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Tony shows me what I've been missing

Tony shows me what I've been missing, cock, mutual masturbation and fucking

When I awoke in the early morning I was feeling horny, still pleasantly excited from the previous evening and wasn’t surprised to feel my erection pressing hard against the shorts I was wearing. The latter part of the previous evening had been spent drinking and talking to Bob and Tony about anything else that came to mind but mainly sex. From his manner and the way he behaved, it had been obvious that Bob was a little shy and unsure of us, and had eventually when pressed by Tony, admitted they he’d never had sex and might even possibly be attracted to men, maybe even curious to find out what it was it was like. On hearing this, I knew Tony would be more than interested as we’d known and worked with each other for some years and were good friends, although within a short time of meeting him had realised he preferred male company. This had manifested itself after one particularly heavy drinking session when he had been commiserating with me when Jane had walked out on me and he’d actually come onto me.
Although at first I hadn’t objected and we’d even fumbled around a bit with him stroking my penis to an almost immediate erection, which I had to admit wasn’t unpleasant but when matters had progressed and he’d tried to get me to reciprocate I got frightened and drew back. He’d stopped immediately and was apologetic when I made him aware that it wasn’t really my scene but that finished our evening and although the next few days at work were a little difficult we’d managed to put it behind us and had remained good friends so when we were invited to attend the company conference I didn’t have any reservations about sharing a room with him.
Strangely my cock became a little harder as thoughts of that evening returned, and reaching down wrapped my hand around it, stroking up and down the shaft whilst playing with my balls with the other, slowly massaging and rolling them in my fingers. Closing my eyes and without realising it began moaning with the enjoyment my fingers were giving me and also how at first I’d found it soothing when Tony had embraced me. He had run his hands down my back and I’d hardly become aware of him guiding me over to the couch, all the time reassuring me that Jane would return and after replenishing my glass his hand had casually brushed my inner thigh and when I hadn’t reacted he slowly moved it over my crotch. As we continued talking I’d found the circling of his fingers quite pleasant, even relaxing and enjoyable and sank back into the couch. As his fingers began drumming over the increasing bulge in my jeans oddly I’d found myself getting excited, even hoping that he wouldn’t stop.
“Want another drink to drown your sorrows or are you okay?”
“No, I’m okay” and taking this as a seal of approval, his fingers found my zipper.
Although realizing I should stop him I’d allowed him to unzip my jeans and slide his hand in,
“Ummm…, you feel good.”
Gasping with sheer pleasure as his fingers ran over my already erect cock, almost immediately cool air flowed over my cock as he eased it from my fly, and slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth began he’d began jerking me off.  I was enjoying it so much that he easily pushed my briefs down without me objecting or even trying to stop him and they soon joined my jeans around my knees. It was weird looking down to see another guy’s hand wrapped around my straining erection but for the first time didn’t feel embarrassed or self-conscious about my lack of size and just continued getting pleasure from what he was doing and hadn’t noticed he was also undressing himself.  I gasped when he guided my hand to his naked cock and at first was a little repulsed and pulled away but he squeezed my cock harder and whispered “Its okay…don’t worry, you’ll like it…, it’ll make you feel better.” He took my hand again and closing it over his shaft, whispered “ummm…feels so good… just pull it…” guiding my fist back and forth.
Soon the warmth and hardness of him felt good and when he removed his hand curiously I left mine there, it felt huge, and eventually when I plucked up the courage to look down saw that it was at least a couple inches longer and thicker than mine with a bubble of precum already oozing from its slit. Slowly but surely I began enjoying the feel of another man’s cock under my fingers and drawing his foreskin over the head smeared some of his precum down its length bringing low groans of pleasure from him which somehow spurred me. Encircling my fingers, just the way I pleasure myself, under the ridge of his purplish cockhead I drew them down to the base of his shaft into the soft brown curls of his pubic hair.
“Umm….marvellous…don’t stop…” he cooed as I increased the speed of my hand, pulling the foreskin hard back and rubbing my thumb over his leaking slit just the way I like Jane doing it to me.
