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After reluctantly going upstairs, my worries are comprehensively negated…

Although I had indulged in a few teenage wanking sessions, when I finally decided to ‘come out’ it was a frightening experience. Naïvely, I had hoped that my homosexual predilection would magically disappear in my late teens, but alas it did not. Astonishingly, it took me two and a half years after I commenced working before I finally took the plunge, and eventually visited a well-known gay bar in the bohemian enclave where I decided to live.

The well-known bar was on the bottom corner of a hotel and had a street entrance, and as I would later find out, a second entrance located in the lobby of the hotel. I remember walking past the outside entrance numerous times that evening, trying to build up the courage to enter. God knows why I was so afraid. I suppose I was fearful that somebody I knew might see me enter, or that I would bump into a fellow worker in the bar. When I finally slipped into the entrance of the pub I was trembling.

To my amazement, when I looked around the U-shaped bar, everything and everyone seemed to be quite ‘normal.’

As I sat sipping my beer an enormous sense of relief flooded over me, and I felt like I had finally been released from an agonizing self-imposed imprisonment. My feeling of isolation also evaporated completely. I did not stay long that first evening having decided to take easy. I was, nonetheless, pleased by one or two approving looks I received.

As I walked home I smiled to myself, happy that I had finally taken the plunge.


When I became a regular at the bar, I met a thirty-something man named Clive. Clive was the manager of the bar. He was stout, stood five-foot-ten tall and had a cheery demeanour. He had an impressive gut and an advanced receding hairline. One would never call him good-looking; nevertheless, he wasn’t butt-ugly. Truthfully, however, he was definitely not appealing to me.

As he gradually became friendlier toward me, Clive told me the ins and outs of the bar and the goings-on in the hotel. Firstly, he had a suite upstairs on the sixth floor of the hotel. With an occupancy rate in the hotel seldom exceeding sixty per-cent, the fifth and sixth floors were seldom utilized.

Next, he told me about his three barmen, Doug, Steve, and Cory. Doug and Steve were straight, a prerequisite for the management of the hotel, but that Cory was bisexual, a detail that the management ‘overlooked’ for Clive’s sake.

The other thing that also very shortly became clear was that Clive was very interested in having sex with me. More and more, he made mention of taking me ‘upstairs’ for a bit of fun. I always made sure that I was long gone before closing time, to ensure that the ‘going upstairs’ option never materialized.

About ten weeks after my first visit to the bar, an interesting thing happened. After returning from the toilet and before getting back behind the bar counter, Cory stood before Clive and me as we sat chatting.

Out of the blue Cory said, “You should rather go upstairs with me because I have a much larger knob than Clive.”

As I looked at Cory, totally stunned, he gripped hold of his bulge and with his tongue hanging out his mouth in a salacious manner, gave me a wink. Glancing at Cory, Clive had a look of mock annoyance on his face.

“Get back behind the counter,” Clive then said, with a friendly reprimand.

When Cory got back behind the counter he stood back away from the counter and ran his fingers over the large tube in his trousers, once again extending his tongue and winking at me.

“Excuse him,” Clive said, with little conviction.

As Cory attended to a customer, I asked Clive “Is his cock really very big?”

Clive gave me a bemused smile, before answering, “Richard, Cory is hung like a fucking horse!”

“Oh,” I answered, before taking a large sip of beer. “And what happens… upstairs?” I nervously stammered.

Clive smiled benignly before he resumed. “Well, when I see somebody that I like and that someone is interested, then we go upstairs and have some fun. Sometimes Cory is also invited to join.” Clive did not elaborate further and merely shrugged in conclusion.

After a pause I persevered, “And is there anything between the two of you?”

Clive again shrugged and casually answered, “Yeah… sure, from time to time. Thing is, we’re essentially both tops and prefer giving rather than receiving. In any case, once in a while, the good old sphincter needs a bit of exercise.” Then laughing, he paused for effect before resuming, “Sadly, he has never allowed me to fuck him. But I have to tell you that there is nothing better than the discomfort the following day after a horse dick has fucked you,” Clive concluded as if passing on a bit of monumental information.

