Too old for Sex – Never

By locodriver

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I’ve got quite a large cock and my balls have grown low and heavy over the years.
I’m now in my early 60s and following the death of my wife I thought an active sex life was over. With the kids all moved out I had sold up and moved into a park home adjacent to some local woods. A quick hop over the fence and a stroll through the woods would lead to an old flooded sand pit which was now a bird sanctuary, also walking these woods served two purposes; first it allowed me some sexual relief for I would find a cosy glade then having checked the coast was clear I would drop my pants and have a fucking good wank, my other enjoyment was to walk as far as the bird sanctuary and spend hours looking at the wild life.

One day whilst walking towards the sanctuary the wildfowl began to make one hell of a din and as I emerged from the woods a multitude of birds were milling overhead. Inquisitive as to why the birds had taken flight I raised my binoculars and quickly scanned the area, soon some distance away I spotted two guys standing about. Call me nosey but I went in search for a better view of them. Both were dressed in shorts and t-shirts and they each seemed to be probing the front of the others shorts with their hands, old memoirs began to stir and soon the old todger began to show some life.

Whilst making myself comfortable they had both removed their shorts and were now ‘docked’ and wanking each other. I trained my binoculars on their erect cocks and continued to watch them; in watching them my own cock began to rise to the occasion and in no time I too began wanking. One of them came off fairly quickly, pulled up his shorts then walked away, the other a younger looking guy stood there for a while still wanking himself then once he had come off pulled up his shorts and left in the opposite direction. As for me I was still at it for at my age nothing comes quickly.

That night I slept very little, if I wasn’t wanking myself I was just thinking about it. A couple of days later on one of my walks I again heard the birds making one hell of a din, peering out from the edge of the woods I recognised the intruder being the younger guy I had seen previously, he was stood looking all about him then once he thought the ‘coast was clear’ he lowered his shorts. At first he started wanking then for no reason he stooped, picked up his shorts and disappeared.

This time I was determined to find out as to what was going on so making as little noise as possible I crept towards where he last stood. I came across him sooner than I expected. He was laid in a hollow by the waters edge with his eyes closed, I stood looking at him; he was probably in his early 20s and totally naked. His uncut cock was fully erect and throbbed as his fingers traced the area between his balls and nipples.

By now I really had a hard on, for this lad was a real Adonis, ok it didn’t look as if he was into body building but he was fit and nicely tanned. As I shuffled closer his eyes opened slightly, I wasn’t sure what to do, he looked up at me, smiled then beckoned me to come forward, I just continued starring as his hand finally wrapped around his cock, up and down it went, at a pace which seemed most hypnotic; I think he could sense my nervousness as I slowly approached him.

His eyes left my face and looked at the front of my trousers then without speaking he indicated for me to drop my trousers, it had been years since I had done anything like this in public, but suddenly I wanted him to see me as my best and I was desperately in need of some relief. Kicking off my shoes I quickly dropped my trousers and underpants then kicked them to one side.

“Mmmm,” he murmured before smiling.

I’ve got quite a large cock and my balls have grown low and heavy over the years. As he continued to lay there playing with himself, he nodded for me to begin wanking myself, I was more than glad to oblige, with my hand wrapped around my cock I began a slow casual wank, my casualness soon got him staring at my balls as they swung back and forwards.

He got on his knees and beckoned me to stand in front of him, I was amazed how casual he was about it all, and I could feel myself beginning to shake.

I continued to wank as I walked those final steps towards him, when my toes touched his knees he reached out with his other hand and gently took hold of my balls, I just stood there holding my cock, long forgotten feelings seemed to be going through my body; “Nice,” he murmured as he felt the weight of my balls. When his other hand pushed mine aside and started wanking me, my legs almost gave in for it had been several years since a different pair of hands was giving me such enjoyment.

He moved his head towards me then opening his mouth he took in my cock and started to suckle it. I made no attempt to stop him; I couldn’t believe the feelings going through my body, my wife used to suck me off, but this felt totally different. Subconsciously I began pushing my cock in and out of his mouth, I could hear myself moaning. As he lapped and licked I could feel the pressure building up soon I felt that urge to came off but I didn’t want to so I pulled my cock from his mouth and grabbed it tightly.

“I think you enjoyed that,” he said with a smile.

Still gripping my cock I nodded and smiled back.

