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Two Tops And No Bottom

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Jacob meets Caleb at the club and takes him home.
Being dragged to the club by my buddies, after my relationship of six years breaking into tiny pieces was definitely not my idea of fun. I was still hung up on Sam. Even though it had been over two months, I couldn’t get his image out of my head, especially the ones where he was jerking me off or lying, tied, on our bed while I rammed into him. Mike said I just needed to get laid so he got our friends to pick me up from work and drive me to a club far enough away from my house that I had to either pay for a cab or go home with somebody if a want to leave early arose. I wasn’t too impressed that night.

A guy eventually tip-toed his way through the mass of people and sat beside me. My eyes stayed looking at a paper I was doodling on with a pencil I found in my jacket pocket. He ordered a drink and then stared at me until I looked up at him. His smile when he realized I didn’t look away was big enough for me to see his upper teeth and his jade eyes to wrinkle at the corners.

“What’s your name?” he asked in a voice only a semi-tone deeper than mine.

“Jacob. Yours?” I replied receiving a wink from Jared and a thumbs up from Mike.

“Caleb. I think we used to work together at Berry’s Mechanical Shop.”

I raised a brow. “I guess we were in different teams. I don’t really remember anyone’s names from there. It’s been what, two years since I left?”

“I was the assistant manager at the time,” he informed me. “Manager now.”

I nodded and took a sip from my drink. “Do you know what time it is?” I questioned once I noticed his watch

“Eight o'clock, why?”

“My friends aren’t leaving till midnight at least. I have no ride home and I’m getting a bit of a headache from the noise. I was hoping it was later,” I explained, already knowing that I was either going home with this guy or I was going to call a cab in a few minutes.

He laughed. “Not much of a partier then?”

“I am, just not in large groups tonight.”

“I can give you a ride home if you want. I’ve got no reason to stay here.”

I nodded. “That would be great, thanks.”

Once Mike knew about me leaving with a guy, I went outside and let Caleb show me where his car was. The car wasn’t anything fancy but it was still a great looking car that I’m pretty sure could hold up to almost anything. While he drove, I gave him directions to my place. Usually I rented out the basement of my house but the last renter had been kicked out for breaking the walls with a sledgehammer one night, which left the bottom floor very open. In the last few weeks, I had been remodelling a room in the basement into a small playroom for adults to take my mind off Sam. I brought Caleb to that room.

“What’s your preference?” I asked Caleb as I pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a toned stomach and chest.

“I like to be in control,” he answered, putting his hands on my waist and pushing me onto the bed. “I’m a top.”

With a short laugh, I replied, “So am I.”

He rested his weight on me, his crotch resting against mine and his chest hovering just over mine. I put my hands on his pecs in case he decided to put his full weight on me. The denim of our jeans rubbed together as he ground against me. “Tonight,” he whispered beside my ear with his hand holding my chin, “You’re a bottom.”

“Bite me,” I said pushing his weight off me. “You can’t keep me under unless you tie me down.”

He smirked and took off his belt. The metal links shined as the light hit them. “Unless you have something more comfortable, I’ll be using my belt.” His hand reached down to my crotch and began fondling my cock through the fabric of my jeans and boxers.

“Dresser,” I said quickly. The feeling of my cock pressing against my jeans was beginning to hurt enough that I didn’t care who was top tonight. “Top drawer has everything.”

Caleb turned away from me and opened the dresser. He looked through the drawer, taking things out and laying them on top. I could see lube, ropes, a blindfold, condoms, and even Sam’s starter dildo laid out when Caleb moved to let me see what he had chosen. Two ropes were soon holding my arms above my head and a blindfold blocked my view of what he was doing. I could feel cold metal against my stomach and heard the cutting of fabric. I was glad that I hadn’t worn one of my good t-shirts tonight. Once he unbuttoned my jeans, he pulled them down along with my boxers and socks.

“I hope I’m not the only naked person in this room.”

“You will be for a while,” Caleb answered pushing something against my entrance. “I want to take some pictures of you while this dildo is in you. I’m leaving the room to get my camera.”

“Don’t share the photos,” I called once I realized what he had told me.

It felt like an eternity before he came back. My cock had deflated and I was starting to count the distant ticks of the clock in the next room. I heard the click of a phone camera before I heard footsteps. I felt something cold dripping onto my cock and it was too thin to be lube. In an instant, I felt ice being held on the underside of my shaft and I closed my legs to get rid of it.

“You don’t like ice?” Caleb asked, taking the ice off.

“I hate the cold,” I answered as I heard a few more clicks.

Caleb put his hand on my thighs and opened them as far as they could reach before tying them apart. The dildo was pulled out slowly before I felt something bigger pushing back inside. The fullness began to hurt as it went farther in. “I hope you don’t mind this dildo; it’s a model of my dick.”