I’m not sure how long we were jerking each other off but soon we were both breathing hard and knowing that soon I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer I was looking forward to cumming. That was until, without warning Tony had sunk to his knees, slipped between my legs and lowered his head to draw my cock to his lips. Realising what he was about to do stopped me dead and suddenly seeming to come to my senses, feeling shock, horror and even repulsion at the thought of another guy giving me a blow job pushed him away, with my erection already quickly flagging.
Despite his pleadings, protestations and apologies that had been the end of our little tryst and I‘d quickly dressed and left, although I must admit when at home and in bed alone I was in a state of turmoil, feeling revulsion yet somehow a little disappointed and frustrated that I hadn’t gone a little further and couldn’t resist the urge to jerk myself off. It had been one of the best orgasms I’d had with copious amounts of cum streaming high in the air before splashing down on my chest, nipples and cock.
I’m not sure why but over the following months despite getting back with Jane I experienced more and more frustration that Tony had taken my no for an answer and not given me the blowjob. As these feelings grew so did the fantasies, especially when Jane was going down on me and when I was alone I began masturbating wondering if I would have reciprocated Tony.
By now I was really getting horny and without thinking where I was, began, pumping my fist up and down my hard cock, almost immediately feeling the first precum oozing around my tip. The wetness quickly spread all over my shaft making it slippery as it became hot, throbbing and swollen almost to bursting point. Meanwhile my other hand travelled from my balls, up the sensitive underside of my cock to squeeze more precum all over it. Without a doubt I now knew that almost certainly I wanted to be with Tony again, feeling, even maybe tasting his lovely cock and began wondering how I could contrive it because I knew that he wouldn’t make the first move in case I rebuked him again.
Hearing the rustle of sheets, instantly remembering where I was, immediately stopped rubbing the underside of my warm glans and began to cover up before glancing over to see where Tony lay in his bed. The sheets had ridden back during his sleep revealing he was stark naked, obviously having stripped off the shorts he’d donned the previous evening for my benefit to sleep in. My eyes were instantly drawn to his thick smooth erection, with its engorged head rearing up towards his stomach I knew I just had to hold it again. For a few moments I remained still but realising he was still asleep returned my hand to my cock infatuated by his tumescent cock which I was finding irresistible and the urge to touch it again was intense, especially when he rolled over to face me showing beads of precum oozing from his slit..
Although I knew I was heterosexual, somehow I found him irresistible, debating with myself  for a few minutes whether to do anything or not, but on a sudden impulse tentatively leant over to run a finger slowly up and down the underside of his cock. Only moments later he quietly groaned and mumbled what sounded like my name, which startled me and immediately I backed away, although when he just sighed and drew his legs up slightly I couldn’t resist the urge to start rubbing it again, so carefully as I could, so as not to awaken him I caressed his cock.
Rubbing up and down his shaft lubricating it with his precum with my heart thumping in my chest I listened and watched acutely for any reaction from him, all the time jerking myself off, having pulled my aching cock free from my shorts, and looking down saw clear precum streaming from my own slit.
Suddenly the alarm clock shrilled and my heart almost stopped as he stirred giving me only seconds to scramble back to my bed and draw the covers up.
“Arghhh…” he yawned rolling on his back, his hands meandering down to his wet erection “ummm…bloody clock, was having such a horny dream…..”
“Hi, Tony, you okay?”
“Oh Christ, forgot where I was for a moment, err sorry about this….,” he smiled looking down at his shiny cockhead. “Was having such a lovely dream, was your ears red?”
“What?” I blurted out.
“Just joking, but looks as though you were…., err doing the same…..” not finishing the sentence, still smiling he glancing away from me to his cock and then back to the tent my cock was still making in the sheet.
"Well, I... I... I...," I stammered, and for a moment thought he hadn’t been asleep all the time and blushed.
"Hey, c’mon nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural…., it felt really good”
“What do you mean?
“Dreaming…... fantasising about what could have been. Must admit I’ve lived in hope and dreamt about it, what about you?” he smiled seeming to know what I’d been doing and thinking.
“What? Oh I see, sorry” I nervously laughed realising what he was referring to.
