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Tickle Torture

Two college guys have fun with tickling.
Jake and Kevin sat together on the floor in Kevin’s dorm room, working on their calculus homework. They were in the same class, though Kevin was a year ahead of Jake, a mere freshman. Kevin put set his pen on the floor next to him and rubbed his temples just beneath his shortly cropped black hair. “I really don’t get problem number six. I’ve tried it ten different times and I keep getting a different answer.”

“Let me take a look,” the younger blonde said, holding out a hand. The sophomore handed his notebook over and Jake began to scan it. “Well, no wonder. You didn’t identify the different parts correctly to integrate by parts.” Jake made a few notes on the page before handing it back to Kevin.

The older boy looked over those notes, then frowned. “Great. I’ve been schooled by an underclassman again.”

Jake grinned. “We’ve been in the class together for seven weeks now. I would’ve expected you to get used to it by now.”

“Oh, and now he’s getting cocky too!” Kevin scoffed with mock indignation as he rose to his knees and moved toward the freshman. “At least I know one way in which I can still school you!” With that, he knocked Jake to the ground and began running his hands up and down the younger boy’s ribs, tickling him.

“No!” Jake yelled, already giving in to bouts of laughter. He tried to push Kevin away, but his lithe body was no match for the sophomore’s linebacker build. Kevin managed to pin him to the floor by laying his more massive chest across the younger boy’s torso. Kevin began to run his hands up under his friend’s tee shirt, lightly teasing his bare skin underneath.

Jake was beginning to laugh harder and Kevin could tell the freshman was starting to get out of breath. He pulled Jake’s shirt over his head before running a hand across his pecs. Jake howled with more breathless laughter, letting Kevin know his buddy was at the point where ever touch would hit his tickle reflex. Kevin paused his assault, but kept the younger boy pinned and began to unbuckle his belt and remove his jeans. Soon, Jake was laying there in nothing but his boxer shorts.

“Oh god, you love doing this to me, don’t you?”

“Nope.” Kevin said, his voice the picture of mock seriousness. He ran his hand up one leg of Jake’s boxers and tickled the boy’s inner thy. Jake’s legs jerked and his laugher resumed. Kevin smiled, noticing the tent forming in his buddy’s underwear. He ran his palm over the cloth-covered glans of Jake’s erection, causing the freshman to jerk again. Kevin grinned and teased him, “Besides, it looks like you don’t find it completely terrible.”

“There are easier ways for me to get off,” Jake quipped before gasping as Kevin assaulted his inner thigh again. The sophomore’s hand brushed against his heavy balls.

“Yeah, but they’re not as fun for me,” Kevin said as he pulled down Jake’s boxers. The younger boy’s shaft sprung free, curving toward his stomach. Kevin traced a finger lightly along the underside of that hard shaft and Jake squirmed again. “I’m still amazed, you know. You really are ticklish everywhere.”

Kevin used one hand to constantly stimulate Jake’s erection while using the other to tease and stroke various parts of his friend’s body. Jake lay there gasping, at the point where he had no strength left to fight back. Each touch of a leg, rib, or hip would cause him to spasm, squirm, and fight for air.

Eventually, the stimulation pushed Jake over the edge. His whole body spasmed as his climax hit. Air hissed through his lips, his voice gone for the moment. Kevin gave his friend a few seconds to come down from the high before gently tickling his just beneath his scrotum. Jake jerked again. “Please, enough for now,” he pleaded.

“Well, I suppose you learned your lesson.”

“Yes. No more getting cocky.”

“Good.” Kevin reached down and kissed Jake on the lips. Once again, he considered that he may have to admit that the pair have gone beyond friendship.

Jake just lay there for a moment. “I’m just glad your roommate didn’t come in while you were tickling me.”

Kevin just grinned. “I don’t know. That could’ve made things even more interesting.”

“Oh brother.”

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