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Tommy, Again

College roommates reunite after ten years
By reading this story, you agree that you are at or above legal age in your location. Certain sexual activities depicted in this story are safe only in fictional literature. 

Be safe. Use a Condom.

This is the story is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or alive, is purely coincidental. All feedback is appreciated.

Tommy, Again

Written by: Bill hudley

Jen came out on the deck, where I was cleaning up the deck chairs, with the phone in her hand.

"Phone call honey, I don't recognize the voice" she said, as she handed me the phone.

"Thanks, Babe. It's probably some one from work. Hello, Josh here."

"Joshua James Julian, this is your wicked, evil past catching up with you."

"TOMMY! Oh my god, Tom Donaldson, TOMMY! It's been ages bro. God, I've missed you. Where are you?"

Tom and I shared a Dorm suite, our last two years of college. We became great friends, despite our different personalities. Tom was outgoing, gregarious and the life of the party, while I was quiet and at most times, shy. Knowing and living with Tom had loosened me up and brought me out of my shell. I was quite comfortable now in most all social settings. I was even the team lead on my job, supervising a team of eight. 

In my two years living with Tom, I developed a man crush on him, I wasn't gay, but looking at a naked Tom once a day, had me thinking some weird thoughts. I loved his hard, well developed body, with it's covering of dark hair. His hairy forearms and legs could make me hard if I stared at them long enough. His package looked to be about average, judging from my very limited experience in seeing naked men. 

Tom's hairy body reminded me of my Dad when I was little. I remember going to sleep sitting in Dad's lap in his recliner and laying my head on his naked, hairy chest, and I remember the way my Dad smelled. Sleeping on his hairy chest and his scent were my best memories of him. My Dad died when I was 10 in an auto accident and my Mom never remarried. I asked her once why she wouldn't date when I was in High School, she got a far away look in her eyes and said that she had married the man of her dreams in my Dad and no one else could measure up. 

"Where are you, Tommy?"

"I'm still in Chicago, Josh. I've been searching the internet trying to find you and finally got the hit today. My girlfriend and I are flying to California and I thought we might stop off in Boulder and spend some time with you. So are you married yet Josh?"

"No, but Jen and I have been together for almost two years now, it was she who answered the phone. Tommy, when will you be here? This is exciting!"

I wrote down the dates and times and started making a list of things we could do. Jen and I had already made plans to drive through The Rocky Mountain Park, stop in Estes Park and have lunch at one of the famous old hotels up there. We decided that we'd do that with Tom and Emily while they were here. Thank goodness Emily and Jen hit it off right away and left Tom and I to talk and reminisce about the our college days. 

We met them at the airport in Denver, Emily and Jen introduced themselves, as Tommy and I hugged and both talked at the same time. Finally, he remembered and introduced us. We chattered like magpies, the whole way back to our house. Once we were there, Emily and Jen were talking like sisters in the living room, while Tommy and I went out on the deck. We drank beer and talked for hours, remembering all the good times we had shared. After a few hours, I felt my old Tommy crush coming back on me with a vengeance. I never thought of it as being gay back then in college. I just knew how being with Tom made me feel. When I would see him undress and walk naked to and from our shower, he made my cock get hard. I took to wearing a jock strap as underwear because it held my cock down, when seeing him gave me an erection. He commented on the jock strap once asking why I wore it. I passed it off blaming the girl I was dating and he laughed.

I remember thinking what he said next was odd when he looked at me and said, "Darn, Josh, here I was thinking it was me that caused you to have those boners."

I remember blushing when he said that. I just couldn't let him know how right he was. Now, here we sat, nearing ten years since college. Neither of us had married, although we both had a succession of live-in girl friends, none lasting much longer than a year. I got up to go piss and I went into the master bedroom bath and slipped into my jockstrap again. I was getting hard, sitting there with him. I smiled to myself.

"Just like old times," I thought.

I thought about jacking off right then but decided to wait. I knew I would later tonight. I knew he'd make me cum, just thinking about him.

Sometime after eleven, the girls made their way to bed, telling us to get to bed soon, as we were leaving around seven in the morning, for our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park. Tom and I grabbed two more beers and went out on the deck, our fire pit had a gas lighting system and the wood caught quickly. We sat side by side but with an empty chair between us. We laughed, joked and told old stories. After a few minutes, there was a lull, neither of us talking. I looked to my right to Tom and saw him staring at me, with the most intent, serious look on his face. 

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing Josh, I'm just studying your face so I can always remember what you look like."

"Tommy, you're freakin me out here dude. What's up, are you okay Tommy?"

"It depends on what you mean by okay Josh. I just have some things hanging heavy on my mind. Nothing I'm ready to talk about as yet. I may never be ready to talk about this. I just have some decisions to make. Decisions that will change my life, and those who know me, forever. You know, nothing serious."