I left shortly afterward. I wasn’t stupid enough, not to realize that Clive had reverted to a plan B to have sex with me and that Cory was being used as bait. As I lay tossing and turning in bed that night, I knew that Clive had set me up. He had read my interested expression when told me all about Cory and had played his hand masterfully. I was also astute enough to realize that Clive was now taunting me, with them as a package deal. Much as was itching to see Cory’s dick, however, the Clive factor was a real obstacle for me.

Over the following two weeks during visits to the bar, Cory continued to tantalize me with lewd gestures, almost driving me mad with lust. I was sure that Clive had told him to up the ante.

On a Friday evening after a really tough week at work, I arrived at the bar at ten. I was not a heavy drinker, but that evening I really got stuck into the beers. Cory was not his usual bubbly self and told me that he had a dreadful headache.

At eleven-thirty as the bar began to empty I observed Cory move from behind the bar and walk toward Clive who was mingling with the customers. I watched as Clive nodded his head and give Cory a tap on the arm. Following on that, I saw Cory heading for the door.

Fifteen minutes later, as I sat looking at the half bottle of beer before me and wondering if I should finish it, Clive began informing everyone that last drinks needed to be ordered, because the bar had a strict policy of closing at midnight.

As I made the decision not to finish the beer and get on my way home, Clive sat next to me.

“Looks like you’ve had a good time,” Clive said, impishly.

“I’m not drunk, just a little tipsy,” I countered. I then went on to tell Clive about my busy day at work.

“Well, I’d better get going,” I finally announced, anxious that the word ‘upstairs’ may shortly follow.

“No, sit,” Clive instructed, “I can’t let you leave until you’ve had a cup of coffee to sober up.”

“I’m really okay, Clive, truly,” I protested.

“You’re coming upstairs with me for coffee and that’s, that,” he ordered.

I felt trapped and just sat there like reprimanded child. This was not what I had hoped for and knew that Clive had finally won. I watched in a trance as the bar emptied and Clive locked the front door.

Before long, I followed him to the elevator like an obedient puppy.

Clive’s suite was very impressive. After offering me a drink, which I declined, he poured one for him.

He then went on to tell me that although his salary wasn’t spectacular, the suite was a wonderful perk, and this, coupled with free food and drink at the hotel saved him a fortune.

“Would you like coffee?” he next asked.

“No thanks, if I have coffee now I won’t sleep,” I answered.

“Do you work on Saturday’s? Clive inquired. I shook my head negatively in reply.

“I’m glad to learn that,” Clive replied, and then picking up on my quizzical expression he resumed, “Because you won’t be getting much sleep this morning.”

I did not respond and after a brief pause, he continued, “Richard, I’ve waited for this for three months and we have a lot of catching up to do,” Clive concluded, with a horny look in his eyes.

After placing his drink down, Clive began to undress. First, he removed his shoes and socks. Next, his shirt and trousers followed.

As he stood before me in his underpants he asked, “Well, what are you waiting for, Richard?”

I also gingerly began to strip, and as I began removing my trousers Clive dropped his underpants to the floor. Clive’s body was sexier than I had imagined. Although his gut was large, it was firm and topped by meaty moobs. His arms and legs were thick and muscular and his body was covered with verdant fur. Although Clive did not have the largest cock in the world, he was not underprivileged. His erect uncut knob had an ample snout that extended past his dick-head and it was really a beautiful and comfortable looking cock. Above all, his nut-sac was spectacular. It was huge, plump, and heavy looking.

“Fuck, Clive, those are the most spectacular balls I have ever seen,” I said.

With a look of pride, he gave them a smack before saying, “I may not have the biggest dick in the world, but I have never met a man who can match my volume of spunk.”