“I’ve not seen you here before,” he said.

“It’s my first time,” I said in an unsteady voice.

“First time here.”

“No…first time with a man,” I whispered. Ok it may had been a lie but several years had gone by since my last affair

“Really,” he said, sounding amazed.

“Yes,” I replied.

He began playing with my balls again, “I’d like you to suck me,” he said standing up, offering me his cock. Feeling it throb in my hand I couldn’t believe how hot it was.

“Fuck,” he suddenly said, “there’s someone watching us, is your car nearby.”

“No car but my home’s near by,” I replied

“Great,” he said as we quickly got dressed. Looking around I saw there was a chap not too far away and ambling his way towards us. I’ll follow you,” he said as we walked off. It took about 15 minutes to reach my place in that time I learnt that my new companion was called Peter and was studying engineering at the local university. After what must have seemed a trek for Peter we finally arrived at my home.

“Nice,” he said, “I didn’t know these were here.”

“Its only a park home, ideal for an old fogey like me, couldn’t see the sense in staying put in the old family home…close the curtains would you whilst I make us a drink…coffee ok?”

“That’s fine,” replied Peter as he went about closing the curtains.

“Thanks for that, can’t have the old fogies talking,” I uttered having returned with the coffee and some biscuits. “Help yourself to sugar.”

“Thanks,” replied Peter as he casually slipped his shorts down then stepped out of them, on his cue I immediately removed my shoes and quickly discarded all of my clothing, “Might as well make ourselves as comfortable as possible,” I quipped as his hand reached for then took hold of my limp cock, again my body trembled at his touch.

“Relax,” he mumbled smiling. His was already semi-erect as he fell to his knees and took my hardening cock in his mouth; again he felt the weight of my balls as he started to fellate me. It was the fastest my cock had hardened in ages; I felt it swell inside his mouth as his playful tongue covered it in saliva as he suckled me; it felt fantastic.

“What do you want to do,” he suddenly asked, “I’m all yours.”

“There are a lot of things I’d like to do,” I heard myself saying, “But I’m not sure where to start.”

“Let’s have that drink and talk,” he casually replied, letting go of my cock.

Sitting on the sofa we both sat there with our legs apart playing with ourselves with one hand whilst the other held our mugs of coffee. I couldn’t believe we were doing this just sitting on the sofa playing with ourselves. We needed to be careful for although the coffee was but five minutes old, hot liquids and bare flesh about the genital area was just asking for trouble. Pulling a small table up I rested my coffee mug then moved closer to Peter. Very casually he reached for my cock and rubbed it gently up and down; moving my foreskin back he exposed its swollen purple head, which he fingered, sending shocks through my body.

“Have you ever come in somebody’s mouth,” he asked.

“No,” I lied for I was pretty relaxed now. His hand moved up and down my rock hard cock then onto my balls, probing and feeling them.

“Suck me off,” he suddenly uttered as he went to stand, with his legs apart in front of me he still needed to push his cock down level with my mouth. I watched as he wanked in front of my face, then pulling his foreskin fully back his exposed deep pink head began to ooze precum. He put both his hands on my head and drew me onto his cock. His cock had straightened up again, I reached for it, brought it down then took it in my mouth, I felt it twitch as I tasted his salty precum I knew it would be salty for I liked to taste my own. Holding my head he pushed it in and out.

“Hold my balls,” he whispered. I took them gently in my hand; they were really hard and tight. “You’ve got a great mouth.” I heard him say.

I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying suckling him. With my hands clutched around his arse I started to really work on his cock. I felt his arse tighten and felt the sudden urgency of his cock in my mouth, he pulled my head hard onto him.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” he shouted as his cock filled my throat.

Even though he was nearly choked me it was a beautiful moment as I felt his hot seed empty into my mouth, I had no choice but to swallow, he kept coming, spurt after spurt. I wanted to keep sucking him, but he gently pulled away. He dropped on the sofa beside me, his cock already going down.

“That was brilliant,” he said still smiling, “Did you enjoy it”

“I loved it,” I replied as his hand reached down and took my erect cock.

“I’ll suck you off now; you can come off in my mouth if you want to.”

I could feel my cock throbbing in one his hand whilst his other was already working with his limp cock up to semi-erect again.

“Lay back and spread you legs apart,” he said as he knelt in front of me.