“Don’t be sorry, I’ve always thought you really didn’t want to stop” he said lifting his cock and rubbing it against his abdomen before swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and standing up.
“It’s up to you….., you know that though don’t you.”
I hesitated, not knowing exactly how I felt, unsure for the moment what to say or do, just watching him stretch and the tautness of his buttocks as he disappeared in to the bathroom. We hardly spoke whilst we got ready or at breakfast and having different seminars spent the day away from each other, which gave me time to think things through but although I knew we should revert to just being friends a large part of me wanted to know him more and wondered if it would actually be possible to resist him.
Before returning to my room I decided to ring Jane, who adroitly realised something wasn’t quite right and we spoke for some time and soon I was feeling relaxed again. She’d always been able to easily excite me, and slowly I began stroking along the length of my shaft through my trousers under the table as she told me of the new dildo she’d bought. Saucily she even suggested using it on me as she thought I’d like that but unfortunately her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of her friend and it was left there. As I finished my coffee finally I was almost convinced that I was straight when my cock got even harder at the video message she sent showing her using the vibe on her clit and pussy before sucking on it.
Tony hadn’t returned when I got to our room so I decided to take a shower and soon a blast of warm spray was beating against my body, closing my eyes I leaned forward letting the stream of water run down my neck and shoulders. Standing back up straight the needle sharp jets of water beat against my face, and using the pads of my fingertips I soaped my face, thinking nothing of the slight chill of cooler air on my body. Continuing to soap my body I caught my reflection in the mirror tiles and couldn’t resist admiring myself, the hair on my chest looked a little thin as the week before after one drunken session when I’d fallen asleep Jane had used her shaver on me, especially around my nipples and had left just a thin trail down my belly. She’d told me later that if I hadn’t cum when she’d grasped my cock, all the curly hair surrounding it and my balls would have been shaved off too. I was lathering my balls when abruptly the shower door opened and Tony looked in.
“Hey, missed you all day, where’d you get to? I hope you don’t mind, but thought I’d shower too.”
“Oh hi…”
“Want me to wash your back?”
“I’m not sure we should.”
“That’s not the impression I got this morning, c’mon let me in.”
I’m not sure why after all the soul searching I’d done but I handed him the soap as he stepped in turned my back on him. Taking the soap he started rubbing it on my back, working it into lather with his hands and I had to admit his hands felt good and shivered when he put his arms around me to lather my chest with his cock pressed against my ass. Slowly working in small circles his hands slipped down to my crotch coming to rest on either side of my cock and balls with his hardening dick nudging into my ass crack. Both of his soapy hands slid smoothly up and down my cock shaft before his left hand returned back up to my chest to tweak my nipples.
 “Relax….” He soothed as I shuddered when he kissed me on the side of my neck and as I shifted forward a little causing his cock to slide from between my ass cheeks he shuffled even closer. When I didn’t react any further he pulled me back hard against his chest almost making me shoot my load when his hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks. Exhilaration and pleasure flowed through me as he gave my cock a hard squeeze pulling the foreskin back before turning me to face him whispering “don’t be shy, I think…..”
Reaching down to his crotch my hand slid under his hard cock until it lay in the palm of my hand and glancing up saw him smiling as I closed my fingers around his fleshy hard shaft.
“Yeah” I breathed heavily rolling his shaft between my fingers and didn’t flinch when he laid his hand on my shoulder and pulled my face closer to his. When I didn’t pull away he kissed me lightly on the lips.
I’d never been kissed by a man before but surprisingly this time didn’t feel any repulsion and let him slide both arms around me and when he hugged me closer didn’t object or pull away when the tip of his tongue pushed against my lips. Instead letting go of his cock put my arms around him, and immediately Tony ground our cocks together whilst thrusting his tongue in my mouth. For several minutes our tongues swirled, explored and searched each others mouths before he stepped back.
“Let me wash you” and reaching for the shower head began spraying my body before handing me the nozzle. Slowly he again began lathering every inch of my chest, nipples, cock and balls before easing me around so that I was facing away from him so that he could begin working on my back, saving my ass for last.