As he pulled me into his body, he said, “Fuck me, you are one beautiful motherfucker.”

Clive’s kissing was passionate as his hands caressed my back and my hands luxuriated in the soft hair on his shoulders. I was already beginning to regret my decision of the past few months of trying to avoid him. Much as I would’ve liked Cory also be upstairs with us, for now, I was very happy with things just the way they were.

As we continued kissing I could feel my body being moved toward the bed and shortly, I was on my back with Clive on top of me in a sixty-nine position. As I had suspected, his cock was very comfortable in my mouth, and his ample balls felt incredible as they flopped on my forehead. Clive was a masterful cock-sucker and before long I could feel my orgasm fast approaching. I also knew that he was getting fairly close when he issued a warning, that having not unloaded in two days a motherlode was on the way.

With his tongue working its magic I did unload first, as he mumbled approving groans. When he also came I was startled by the deluge and had to swallow as never before. Clive’s spunk was thick, creamy, and totally delicious. As he tried to lift off me I halted his action, fully intent to scour every last residue of jizz from his knob.

When I finally released Clive, he headed off to the bathroom for a piss.

Upon his return, as he stood next to the bed I observed his glistening cock-snout. On an impulse, I leaned over and lapped the moisture off before retracting his foreskin and licking his wet knob-head.

“Do you like that taste?” Clive asked, curiously.

“Mmmm,” I answered.

“Well, maybe I have a little trickle left,” he replied, with a horny snigger.

As my lips suctioned on his dick, Clive cradled my head in his hands and dribbled into my mouth. I had never tasted my own piss, let alone anyone else’s, and I was amazed by how much I liked the flavour.

Sniggering once more, Clive said, “I won’t waste another piss again.”

Clive now arranged my body on the bed with my head on three pillows, before moving up over my torso with his knees on either side of me. After plugging his knob in my mouth, Clive leaned forward and placed his hands on the wall above the headboard. My skull-fucking then got underway, with my head nestled in his hairy belly and my hands working in a circular motion on his ample hairy backside.

The next several minutes were blissful and once more I thought about how foolish I had been in the preceding months. My regrets about Cory did not even enter my mind. We were lost in a duo of bliss, totally enraptured by our gratification. Clive was growing on me by the second and there was nowhere in the world that I would rather have been at that moment.

When Clive got off the bed and took a sip of the whiskey from the glass he had left on the table in the lounge, he asked if I wanted something to drink.

“Yes… piss,” I answered with a naughty grin.

Clive let out a rumbling laugh before opening the refrigerator and taking out a bottle of water. After slugging it down he said, “I’d better my bladder working.” With a smile, he then continued, “Poor old Cory will be miffed when he finds out that he missed out tonight.”

With a thoughtful look on his face, he then asked, “Are you sorry he isn’t here?”

“Not at all,” I replied.

“Oh, so I won’t have to beg you in future,” he countered.

“No, I’ll be doing the begging,” I responded before Clive proudly smiled.

“That’s good news. So… does that mean you’ll be reporting for duty tonight?” Clive asked.

“Definitely!” I answered.

Clive’s face now became more serious, before he continued, “I must just tell you a few things about Cory. When he got divorced and came to work for me…”

Interrupting Clive and asked, “Why did he get divorced?”

“Because his bitch wife found out that he had previously slept with guys. Of course, she threatened to expose him to his family unless he gave her everything he had, taking everything the poor bastard had worked for in preceding years. In any case, like my other two barmen, Cory comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Unlike the other two barmen, however, Cory is not the cleanest boy in the world. In fact, when he started working for me I often had to send him upstairs for a shower as he reported for duty,” Clive informed me, before pausing.

After taking another sip of whiskey, he resumed, “Apart from his abnormal knob, which I have already told you about, Cory can sometimes be a little rough.”