I shook my head. “It hurts.”

He laughed and held it in place. “We’re only four inches in, you’ve got six more to go.”

“That still doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Where did you get the model done?” I asked to distract myself.

“I did it myself. I made a mould and then filled the mould with silicone. Then, voila, my twin dick was born.”

“Describe it to me.”

He laughed. “I don’t see how this conversation is helping you get hard but you’re almost back to when we started.” He pushed it in a bit further. “It’s about six and a half inches around, ten inches long, and definitely not circumcised. The real one is about to go in your mouth.”

I felt the mattress shift as he put his pelvis above my head and rested his head on my right thigh. With extreme effort, I did my best not to put my teeth on him as my jaw was stretched to its limit. I could feel the dildo being pushed steadily into my ass as Caleb licked up and down my shaft, being careful not to touch my head. I moaned onto his dick, which made him shove it down my throat. I tried not to gag but I had to tap him on the side when I couldn’t breathe anymore. Caleb was better at sucking dick than I was.

He took my cock, swirling his tongue around both the shaft and head. Deep-throating me for minutes without gagging was what truly impressed me. Before long, I was thrusting into his mouth and groaning on his dick. He took his mouth from my cock and I moaned my disapproval. He took his dick out of my mouth and put something on me that forced my mouth to stay open.

“Since you don’t know how to suck dick yet I’m just going to use your mouth like I would your ass. To keep you from biting I put a ring in your mouth which is my size,” he said as he thrust into my mouth. “You’re also going to learn deep-throating.”

Almost an eternity passed before he took his dick from my throat. I gagged and gagged, unable to close my mouth, until he pulled back. Then he went back in. Each time he stayed in for longer amounts of time until he mentioned that I was turning blue. The dildo he had put in me had begun to feel more pleasurable once I stretched to accommodate it. My cock was throbbing from his hand toying with it as he took pleasure from my mouth

As soon as he took his dick from my mouth, I spoke with difficulty. “My ass. Put your dick in my ass.”

“Are you sure? I think you’re enjoying the dildo there and my cock in your mouth more.”

“I don’t care if you put the dildo in my mouth; just get your dick in my ass.” I grunted as he licked my cock's head.

“You should be nicer about it then,” he replied, putting his dick back in my mouth, and beginning to ram in and out quickly. “Otherwise you’re ordering me around and I don’t think you’re in any place you be ordering me around. After all, you’re tied up.”

I moved my tongue around as he used my mouth, hoping that he would cum soon and take his dick out of my mouth so I could ask him nicely. His breath started to get quicker and his pushing more erratic just as he shouted unintelligible words into the air. I felt a large load of cum spray against the back of my throat and swallowed when Caleb left his softening dick in my mouth. Once he was completely soft, he lay beside me. His hands traced unseen patterns on my side.

After a few minutes, I broke the silence and spoke as clear as I could with my mouth open. “Are you going to untie me anytime soon?”

“No. I think I’ll leave you like this for the night,” he answered in a low voice next to my ear. “Or you could try to break out and tie me up while I sleep. I doubt you’ll break those ropes though.”

When Caleb started to snore, I began trying to break from my bonds. The mouth opener was painful however, I didn’t mind the dildo. I was fine with keeping the dildo in, just not staying tied or having my mouth hanging open. When one wrist came undone, I lay still until he snored again and untied my other wrist.

Once my hands were free and I could see, I took the ring from my mouth and put it on the bed. I was lucky that Caleb was a deep sleeper because I moved quite a bit as I took the ropes off my ankles. After a bit of thinking, I slowly tied Caleb’s arms above his head, then I tied his legs above him so that I could fuck him missionary style.

I put my boxers on before I left the room so I could keep the dildo in me. Its movements hit enough of the right spots to make me semi-erect by the time I made it to my room on the top floor. With only a small bit of searching, I found my flesh-light, a gag, and a dildo Mike had gotten for me as a joke. The dildo was bigger than the one I currently had inside me, at least in length. It was twelve inches long with random textures making it bigger in some spots and smaller in others. I remembered being told by Mike that it had been designed to hit a person’s prostate multiple times, as it was pushed in or pulled out.

I lubed up the longer dildo and gently pushed it in Caleb’s ass. Pausing each time, he started to move around. Once it was fully in it was held in place with some rope wound around his ass, legs, and waist. I wasn’t letting it come out until I was done with him. He only barely woke when I put the ring in his mouth but fell back asleep after I told him that he was dreaming. The dildo in my ass soon filled his mouth. I put all of my weight on top of him as I lowered my face to beside his ear.

“Wake up.”

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