“Umm…, that feels good” I sighed feeling his soapy hands moving from my shoulders, drifting down my back.
“Relax, just enjoy……” he murmured in my ear, as his fingers slowly slid between my cheeks, but as they began exploring my anus I uncontrollably stiffened up. Exerting more and more pressure, rubbing around the rim, his other hand was reassuringly gently massaging my back, patiently waiting for me to relax again.
I’m not sure whether it was the soap bubbles running down my legs or his finger slowly probing more and more at my hole but I shivered. 
"Ooo…" I groaned, softly pushing back against him.
"Like that?"
"yess……," I breathed hoarsely, silently craving for more and was soon rewarded when his finger slowly pushed a few inches into me but I panicked and drew away when the pain hit me causing me to loose my erection.
“Sorry, thought you wanted me to…. Don’t you like it?”
“Mmmm.., maybe…. but it hurts….”
“It’ll be alright…, just relax…, it’ll blow your mind” he whispered reassuringly picking up the soap again, adding more lather to my back and ass. As I relaxed again he began massaging my anus again, but this time using two fingers slowly began stretching me.  For a few minutes I just enjoyed the feel of them and slowly felt myself loosening up and hardly noticed the finger glide into me. Probably because this time I was expecting the initial pain which soon passed, leaving just a slight burning I was enjoying it so much and cleverly he didn’t thrust further in, allowing me to get used to him. Finally when the pain disappeared I groaned louder pushing back against him, feeling how marvellous it was as he began sliding both fingers into me, moving faster and twisting his wrist. 
"Turn around," Tony ordered, and although feeling disappointed I faced towards him again, my cock now fully erect again.
“Don’t worry I’m not stopping” he whispered seeing my look of dismay and pushed my legs wider apart so that he could fondle my balls. By now my cock was aching to be jerked off as he pressed his cock against mine and as they rubbed together his fingers left my scrotum to caress my ass again. Pushing hard against him his fingers slid between my cheeks finding my hole again and thrust back into me, but this time faster and deeper than before and I moaned trying to control my body from shaking too hard.
For several minutes I just gave in to the sheer pleasure of being finger fucked and hardly noticed that he had been manoeuvring me around until he removed his fingers and guided his cock to my now slightly relaxed hole. His hand on my shoulder forced me forward as the tip of his cock pressed into me and I groaned loudly and pushed back against him, not thinking of the consequences. But as he tried thrusting more of his cock into me I froze, held my breath and pulled away scrabbling at the tiles on the wall crying out “no…nooooo….I can’t!”
“Ok…..” he gasped, his cock slipping from me but thrusting hard between my legs his whole length hammered against my balls.
“Sorry…..but I can’t……”
“It’s ok….maybe later…..” he gasped thrusting harder and within a few moments began pushing back against him realising pre-cum was oozing from my cock as I became more and more excited. 
Thrusting harder he swapped between playing with my nipples and balls making my head whirl with pleasure before twisting me around again and clamping his mouth over a nipple.
"Ohh Jeeeessse," I exhaled, as cum spurted from my cock encased in his hand and he quickly climaxed after me, pumping all of his seed over my cock, balls and stomach.
“I never thought I’d get the chance to make you cum, was it good?” he breathed rubbing his cock against mine.
“Fucking great….never felt it could be this good…...”
Leaning against each other until we’d both recovered a little he began washing me again, but this time in silence and when he’d finished I took the soap and gently washed his still hard cock as he kissed me again on the lips. Immediately I thrust my tongue into his waiting mouth as I’d got pleasure from the way we’d kissed before.
When we broke apart we quickly rinsed all the soap off and wiped the excess water off ourselves with our hands. As I stepped out of the shower he handed me a towel and we towelled each other dry.  Although my hard-on was now wilting a little I couldn’t help noticing his cock still looked and felt hard as a rock.
“Fancy a drink here or in the bar?” he asked
“Yeah, sounds good to me, we could get comfortable on the bed.”
Grinning he reached out and touched my cheek before dropping the towel on the floor and walking through to the bed to lay diagonally across the bed idly stroking his cock.
“Move over” I said joining him after pouring a couple of drinks.