I couldn't imagine what was bothering him, there was no laughter in that last bit about nothing serious. I got up and went to his chair and knelt down beside him. I was silent, waiting for him to look at me.

When he did, I said, "Tommy, you know I will help if you need me. I don't know what's eating at you, but tell me how I can help and I will. Please know that. You're my best friend, always have been. I'll never be as close to anyone, man or woman, as I feel I am to you. Just ask me Tom and I'll do what ever you need me too."

He smiled at that, "Thanks Josh, but you probably wouldn't say that if you knew my problems."

"Don't be so sure Tom. Don't be so sure."

With that, we decided it was time for bed. I saw him to his room and I went back downstairs, picked up, straightened up a bit, then slipped into the half bath downstairs and stripped off my pants and jockstrap. I began jacking off, thinking of Tommy. It was over soon, I was so keyed up, I knew it would be quick. I sprayed the air freshener around to cover the smell of my semen. 

On my way to our room, I saw that the hall bathroom light was on, from the crack under the door. I quietly walked to it and listened. I heard Tom's breathing and a gentle slapping sound, a muffled grunt and I knew he was jacking off too. My mind raced and I hurried away from the door. I was confused, wondering what it was that had aroused him to this point. I couldn't think of anything we had talked about that would make him horny.

We had a bright, cheerful late spring morning for our drive into the National Park and we were into the park by 8:30 a.m. For Emily and Tom, the Park was a wonder, neither having seen such stunning vistas and sheer wild beauty. We stopped at every scenic overlook and took hundreds of pictures between the four of us. For every picture I took of Emily and Tom, there were two more of Tom alone. Jen and Emily both took several of Tom and I and there was one I knew I would frame and keep a copy in my wallet. 

We arrived in Estes Park and made our way to the hotel for Lunch. When The Stanley Hotel came into view, both Emily and Tom gasped. The Stanley is in it's 102nd year and an old style Grand Hotel. It is imposing, perched on a hillside, with fantastic views of the Estes Valley. We had a five-course lunch with wine, coffee and for Tom and I, Cognac. After lunch, we walked the grounds, snapping pictures of the magnificent views and the stately old hotel. We retired to the hotel bar for afternoon cocktails, before the drive back home. 

After thirty or so miles, we discovered that I had taken a wrong turn and we were going in the wrong direction from our home. I asked Jen to drive because I was feeling all the liquor and getting sleepy. I crawled over the back seat and stretched out on the carpeted cargo area, wrapping up in a blanket I kept in the SUV. It wasn't long before Tom scrambled over the back seat and stretched out beside me.

At first the curvy mountain roads kept us bumping into each other. Tom turned and spooned to my back and we quit the bumping and moved together with the undulations and curves in the road. I woke with Tom's hand cupped over my crotch and gently rubbing me. My cock was already hard and I could tell by the way his hand was moving, that this was no accident. He wasn't dreaming. I turned to face him and he was looking straight into my eyes. His hand went back to massaging my cock.

I whispered to him, "Tommy, why are you doing this? This is weird, dude."

Without a word from him I felt him unbuttoning the fly on my jeans. He reached his hand inside and went into my shorts and wrapped his hand around my cock.

"Tommy! Don't! The girls will hear."

"I've always wanted to do this with you, Josh," he whispered.

I felt his free hand take mine and hold it against his hard cock. I let it lie there inert, no movement from me at all. The next curve rolled us together face to face, Tommy released my hand and held me close to him. His eyes had me mesmerized. I watched but didn't try to stop him, as he leaned into me and kissed my lips. I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I opened my lips slightly and his tongue darted in, sending lightning bolts through out my body. My unmoving hand at his crotch suddenly grasped his length and began a jacking motion through the denim of his jeans.

The kiss continued, my hand at his crotch found his zipper and pulled it down. I thrust my hand inside and took his hard, drooling cock in my hand. I stifled a moan, his cock felt so hot and hard in my hand. Tom moved back a bit and I felt his hand undoing the top button on my pants. My hard cock jumped out into the open. We lay there, each holding the other's cock, the chatter from Emily and Jen up front was like white noise, covering our whispers and moans and our forbidden kisses. I kissed him again, this time my tongue urgently sought entry to his mouth. I stifled another moan as our tongues battled in my mouth.

Tom soon broke the kiss and smiled at me. He gave a little peck on the lips and I saw his body moving down and a gasp escaped from me as he took my dripping cock into his mouth, he made three or four deep thrust onto my cock, my body tensed and I came in Tommy's mouth, there was no way I could hold it back. He swallowed it all as I fought hard to be quiet. I knew I would never forget the moment his mouth closed on my cock. He nursed the last drops from me and rose back to face me. He quickly pulled me to him and kissed me, I tasted my semen for the first time.

