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Todd's Goodbye Fuck

He could have had it for free
Todd called, he was pissed and on his way over. Todd is bisexual and married.  We have had an on again and off again affair running on two and a half years.  Two and a half years of hot sex.  Times when I believed Todd would really leave Lori for me.  There were emotional outbursts, break ups and reconciliations followed by more emotional outbursts, break ups and reconciliations.  It was complicated.  Todd was pissed and I had enough.

Todd thinks he owns me, and in someway he did.  Last night he had come by unannounced, with a hard cock looking for an evening of hot, hard and horny sex.  He was pissed that I had my cell turned off.  He was pissed that I wasn't at his beck and call.  He was pissed he didn't get his cock worshiped. He was pissed he didn't get to put it my ass.  He was pissed he didn't get to fuck me hard.  He was pissed he didn't get to hear me beg him to slow fuck me.  He was pissed that he had waited for hours in his car, in the parking lot outside the high rise condo building where I live.  He wasn't very happy on the phone.  I didn't expect he would be very happy when he got here.

I never lie to Todd, you don't lie to Todd and get away with it.  He was going to want to know where I was last night and what I did.  I wasn't looking forward to telling him.  I do porn once in a while.  I had been at a photo shoot last night and afterword spent sometime in a hotel room with an older man who enjoyed fucking young guys.  The guy had seen pictures of me in a porn magazine, liked what he saw, knew who to contact, made an offer, offer accepted and there we were in his room on the 17th floor of the Hyatt engaging in sexual acts of his choosing.  

Todd doesn't have any issue with me doing porn.  He thinks it's hot and it turns him on in the same way he likes to watch his wife with another woman sometimes with another man.  I managed to have him as a guest on the set for a couple of photo sessions, as well as invited to the after party with male porn stars.  My doing porn is not what bothers him.  My being a male prostitute is what bothers him.  I mean, what the fuck is the difference between being paid to have sex with other male porn stars for cash and taking an older guys cock in my ass for cash?  In my mind, only in how much I get paid.  In Todd's mind plenty.

I had come to the city on the day I turned 18.   In my small town being queer was not a healthy option.  I found out very quickly, that when you are a slim, slightly muscular, slightly femme, attractive young male, there are guys willing to pay good money to have sex with you.  It took a while to learn how to do it.  It wasn't easy.  I got beat up, arrested more than once and sucked a lot of cocks for not a lot of money.

I got lucky when I met Daemon  and Lucas, two upscale male prostitutes who took a liking to me.  I met them in a gay bar one night, went home with them for a 3-way, where I was the guy in the middle taking anal and giving oral.  They liked my enthusiasm for sex.  Who wouldn't be enthusiastic having sex with hot hung guys who were experienced in the subtleties of male on male sex.  

One thing lead to another, when they trusted me, they hooked me up with their agent, a euphemism for pimp.  In the upscale world of sex, the escort, another euphemism, is paid well and respected for both talent and discretion.  By the time I was nineteen and a half I owned a condo in a security high-rise, where, by the way, I never did business.  I found that older men, with young male fantasies,  paid very well.  

I was doing a three-way with an older guy and his boyfriend, regular clients.  Troy was 52 and Christian was 38.  After an exceptionally hot session, Troy broached the subject of me doing porn.   It turned out Troy was a producer and I had just auditioned.  I had heard stories about the porn business.  I told Troy I was uncomfortable with a long contract.  I wasn't desperate like so many young guys and I had my looks, a nice hard cock, big loads and an uninhibited sexuality to bargain with.  I started doing photo shoots and making the short loops that populate the video booths at Adult Bookstores.

Porn pay rates are actually quite low, women make the most.  You are paid by the scene.  Anal brings in more cash than oral.  Sucking cock while being ass fucked earns premium pay.  Being able to stay hard is what it is all about.  Some guys use Viagra.  Not me, if I have an erection problem, which is rare, there are better things I can take that work physically and emotionally, so my hard on is the result of high energy sexual arousal.  I can usually make 1 to 2 thousand per porn shoot.  The real money comes from guys who like what they see and make an offer.  My time with the older guy was worth $3,500 dollars in cash.

The phone rang, it was Todd.  “Your a fucking bitch, you know that.  You're a fucking cunt”, he started right away.

I cut him off, “No more Todd, I don't care how hot you are, hot big your cock is, hot big your load is, how good you are in bed, none of it.  I don't care anymore.  We don't have a relationship, I wanted one, you didn't.  It's over. I am no longer you private bun boy.  So if you don't mind ….”, he cut me off

“What do you mean it is over, you fucking whore, what do you mean it is over.  How many times are we going to go through this game, you always come back to Daddy.”  Then playfully he cooed, “Whose your Daddy, baby, whose my bitch”.

It was a littler game we played, he would ask me “Whose your Daddy”, and I would reply “You're my Daddy” then he would ask “Whose my bitch” and I would replied, “I'm your bitch”.  We liked to talk dirty.  It kind of set the tone for what was a dominate/submissive sexual relationship.  It was over and I was no longer interested.  He just used me.  If he wanted a whore then he would have to pay like everyone else.

“You are going to have to pay to play with me.  You could have had it for free but you didn't want to return my love.  It's over.  One more time Todd and then it is over and only if you pay.  I want $100 for what others would have to pay at least $2500.  The discount is for the good times, paying me establishes a whore/client relationship between us.  This is goodbye.  One last time with me that's it”

The line was dead quiet.  Then he said, “Look baby, I know I've been an asshole but you can't be serious.”