Taking my balls in his hand he took my cock in his mouth, his head moved up and down on me. I knew I wouldn’t last long, he knew it too. He moved faster on me. I felt my spunk coming from deep inside and burst into his mouth, I could feel his swallowing action; I hadn’t come that much in years. I felt like a young man again. He continued sucking me till my cock slipped from his mouth. He looked up into my face and smiled.

“I hope that’s not going to be the only time,” he whispered.

“So do I,” I replied as he sat on the edge of the sofa. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. As we sat on the sofa side by side, his cock fully erect again (Oh to be young again), mine all withered and limp. He reached across and gently placed a finger on its eye before lifting my foreskin.

“You’ve got a really lovely cock,” he whispered, “What do you think of mine.”

“It’s beautiful,” I replied and meant it.

“How often did you and your wife make love?” he asked.

“Do you mind if we don’t talk about my wife, it’s because of my love for her I now find it very hard to get aroused by other woman.”

“You must have loved her very much.”

“I still do.” I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand, his hand was back on my balls, gently playing with them, I could feel my cock responding to his touch.

“What happened,” he asked.

“She died of cancer some three years. Even after ‘chemo’ and radiotherapy she suffered with it for five years before it finally killed her.”

“I’m so sorry,”

“Look, now’s not the time to talk about my problems,” I replied feeling my cock slowly soften in his hand even though he was wanking me.

“Time for bed,” he whispered.

I led him down the short hallway into my bedroom. When we reached the bed I patted its side, motioning him to lie down.

When Peter had made himself comfortable I laid down next to him where I started to tremble. Oh my God I couldn't believe it, this was so fucking stupid for I tried to relax but I couldn't.

Peter slipped his arm around me and pulled me to him.

"Are you okay?" He asked, feeling me shake.

"Yeah, just nervous I guess." I replied. It was hard to get the words out, for it had been years since I was in this situation for I suddenly I felt small and meek pressed against his youthful body.

He brought his lips to mine and we kissed, next his lips travelled down my neck, licking and sucking he slowly made his way down my chest. When his lips met my nipples I gasp, for this was my weakness, my late wife once said that my nipples would be the envy of any woman. He worked on them for awhile, driving me nuts as I moaned and squirmed under him. I felt his hand on my crouch then I shook with anticipation as he moved down the bed, where suddenly he took my whole cock into his mouth.

I gasped and arched my back. He pulled back, licked my ‘eye’ then ran his tongue from tip to the base next he ran his tongue over my balls, I reached down and rested my hand on his head as he sucked one between his lips. I thought his nipple attention was great, but this was better. Sensing an urgency I tugged him up to me where we kissed, then having rolled Peter onto his back I slid down his naked body, running my tongue through his chest hair until my face pressed into his groin, his cock rubbed gently on my cheek as I reached for his balls which where small and soft, I licked them joyfully, tasting his sweat. I sucked his nuts into my mouth pulling them away from his body softly until they popped out of my mouth.

I stroked his cock with my fingers before letting it in my mouth again, this time I tried to take as much as I could, gagging I backing off. As I worked I let myself drool as much as I could, his cock and balls becoming very slimily with my spit. I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth, but again his hands pulled me away.

"Would you like me to fuck you?" He enquired softly.

"Not dry," I answered curtly reaching for the gel I kept in the bedside cabinet. Soon I was gobbing up my arse and his cock with lubricant. I had thought about using a condom but at my age who cares.

"Right…let's do it." I murmured.

Nervously I moved up his body and positioned my arse over his cock. Reaching between my legs I held him upright as I lowered myself onto him, initially there was some pain but I gritted my teeth and squirmed down on top of him.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"I’m ok," I replied as I wiggled and grunted, soon the initial pain subsided. Finally smiling I mumbled, "God this feels good!" as I began to bounce up and down. Some pain returned but as I continued it soon faded. Peter moaned under me as my arse squeezed and contracted against his cock. He reached for my bobbing cock then wrapped his hand about it. For several minutes we took it gently then…

"Oh yeah…Oh shit…Yes …Grab my nipples and squeeze them hard as hard as you can," I moaned.

Used to the invasion of my arse I started to feel really good, a burning pleasure filled my rectum and with Peter's appendages torturing my nipples and prostate I quickly jerked myself off, looking down at him as I came, I sprayed my cum all over his chest and stomach. Trembling, I collapsed onto his chest, Peter the darling he was wrapped me in his arms and we lay there for several minutes, my cum forming a sticky, translucent bond between us.