Next, as Clive approached the bed he told me to turn my body around and push my legs up the headboard and wall behind the bed. After moving toward me on his knees, Clive nestled his crack over my face as his arms wrapped around my waist. Shortly, as my tongue lapped his furry hole he suctioned my dick into his mouth.

I was delighted by this session as we got into a comfortable rhythm. With Clive’s incredible tongue stimulating me unbelievably, I reciprocated by prodding his hole with my tongue. The muffled groans of contentment above me left me in no doubt that he was also enjoying my oral incursion. My body was riddled with lust as this next tour de force advanced and I knew that I would not be able to stem the flow of my inexorable advancement to gratification. My senses completely overwhelmed me and I unloaded in a state of total fulfilment.

Clive now moved at lightning speed as my body was pulled to the end of the bed. After I was placed in the doggy position with my knees at the edge of the bed, I heard him spitting my spunk into his hand. Next, his fingers rapidly moved between my arse and his cock as he lubricated them for his onslaught. Clive then hastily entered my backside.

Although his entry was swift, it was comfortable, and instantly he commenced hammering into me as his strong hands clamped on my hips. Clive’s thrusting was urgent as he pounded my pucker, and I gasped as he slammed my eager manhole persistently. I had yearned for this moment and loved the pounding I was getting. 

As Clive was about to unload I begged him to do so in my mouth but he was insistent that he wanted to do so in my backside.

After he pulled his knob out of me I turned quickly and got to my knees, licking his balls and cleaning his dick once more.

“Are you thirsty?” Clive asked as I got to my feet.

I nodded enthusiastically before he led me off to the bathroom.

Once there I was told to sit flat on my backside with my back against the tiled wall. Clive now widened his stance and offered his ‘tap’ to my mouth as he leaned against the wall. My hand then took hold of his knob as I controlled the flow of yellow sap flowing out of him. As I imbibed the delicious liquid I realized that I was becoming totally addicted to Clive’s piss and spunk.

After swallowing a substantial amount of Clive’s fluid, his cock, as usual, was erect again and my next skull-fucking got underway.

Cocooned against the wall I ran my hands over the sides of his thick hairy thighs as he plundered my mouth. Encased by his body my carnal paradise seemed never-ending.

I greedily began to swallow as Clive’s agitated hips commenced force-feeding my mouth once more. To my absolute elation more piss also followed.

My stomach felt distended with all the jizz, piss, and beer I had consumed thus far. As I stood at the toilet bowl to relieve myself, Clive embraced me from behind and is hand took control of my dick as my piss trickled through his fingers into the bowl.

When I was done he lifted his hand to my mouth and let me taste my own piss. As I licked his fingers I was again aware of his stiff knob buffing my crack, and soon my torso was pushed downward before he entered my backside once more.

I began to feel like I was in a sensual trance as my pucker got battered by Clive. Appreciative horny banter erupted from both of us as he humped and pumped me increasingly. From time to time he would hold still in me as his hands massaged my back, before again reigniting his robust hips. Enveloped by lust, my right hand now took hold of my knob as I feverishly started tugging.

My release was soon matched by my verbal gushing, as I unloaded in a state of lustful deliriousness. Clive followed shortly before I once more felt the delightful warmth on his bladder secretions.

As Clive made his way back to the bedroom I remained behind. With the amount of liquid that had been dispensed into my backside, I needed to resort to an evacuation strategy.

When I returned to the bedroom Clive was on the bed. I then said, “Although I don’t have to work tomorrow, you do. Maybe I should be on my way?”

“No,” Clive replied. “You may leave when I tell you to.” His comment was playful, and with a smile, he then tapped the bed beside him gesturing me to join him.

The next session with him was far more relaxed and I enjoyed the change of pace. Clive slowly moved his body on top of me, pushing my legs apart with his knees. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying his weight as he encased me.

After a few minutes, Clive lifted his body onto his haunches and placed my legs over his shoulders. Upon pushing his knob into my backside he once more lowered his body onto me. Clive’s large began to stir his dick in me as he cupped my head in his hands and continued kissing me.

