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Two Friends Share A Halloween Costume Ch. 02

The aftermath
by floridaguy2001 ©

Two straight friends share a halloween costume Part 2

This is a continuation of part one, it really does not stand on it's own so the reader will get more out of the story if you read part one first.

So Tom and I headed out of the bathroom, and as we walked into the living room and ran into Mandy.

"Hey Dave where have you been, I have been looking for you?"

"I was in the bathroom"

As I said this, she took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor.

"Wait a minute Mandy, it is too awkward to dance in the costume."

"Come on Dave just once slow dance, pretty please"

"Okay only one dance and then I have to get going."

As we started to dance, I felt Tom feeling me up again, he was stroking my cock as I danced with Mandy, I also felt him slide his cock up and down my crack, it was too difficult for him to slip it in or I am sure he would have, but he made sure he rubbed his cock all over my ass as I danced with Mandy.

Finally the song ended and I told Mandy I needed to leave, she wrote her number on a napkin and told me to give her a call sometime.

As we left, Tom was whispering in my ear how badly he wanted to fuck me again as he squeezed my cock. When we got to the car we got out of the costume and jumped in the car without bothering to get dressed again. As I drove back to my place Tom bent over the seat and started blowing me again, I looked down and saw my best friend licking my cock like a lollipop, and it felt so good.

Tom told me to drive to his house so we could have more privacy then at my apt and besides he had a pool we could enjoy. As we approached his house he hit the garage door opener and drove right in. As we walked into the home I watched him go outside to the pool, which luckily had a privacy fence all around since Tom was walking out there nude.

He jumped in and I followed suit, as I swam around he sat on the edge of the pool and I swam up to him between his legs. I wanted to get a closer look at the cock that a little while earlier was deep inside of me.

Tom had a beautiful cock; nice, long and smooth, not too thick which I was thankful for but it had a really nice large mushroom head, total opposite of my cock. Mine was not quite as long as Tom's but very thick over 7 inches in circumference and uncut. I had never seen a cut cock up close before and as I stood between his legs I started playing with it.

Tom leaned back on his elbows and watched me play with his cock. I leaned over and licked the head, savoring the taste and feel as it passed my lips. His cock felt so warm inside my mouth, a very different feel then I had imagined it would be, almost velvety soft and hard at the same time.

I let my tongue lick all around the head; I sucked just the head into my mouth, enjoying my first cock but definitely not my last. I tried to take him deeper and I started to gag.

"Easy Dave you don't have to take it all at once."

I watched him chuckle but we were both enjoying this new friendship that we had discovered. I kept sucking his cock while at the same using my hands to guide into my mouth. I was getting pretty good at it and I could tell Tom was getting close but I wasn't ready to let him cum in my mouth, at least not yet. So when he started to cum I let him slip out of my mouth and let him cum all over my face, I rubbed his cock all over my face as he came.

"Oh dude that was incredible."

"Now it is my turn Tom, I want to fuck you too."

"I don't know Dave your cock is so thick it might tear me up."

"Come on dude, I will be careful, I will take it really slow, I promise"

"Dave man your cock is too fucking thick man!"

"Tell you what, let me try to go real slow and if you tell me to stop I will....okay?"

"Okay, but hurry it up before I change my mind."

I got out of the pool and ran to the bathroom and looked for the Vaseline but I couldn't find any so I ran to the kitchen and found some cooking oil and ran back to the pool, my cock was soooooooo hard thinking about fucking my best friend.

I poured the oil all over my cock and I told Dave to turn around and bend over the edge, we were in the shallow end so it wasn't too hard to do. I poured oil on Tom's ass as I slowly massaged it, slipping my hand inside his crack, I let one finger slowly enter his ass, and Tom pushed back, he was enjoying the penetration, so I got bolder and slipped a second finger in, he was moaning as I worked them inside his ass.

I pulled my fingers out, put my cock on his ass and rubbed it all over the oil. I grabbed my cock with my left hand, opened his right cheek with my right hand and aimed my cock at his hole.

My cock touched his puckered ass and he jumped, I told him to relax as I slowly but steadily tried to push my head into his ass, I was trying to go real slow so he wouldn't stop me but I must have been going to slow because I couldn't push it in, so I gave a quick shove and I entered his ass.

"Motherfucker, that fucking hurts man, get the dick out of there?"

"Tom relax man, give it a second", as I said this, I was not letting go of his hips, in fact I held him tighter to me because he was trying to ease away.

" Fuck you, this hurts dude."

"Okay now who is being the pussy."?

"Fuck I will admit it I am a pussy not get your cock out of there."

"TOM..... Just relax man it will start to feel better, you don't think I had to get use to your cock, it hurt at first but then it felt incredible."


I heard him taking deep breaths as he tried to relax, I held motionless as his ass loosened up. Finally I felt him relax and I pushed a little more in, since he wasn't objecting I continued pushing inch after inch till I had bottomed out and I could feel my pubes rubbing his cheeks.

"Dude I am all the way inside you, how does it feel?"

"Man it is starting to feel good, I feel so full."

With that encouragement I pulled it almost completely out and the drove it back in, I started fucking Tom faster and harder and he was loving it, I wrapped my hands around him as I leaned over and our bodies became one as I fucked my buddy in the ass. I pulled out and he said " what the fuck I was just getting use to it."

I got out of the pool laid down on the deck and told him to come ride my cock. Tom got out of the pool and as I held my cock straight up he lowered his ass onto my cock and we both watched it disappear inch by inch till he was fully impaled on my cock, now I got to watch my buddy bounce up and down on my cock.

"Oh fuck this feels good, your fucking cock is so big, and I never knew this could feel so good."

Tom's talking was sending me over the edge and I grabbed his hips and started pumping really fast and hard until I exploded inside his ass. We were both exhausted and Tom got off my dick and laid down next to me. He looked at me and said; "you know I am going to be fucking you before we go to sleep lol"

Finally we both got up and went into the kitchen to get something to eat and headed to bed. I couldn't wait to feel Tom's cock again, so I got between his legs and gave him another blowjob, I loved sucking his cock, I also licked his balls, I licked that good ole boy everywhere around his cock, he started to pull me up.

" I gotta have your ass again, so I laid on my stomach and he laid on top of me, put oil on my ass and rubbed his cock all over my crack, as he rubbed it I whispered, "fuck me Tom I need your cock inside me."

Tom slipped the head in and we both moaned at the same time, it was not just his cock that felt good but having his whole body on top of mine in addition to his cock is what made it feel soooooooooo good. He was fucking me real nice and slow, we were in no hurry, and this was a passionate slow fuck.

He wrapped his hands under my body as he fucked me, he was as close to me as two people can get, all that was moving, was his cock as it pulled out and my ass as it pulled away and pushed back as his cock drove into me.

He started to get close and I told him to wait I didn't wanted it to end, so he relaxed for a few minutes, not moving his cock embedded in my ass. I wiggled my ass and he told me to stop unless I wanted him to cum, so I stopped moving.

I couldn't take it any more and I started wiggling my ass again.

"Oh shit MAN I am cumming and he started to fuck me real fast and hard until I felt one final hard thrust and I could feel his hot cum hit the inside of my ass. His cock was exploding inside me and I could feel every squirt. He finally stopped Cumming and started to pull out but I reached behind me and told him not to. So we rolled on our sides with his cock still inside me and we fell asleep.

Hope you enjoyed the sequel I hope to hear from the readers, I enjoy reading your Feedback and take it to heart when writing other stories, anyway please Don't forget to vote.

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