When we parted, he smiled again and said, "Thank you, Josh. Now you're inside me, a part of me."

I held him tightly in a hug, "Why Tommy? Why? Why now? We're gonna need to talk about this, okay?"

"No, Josh, we don't ever have to talk about this. I wont ever mention it again. It's just something I needed from you. I wanted you to know how I think about you and I don't expect anything from you in return. It's just something I knew I had to do. I hope you're okay with it and don't feel different toward me now."

I could tell by the lights outside that we were coming into the city and I told him we needed to get up and into the back the seat. Once we were settled and had spoken to the girls, we both sat back and were silent. Slowly I let my hand slide over the seat until I found his and took it in mine. I gently squeezed his hand, laced our fingers together and we rode the rest of the way holding hands. I felt his body tremble and I looked over and smiled at him, raised our clasped hands and gently squeezed and winked at him. He smiled back and nodded to me. He understood that we were okay, no problems between us. I heard him let out a big sigh and he squeezed my hand in return.

It was almost summer but the nights were still cool. We lit the fire pit on the deck and all sat around having a beer. Tom and Emily were full of talk about the wonders of The Stanley Hotel and it occupied our conversation for almost an hour. Later, Jen asked Emily if she would like to go shopping tomorrow morning before they had to leave and they excitedly planned their morning shopping, first here in Boulder and then driving down to Denver.

I asked Tommy, "While they're out spending all our money, you want to go work out at my gym and maybe catch a movie after?"

"Sure, I could use a few reps on the machines and some steam," Tommy answered.

Both of the girls were yawning and said their good nights and went to bed. Tommy and I sat facing each other, the fire between us.

I asked, "So Tommy, how are you? Is everything all right in your world? After our conversation last night, I'm worried about you?"

He sighed again, "I could never hide my emotions from you and no, Tommy, things are not right. I know that I have to begin making major changes. I can't live as I have been, it's all a lie, and I know I have to set it straight and soon."

"Are we talking about what happened earlier, in the back of the SUV, Tommy?"

"That's part of it, Josh. I'm going to be breaking things off with Em, quitting my job and moving out to California. I don't know yet what I'll do there or where I want to be out there."

"Why California?"

"It's far away from Chicago and if I'm going to be gay, that's the place to go."

"Going to be gay! You? but, I er, you can be gay anywhere Tommy, you just have to find someone who makes you happy and that you want to be with. Are you sure Tommy? That it is what you want to do, be gay I mean."

"It's not really a choice, Josh. It's the way I am. The way I've always been. Living this lie isn't fair to Em, or to me. I just feel it's time for me to live as I am, not as what everyone expects me to be."

"Not everyone Tommy, I don't care what you do, as long as you're still my friend."

Tom remained silent looking off into the distance.

He sighed and turned to me, "We're leaving tomorrow afternoon, we should get some rest, Josh."

With that we rose. I felt his eyes watching me, as I picked up the empty cans and turned the fire pit off. As I neared him, I saw the strangest look in his eyes. It was love, pain, sorrow and guilt, all in one look. I put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed across his back.

"Things will seem better in the morning. They always do, Bud. You'll work it all out, Tom, it will all be fine in the end. Just think it through to the logical conclusion like you've always done. I really don't want to see you leave. I've really enjoyed being with you again, like old times but better."

I showed him to the bath and his room and went to my room. Jen was sleeping and I went into our bath sat down and thought about my friend. Naturally my thoughts went to us in the back of the SUV, trying to decide what I really thought about what had happened. All the times that being with him had aroused me and my jacking off thinking of him, I had never imagined doing what he had done to me, taking my cock in his mouth, swallowing my cum. I knew how incredible it felt, better than any sex I had ever had before. I knew I wanted to do it to him. I knew I was scared of what this meant. I didn't want to be gay. I'm not gay, but with Tommy... Is it gay if I only feel these thoughts for him? Other men do not excite me, I don't have the slightest desire for other men, it's just for Tommy. Only him.

Finally I climbed into bed without disturbing Jen. I turned and tossed and slept very little all night. I was no closer to knowing what I wanted than I was earlier last night. I got up and went to the kitchen and made coffee, it was only 4:30 a.m. I sat there staring out the window watching the darkness. At about 5:00 a.m. Tommy walked in, poured a cup and sat down at the table opposite me.

"You couldn't sleep either?" He asked.

"Hardly a wink," I replied.

Silence. We sat and drank our coffee without another word. I caught him staring at me several times.

Finally I asked, "What? You're staring at me again, what is it?"

"Sorry, Josh, I'm just looking at the best friend I've ever had. This may be the last time we are ever together."

"WHAT! Why do you say that, Tommy? Are you not going to be my friend anymore?"

"Will you want to be friends with a queer? A cock sucker? That's what I am, you know."

