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Tricked by my best mate

Does this sound like your best mate?
It was a Saturday night and me and my mate Tom had been invited to a party, it was at one of the local clubs for one of our friends 22nd birthday. The theme was tight and bright. I was wearing a fluro green singlet and small pink shorts that were not’t quite as tight as my boxer briefs but were just as long so they were showing off my man region quite nicely. Tom had gone to the trouble of buying a bright orange, whole body Lycra suit. He looked ridiculous as it may have been slightly too small but he was a good looking guy with a nice body, so I don’t think he minded at all.

We arrived at the club at about 10pm and started drinking, dancing and talking to all the mates we hadn't seen in ages. I had a few drinks but by the time I’d finished my second one, Tom had already finished his fifth and was still going. After another few drinks by both of us, Tom was well drunk and I was slightly tipsy. Tom then mumbled to me, “Nik, I need to go to the bathroom.”

I decided to go with him so he didn’t get into trouble. In the bathrooms there were 5 cubicles including a large disabled cubical, and a few urinals. I pushed Tom into the larger of the cubicles and waited outside of the door while he did his business. After about 1 minute, of not hearing anything, I decided to see what was up.

“Tom are you all right in there?” I yelled.

“Can you come in here Nik?” he replied.

I walked into the cubical to see what was wrong. I noticed he was still wearing his body suit and realized that he needed help taking it off. I unzipped the back and tried to pull it down over his body. The problem was that it was so tight and also drenched in sweat from the warmth of the club and the excessive dancing. After about 2 minute of repositioning and forcing the fabric down, I managed to get the suit down to his torso where it became even tighter then before. It was tiring work so I had a rest. While I was resting I took into account Tom’s fine body. He had a nice set of pecs and a well defined set of abs with a slight snail trail running from below his body suit up to his belly button.

He noticed me checking him out and told me that I should take off my top. Being tipsy and all, I obliged and pulled the singlet over my head. I was also in shape and a bit more tanned than he was, he reached out his hand and placed it over my nipples and ran it down over my abs. As he did this I noticed my cock starting to become firm and push against the tight fabric of my little pink shorts. His hand kept on going and was just about to go down into my shorts, but I snapped out of it before he could go any further and pushed his hand away. Tom let out a burst of laughter and just smiled at me.

Tom said, “I still need to pee.”

I turned back my attention to the job at hand and tried to pull down the body suit over his hips. I didn’t seem to be budging and was just about to give up when I had a brilliant idea. I noticed the soap dispenser behind him, so I got up and filled my hand with liquid soap. I looked at Tom and he nodded at me so I forced my hand down the front of his body suit to lubricate the space between his underwear and his costume.

Much to my surprise I discovered that he wasn’t actually wearing any underwear and that I was directly rubbing soap onto his cock and shaved balls. I got a surprise at first but I decided that it must be done. I told Tom to get some soap on his hand and rub it around the back. As I was working on the front I noticed what a nice sized cock he had. I must have been about 7 inches soft and would have grown even bigger when hard. I cupped his balls in my hand and they were a nice size as well, they were the size of small plums. As I cupped his balls I noticed that cock started too grown and harden the big fella’ must be enjoying himself.

I pulled my hand from his crotch and admired my handy work, not that I could see it, but I had a slight suspicion that it would work. I tried to pull down the rest of his body suit while I was standing up but it still wasn’t going anywhere so I decided to kneel down in front of him where I could use all my weight, I pulled down strongly and felt the fabric start to give and then the body suit was finally released from Tom’s hips. I look up at his face and noticed him smiling but also noticed his large cock in my face. I was nice and thick with a fat purple knob on the end. It was still covered in soap and was slightly erect. Seeing Tom naked like that made me somewhat curious of what he would be like in bed.

The thought of him, naked and fucking me made my cock stiffen and force the fabric of my boxers to bulge. He looked at me and said, “Your turn.”

I noticed that he already had soap on his hand and before I knew it he pulled me towards him and plummeted his hand deep into my underwear. He rubbed the soap all through my pubic hair and all over my nearly erect cock. He grasped my cock with his firm hands and rubbed soap all the way up to my knob. Tom’s cock also grew hard and before I knew it my shorts and underwear we also on the ground. Both of us were standing there completely naked with white soap covering our growing cocks. Tom just laughed and I decided I’d had enough. I bent down to pick up my shorts but just as I was about to pick then up I felt Toms hands grasp around my hips and his throbbing cock pressing into my ass. In a relatively normal voice he said, “I’m sorry I lied to you Nik.”

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“I’m actually not drunk, I’ve been drinking water all night and I only got you in here to see you naked.”