“No Todd, it is over.  There are plenty of guys who would love to have sex with you just to have sex.  I'm just not one of them anymore.  You won't have any problem satisfying your bisexual needs, just not with me anymore.  Think about my offer it is generous beyond measure.  I am giving it to you because I loved you once.  When you enter the condo put the $100 on the hall table, I will take it from there, do not bring anything up or I will ask you to leave.”, click I hung up.

He tried my number a least 4 times, but I wouldn't answer.  Then the text messages started.  I was sad and he was pathetic.  He was desperate for things to be what they were.  I ignored his pleas.  Not once did he say “I love you”.  Eventually, he sent a simple text, “OK”.  I texted back, “Remember what I said.

My condo was in a security building.  The doorman called up to let me know I had a visitor.  I could see Todd at the desk, on the security monitor all residents had to verify guests.  I gave the OK and he was on his way up.  I unlocked the door, opened it a little, then went to the bedroom.  I heard Todd enter, shut and lock the door.  He knew where to go and headed to the bed room.  

I was standing by the king bed, dressed only in a pair of loose fitting white silk drawstrings when he entered the room.  Todd smiled but he looked nervous.  God he was a gorgeous man, well built, masculine and hung so nicely.  

I walked over to him, a slight swish in my hips.  I threw my arms around his neck, pushed my body into his and kissed him on the lips.  I opened my mouth to receive his tongue, which he put deep into my mouth.  He placed his hands on my tight buns and pulled me into him as he pushed his cock against mine.  We were both getting an erection.

I pulled away, just a little, so I could undue the buttons on his shirt and not break the kiss.  I touched his chest, Todd was solid, I felt his hard nipples, I felt his six pack, undid his pants and slipped my hand in taking hold of his very hard thick cock.  I loved Todd's hard cock, he was so aroused, it was solid, rock hard.  Todd broke the kiss and as he pushed me down on my knees I pulled his pants down, freeing his hardness.

I was lost in the beauty of his cock, running my tongue and lips up and down the shaft.  I  ran my tongue over the head of his cock in a way that stimulated pleasure, at the same time I cupped and fondled his beautiful balls.  They were huge, like his cock.  I had to have them in my mouth.  I slid my hands up to fondle and stroke his cock while I  took his shaved smooth balls in my mouth.  Todd responded, gripping my head firmly and letting out a soft moan of pleasure.  I undid the buttons on my silk pants and took out my cock.  I was incredibly hard for this man I once loved.  Giving him for money what he could have had for free.

It was time.  I took the head of his cock in my mouth working the head.  The head is the most sensitive part of a man's cock.  I could control his pleasure with a great deal of sensitivity.  I could make him cum against his will if I wanted to.  I had to be careful.  I didn't want him to shoot his load yet.  I felt his balls tighten ever so slightly.  I carefully took more of his cock in my mouth and felt his balls relax.  It was a close call.

I sucked him slowly, taking him deeply in my mouth and slowly withdrawing, then taking his cock back in deep.  I was in love with his cock.  It was so hard, so very hard in  my mouth.  It felt wonderful, I was experiencing great sexual pleasure, a pleasure derived from a genuine love of cock sucking.  Todd gripped my head firmly and began moving his hips.  I could feel his intense desire go fuck me in the mouth a desire I shared.  I was a whore giving in up for a man.

“I'm going to miss you bitch, oh yeah I am Ohhhhh, yeah”, the first words he spoke to me since he arrived.  “Come on baby, take it all, don't fight it, all of it.  Whose, your daddy”, he continued.

I took all nine inches of his thick hard cock.  It was never easy to take that much.  Some guys could never do it.  When I was in love with him I would spend hours practicing until I could take it all.  When he was all the way in, he held my head tight.  I couldn't breath but I wanted it deep and he knew it.  I almost passed out when he finally withdrew his cock.  He slapped my face with it as I caught my breath.  He took me to the bed and put me on my back.  It was time.  Time to say goodbye.

“Whose your Daddy bitch”, he asked.

“Your my Daddy”, I replied

“Whose my bitch”, he asked, while stroking his hard cock.

“I am Daddy, I'm your bitch”, I replied lifting my legs up.

Todd positioned him self for penetration.  He teased me, slowly inserting just the head of his cock then withdrawing it.  He did that for a while, taking his time putting a little more cock in each time.  He had worked half his cock in when I opened up for him.  He rammed the rest of his cock deep and gave me a hard fucking.  Withdrawing to where just the head of his cock was in my ass then pounding it deep.  I stoked my hard cock in unison with his stoke.  Taking a hard fucking is the ultimate in gay male submission.

“Like, that cock, feel it bitch.  Yeah, feel how hard it is.  You fucking whore, you love it don't you, you love my fucking cock and I love fucking you.”, he said slightly angry.  He was right I was a whore and loved it.

He began slow fucking me, I closed my eyes and stoked my cock softly.  I enjoy being fucked but I absolutely love being slow fucked.   His cock felt so good going in and out of my ass with a slow deliberate rhythm.  I could tell he was getting close.  

I really wanted to eat his cum one more time.  Todd was on the same wave length.  He positioned himself with his cock inches from my mouth.  He stroked himself.  I opened wide, my mouth begging for his cum.

“OHHH, Baby, ohhh baby, oh yeah, Daddy' s got your cum, oh baby for you, for you, Yesss”, he cried out letting it go, shooting an enormous load of hot cum.

I'd say more than half of his load went in my mouth the rest on my face and neck.  It tasted so good and was more than I could handle, I screamed with pleasure and shot my load.  

We didn't talk, we held each other for awhile, never saying a word.  I kissed him goodbye, locked the door, picked up my $100 and cried until he was out of my life.

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