"Tommy, listen to me. Being gay doesn't have to define who you are. You have many more defining qualities than just being gay. You're my friend, always. Even if you were a serial killer, you would still be my friend. Okay, so you're gay. That's not who you are. You are a smart, kind, caring man who just happens to be a pervert in his bedroom."

Tom stared at me open mouthed and then roared laughing. I joined him and we laughed till tears were running down our cheeks. I passed him a napkin as I wiped my eyes.

"Damn Josh, that's cold. Calling your best bud a pervert," he started laughing again.

It was good to see him laugh. He had been is such a dark mood, I knew I had to lift him out somehow and the 'pervert' quip worked. I just couldn't let him leave me, so sad and down on himself. Our laughter finally died down and he looked me in the eye and gave me a sly grin.

"Thanks Josh, I really needed that. That's one reason we came here. You always lift my spirit and make me feel better about myself."

Em and Jen walked in and grabbed up cups.

"What's so funny down here you guys?" Jen asked.

Thinking fast Tom answered, "Your goofy boy friend, telling dirty jokes... He's really a pervert, you know!"

His emphasis on the word pervert set us both to laughing again.

Em and Jen looked at each other and just shrugged.

"Men... Go figure," Em said.

I got out of my chair, grabbed the pot, did refills on coffee and set up for another pot. Then I started making our breakfast.

"How did you train him to make breakfast?" Em asked Jen.

"Easy, I just didn't offer to cook. He was hungry, so he started making breakfast and always has since," she replied.

We made polite conversation and generally had a good time, everyone rinsed off their plates and utensils and loaded them in the dishwasher, but kept the coffee cups. After another cup, Em stood and said she was going to shower and pack. Jen went to our room to take hers, leaving Tommy and I alone again.

I looked to him, "Are you going to be okay Bud? I'm worried about you. Give me your cell number now. I don't want us losing contact again. I want to know where you are." 

"Don't worry about me, Joshua, I'll be fine."

Just then I heard Jen shout down the stairs, "We're out guys, come take your showers."

"Here we come," I replied.

When Tommy stood, I moved to him and hugged him close to me. He held me tight to him, I tilted my head and kissed his neck. I felt him tremble against me. I straightened and held him away, just a bit, looking into his eyes. Then I just leaned in and kissed him hard, tongue down his throat, a need possessing me I never had felt before. When we parted, gasping for breath. The way he looked at me shook me to my core. I saw love, lust, longing and the need that I had just felt, all in one look. I trembled this time. He turned away, sat his cup in the sink and punched at my arm as he walked past.

"Let's get a move on, guy," he said, as he bounded up the stairs.

I had initiated that kiss and it had shaken me from my hair to my toes. I knew then that I would need more of that.

The girls took off for the Malls while we were showering and when we were dressed, Tom and I went to the gym. I had never been there at this time of day and everyone there was unknown to me, even the staff. We hit the weights for a few reps and decided to run on the track upstairs. I positioned myself just a yard behind Tom and enjoyed watching his toned body and that round little butt as we ran.

All too soon, we were loading their luggage into the SUV and the four of us were off to the airport. We all made small talk on the ride. Every so often I caught Tommy's eye in the rear view mirror. There was so much in those looks he gave me. As we parked and took them in, all I could think of was that I couldn't kiss him good bye. With hugs all around at last I hugged Tommy.

I squeezed him tightly and whispered, "See you soon I hope."

I heard him whisper, "I love you, Joshua."

"Me too!" I choked out.

Jen and I stood there, waving, as they walked down the boarding ramp and out of sight. We turned and she hooked her arm through mine.

"I really liked them Josh... I wish they lived near."

"Yeah, me too, hon."

It had been six months since Tom and Emily's visit. Jen and I had broken up. My sexual desire for her had diminished to almost nothing. I was struggling with my inner demons concerning Tom. I knew I wanted more of him. I wanted him sexually and that was so very hard to admit. Finally I decided that I had to call him and see if there was any chance that he would want me that way.

Just as I reached for my cell it rang making me jump in surprise.

When I answered, I heard, "Josh, it's Tom."

I was almost speechless, "Josh, are you there?"

"Tommy! Yes, I had just reached for the phone to call you when it rang. It startled me. How are you? Where are you?"

"I'm at O'Hare, waiting on my flight. I just wanted to hear your voice. It's been a while since we were there. I broke it off with Emily a couple of months ago. You guys okay?"

"I am, Jen's gone. We broke up three weeks after you were here."

"OH! Really! What happened? Sorry, it's not my business. You guys just seemed right together."

"We're better at being friends and I've developed other interests."

"Really? Someone else?"


"Josh, is that all you are going to tell me?"

"Tom why don't you get off the plane in Denver and stay for a day or two? Just you and I. Can I talk you into that, please say yes, please?"