I looked at him completely shocked. I didn’t know whether to take him seriously or not. I stuttered, “Why?”

He replied, “Ever since I met you I have dreamed of what you look like naked, how big you are and the thought of you and me fucking just turns me on.”

I could feel the erection growing between my legs and I decided that I also had sexual feeling for Tom. I turned around to face him and grabbed his hard 10 inch cock. I started to rub my hands up and down his rough shaft. He put his hand onto my thick 8.5 inch cock and did the same to me. After about 10 minutes of delicate stroking and some pleasurable groaning we started to cum. Since I was facing him I shot around 8 strands of hot semen over his stomach and chest and he did the same to me. We stood there for a minute until he said, “Want to go back to my place?”

I nodded my head and threw him my small pink shorts while I put on my boxers. Toms purple knob stuck out the bottom of the shorts which turned me on, but no-one would notice as we walked out of the club. We walked out the bathrooms topless, covered in soap and semen and made it to my car.

Around half an hour later we arrived at Tom’s apartment. We made our way upstairs and both went for the shower together. I was nice touching his body as we cleaned one another. After around twenty minutes of rubbing one another up in the shower we got out and went straight for his bed. We were still soaking wet but we didn’t mind, it just turned me on even more. Tom knelt over the bed and motioned for me to stand behind him.

“I want you to give me your cock Nik,” he said.

I looked at his ass and decided that I wanted to give it to him. I pushed my hard cock between his cheeks and against his sphincter. I could just tell he wanted it, as he kept trying to push back onto me. I began to ease my cock into his ass. He began to groan in pain but it kept going. Once my knob had fully entered there was a satisfying pop sound and Tom let out a sigh of relief. He began to rock back and forward on my cock and I began I thrust forward and backward.

Tom began to groan. I kept going for another 10 minutes when I decided that I needed to cum. I started shooting massive shots of hot, sticky semen into his ass. He let out a final groan and collapsed onto the ground. I pulled my cock out of his ass and fell back onto the bed. I lay there for a while. Tom stood up from the floor and looked down at me. “Your turn,” he said and grinned at me.

He picked up my legs and slung them over his shoulder and pull me towards his growing cock. I could feel it as it pressed against my ass hole. He urged me to relax and when I did he forced his cock into my hole. It hurt at first but I started to become aroused as his cock massaged my prostate. I started to groan while Tom fucked me.

I could feel tension rising within my balls and before I knew it I was coming again, semen was spaying all over my chest and face. This turned Tom on even more and he started to cum inside me. I could feel the shots of hot cum hit the walls inside me. He held his cock there while he emptied the last of his semen into me and then collapsed onto the bed beside me. We would both definitely sleep well tonight.

We both fell asleep on top of his bed naked, and slept well into the morning. At about 10am I heard a knock at the door, we both stirred awake and sat up in the bed. I looked at Tom and motioned my finger up to my lips in silence. I then heard the door open and someone walk inside. The bedroom door then opened and a fireman walked in. His face turned to shock and he muttered, “Alarm check.”

I noticed that he didn’t take his eyes off us and his cock within his pants began to tent. Tom and I just sat there in shock as the fire fighters erection grew to full flight. “Mind if I joined in?” he asked.

I looked towards Tom and he smiled at me. “Go ahead,” I replied.

The fireman took off his tight, white t-shirt and exposed his ripped body; he was well tanned with nicely shaped pecs and abs. He then pull down his pants and revealed his nice looking cock. The fact that he was going commando hardened my cock once again. He jumped on the bed between Tom and me. I placed my hand onto his nipple and ran it down over his abs and firmly grasped his cock.

I stroked it up and down, and watched Tom as he began to harden. I then got onto my knees and put the fire fighters cock into my mouth. He pulled my body onto his and started sucking me off, in a 69 position. I then felt Tom grasp onto my hips and felt his cock pushing against my ass. He then pressed harder and I felt his big throbbing cock enter me.

He rocked up and down causing my cock to go deeper into the fire fighters mouth, I could hear him gagging on by big piece of meat. I swirled my tongue around the nice fire fighters cock and could feel the bulging veins protruding from his penis. From above me I could feel Tom moaning as he rode me. After a few more minutes of this arousing gang bang I felt Tom cock swell and his groaning begin to get louder. I felt him blow his load all through my insides. This just made me harder and I began to spurt loads of cum into the fire fighters mouth. I then felt his cock swell and his hot salty semen shot into my mouth. I could feel the muscles from within his body pumping load after load of cum into my mouth, all of which I swallowed.

We all fell off one another and back onto the bed where we all feel asleep. Let’s just say that I was looking forward to the next person that would catch us in bed.

To be continued…

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