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Unexpected Change of Plans

Tags: hotel, condom, anal
I wasn't planning on taking things so far that day, but things just happened.
I hadn't originally planned on letting Nick fuck me that day.  We had only been seeing each other for about a week or so.  I figured we'd do some kissing and cuddling, and probably even give each other blowjobs.  But that was about it.

I checked into the hotel and sent Nick a quick message to let him know what my room number was.  I then took some time to take a quick shower and get ready for the fun I hoped we'd have.  After twenty minutes, I heard a knock at the door.  I looked through the peephole and saw Nick's smiling face before I unlocked and opened the door for him.  He stepped through and wrapped his arms around me as soon as I closed the door behind him.  He began kissing me fervently and cupped his hands around my asscheeks.

I led him over to the bed where we began to undress each other.  As soon as his 8" shaft was free of his clothing, I knelt in front of him and began to suck him off.  I fondled his bloated balls with my right hand my lips slowly took in more of his cock.

After a couple of minutes, he lifted me up and pushed me back on the bed before climbing on top of me.  He played with my cock as he sucked on my nipples, driving me wild with the sensation.  My hands frantically played over his skin, caressing his chest and shoulders.  He then began to suck my 5" cock and I moaned and played with his hair.  He'd occasionally let my cock slip out of his mouth and lick and nibble at my balls.

After several minutes of this, Nick surprised me.  He lifted my thighs a bit, causing my hips to move forward and expose my asshole.  He then began to kiss my newly exposed opening and lick at it.  I was surprised at just how good it felt and began to moan.  Nick began to drive his tongue deeper inside of me.

Soon the pleasure got to me and I wanted to feel something else inside of me.  I decided that today was the day to go beyond oral sex.  So I told Nick to grab the lube and condoms from my travel bag.  Fortunately I came prepared despite my plans.  He tore open one of the packets and rolled the latex sheath down his prick.  Then I helped him lube his cock before lying on my stomach.  Nick placed a few pillows under my crotch to raise my ass for better access, and then climbed on top of me.

He kissed the back of my neck as he lined up his cock and slowly pushed it inside of me.  I could feel my hole stretching to accommodate his girth and moaned at the feeling of fullness.  He spent several seconds slowly burying his shaft in me, kissing my cheek, shoulders, and neck the entire time.

Soon, I could feel his pubic bone resting against my upturned ass.  I flexed my sphincter muscles so they massaged his cock and he sighed at the extra sensation.  Then he set a slow, deliberate rhythm with his cock.  He'd slowly pull his cock partway out before reversing directions and hilting himself inside me again.  Each time, he'd pull out further.  After several minutes, he was pumping almost his full length in and out of me with each thrust.  I moaned and clutched the sheets as my ass gave in to the feelings of being claimed over and over again.

His movements got faster and more frantic as he fucked me, and soon he was panting and grunting.  My mind was consumed with the sheer pleasure Nick was giving me as his large cock kept pushing along my prostate.  After several minutes, I came, coating the pillows under me with my seed.  Nick thrust deep inside of me as my asshole spasmed, milking at his cock.  He came too, filling the condom with his seed.  I laid their feeling his cock twitch and pulse deep inside of me.

After a few minutes, Nick pulled out and kissed me.  I rolled over and we lay there together, cuddling.

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