For the following twenty minutes kept lifting and lowering his torso as he thrust or stirred his knob in me, delaying his inevitable orgasm. When I realized that he was about to finally cum as he hammered into me on outstretched arms, I joined in and began tugging my dick. I shot my load moments before Clive also unloaded.

Clive now asked me to pull my legs back for him, before his lips nestled on to my pucker. After his tongue commenced prodding my hole, I could tell from the way his mouth started suctioning that he wanted me to felch his load into his mouth. After complying, Clive then quickly moved his head up my body and locked lips with me, sharing the loot.

Although I had experienced the best sex of my lifetime, after all the action I was really beginning to tire, and when our lips finally parted I begged him to let me be on my way.

Smiling, he said, “Okay, but as you can feel I am already hard again and I never waste a hard-on, but I’ll make a deal with you. If you let me skull-fuck you one more time, then you’re free to go.”

In a flash, my head was on the pillows and Clive’s cock was battering my mouth once more. I managed to locate Clive’s manhole with my right middle finger, hoping that the stimulation may accelerate his orgasm as I commenced prodding into him. From his gasps, I knew that I was going to succeed, and when a second finger entered his backside, Clive grunted as he unloaded into my mouth. His tasty spunk was followed by another trickle of mouth-watering warm yellow sap.

After we got off the bed I quickly commenced getting dressed without being too blatant, and after a brief kiss at the door and a warning that he would be so lenient the following morning, I was on my way home.

Exhausted, I fell asleep instantly as I got onto my bed.


I awoke at eleven a.m., totally refreshed after a really deep sleep. After a quick shower, I decided to visit the small grocery store that was across the road from my apartment. Apart from a few odds and ends I needed to buy, they also made the most delicious baguettes with a variety of fillings to choose from, and I was starving.

As I exited to store I was surprised to see Cory outside, gazing at the outdoor bulletin board.

As our eyes met I asked, “What are you doing here?”

Cory the briefly told me about a friend he had been living with over the past six months since his divorce. Regrettably, the friend’s new girlfriend had moved in two months prior and Cory’s presence had now become a problem for her. At wit’s end, Cory was desperate to find alternative accommodation. Cory also told me he had made a note of a few possibilities for accommodation on the bulletin board and would investigate them over the next few days.

With a lull in the conversation, I asked, “How’s your headache?”

“Oh, it’s fine now. I very seldom get headaches but when I do, they are fucking bad,” he replied.

After another pause, I asked him if he wanted to share my huge baguette with a cup of coffee.

With a smile, he informed me that he starving and would love to, before asking, “Where do you live?” I then pointed to my apartment block.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed, overawed, “You’re only a block away from the bar!” I simply shrugged in reply.

After entering my apartment Cory walk around with a look of wonder in his eyes. “Jesus, bro, this place is fantastic,” he exclaimed, and when he saw the second bedroom he was practically salivating.

“This place is so much better than the grotty place I am living in. Added to that, my buddies fucking bitch girlfriend treats me like shit. I know I have a body odour problem, but it’s really not as bad as she makes out.” Then with a look of hopefulness, he asked, “Do you think I stink?”

“No,” I replied, in all honesty.

“Well, every time I pass by her you would think that she had just stepped in a pile of dog shit,” he concluded.

After a pause, he said, “Jesus, you have no idea how desperate I am to find another place to live.”

When we sat down to eat our sandwich and drink our coffee, Cory gingerly resumed, “I realize that you don’t know me very well and what I’m about to ask is somewhat of a liberty, but would you consider renting me your spare room for the next week or two while I find other accommodation?”

Luckily, I had just taken a huge bite of my sandwich and with my mouth full, had time to collect my thoughts.

While I was chewing Cory continued by saying, “I promise I won’t cramp your style or be a nuisance in any way.”

