. I had worked with Leo before, he seemed fine to me so I brushed it off. I went about my weekend as usual, looking forward to the next couple of months on the night shift.

I got to work a little early the following week figuring I'd need to get myself used to the layout of the warehouse. I was dressed pretty casual, sweats and a sweat shirt, I wasn't about to ruin decent clothes in the dusty and dirty warehouse. Working so late at night, with the only other employee being Leo, I decided to wear a pair of pantyhose under my sweats. It's not like we would be working that closely anyway.

Leo greeted me as I stepped into the warehouse and quickly ran down the list of jobs we had to get kitted up. He gave me a quick lesson on the computer, showing me what jobs were scheduled and what was needed for each job. After a quick tour of the warehouse showing me where the assorted parts were shelved, we got to work. Leo breaking out in conversation every so often. He kept most of it going, with me only nodding or giving one word acknowledgement of what he said. The second shift had finished a good chunk of the work orders scheduled, so we finished fairly quickly. After a recheck of what we had put together we broke for lunch.

During lunch Leo properly introduced himself, telling me what seemed to be his entire life story. It seemed he had held every blue collar job you could imagine from construction, truck driving, some mechanic work, even driving a train. It showed on Leo, he was a rugged guy. I guessed his age to be about 60 or so, still, he held up well. Despite a beer gut, he still held an impressive figure. He stood about 5'9" or so. Thick arms and barrel chested, with salt and pepper hair and goatee, he was a "manly" man. So far working with Leo was great. The warnings of my first shift coworkers quickly forgotten. After lunch we headed back to the warehouse.

We kitted up the last of the work orders, we still had another couple hours left on the clock. Leo suggested we restock the shelves, there were some carts loaded with parts made in house. We inventoried them and got to work restocking. Hauling boxes around the warehouse made for hot work, I took off my sweat shirt and kept at it. Lifting a box onto an upper shelf I heard Leo come down the aisle.

"Hey! Those pantyhose you got on?" his voice echoed in the warehouse.

With my arms lifted, my shirt had come un-tucked, exposing my mid section. I set the box down, embarrassed, trying to cover myself quickly.

"Yeah," I answered meekly.

"Ah don't sweat it. Different strokes for different folks I guess," he chuckled as he walked back down the aisle.

The rest of the night went without incident, Leo saying nothing about the pantyhose at all. Waiting out the clock we spent the last half hour talking. Leo, again, holding most of the conversation. I learned during Leo's time on the road and rails he was quite promiscuous. "Nailing anything with a hole in it some nights," as he put it. The shift bell rang, we left for the day.

The next night was more of the same. We packed the kits, Leo telling his tales of the road. While not the most eloquent story teller, he still painted quite a picture. The stories of his sexual conquests rivaled those I had read in Penthouse in my teens.

"She was on my cock the entire ride," he said coming back from one of the aisles. "Bet that pitched a tent in your pantyhose kid."

Slightly embarrassed, I turned from the computer to reply. There Leo stood, his pants off. My eyes level with his semi rigid cock. It was huge, 9 inches, as thick as a beer bottle. His beer belly and massive mound of grey pubes doing nothing to hide it. It was so big, even his thick legs did nothing to diminish it's size.

"Like what you see kid?"

"I... uh, I guess so," I stammered.

"Now, I'm guessing you do. It's been my experience that guys who wear ladies underwear, have at one time or other, thought about sucking on a cock. By the looks of you, I'm betting you already tasted one or two. Am I right?" he asked, looking down at me.

"Yeah," I answered. I had sucked cock before, but nothing like his. The ones I'd had were all relatively small 5/6 inches.

"Well, what're you waiting for. It ain't going to suck itself," Leo said as he thrust his cock to my face.

With a slight tremble in my hand I reached for it. It was warm and heavy in my hand, not quite hard, but getting there. I couldn't get my hand to close all around his massive girth. I pulled my mouth to his fat mushroom head, I licked the tip. His musky scent filled my nostrils, I found it pleasant, assuring me of his manliness. I licked my way down his nicely veined shaft, making my way to his low hangings balls. I kissed his soft scrotum, his golf ball sized testicles. Sucking each one gently. My hand stroked his shaft as I went to to work on his balls.

"Feels good kid. I like what you're doing down there."