"Okay, I'll go change my ticket right now. I'll call back in a few. Later, Josh."

A huge grin spread across my face as I flipped the phone closed.

"Tommy and me alone for two days. That's enough time. I'll know before he leaves. This is it, make it or break it time for Tom and me."

Nervously, I got up and began pacing, making a mental list of things to do. Get food, coffee, lube, condoms, just the essentials. I grabbed a note pad and started listing the things we would need.

Then my phone rang, I looked at the caller ID, it was him, "Tommy?"

"Yeah, Josh, listen, I changed my mind about staying a day or two, okay?"

"Well okay, I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm a disappointed, but..."

"JOSH! I changed the ticket to one-way to Denver! You'll have to tell me when to leave."

"What! One way, ohmigod! Really? You mean it Tommy?"

"Yes I do mean it. My flight leaves in one hour, I should be there by 2 p.m. Can you meet me?"

"Meet you? What do you think? See you at 2 o'clock."

Man, was I hyped up. I started for the shower and stopped, "We can do that together when he gets here."

I grabbed my list, keys and headed to the market, drug store and liquor store. Stocked up, I headed back home. I was actually singing along with the radio. I got to the house, put things away and as a joke, made up one of those placards that chauffeurs hold up for people they are picking up, it had his name on it but underneath his name I had added 'I'm your ride'!

I dashed upstairs and stood looking at the clothes in my closet. It was fall so I finally settled on gray wool slacks that were tight and showed off both my package and my round butt. A matching gray turtleneck, cordovan belt and Italian slippers, with a camel suede blazer. I carefully spiked my hair put on the jacket and decided I looked pretty good. I got to the airport a half an hour early and went to a bar near the luggage pick up area for a coffee with Baileys.

I had two women and three men eyeing me as I sat there. I smiled to myself. I hope they see who I'm here to pick up. Tommy had a sophisticated masculine look, with dark hair and a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow. He oozed testosterone. He stood 6'4", 170 lbs. with a ridiculous 30 inch waist, with broad shoulders veeing down to that small waist anchored by that perfectly round, hard bubble butt. In contrast I was the the kid next door, blond hair, cobalt blue eyes, 5'11" 150 lbs. built more like a diver or gymnast than a swimmer.

I checked the monitor over the bar for arrival times and saw that his flight was on time. I ordered another coffee and Baileys and watched the TV for a while. One man came over and sat beside me. He asked if he could buy me a drink or would I rather come to his hotel room.

I gave him my brightest, dimpled smile and said, "Thank you for your offer, Sir, but I'm waiting on my boyfriend's plane. He's been away six months and we're heading straight to that hotel across the street there. I need him bad."

He sat there with his mouth hanging open, while I looked at the arrival screen.

"Oh ohmigod! He's here! His plane just landed," I said, reaching down to adjust my cock.

The man noticed and choked a bit on his drink.

Raising his glass he said, "Well, here's to you two! Have fun,"he drained his drink and walked away.

I was laughing inside. Tom would laugh if he knew I referred to him as my boyfriend. I looked out to the baggage carousels, saw his flight number light up and bags began appearing. I rose and went out with my sign to wait for him. The crowd grew quickly and I held my sign over my head. In just a few moments I saw him coming toward me. His eyes glanced up to the sign and he laughed. He grabbed me into a hug and I patted him on his back. Each of us not talking, just enjoying touching each other.

He pushed back, eyed me up and down then leaned to whisper in my ear, "My god, you look good. It's a shame I'm going to rip that expensive outfit off your body the second we step in your door."

"I don't care if you start right now. I'm so glad to see you."

As we walked away, Tom put his arm across my shoulder and pulled me to him, laughing and talking. We passed by the man who had offered the drink or his room. He paled when I winked at him, with Tom draped on me.

We talked and joked as we sped back to Boulder. Tom asked me what I had been doing since he was here. I filled him in of the dull routine of work and sitting at home, alone every night. I told him that mostly I thought and worried about him and what he was doing. As soon as I pulled into the garage and turned off the motor, Tom was pulling me into a kiss. I did nothing to stop him, I wanted it too. This one was different than when he was here last spring. Tommy was different, he wasn't sad or down in the dumps. He seemed very happy. When we finally broke from that kiss, we were both gasping for air. There was no curiosity in that kiss. This was two men who each intensely desired the other. It expressed our sexual need for each other. Without a word between us, I knew that I could be with him now, friends, lovers, partners. I needed him sexually and emotionally. If this means I'm Gay, then Hot Damn. I'm Gay for this man!

We went into the kitchen and true to his word, Tom slipped off my jacket, threw it over a chair and reached for my belt. I leaned against the door as Tom kissed and stroked my body through my clothes, while opening my wool slacks. A sly grin crept over his face when he saw the jock strap I was wearing.