Knowing he hadn't cum yet I rolled off him then laying on my back I beckoned him to get on top. My arse was quite open now so he could be as rough as he liked. Peter took my knees then having placed one over each shoulder entered me. It was easy for him this time, and I moaned as I felt his cock in my arse again. I looked up at him, smiled and told him to fuck me. He didn't waste any time, the sound of our flesh slapping together echoed loudly in the darkened room.

It only took him a few minutes before I felt the twinges and throbs of our resulting union, grunting loudly he pushed ball deep into me and then with a final groan shot his seed into me. Grabbing his face with both hands I kissed him passionately whilst his cock continued to spurt his virile seed into me. Alas all good things come to an end so as his cock withered he pulled out slowly then lay next to me, limp leaking cocks caressed each other as we cuddled and kissed and it was here Peter fell asleep in my arms.

I untangled myself from his sleeping form and went to the bathroom cleaned myself up then returned with a warm flannel. Snuggled up in bed next to him I looked at his sleeping form as I gently washed his genitals, cleaned I idly played with his balls and soft penis before scooting down to get a better look. Gently I nudged his legs apart then having got between his legs I laid my cheek on his thigh then gently blew on his cock.

As I gently blew it would start to rise then when the blowing ceased it would fall, soon this became a game; I allowed it to go up and down until sensing the appropriate time I took it into my mouth. The feel of it going from soft to hard inside my mouth was wonderful. Covering it in saliva I took the lot in my mouth then just held it there as it got bigger and bigger. It is hard to describe the feeling one gets as a cock slowly fills your mouth, soon it became difficult to breath so I backed off a little then I began stroking him while I sucked at its head.

I don't know when he awoke but now I heard his moaning then felt his hands on my head as he pushed me down. I let him force my head down on his cock, I momentary gagged and he back off. He forced me to gag a few times more before I gave him a little nip as a warning.

Pulling my mouth off I started jerking him with my hands, there was so much spittle it dripped down my fingers. His breathing became harsh and I knew he was close to coming.

His hands reached down and gripped mine, pulling them up to his stomach and holding them. He wanted me to finish him with my mouth, which was exactly what I wanted. I took him in my mouth and sucked, my tongue worked overtime as I bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could, his hands squeezed mine tighter and tighter as he approached his climax. I tasted his cum, all salty and slimily in my mouth, wishing to give him a surprise I didn’t swallow it immediately for I crawled up his body where I gave him a snowball kiss before hugging him tightly.

“How soon do you have to go,” I sighed.

“Soon,” he replied, “I’m staying in some local digs along with a few other students…How did you know I was there?”

“The birds told me, if you hadn’t scared the birds away we would have never met. Tell me how long have you been gay?”

“About 18 months,” he replied. “I’d messed about a bit when I was young but it only got serious whilst being at uni. I’m really glad I met you, can we meet again?” he replied in a pleading manner.

“We’ll have to be careful,” I said, “There are some real old fogies here and they like nothing more than spreading gossip. I stayed naked as I watched him dress; following a quick kiss and a grope of my tackle he left.

I thought about him constantly as I waited for our next meeting which was on a warm summers evening; glancing towards the woods I saw him approaching, he was wearing a pair of slacks and an open-necked shirt, pretty smart for a student I thought. As soon as he knocked I opened the door for I didn’t want to arouse some of the nosey neighbours.

“Nice to see you again,” he murmured.

I pointed to the sofa, where he sat down. “Fancy a drink?” I asked.

“Please…lager if you’ve got one,” came his reply.

I walked back into the kitchen grabbed two cans and a couple of glasses then made my way back into the lounge.

“Did anybody see you arrive?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, I had thought about coming by car but then I thought that coming through the woods would be the better option.”

I felt my mouth go dry as his legs moved slightly apart revealing a definite bulge in his trousers. I felt my cock begin to rise at the thought of what was to come. As we talked we casually sipped at our beers then our free hand began to slowly explore each others crutches, his cock was almost fully erect and as for mine it was pleading to be released.

