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Under Cover Quest

with a most SUCKulent OUTcum
The upcoming road trip held all my hopes.

My buddy and I were not getting together nearly often enough and this road trip promised 5 days of constant companionship. It had been nearly a year since our last intimate night and my desire for him had only grown more intense. When we did get together it was usually at a party with other buddies and the vibe was very machismo as we postured to gain the girls attention.

We were 18 and close to finishing High School. This was in 1980. The pants were tight and the camel toes surrounded us. Some of the girls were perfect. Their asses were perfect. Their tits were perfect. Their complexion was perfect. Their tight little snatches were perfect. I was intoxicated. One sniff, or slight touch and I was jerking off the first chance I got. Girls liked me, but not a lot of close dates at that time. My problem was being too shy and nervous.

I had another problem. Some of the boys were perfect too. My sex experience was limited to gay encounters with my close friend. He and I had been naked together countless times and my desires to please him grew as I advanced from rather clumsy hand jobs to a deft ability to suck him into new orgasmic heights with my mouth. With him, I learned to crave cock and I learned I loved making him cum.

Some of the lads on my Basketball team had some fine looking packages that tempted me to no end. As a result I couldn’t shower with the boys after a game or practice, as there was no conceivable way for me to conceal my stiff pole. I would see them naked and my desire to go down on them would send me into dizzying heights of horniness. This too would send me off cock in hand for some private pleasure.

Now my buddy lived in the country and was hanging out with some good ole boys that were never too impressed with fairies or faggots. This influence on his life combined with infrequent time together put up some serious barriers to satiating my desire to give head and linger over the joy of sweet hot cum in my mouth.

Then the idea of a road trip to his Grandfathers remote homestead came up. He said; “what do you think? We could get some grass and beer and just hangout. There is fishing, hiking, exploring, his place is in a wild corner of the province.” I said; “sounds fucking perfect to me, especially the exploring part. Lets go.”

Preparing was easy. Grass? Check. Beer? Check. Gas? Check. Ok we’re ready, lets go. Then the phone rang. It was one of his redneck buddies. He wanted to come with us. My buddy said “sure the more the merrier”. Shit. This put a big damper on my hopes of seducing my bud into naked delights in some sunny mountain meadow. The road trip was about 4 hours, but it took us all day as we stopped to get high, play disc and just hang out along the way. We got there in the early evening and quickly prepared a hearty man-size meal for old gramps, as this would be treat for him. We spent a great evening together and pretty much exhausted the old boy, as he was not used to company. He announced that he was going to bed and told us to crash on the couches or in the guest bed. We carried on with some more beers and tokes around a fire then quietly made our way into the cabin to bunk down.

My buddy said, “I get the guest bed.” His buddy flopped onto the best couch. I looked around and noticed the guest bed was a double and calmly said, “fuck it, I’m sleeping in the guest bed too, there is room for two”. I caught is his eye and gave him a look that said, “don’t resist this, I have something for you.” He looked unsure, but just turned and geared down for bed.

Now my heart was racing. He was going to be right there in bed with me. Would he permit my advances? I found reasons to be the last to bed and checked on his friend saying good night. He barely responded. Excellent. Then I slipped into bed naked. My buddy was already dozing off; I had to move fast although that is not really what the situation called for. I reached under the covers and gently cupped his full package through his shorts. He moaned and shifted and said, “dude, it is late, were in my grandpa’s home, my friend is just on the other side of that wall”. I said, “hmmm come on, can your truly resist me? I haven’t pleased you in months!” He whispered, “look we cannot mess up this bed, it will be difficult to put right without raising questions.” His cock was starting to swell despite his objections. My cock was full and throbbing and I was bursting with anticipation.

My thoughts swirled around a question I had carried for months. Would I ever be bold and horny enough to swallow another mans hot cock cream? I said, “just be quiet, there will be no mess.”

Then I slipped my head under the covers and went down on him. I pulled his shorts back and stuffed his half stiff pipe into my mouth. I was still moving fast as I didn’t want anything from preventing this from happening. His cock rapidly swelled and lengthened into my eager mouth. I was licking and bobbing and nursing his sweet dick while I fondled his tender nuts with my hand. He raised up his ass and I quickly slipped his shorts off. That was it, he was mine.

I worked the head of his cock relentlessly. I was savoring the sensation of hot cock fucking my face and etching my passion for it into my very core. His nuts engaged and he started to thrust hard. I matched his rhythm and he pounded my mouth like never before. I was in fucking heaven. Precious hard thick cock, ooohhh hard thick cock fuck me and I will please you untill the end of time.

The answer was going to be yes. I had to swallow this load, I just had to. I was nervous and excited and as ready as I ever would be. Trouble was, while I might keep the bed tidy from his hot blast, mine was bursting and threatening to soak both of us.

I grabbed his cock and started pumping in time with my mouth. He held my head down. It was time to just hold him in my mouth. His cock seemed to wave inside my mouth as it started pumping and pumping hot cum into my mouth and throat. I froze. Here we go cocksucker, now is your time to become a full on no holds cum gobbler. Then I realized I had to swallow, there was just too much jam to hold it all in. I gulped. Hmmmm, there I have swallowed cum. I gulped again and again and milked his cock dry. My mouth was still full, but he had stopped so I just paused and took delight in the silky sensation of delicious man love on my tongue. Then I swallowed and lapped him up really good.

I came up from under cover and said, “I’m not gay” And he said; “I know you’re not buddy.”

I got up quietly and went to the bathroom and gazed at my satiated cum craving cocksucking mouth. I did it, I really fucking did it, and then I came into the sink.

My satiated state lasted one night.

I fucking love sucking cock.
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