"Who's causing you to wear this now, stud?" Tom asked, smiling, as he lightly snapped a strap, cupping my butt cheek.

"It's always been you, Tommy. Even when I told you it was a girl back at school, it was you then and it's you now. I wore it when you were here last spring. That first night, while we were sitting around the fire pit. When I went to piss I slipped into it. I was getting hard just sitting beside you."

Tom lifted the hem of the turtleneck and T-shirt and pulled them over my head, tossing them toward the jacket. In one quick move, the slacks were around my ankles and Tom was kneeling, his face buried in my crotch nuzzling the bulge in the jockstrap, inhaling the aroma there that was uniquely me. He moaned and pulled the jock strap down and grabbed my bouncing cock and sank it's length into the warmth of his mouth and throat.

I cried out, "Oh god, Tommy! Oh that feels so good! Oh yes, Tommy, yes!"

With my cock deep in his throat, Tom's hands were all over my body, rubbing and pinching my nips, cupping my butt cheeks in each hand.

I looked down and saw my cock sliding in and out of that beautiful face. When I moaned aloud, Tom's eyes raised and looked at me, as my cock remained in his mouth. The sight of Tommy looking into my eyes while sucking my cock sent me over the edge. Legs tensed, balls high and tight in my scrotum, my cum gushed into Tommy's eager mouth. Spurt after spurt, I emptied my balls into my best friend. As my climax subsided, Tommy nursed my cock, coaxing the last few drops of semen from the slit. When he pulled off, my knees gave way and I started sliding down the door to the floor. Tom quickly stood and pulled me into his arms and cradled me there, nuzzling my neck, kissing my ear, cheek and neck. My body was limp, Tom lifted and carried me over to the sofa gently laid me there. Kneeling beside me, knees to the floor, Tom leaned over and laid his head on my shoulder, while his chest covered mine. I held Tom to me as we lay there. A contentment filled me that I had never experienced before. I raised a bit and Tommy looked up at me.

"Tommy, you want to talk now or later? I want to satisfy you like you just did for me. But this is happening so fast I need to talk with you for bit. It's your call but either way, now or later, your cock is mine."

"Umm, let's talk first Josh, clear the air and get it out of the way. Let's go to your bed though, I can cuddle up to you and hold your body against mine while we talk, mmm, oh man, you feel so good."

Tom stood and pulled me to my feet and we went to my bed, touching, feeling, kissing all the way.

We lay down and I turned to face him, "I'm so glad you came here. I've been worried that once you got to California I'd never see you again. We need to talk to each other. For me, that kiss in the garage changed things. I knew right then that I would be anything, do anything you wanted me to be or do. I've never considered that I might be gay. Men in general do not interest me at all, sexually. It's just you in particular that I have to have. I crave your presence, I always have and now I have an emotional and a physical need to be sexual with you."

I continued, "I need to know what you are thinking Tommy? Do you want to be with me?Yes, you are the 'other interest' I mentioned on the phone. I want to be with you more than I want anything else. When I say 'be with me', I mean sexually and emotionally. I've always loved you, as a friend but now there are different feelings of love. More intense and insistent than I could ever imagined. I've never felt this way about anyone before."

Tommy looked at me, "God yes, I want you Josh. I want to live with you, to love you, make love with you. I want to spend our lives together. That's what I want Josh. You, forever. I know that this man sex or gay thing might freak you out a little, but I can wait. You're all I want. I've been in love with you for more than ten years. You're why I made that ticket just one way. I wasn't 100% sure that you would want there to be 'us', more like 75 or 80%. Today has been just about the happiest day I can ever remember. You're finally mine, Josh. I Can hardly believe it? I've wanted this for so long."

"You've read my mind and my heart, Tommy. That was exactly what I wanted to hear from you. Yes, yes! I am yours."

Tommy pulled me to him and kissed me like never before. Damn, he was good at this. As soon as our tongues touched my cock was hard as stone again and then fireworks exploded in my brain and body, my hand grasped his cock and slowly jacked him, as we kissed.

Something changed in me then, I pushed Tom back onto the pillows, slowly loosening his clothes, he raised slightly, as I pulled the Tee over his head and raised his hips, to let his pants and shorts slide past his knees. I raised up, just to look at his perfect body lying before me. I laid my head onto his hairy chest, revelling in the feel and smell of him. One hand fingered a nip found buried in the thick mat of brown hair. My lips found the other nip and suckled and lightly bit at it.

With one ear on his chest I heard and felt his groans and moans rumble up from within him. One hand followed my lips trailing down his body as I kissed and licked my way between his pectorals and down his abs. my hand opened to let my fingers lightly glide over every ripple and valley that formed the six pack of abdominal muscles that turned me on so very much. He wasn't this well defined at college, this was a grown man's body and to my uneducated, but biased eyes, it was perfect. I spent some time touching and kissing the flat hard muscles below the navel and above his pubic hair. I got little hints of his man scent, that smell uniquely Tommy, I needed more and placed my nose and mouth at the valley where his legs met the groin, inhaling deeply, licking and kissing his sweet tasting skin.