“Let’s make ourselves more comfortable,” I said grabbing at my can and making for the bedroom, Peter quickly followed. Entering the bedroom I kicked off my shoes then told Peter to do the same as I turned around to face me. Suddenly he grabbed me and mashed his lips against mine, his hand reaching down to cup my hardened cock. I moved closer to him and ground my crutch against his, making him remove his hand from my cock. He put both arms around my neck and his tongue snaked out into my mouth, searching inside it as he humped against my cock.

Keeping his mouth glued to mine, he moved so he could get to my belt buckle, which he undid along with my zipper. Pushing my trousers down around my knees, he also pushed my boxers down until my cock was free and clear. He groaned into my mouth as I let him caress my bare cock. As he pulled and pushed on it, feeling its length and width in his hands or circling the head and caressing my balls gently murmurings such as “wanting, ages and I love you,” permeated the air. Next, he undid his own trousers and along with his pants pulled them down, baring his own cock. Thrusting his hips forward, he rubbed our cocks together.

We stood like that for a few minutes, him rubbing our cocks together while continuing to search the insides of my mouth with his tongue. Finally, he leaned back and looked down at our cocks. He licked his lips then bent over to feed my cock into his mouth, I inched my hand down and over his back to his crack. I ran my finger up and down his crack as best I could, as I couldn't reach the full length of it while he sucked my cock in and out of his mouth.

He was very good at sucking cock and had me on the brink several times before slowing down to let me enjoy his mouth more and keep me from coming too soon. Over and over again he would bring me to the brink then slow down again, savouring what he was doing. All the while, my finger ran up and down his crack. He was getting excited again and stopped sucking my cock. Without a word, he turned around, stood up and bent over, spreading his cheeks apart all in one motion.

“Fuck me,” he said. “Fuck me now” he repeated as he lowered himself gently onto the bed.

I bent down and found his hole with my tongue and furling it, tongue fucked him, making him spread his cheeks wider and groan every time I touched his hole. After a few minutes, he again told me to fuck him.

This time I reached for the gel for in no way was I going to fuck Peter dry. I spent a lot of time lubing up and loosening up his anus before I thrust my hard cock into him.

“Fucking hell,” cried Peter as I entered him.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

“Yeah I’m ok, I just didn’t think you were this big.”

“Do you want me to continue?” I asked

“Yeah…Yeah, just take things easy,” came his strained reply.

I stood quietly for a minute then inch by inch I started to move in and out of him until I found my balls resting against his thighs, slowly we began to fuck, with Peter being as tight as he was I fully extracted my cock several times so as to gob more lube into his hole. He groaned loudly as I fucked him, telling me to come inside him as he wanted to feel my hot come. This spurred me on and soon I was fucking him harder and harder until I came inside him, just like he wanted with a hot river of come, spewing up into his canal as he pushed back against me, wanting every drop from me. I finished and slowly my cock slid out of his slippery canal, leaving a trail of cum and gel, running from his crack.

“That was incredible,” Peter uttered as he reached for the box of tissues I was offering him. “I’m a bit sore but can we do it again?” he said to my amazement.

It had been many years since I had last fucked a man in the arse. I enjoyed it and was soon inside him again, fucking him harder this time until I came for a surprising second time, but instead of sending showers of hot liquid deep inside him while he squirmed under me all I could do was to offer the merest of a dribble.

After I slid out of him, it was now my turn and boy was I waiting for it. He pushed me onto the bed and after a quick wipe down with the flannel started sucking and licking up and down my crack. Soon I felt the cooling sensation of some gel being spread about then his head probe about my anus, once centred he pushed into me, sending a shiver of pain through me. He waited before pushing further into me and each time he did, I felt less and less pain until he was fully inside.

Slowly he started to fuck me. All the while, he was telling me how I felt, how tight I was and what he was going to do to me when he came inside me. The more he talked the faster he fucked and soon his balls were slapping against my thighs, with every thrust the slap seemed to become louder. I was enjoying it and moaned a little whilst pushing back against him, wanting him fully inside me when he finally came.

He exploded and I felt the heat from his cock as he filled my rectum with hot, runny cum that seeped out around the edges of his cock and down my legs. He pulled out of me and we both fell exhausted onto the bedding.

We met several times after that day for being a retired engineer I eagerly offered him my services, both physical and mental. A couple of the old dears asked about my new found friend but once I told them that he was a student and I was helping him with his studies very little else was said.