We lay on our sides facing each other sipping the drinks, his dick only inches from my mine and although having crossed many barriers just minutes ago I was still nervous and maybe even a little scared about what was going to happen next.
“There’s still time…..”
“What for, what do you mean?”
“You know…... leave it here….,You know I want to fuck you and you’re looking a little uneasy again.”
“I don’t want to…., I mean I want to….” I smiled, the nervousness soon disappeared being replaced by excitement as I felt Tony’s hand on my cock again.
“Good” he said as I wrapped my fingers around his cock shaft before weighing his balls in the palm of my hand and was silent for a few minutes looking at Tony’s cock; thinking about all the blowjob’s Jane had given me, photos, movies and videos that I’d seen and wondering what it’d be like to have his cock in my mouth.
“Would like you to taste it, maybe suck it” he said seeming to realise what I was thinking and moving up the bed until his cock was only inches from my face.
Nervously I looked up to see him smiling.
“Go on, you’ll like it.”
Hesitantly I lifted his cock to my lips, slipping his foreskin back to fully expose his cockhead with a drop of pre-cum already in the slit. I prodded his cockhead with the tip of my tongue tasting the pre-cum which wasn’t what I’d imagined it’d be like, just a little salty not bitter at all. Sliding my tongue over his cock head made him jump and it bumped against my lips and without any more thinking I ran my tongue over and around the fleshy dome.
Tony gently squeezed my balls as I took his cock into my mouth taking pleasure in my first taste of dick as his lips slipped down over my cockhead.
Lowering my head my lips slipped over the ridge of his cockhead and running my tongue around it I was fascinated to feel a different texture when I got to his shaft. Soon I really began enjoying the experience of giving my first blowjob, closing my lips tightly around the shaft helped me form suction just as Tony pulled my cock from his mouth.
Using his tongue and saliva he lubricated my shaft by licking from my balls to the crown making me groan.
Plunging up and down his wet shaft three or four times before flicking my tongue over his cockhead or running the tip of my tongue around the sensitive line where the cockhead and shaft join together I set up a steady rhythm just as Jane does to me.
“Jeezzzz……arghhhh…….” He groaned and stopped sucking me and rolled onto his back, as I flicked the tip of my tongue against the sensitive spot on the underside of the crown before taking his shaft back into my mouth. Hearing him gasp I thought to myself that I must be doing o.k. and giving him a good blowjob.
I guessed that he would be cumming soon when I felt his cock stiffen and grow even more rigid and not wanting a mouthful of cum pulled it out and began pumping hard. It didn’t take long for Tony to blurt out that he was cumming and as I squeezed hard he shot his load high into the air before splashing onto his stomach. After draining out the last drops of cum, I lay back on the bed.
“Did I do okay?”
“You sure did, who taught you to flick your tongue like that? Are you sure that was your first blowjob?”
“Of course it was the first time! But I’m glad you liked it, its Jane’s speciality really.”
“I’m sorry….. Well, it’s more of a compliment..,,though would have like cumming in your mouth”
“I’m not sure I could…..”
“Hey, don’t worry, are you ready now? He asked moving between my legs and I didn't resist although still a little embarrassed as I’m not as well endowed as him. Slowly he licked around the head and then down the shaft of my throbbing cock alternating between deep throating me to licking up and down my shaft. He was even better than Jane and I knew I wouldn’t last long and would soon be cumming so leaning back closed my eyes just enjoying every thrust of his mouth.
He kept bringing me to the edge and back down, slowly sucking each of my balls for a few minutes then licking his way up and down my cock shaft, around the head and the slit, tickling the underside with the tip of his tongue, whilst gently rolling my balls around in his hands.
Different pressures of his tongue and sucking pushed me right to the edge and wanting to warn him I cried out that I was going to cum whilst trying to hold back but continuing his onslaught I had the strongest cum of my life as he sucked and swallowed my cum. I groaned, sighed, and grunted as spurt after spurt erupted from my cock into his waiting mouth. When I finally came down from off my high he slowly dragged himself up to face me and lightly kissed me on the lips and for the first time I tasted my own cum which was similar to the taste of his precum.