I never had a clue that anything could be so sexy. His aroma alone could make me cum, but the taste of him and the scent had me ready to ejaculate. Tommy must have sensed this for he pulled me up to lay on his chest as he kissed me deeply.

"We need to slow down, Josh. Lets make this last, your face in my crotch had me ready to shoot and you haven't even touched my cock, let's cool down and then build it up again. Damn Josh, you sure you haven't done this before? You've pushed all my buttons, so sexy."

"It's your scent Tommy, it drives me wild, so sexy, so erotic. I never had a clue that men had that smell down there. I want to rub it all over me so I can smell you all the time, but then my cock would stay hard all the time from smelling you. You must bring out the man lover in me. I've never felt so aroused, so sexual."

As I talked, one hand fondled his balls, they were nearly hairless, he must have shaved them, his scrotum was so warm and the skin so silky soft. I moved to lay between his legs, licking and kissing his balls. I sucked one into my mouth, hearing Tom's gasp, I sucked up the other. With his balls and sac in my mouth I closed my lips tightly and reared my head back pulling hard on his balls. Tom roared and tossed on the bed. I reached and slowly jacked on his cock as I rolled his balls in my mouth. Squeezing his cock hard I pulled back again with his sac and balls in my mouth this time.

Tom screamed, "OH FUCK! PULL EM HARD JOSH! Ohmigod, that feels so good. OH FUCK!"

In a trance now, my mouth full of his scrotum and balls I saw my finger pressing into Tom's ass crack and stroking his anus. I took the lube from the drug store and rubbed around his anus again. Tommy was all over the bed, moaning thrashing about. and the finger was suddenly deep inside him. I moved it back and forth eliciting cries of joy from Tom and he pushed back wanting more of my finger. I turned my hand and crooked the finger up toward his cock and stroked his prostate. He yelled so loudly I thought I had hurt him.

"Oh no, I'm sorry, I didn't know it would hurt you."

"Oh Josh no, it didn't hurt it felt so good. I want you to fuck me Josh, I want your cock inside me, I need you there! Please, will you fuck me Josh."

"Just tell me what you want me to do Tommy? I'll do what ever you want me to do."

I was a bit concerned, I had heard jokes about guys taking it up their butt and sort of knew it happened but I never ever thought of it as being something sexual, wanted or desired. But if that's what Tommy wanted I would do it. He instructed me in preparing him for entry with lots of lube and I worked his hole until four fingers and half of my hand was in his butt. Deep moans were coming from Tommy, as my fingers plied in and out of him, while he pushed back on my fingers and hand, wanting more. I have to admit that I thought that this would be gross but my cock had been throbbing from the moment my fingers were inside him.

"Oh Josh, it's time. Now, please, please put your cock inside me! I need it to be you Joshua, it's you I want inside me, I've always needed it to be you. Please, now!"

Tommy had turned to lay on his back and had spread his legs wide. Seeing him there like that, offering himself to me, his eyes pleading, wanting me to take him, I got a lump in my throat. I leaned forward placing my hands by his head and lowered myself slowly until our lips touched. Tommy's arms locked around my neck; as our tongues fought to get inside the other. With one hand I placed my cock at his opening and gently pushed. At the first pressure, his legs locked around my hips and pulled me to him. Gently my cock slid inside him. The heat amazed me, It felt like a furnace, so hot, so soft and silky and the sexiest thing I have ever known. The slow delicious slide into his heat stunned and awed me. Nothing in my life had ever felt so good.

Tommy moaned and sighed hugging me tight as his body opened to me. The exquisite pleasure I felt when all of me was inside him almost made me cum. I fought to gain control as Tommy came alive. Circling his hips to seat my cock deeper into him, he moaned and pulled my head down and ran his tongue deeply into my throat while thrusting his hips to fuck my cock deep inside him. I was helpless, the sensations coursing through me had me unable to speak, only animal sounds came from me, grunts and groans even a howl or two.

It wasn't long until instinct took over and I settled into that rhythm that man has known since the beginning of time. Soon Tommy was meeting my thrusts, grunting and groaning; we were drenched in sweat and I was lost in the most intense sexual pleasure I had ever known. The look in Tommy's eyes told me all I needed to know... This was it, I wanted him and I wanted more of this, sexual pleasure so intense my hair tingled. There could never be enough of this!

Shifting my knees to regain better balance changed the angle my cock entered him and I heard him shout, "Oh, ohmigod, do that again! Oh yes. FUCK ME JOSH! Yes, oh Yes, uuunnnggghhh, yeah."

