Unexpected Turn Of Events! (M2M)

By bigdog

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While the cat's away
My Fiancée Shannon, was going out of town for three weeks! I was in charge of the kids, taking them to school around 7:30 am, and then picking them up at daycare by 4 pm. While I was gone, I had my helpers running MY business, and so I didn't have a lot to do during the long days by myself.

It was the second week that I started feeling really horny. I knew I could find an Adult Bookstore within a twenty minute drive or so. It was only around 11 in the morning, so I also knew I had a good five hours before I had to get the kids. I got in the car and headed out for in search of some action.

The first bookstore I found turned out to be a total waste of time. I headed out again, disappointed, but determined. The next place was only a few blocks away, and as I pulled in, I noticed there were several cars there. BINGO, I thought!

Upon entering the bookstore, I saw there was virtually no one in the open part of the store, so I knew that most of the men had to be back in the viewing booth area. I got a few dollars in tokens, and then headed back to the booth area.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see that most of the booths seemed occupied. I walked the hallway, and finally came upon a booth with the door cracked open. There was a guy in a business suite standing there, watching a movie, and Stoking his very hard cock, which he had pulled out of his slacks. His cock wasn't really big, maybe average at best, but it was perfectly shaped with a large head, and it was very hard! I stood staring for several minutes, and then he pushed the door open a little, and invited me in.

Without speaking a word, I stepped into the booth with him. I sat down on the little bench. He turned and faced me. His cock inches from my face. He moved forward, and I opened my mouth, and leaned over. I sucked the head of his cock in. At the same time I rapidly flicked my tongue over it, and then sucked him in deeper! He groaned loudly and his hands covered the back of my head. It all happened so fast! HE started fucking his cock in and out of my mouth, and I sucked him as hard and deep as I could! His body Stiffened. He thrust forward into my mouth. I sucked his cock down to the base. It jerked in my mouth, and he started cumming! I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed! I held his balls and felt them twitch, and throb in my hand!

He finally relaxed, took a deep breath and then pulled his cock from my mouth.

Like lightening it had both started and ended!

His wet cock hung out of his slacks, and it still looked good to me! Pulling me to my feet, he asked me what my plans were for the next few hours. I told him my situation, and he promised to get me back home by three, if I would only come have lunch with him and talk! I agreed.

Our lunch was in his car, after I had followed him through a fast food place, and then we'd parked side by side at this little park.

Over the next hour he told me a lot!

It seems;

He was newly divorced from a long 15 year plus marriage. He worked for a large company as a sales rep, and he was in town for the next four days, or he was supposed to be! His original client had some kind of family emergency, and so they had to reschedule. HE didn't want to go home to his empty apartment, and job, and so he had begged his boss for a couple of days free, and play time. His boss had agreed, and so here he was!

He told me that for many years, he had fantasies about being with another man, and the even included him and another guy being with his wife and him! SHE was never open to the idea, and called him a pervert, and told him he was sick, every time he even broached the subject with her.

AFTER their marriage, he decided to try things for himself. As it turned out, I was only the second man he had ever been with, but we both laughed as he told me that my blowjob was the absolute best he'd ever had, male or female!

He invited me over to his hotel the next day. I leaned over and stroked his cock through his slacks. He was hard again. I knew he was nervous but excited. I took his cock out, and bent over him. I sucked him in deeply. More gentle than before, but just as firmly!

AGAIN, His hands on the back of my head. Again, me sucking, him bucking, and his orgasm!

As I swallowed the last of his cum, he sighed!

Tomorrow was a new day, and we'd see what was going to happen!

That night Shannon called! Oh My God, I wanted to tell her everything, but I didn't! Would she understand? Would she be made? After all, Kevin was bi, not gay, and I knew he'd love fucking my baby as much as I'd love watching them and joining in, BUT, but, but, It's not like I had included her from the beginning! I felt like telling her PLEASE forgive me baby, but I promise we will all have fun! AND I truly love YOU!

The next day. I had the kids off to school. I took a long, hot, shower. I got in the car and drove over to his hotel.

In his room. We lay baked in bed, side by side. I touched his cock, he touched mine. We were both hard. He asked me all about Shannon! I described her body. I described her smell, her taste, and everything we dreamed of together sexually! We both got very excited.

I slid down his body and turned around. I started sucking his cock, and, well, he eventually started sucking mine! God, it felt fantastic, and I swear the thoughts going threw my mind were hat I only wished Shannon was here to see this happening!

I still new I had to take the lead, so after a little bit of mutual sucking, and swung around again. I straddled him and held his cock. I lowered myself down over him! THIS was what I had always wanted Shannon to see!

The head of his cock penetrated my asshole. He slid inside me and I slid down on top of him! He was fully inside me!

I only rode his cock for a minute or two, because I wanted him to take me!

Stepping off of him, I knelt beside him on all fours. I pushed my as up and told him I wanted him to fuck me!

He got behind me, and pushed his hard cock head against my asshole. Another push and he was inside me! Another strong push, and his thick shaft disappeared deep into my ass! His balls were pressed firmly against me!

He slowly withdrew, and then thrust back into me. AGAIN, another slow withdrawal and again another swift thrust back inside me! His tempo increased, and got faster and faster, until he was pounding his cock in and out of my ass!

SUDDENLY his body went stiff. SUDDENLY his cock jerked hard, very hard, and I felt it squirt! A warm, wetness filled my ass; he was cumming deep inside me! As he gripped my ass tightly and held his crotch firmly against me, I hoped I felt the same way as Shannon does when I am behind her, and holding her the same way, as MY cock erupts deep inside her BEAUTIFUL pussy! I hoped SHE felt the same feelings of satisfaction and completeness I did right then!

As Kevin's cock went soft up my ass, he held himself there as long as possible until he slipped out.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon, we sucked, and fucked! THEN, for the next two days we did as well!