Too Long Between Visits

By biguy2play

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We'd met online ... he a top, me a bottom ... looking for satisfaction. It had been way too long.
When I walked in the back door of his house Jim hugged me and gave me a kiss, first slightly reserved but when he felt my mouth open for him we kissed full on with tongues searching while his hands slid down to grab my ass and pull me into him. It had been a long time since my last visit and I knew he was horny!

“I’ve missed you, guy,” Jim finally said when our lips finally parted and he gave my butt another squeeze. Jim was fifteen years older than myself and well past retirement but that didn’t seem to slow his sex drive! We had met online, he a top and I a bottom, and each looking for the other for a no commitment sexual relationship. My marriage had left no outlet for my bisexuality. His closeted seclusion left him little possibility for sex. We had gotten along great from the start. He lived alone in an old farmhouse far from the prying eyes of the small town where I lived. His relatives stopped in now and then but always called first. I would just call or email and we would set up a date and then I would call again just before I came over to make sure nothing had changed.

“It’s been a long time. I’m sorry I haven’t called,” I apologized. We made small talk … how’s work, what have you been doing … while I took off my coat and hat and left my shoes on the mat by his door. Without any hesitation we walked up his stairs and into his bedroom. There were never any preliminaries, never any formalities. We would just walk upstairs to his bedroom and undress. With both of us naked, we climbed onto his bed, lay down next to each other and began kissing again. Jim loved to kiss and I knew what happened when he kissed me. After a few long deep kisses I moved my hand down his body and found his cock already hard. Whenever his erection would fade we would kiss some more and he would be hard again in no time. It was pretty amazing for a man in his seventies … and a fact I had learned to appreciate!

I moved myself down his body to position myself over his cock. Holding it in my hand I kissed it a few times before slipping it into my mouth … a little, a little more, then finally taking his whole length deep into my mouth. Jim groaned with pleasure. His cock was not big but not small either. It fit easily into my mouth and only made me start to gag when I took him all the way to the root of his cock. I bobbed up and down over his cock, sucking and tonguing his stiff shaft. His hands guided me and he moaned with the sensations of my mouth surrounding his penis. I loved the feel of a man’s cock in my mouth … the satisfaction I got when I felt his cum squirt into my mouth … the power I felt in making him totally wanting for the pleasure my mouth could give. Jim loved the way I sucked him (but then, over the years, I’d never had any man complain) but I knew what Jim and I both wanted even more. I stopped and looked up at him.

“I want you inside me, Jim. Hand me the lube.” He reached to the bedside table and handed me a tube of KY lube. I got his prick all slick and moved up to straddle it. After taking some lube and spreading it over my anus, I grasped his cock, guided him to me and settled myself onto his hard slippery cock. As I moved up and down, his cock went further and further into me. Each time I settled onto him, Jim would groan with pleasure and each time I would relax a little more to let him slide deeper and deeper into me. I loved that I was flexible enough not only to straddle his hips but to allow him to penetrate so deeply. When he was all the way inside me I began rocking my hips and rising up on my legs, drawing him out of my tight slick ass and then settling down onto him and driving his cock back into me. I loved the feel of him so hard and hot inside me! I used to masturbate in this same position with a vibrator up my ass and fantasize about riding a man’s cock but this was oh so much better! Soon I could hear Jim’s moans starting to be deeper and stronger and as I continued to ride him, he jerked and spasmed and shot his glorious cum into me. His cock too sensitive to take any more, he pulled me off him and I lay down next to him. When his breathlessness subsided we kissed again and held each other.

We lay together for some time talking and kissing. I snuggled closer and the talking became less and the kissing more. I moved my leg up over him and felt him hard again. With out a word I turned to lie on my side and lifted one leg up. Jim rolled onto his side behind me and guided his cock to my ass. He pushed easily back into me and started to fuck me again. I raised my leg to let him deeper inside and rocked to meet his thrusts.

“Oh yes, Jim! God yes …. Fuck me! I’ve missed your cock in me!” I loved the feelings that poured through me when a man had his cock buried inside me.

“And I’ve missed your sweet butt!” Jim whispered into my ear.

We rocked and groaned and panted until my stud was just too tired to fuck me anymore. He pulled out of me and lay back on his back. I turned around to cuddle up to him, playing in his chest hair. Again we talked and kissed … and talked … and kissed … and kissed … and once again his erection returned!

“How would you like me this time?” I asked.

“Just roll onto your stomach,” Jim said. I knew what he meant and turned over. I lay on my stomach and bent my knees to bring my legs up alongside my hips and my butt slightly elevated. I knew Jim liked this position. He laid on top of me and I reached back to guide him into me once again. Once inside me he let his weight settle on top of me and started thrusting … sometimes easy long thrusts and then suddenly hard strong forceful thrusts that made me groan and my body rock under his. He slipped out of me and we both fumbled to get him back inside me but without much luck.

“Let me turn over, Jim,” I said. He lifted his weight off me and I flipped over onto my back, placing my legs up into the air. Jim knelt in front of my widespread legs and I set my legs on his shoulders. He moved closer and lifted my butt off the bed and up to his hard cock. My hands reached down and grasp his erection and I guided him back … back where his cock wanted to be. I felt him push once more into me, felt his hot cock fill me up, felt his weight push against me and fold me over. My legs were pressed back onto my chest, my ass spread wide and presented to accept his every inch of hot meat. I loved this position … so totally dominated, so able to accept his hardness into me and so very unable to refuse! I moaned and coaxed Jim to fuck me … and fuck me … and fuck me more! Finally he was just too tired to continue and we lay back down on the bed.

“You need to bring that sweet butt of yours over here more often,” Jim said as we lay cuddling again. He was right. It always seemed like there was something else going on in my life and I always felt a little guilty, probably left over from the days of me sneaking off when I was married. Now things were different, very different. My girlfriend thought it was very hot. She had fantasies about me getting fucked by a man (and even wanted to watch!) She encouraged me to see Jim … and then tell her everything!

As I left Jim’s house that day we kissed and I promised not to be such a stranger. I didn’t know when we would see each other again but I knew when we did, it would be a wild uninhibited sexual ride we would both enjoy.