As we parted I saw that some cum had splashed on his cheek and was running down the side of his face and on impulse began licking it off whispering "That was really great, we should do it again."
“Let’s take a rest," he replied, “we’ve got all night."
Rolling onto my side so that I was facing him agreed "Yeah."
I don't know which one of us fell asleep first, but as I drifted off to sleep I was feeling really satisfied.
The sun was glinting through the open curtain when I awoke and as I rolled over my hand found Tony's cock, which was semi-hard, its foreskin rolled back exposing his dome and with excitement mounting I licked my fingertips and traced them along his slit. His penis twitched as he sighed and taking his hand I placed it on my abdomen and slowly moved closer until it slipped down onto my cock.
“Ummm….that feels good” wrapping his fingers around it, he said stroking, slowly squeezing and milking my cock.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you” getting to my knees and leaning over licked the end of his penis.
Moaning he squeezed my cock harder as I began sucking him into my mouth swirling my tongue around the end, just feeling the glans against my tongue really felt good.
Although Jane had always refused to let me cum in her mouth I knew I wanted to feel and taste Tony’s, so I began sucking harder, plunging up and down his shaft.
“I want you” he groaned pulling on my cock and trying to move his body closer, so throwing a leg over his head I straddled his face and felt the warmth and wetness of his mouth surround my erection and he was able to take the whole thing into his mouth.
By now my breathing was coming out in snorts against his scrotum as his hips shuddered as he gave me a taste of his precum and pulling him closer I nearly gagged on his penis several times as I tried to force it all down my throat as he’d done to mine. Realizing that my friend liked this as much as I did when he groaned louder, but this time he didn’t warn me that he was about to cum, instead he grabbed my head as his cock began spurting hot cum in my mouth. I didn't gag this time as I began swallowing his load until it slowly began wilting and I was able to really savour the taste of male cum for the first time.
“Fucking marvellous…, that’s one of the best breakfasts in bed I've ever had.” He groaned removing his mouth from my member for a moment, before sucking it back in as deep as he could with a big smile on his face.
“Me too, but I want more.”
“Sounds good, I’d like to fuck you as well.”
"What?" I replied.
“Don’t worry now as we’ll have to wait, look at the time; anyway I think you’ve drained me.”
We hurriedly got dressed and just had time to grab breakfast before joining the conference again, the day seemed to drag on and on before finally we were able to return to the hotel.
Once Tony closed the door, he couldn’t wait and pulling me to him pressed his mouth to mine forcing his tongue in my mouth whilst cupping my ass. We ground our hard cocks against each other and I could have cum right then.
"I‘ve been waiting all day for that." He said breaking our kiss.
"Me too." I replied giving him another brief kiss.
We broke away from each other and getting two glasses, he put some ice in them and poured scotch in them, handing me a glass he leaned over and kissed me lightly again.
"I'm glad the day’s over." He said sipping his drink.
"Yeah, I can’t get last night out of my mind, some of the best sex I’ve ever had. My first time with a girl was good but……."
"I’d love my cock in your ass." He said putting his hand on my thigh.
Before I could say anything my phone rang and glancing down I saw it was Jane and when I took it he signalled that he was going to shower. When he returned he took my glass from me and sat down beside me and brought his lips to my neck and slid his hand down and between my legs. Trying not to react I parted my legs so he could get to my cock but couldn’t help myself gasp as he grasped and caressed my cock through my trousers.
“What, oh nothing, just cut myself” I lied in answer to Jane’s query adding that I’d I have go to sort it out.
“You bastard...” I smiled when I closed the connection.
“Just go and have a shower.”
When I‘d finished showering I found him leaning back on the bed, striding over to him I pushed my tongue in and out of his mouth whilst holding his head, then pulling on his shoulders moved closer to him rubbing my cock on his forehead and across his cheeks before brushing it against his lips.
"Lick me. No, don’t touch me with your hands, I’ll teach you tease me whilst I was on the phone."
“My pleasure” he said laughing and began licking the head of my cock.
Reaching down and grasping it again, pulled it away ordering him "right now lick my balls!"