I wasn’t really keen on having someone live with me and I also hardly knew. On the other hand, however, the slut in me pondered what it would be like to have a horse-hung stud in my apartment for a week or so. I also wondered what he had meant by ‘nuisance,’ hoping that it didn’t have a sexual connotation.

After I had swallowed my food I looked at Cory’s anxious face and said, “Just give me a few more minutes to think about your request.”

With a look of nervous anticipation, he said, “Sure, no problem, buddy.”

I could see that Cory was trying to think of something to say to lift the tension, before he finally asked, “So, what time did you leave the bar last night?”

He could not have asked a better question and I decided to lay my cards on the table, hopefully negating his ‘nuisance’ reference.

“At closing time… But of course, I only left the hotel at three-thirty,” I concluded with an impish grin.

“Fuck,” he said with a laugh, “So Clive finally took you upstairs and got his clutches on you.”

I simply nodded.

“You must have been exhausted when you left,” he answered, still laughing.

I nodded again.

“Clive is one randy bastard,” he exclaimed, before resuming, “He has got the stamina of three guys.” Still guffawing, he continued, “You must have been overflowing with spunk by the time you got home.”

More nodding followed from me, before I said, “I’ve also been invited upstairs again tonight.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry I missed out last night. I hope I also get an invitation this evening,” he stated.

“I’ll insist on it,” I answered, happy that I had sent a very clear signal that I was sexually interested in him.

From the look of intrigue in his eyes, I knew that the seed I had just planted had begun to germinate.

Deciding to end our charade, I said, “Yes, the answer is yes, you may move in with me.”

The delight on his face could only be likened to the look of relief that a man accused of murder has when he has been found not guilty of the crime.

“Thank you, buddy, fuck, thank you,” he kept intoning.

“When do you want to move in?” I asked.

“Now, fuck now, if that okay with you,” Cory enthusiastically replied, before resuming, “I’ll go and fetch my stuff right away.”

“How much stuff do you have?” I asked apprehensively.

“Just two small suitcases and a duffel bag,” he replied.

“How much do you want me to pay you?” he asked.

“Well, why don’t we first see how long you stay? If it’s a couple of weeks I won’t charge you. 

“Where’s your buddy’s apartment? I asked.

“About three miles down the road,” he answered.

“Well, then why don’t I drive you there, because it’s a long walk?” I suggested.

“I really don’t want to put you to any trouble,” he replied.

“No trouble at all,” I assured him, and before long we were parked outside his buddy’s apartment. As he had foretold, it really looked shitty.

As I sat in the vehicle waiting for Cory to collect his stuff, I thought about the past twelve hours, which had been incredibly exciting thus far. Clive had blown me away despite my initial reluctance and now the prospect of enjoying Cory lay ahead. I was slightly apprehensive but very aroused at the same time.

When we got back to my apartment I took Cory through to the spare room and invited him to unpack his stuff and settle in.

I returned to the living area and took picked up the half cup of coffee I hadn’t consumed earlier. After finishing it I washed the few dishes we had used earlier and after drying them off began to pack them away. After I did so Cory entered the living area.

He was barefooted and wearing a pair of long shorts that extended to above his knees. It was clearly apparent that he wasn’t wearing underpants because a very large protuberance extended halfway down his right leg. The material of the shorts was rather flimsy and the dangling tube was easily discernible.

Cory had a beautifully proportioned six-foot frame and his lithe body was more muscular than I had imagined. I had always thought that his large hands were very sexy, but his large broad feet were spectacular. Cory wasn’t overly hairy, but he had a light dusting of black hair on his upper chest, lower arms, and legs. From his navel downward, however, his garden path was marvellously bushy and I wondered if his crotch was equally profuse. Cory had the head of an eagle inked on his left upper arm. It wasn’t a masterful display of the art of tattooing, but very respectable.

I had never seen Cory wearing anything other than the standard uniform that was a requirement for the barmen at the pub. They always wore long-sleeved black shirts and trousers.