Each thrust against his prostate shot cum from Tom's cock. He moaned, he yelled and thrust his body to grind against my cock at it's deepest. Tommy's eyes rolled back, he was lost in the pleasure, seeing him in that rapture made me thrust harder, faster, I wanted to feel what he was feeling... With a low guttural growl, his body tensed, his muscles clinching tight on my cock deep inside him. Tommy's orgasm started, cum shot onto his face, his chest, and finally his stomach. The sight and smell of his semen set my cock to filling his bowels with my cum. He started calling my name with each spurt into his guts.

Totally spent, I collapsed atop Tommy, his arms circled me to hold me tight to him as he repeated my name time after time stopping only to kiss my neck. Finally he quieted and our breathing slowed and we rested, glued together with his semen. Never had I ever suspected that sexual intercourse could be so intense, both physically and emotionally. I knew that I'd be with him for as long as he would permit it. There wasn't another word for it, it was love I felt for him, like none I have ever known could exist.

"Josh! Ohmigod! You did that like you've done it forever. Granted my experience is limited but no one ever did it like that, you're mine now Josh, I'm never letting you go again! Mine! You're all mine!"

"Why is this such a secret Tom? If guys knew what I just felt, I'm still feeling, every man on the planet would want this. I've never been so completely, utterly fucked. I'm not going anywhere babe, you couldn't run me off now, oh man are we going to have fun together. You know you're gonna have to do that to me. The look on your face when your eyes rolled back was pure pleasure, I gotta feel that, you've gotta fuck me Tommy. Later, not now, but you gotta."

Tom and I didn't leave the house for the whole weekend and we never put on clothes either. By Sunday evening, I was as tired as I had ever been but there were a couple of new sensations I had never felt before. A wonderful ache in my balls and my ass. I discovered the joys of having Tom fuck me several times those two days. I knew now that I would never go back. I am gay. At least I am for Tommy and he says that I am what he wants. We are a couple now and I've never felt happier nor as satisfied. I knew that Tom and I were supposed to be together. Everything just felt right between us.

Tom found a job he liked within three weeks and we settled into living together as easily as we did ten years ago, as room mates at college. Both of us had to get accustomed to daily sexual activity, a task that was not at all hard to do. On the anniversary of our third month I came home from work and found a large gift wrapped package in the living room. Tom was sitting on the sofa.

"What's this for Tommy?" I asked.

"It's been three months today since I got here and I thought we needed this. Open the box Josh."

I bent and lifted the lid and there sat the most beautiful liver and white Springer Spaniel Puppy I had ever seen. Her stubby little tail was a blur and she nearly jumped into my arms when I reached for her. In two seconds I was covered in puppy kisses and she turned to lick Tommy. I got a little choked up... It was another commitment that we were making to each other and to our new puppy. When she jumped down to explore the house Tom leaned over and kissed me. I threw my arms around him and hugged him close.

"Thank you Tommy! She's perfect, just like you."

He laughed, "You just keep thinking that Josh. Daphne and I, I've been calling her that all afternoon, we will do our best to live up to your opinion of us. Oh I almost forgot. She's scheduled to go to obedience training starting Monday night. We both have to be there and work with her and I've contracted for a 6 ft. wooden fence for the back yard."

As we sat there, our new puppy came to a sliding stop in front of us on the sofa. She sat there looking at us and tilting her head. When we stood up she tore off through the house as fast as the hardwood floors would permit. We took her to the back yard and she did her toilet and then she romped for ten minutes or so playing with us. When we settled down in the family room after dinner together on the sofa as we always did Daphne jumped up and got between us, laid down and took a nap.

The three of us settled into our routine. Tom worked close to the house and went home for lunch and let Daphne out into the yard. It kept her from being so lonely while we were away at work. Tom had bought her a bed that was now in our bedroom and after a week she was beginning to get the idea that she was supposed to sleep there instead of on our bed or at least she knew to wait until we were sleeping, then she would get in bed with us.

What a month! As I was driving in to work I was thinking back over these past few weeks. Tom's phone call, meeting him at the airport, the incredible weekend in bed naked for 2 days, the joy and love of our new puppy. The fantastic bond of love that had made everything work for Tommy and I. The mind blowing sexual connection we achieved daily. The happiness our friendship and now love had brought to each of us. I was sated. There was nothing more that I could wish for. I am a very happy and contented man.

I sat at my desk working on a project when my phone rang, when I answered I heard, "Hello sexy, are you at your desk."

"Hi babe, yes I am," I replied.

"Good, now unzip your trousers like a good boy, okay. Now reach in and pull out my favorite toy. that's right. It's growing already isn't it, yeah that's my guy, stroke it for Tommy, Joshua, stroke it.”

The end.

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