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To: You

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To: You,

For three years, you have been my best friend. And for three years, I have been terribly and quite pathetically in love with you. We met at the gym, I admired the definition of your perfect muscles, the peculiar colour of your skin. Your laugh sent shivers throughout my body. You never found it weird that I'd pass my hands through your hair, that I'd jokingly grab your crotch or randomly hug you. We were close, like brothers.

Then one day, while we were training, you told me the most wonderful thing. The night before, you said, you had watched gay porn for the very first time. And loved it. It was "different". I played along, told you I'd give it a try too, if you could recommend some videos. You came back the next week with a cd full with more than three hours of men-on-men sex. Since then, you'd constantly email me links to more porn. I jerked off to every single thing you sent me, imagining you watching them with me.

As the months passed, our relationship changed. We flirted, constantly. You called me once and asked me to moan. I did, loudly, I said things like "fuck me!", and you were grunting on the other side of the phone. I heard your breathing get faster, I heard you screaming when you were cumming. You laughed and we hung up. I let my own cum dry on my chest.

Then one day you told me you were moving, another country, new possibilities. You said you'd miss me. But you didn't know how much I would. You were leaving on a monday, I asked you to come over the friday before. You invited your girlfriend too, I never liked her. We drank, talked, and watched a movie. It had been three years, and we had never done anything real. I was posessed by desire, I couldn't let this go on.

You were on my left, she was on your left. It was cold, we had a huge blanket covering us. I put my hand on your leg, moving it so, so slowly towards your crotch. You didn't even move. I was expecting a semi-hard cock for me to play with, but my hand soon came in contact with a full, hard and terribly wet penis. I noticed a slight smile on the side of your lips. How long had you been waiting for this? Was it all a game?

I jerked you off slowly whilst we were watching this terrible movie on tv. Your girlfriend didn't even notice. Your cock was heaven. The texture and warmth were better than I had ever imagined. I didn't expect you to have that much precum, my whole hand was covered. I accelerated and noticed you were shaking from time to time. Soon, you came, so much cum. It was leaking everywhere. I got my hand out of your pants and stood up, pretending I was going to the toilet. When she wasn't looking, but you were, I licked my hand clean. You were smiling.

I asked both of you to stay over for the night. I had a spare room. You convinced her, and we went to bed. I heard you fucking her next door. She was either very loud, or you were very, very good. The fucking stopped, minutes passed. I was hard and naked in my bed. I guess I was waiting. But you didn't come.

It was morning when you did. The sun had only just begun illuminating the sky. You opened my door, you were naked. You were hard, so hard. It was big, curved to the left, with a beautiful purple head. You joined me under my blanket, I was moaning before you were even touching me. You laughed one of those sexy, crazy laughs of yours and suddenly, you were all over me. Your hands were jerking me off, your lips on my neck. We got into a 69, all this happening very quickly. You kept laughing from time to time. Had long had you known?

I was sucking you, you were sucking me. I licked your balls, every part of you tasted so admirably good. I felt your tongue on my ass. It was something I had never felt before. I wondered if you had learnt all this in gay porn films. I felt a finger enter me, I moaned. Two fingers, three. We changed positions again. I was on my back, legs spread. I gave you the lube and you covered us both in it.

I guess you had never had sex with a man, the way you entered me. It was strong, violent. You didn't pause, you fucked me hard. You were grunting like an animal. I was slightly panicked, the pain was intense, but the pleasure was driving me crazy. You never kissed me, always my neck. I loved having your body in me. It was perfect.

You didn't last long. I felt you shaking again, you looked at me, smiled, and pushed one last time. I felt you seeding me, somehow. They were buckets of cum, I was full. We both smiled, laughed. We were tired. I started jerking off as I felt you leave my ass. Something I had never seen before was in your eyes. You were soft, but you humped my ass again. Your hand pushed mine off my cock and you made me cum. I shot all over my chest and neck. You gathered some cum on your fingers and pushed it in my mouth. You did this until there was none left.

You smiled, one last, beautiful smile.

And you left.

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