Eagerly he began licking and kissing them so deciding to go further added "take one in your mouth."
Grunting he drew one between his lips, running his tongue around it before sucking hard, but as I tried to pull back he wouldn’t let go and I almost shot another load with the feeling of pain and pleasure as he tugged back even harder.
"No! Suck my cock" I growled.
“Anything you want” he smiled letting my ball sac slip from his mouth and as I thrust my cock between his lips he clamped them shut.
“Ummm…, that’s good…”
Grunting again he drew more and more of my cock into his mouth until it nudged the back of his throat and grabbing his head I began slowly mouth fucking him before telling him “Now you can touch me now."
Glancing up he smiled as without a word began pumping my foreskin back and forth along my shaft whilst still eating my cock, making exquisite love to it, driving his tongue into my slit as his other hand reached up to knead my stomach before moving up to my nipples and pinching them between his fingers.
“Arghhh….that’s….. Oh no…” I groaned as his fingers left my nipple to move back down my body to caress my ass cheeks, making several passes up and down my crack before stopping and pressing his finger against my asshole.
"You’re tight, just relax and come lay with me ….." He murmured pressing his fingertip almost in.
As I scrambled onto the bed I saw him reaching out and picking up a bottle from the bedside cabinet.
“What’s that?”
“Just something to help” he whispered coating his finger with the clear liquid easing himself between my legs as I lay on my back.
His finger found my hole again and with the aid of the lube eased in, without any pain this time went up to his knuckle.
“That’s better…, although you’re still tight….just relax.”
Leaning forward his hard cock pressed against mine as his lips closed over mine, our tongues entwining as spreading my legs wider he pushed a second finger in my anus.
Breaking our kiss he whispered "I want to fuck you."
Thrusting my tongue back in his mouth I pushed against his hand as finger fucked me with his two fingers but didn’t answer as I didn’t know what I wanted, to say or do.  I was so turned on that part of me wanted to feel his cock in me and for him to fuck me but I was scared.
Seeming to sense my uncertainty he broke our kiss and slithering down my body pulled my cock deep into his mouth, taking all of me until his lips were pressing against my pubic hair.
"I'm going to cum……. I want to watch it spurt in your mouth …..”
Pulling his mouth off my cock he began jerking me off, whist still licking and sucking on the head.
"I'm cumming…….”
Looking down I saw him stick out his tongue as the first thick creamy spurt flew from my throbbing cock, it covered his tongue as the second spurt went straight into his mouth. As he swallowed the next spurts splattered against his cheek and lips, leaving a thick string of cum hanging from the upper one.
“Arghhh…….” He groaned fastening his lips around the head of my cock again to continue sucking the remaining cum from my cock.
“Wonderful…” I sighed feeling my cock still in his mouth slowly soften as he continued to suck until finally it slipped from his lips, but he carried on kissing, licking and chewing the sticky soft flesh.
“You taste good” he mumbled, my cum still on his lips and his chin.
I sighed as I felt his cock rubbing against mine as I pulled him up to lick some of the cum from his face before kissing him, and tasting his cum covered tongue.
"I’d love to have your cock and cum in my mouth all the time, and was almost cumming myself” he said breathing very hard.
"Me too, I can't believe you took all it and let me cum, I’ve never had that done to me before. It was great seeing and feeling all my cock in your mouth.”
As his hands found my cock and stroked me he covered my face and neck with kisses before sliding down to kiss and bite my nipples.
“Jeezzz…., argghhh” I groaned as he bit them hard.
“Like that?”
“Ummm…, yes.”
Leaving my hard nipples his face moved down to my stomach and then his lips were on my cock again licking and sucking for a few minutes before pushing my thighs up against my stomach and his mouth moved between my open legs.
“No, noooo…” but I didn’t try to stop his tongue sliding from my scrotum to ream my asshole before grabbing the bottle of lube again. Squeezing some drops into the palm of his hand he reached down and stroked his big hard cock, coating it liberally before taking more of the lube and running his hand between my cheeks.
