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Unexpected Gym Experience Part 1

An unexpected experience with my sexy coach at the gym.
It was a cold winter morning and I was heading to my local gym. I pulled up to the empty parking spot and looked at my analog clock; five forty-three. I always worked out in the gym before my first classes. I walked up the big staircase and inside where a sweet woman greeted me.

"You need a locker?" she asked.

"Yes, please."

I went down the staircase and into the men's locker room. There was only one lady on a stationery bike. I opened my locker and changed my clothes quick. I glanced at the mirror and looked at my toned muscles and the thin hairline down my chest that was still growing. I was six foot one at the time and slightly buff, although I had not perfected my six pack as I was only holding a four at the moment. I finished putting my workout clothes on and ran out the door. I saw one other on the pull up bar, it was my ski coach.

"Hey Mr. Tanner, how's it going today?" I asked as I reached for the weights.

"Eh, pretty good, normal day as usual. How 'bout yourself?" he said in an excited tone.

"I'm good, those were some pretty good intervals yesterday, did you beat last week's time?"

"Almost, I was off by about two seconds," he replied.

"Cool, catch you later," I said putting my headphones in and grabbing the thirty-five pound weights. Mr. Tanner was an extremely buff guy, and damn what I would give to see his thick cock. He was shorter than me, about five foot six, but man was he packing some muscles. Last year I saw him with his shirt off and his muscles were very toned along with his twelve pack. He was like a workout maniac, exercise his life.

I worked on the weights and went through my various workouts, got twenty minutes on the bike and did my core. I went back to the locker room and grabbed a towel. I started to undress and prepare for my shower, then I heard foot steps; it was Mr. Tanner.

"What if he is going to take a shower?" I thought to myself, "What if I see his dick? What if I get a hard-on and make myself look bad?"

"Hey," he said while walking towards me.

"Hey," I said. He reached past me and opened the locker right next to me. He started to undress himself and I finished undressing myself and remained only in a towel. I went to the shower room and set my towel on the rack. I went down to the farthest shower and started it. I turned around just in time to see Mr. Tanner enter, stark naked. He had a recently shaved head; my eyes moved down, his chest was covered with quite some hair. My eyes moved down again; a thick black bush surrounded his thick cock. His thighs and legs were the perfect proportion to his body. The sausage between his legs draped down about eight inches, uncut. The tip of his cock was barely visible.

I looked back up as he chose the shower next to mine. I turned around because I could feel a giant boner coming on. I started soaping myself and tried not to look back, but I couldn't resist, I sneaked peeks and then he turned around. His firm butt was covered in a layer of hair and oh so fuckable.

He bent over to reach his toes and I got a perfect view inside. Oh so hot! I wanted to fuck him right then and there. He looked between his legs and I quickly turned around and grabbed the shampoo. At this point I had a full raging boner, seven and three quarters.

"Got any soap? It's empty over here." He walked over but I didn't hear him.

"Yeah lemme grab it."

I grabbed the soap and went to back up to him but instead ran into his dick and felt the pressure of it against my firm ass. I quickly turned around from shock but instead tail-whipped him like a Pokemon with my cock.

"Uhm....sorry! Here's the soap." The awkwardness set in as he looked down at my fully erect cock.

He looked up and grinned at me. "Need some help with that?"

He moved in closer until my cock was in his belly button and he was staring down at my cock once again. He dropped the soap and reached out to the bottom of the shaft of my cock. He stroked it towards his abs again and again.

I slowly started moaning and nodded my head. He continued this for a while and then reached around and grasped my butt cheeks, spreading them apart. He started inserting his fingers inside me and I started moaning louder.

"All right, I've taught you to ski pretty well, let's see how good your blowjobs are."

He moved against the wall and motioned me onto my knees. His cock was semi-hard and I only knew about blowjobs from porn. I stroked his cock back and forth and played with his head.

Finally I took a deep breath and opened wide as I moved toward his gigantic cock. I wrapped my mouth around his head first and sucked. I moved my tongue around and around his tip and he started to moan. I then went half way down the shaft and moved back and forth. Finally I deep-throated a couple times and didn't even come close to reaching the bottom of his now fully erect cock.

"How many inches you packing coach?" I said while stroking him.

"Well, to be honest, about ten."

"Damn, You're quite the beast." I was astonished, I went back to sucking him off and he moaned louder and louder until he screamed.

"Fuuuk yeah, I'm gonna cum, boy!"

I grasped his cock firmly and prepared for him to cum over my entire face. The steamy liquid went all over my forehead and on my cheeks too. I licked all around my mouth and then tried to suck more out of his tip.

"How about I have a turn at that? You're doing great so far."

I got up and he turned me around and pushed me against the wall. At this point, my boner was the largest I had ever seen it and I was ready to be sucked off. He got on his knees and grasped my cock with his firm hands. He went in straight and took in my entire cock at once.

"I see you have some experience with sucking some large cocks," I said before moaning loudly.

He spit my cock out and said, "Yup, I've got no gag reflex at this point, I love a good sweaty cock. College was the best practice ever for me."

He returned to my cock and went back and forth, three quarters of the way to the head, faster and faster, stroking me every so often. I was having the best orgasm ever.

"Aw fuck! Get that pretty face ready! I'm gonna give papa some new face cream!"

He stroked me faster and aimed my cock for the dead center of his face. I let a huge load go into his face and he sucked some up while painting a mustache with the other half. He sucked the remaining cum off my cock and got up. I lowered myself and he got on his toes. We started to make up and swap the two loads of cum between our mouths.

"I'm ready for round two, turn around and spread em!" he said with a giant grin on his face.

Look for Part 2 soon.

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