I responded to his encouragement. I let his balls from my mouth and ran my tongue up one side of his cock, stopping for a quick lick of the tip, and licking down the other side. Coming back up I took his thick head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I swallowed the first few inches with ease, I had to ease off to get some air. His cock filled my mouth so completely. Back down I went, taking more, gagging. I released him, his cock covered in my saliva. I went back for more, relaxing to take as much as I could.

"Aaaaaahhhh, that's it kid. Take it all. I know you can do it kid." His moans of pleasure continued as I worked his cock with my mouth.

I found my stride, taking his now fully hard ten inches in my hungry mouth. I worked a steady pace, his cock gliding easily in and out of me. Leo's moans mixed with the sound of my slurping on his cock making my own dick stand in attention. Grabbing my head, Leo started to fuck my mouth. Moving in and out, stopping only to bury himself inside me, holding there til I would gag. Withdrawing, I gasped for air, only getting just enough before he buried himself once more in me.

"I love how this feels kid," he said, as he shoved his cock back in. "You know what I'd like even more?"

His cock fully shoved in my mouth I could only look up at him. He looked down at me, he nodded, hinting at something behind me. As he saw it dawn on me what he meant, his cock slipped from my lips. Hard and now thoroughly wet with my spit, his dick twitched before me. He lifted me to my feet and bent me over the desk. I felt his thick hands at my waist, pulling my sweats down, exposing my pantyhose covered ass.

"Looking good kid. I figured you wear these again."

His hand slapped my behind hard, I winced. A moan of pleasure escaped from my lips. Leo pulled my hose down a bit. Putting his sausage like finger in my mouth, I sucked it. Getting it nice and wet. He put his finger it to my anus, teasing my hole. More moans breathed out of me. I felt him push into me, tensing up, he pushed his finger harder into me. His finger entered me, I relaxed some. His finger worked in and out of my hole. Adding another finger I relaxed more. I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside me.

"Fuck me please," I moaned. "I need to feel your cock in me Leo."

"Good boy. That's what I wanted to hear."

With that he pushed me down on the desk, his hands spreading my cheeks. I felt the head of his cock push into my tight hole. Finding some resistance he pushed harder. The fat head of his cock entered me. It hurt, I let out a yelp of pain.

"Easy kid, just relax and take it. It'll feel better soon enough."

He continued to push into me. I felt every painful inch enter me. Finally I felt his stomach on my back, all ten inches filling my now stretched out hole. My ass felt full, I breathed to relax myself. His cock pulled back, the full feeling and some of the pain went away. He pushed his cock back inside me. The pain slowly gave way to pleasure.

"Take it all in kid. You're ass is so tight, feels good. Gonna enjoy fucking you."

He meant what he said. Once I'd gotten used to him filling me up, I was able to relax and enjoy it. His cock sliding in and out of me, I moaned with each thrust. I felt his weight rest on me, his cock working a nice in and out pace. My own cock dripping with precum. His thrusting picked up pace, pushing me and the desk forward with each thrust. I was in Heaven, his cock felt so good in me. Faster and faster he went, the desk now banging against the wall. My ass feeling all of it, sending waves of pleasure through me. My hard cock, as if with a mind of it own, unleashed a torrent of cum. Jet after jet pumping out of me as Leo pumped his cock into me.

"Yeah boy, take my cock. Gonna cum soon. Feeling real close now."

"Give it to me Leo, give me your seed."

"Gonna blow soon."

"Give. It. To. Me." I said with each push into me. "Fill me up with cum Leo. Fuck me Leo, fuck me harder."

He drilled into me. His breathing getting heavy. His cock pounding away at my now gaped asshole. Without warning he pulled his dick out, I felt empty without it in me. He quickly spun me around and pushed me to my knees. His cock aimed right at my face. I opened my mouth greedily awaiting his seed. He pumped his cock twice sending a jet of cum straight into my face. Rope after rope pelted me, a good amount finding it's way into my hungry mouth. The rest coating what felt like every inch of my face.

"Looks like cum icicles falling from your face kid. You wear it well" he added laughing to himself. "Now go clean up, we still have a little work left."

I cleaned as much cum off as I could, licking my fingers clean. Trying to stand, I managed to seat myself back in the desk chair. My ass hurting from the fucking I had just received, I thought better of staying set down. Leo, his pants back on, came walking back over.

"Made for a pretty good night of work now didn't it?" he said giving me a soft pat on the ass.

"Definitely a fun one," I responded. "Hopefully it's not last," I added with a smile.

"Plenty more where that came from kid," he said as he went back to work.

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