My cock was as hard as a rock as he pushed some of the lube into my ass with his finger, and I knew I wasn’t going to stop him
Dropping the bottle on the bed, he pushed my legs up to my chest and shuffled up against my cheeks as I reached down and grabbed my cock and groaned waiting for him to enter me.
“Are you sure?” he whispered staring into my eyes for confirmation.
I gazed back directly into his eyes and he knew it was okay and when I nodded he pressed forward and I felt the initial push of the head of his cock, but as it forced open my hole, the pain began, his cock felt massive, so much bigger than his two fingers.
“No!!! I can’t take it! It’s too big……”
“Okay, just take it easy, it’ll go but I’ll stop if you really want me to.”
“No, wait…I want….." I breathed longing to feel his cock in my ass and sure enough he was right, just leaving it nestling my hole the pain soon subsided a little.
After a couple of minutes he slowly began pushing again but as his head pushed past my sphincter a hot searing pain ran through my body but I didn’t not yell, just sucked in my breath and gritted my teeth but couldn’t believe the pain. Seeing this he stopped but I grunted “I want you to fuck me”
“Okay, try to relax your ass muscles” he soothed pressing the large head of his cock and it hurt like hell but only until it popped in. Little by little I became adjusted to having his thick eight inches which I’d already had trouble fitting it into my mouth. Relaxing, the pain became less and waiting until I appeared calm again he started to fill me with the rest of his large cock as he pushed just a little more and thankfully I felt myself loosen as the head of his cock just moved into me. There was still a little pain, but it just started to burn but this soon turned to pleasure.
"Are you ok?" he asked looking into my eyes.
"Ummm yeah, not too bad now but just go slow."
“No problem” he smiled easing forward a little, his cock pushing in a little more as I raised and put my legs up on his shoulders and pushing my hips slowly towards him. Soon I was feeling his big balls on my ass as he buried his cock deep inside my ass.
"It feels so good." I said as leaned forward and urged "Now fuck me. . . Fuck me. Please”
“My pleasure” he said leaning back, slowly pulling his cock out of me until the head was almost out, then he pushed his cock hard back it.
As I lay back taking his thrusts I caught sight of us in the wall mirror and watched myself getting fucked, seeing the head of his cock just at the edge of my asshole before disappearing into me. My cock was hard and started bouncing off my stomach when he began thrusting harder and harder, each time he slipped in and out his cockhead was massaging my prostrate and I knew I would be cumming soon as I’d never experienced such pleasure and excitement. The only thing wrong was my legs began hurting so I pleaded “Just a minute.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Just my legs” I answered pulling my legs off his shoulders which unfortunately made him slip out.
“Try this…” he said wrapping them around his waist which although more comfortable he wasn’t able to get as deep into me. Pulling out rolled me over onto my side and lying beside slid up behind me and pulled one of legs up.
"Help me in."
Reaching behind me I grasped his cock and pressed it against my asshole, this time the head popped in easily without any pain as he thrust hard burying his cock up to the hilt. Slamming his cock in and out of my hole he kissed me on my neck whilst reaching over to stroke my cock, running his fingers up and down it and soon precum began leaking from my hard prick.  Before long he started pulling almost all of the way out, before slamming back into me making me groan, whimper and gasp for breath from the pleasure he was giving me as his cockhead bumped against my prostate.
Kissing my neck his thrusts started to become faster and harder, the room filled with the sound of his balls slapping against me and I knew he was as close to cumming as me. I felt my balls tightened as he began pressing my cock against my stomach and almost immediately I spurted onto my stomach and his hand which he brought up to my face.  Slowly he started rubbing cum on my lips and I licked his hand and fingers clean as he fucked me even faster.
Then moaning loudly he slammed his cock deep into me as he started cumming, rotating his hips against me as his cum filled my ass.
Breathing heavily he snuggled up to me as his cock slipped out, his cum oozing out the crease of my ass and onto my thighs and turning onto my back kissed him. I knew then that I wanted him to fuck me again, and would be ready for more...more cock; more cum more cock and cum as he cupped my limp cum covered cock with his fingers and massaged it, nibbling on my wet lips as he did.
We lay joined together for some time panting, catching our breaths, and savouring the delicious feelings that we had given each other


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