Cory placed his hands behind his head before stretching and sighing with enormous relief, as he continued to thank me for my kindness. My eyes focussed on his armpits that luxuriated with dark damp fur as he did so. He was fucking sexy!

Cory now got a serious look on his face before he said, “Please don’t tell Clive I’m staying with you.”

“Why?” I asked, surprised.

“Well, I like Clive very much and he has really been good to me, but he can be quite possessive and a bit spiteful at times. I am not invited upstairs as often as you may think and now that he has had you in his clutches, he may not feel that my presence is necessary,” Cory informed me, before concluding, “It might piss him off if he knows we are living together.”

I was a little disturbed by what I had just heard. Much as I had enjoyed my encounter with Clive, in all honesty, the motivating factor in going upstairs was Cory. I did, nonetheless, realize that I would have to allow things to take their natural course because I didn’t want to create problems for Cory at his workplace.

“No problem, I fully understand,” I answered.

Changing the subject I asked, “What time do report for duty?”

“Six o’clock,” he answered. Cory then went on to tell me that all three barmen had to be on duty from six p.m. until midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings, the busiest time at the bar. They often swapped out their other shifts and he would be off duty on Sunday and Monday, having filled in for Doug who had been busy with family commitments, during the previous week.

“How do get on with Doug and Steve?” I then asked.

“Doug is a bit of a pain and thinks the sun shines out of his arse, but I get on really well with Steve.” Then with a naughty look on his face, Cory resumed, “I’ll tell you a secret about Steve, but you must promise never tell Clive about this,” he disclosed in a conspiratorial manner before I nodded in agreement. “Although Steve is living with a girlfriend he admitted to me in confidence that he had slept with guys in the past. Thing is, Clive must never find out because being as manipulative as he is, Steve is worried that he will get an invitation to go ‘upstairs’ if Clive finds out, and Steve really isn’t into Clive at all.”

“I won’t say a word,” I promised.

“Steve’s got a really nice cock,” Cory then divulged as an afterthought.

“Have you had sex with him?” I asked.

“No, but I’ve seen his knob while we were having a piss at the pub’s urinal,” he answered.

Cory next glanced at his watch and mentioned that he had three hours left before he had to report for duty at six p.m.

“Have got any planned for this afternoon?” he asked.

“No,” I replied.

The expression on his face now began to change to one of horniness, as he moved closer to me and his eyes began to radiate lust.

Next, Cory began to unbutton my shirt before removing it and tossing it aside. In an instant, he pushed my pants and underpants downward before they dropped to the floor and I kicked them aside. As he stood looking at me he lifted his hands to my chest and took hold of my nipples.

As he commenced tweaking them harder he asked, “So, what do you like?”

“Learning new things,” I answered.

“How much can you take?” he enquired, as he really intensified his nipple action.

As I twitched and gasped I looked him in the eye challengingly. With a mischievous smile on his face, he growled, “Ecstasy is always heightened when it’s coated in agony.”

Lowering his right arm Cory now took hold of my balls and began to squeeze them. Although I was practically jumping about with discomfort at this point, I was amazed by how much his actions were turning me on. An added pleasure for me was that having never been this close to Cory before I was now enjoying the full strength of his virile masculine essence.

After letting go of my balls and nipple, Cory placed his hands on my butt and pulled me into his body. His mouth first attacked my left ear as he suctioned onto my earlobe, before gnawing on it with his teeth. Simultaneously, my butt cheeks were receiving a working over as his powerful squeezed them hard. When Cory’s mouth moved to my lips, the same gnawing ensued. I could also clearly feel the hardness of his massive knob as rubbed against me. I was aching to see his dick and couldn’t wait for the big reveal.

Next, Cory turned me around and pushed my torso down over the kitchen counter. With his left hand firmly placed on my back, he said, “I’ve been dying to fuck your arse, but first it needs to be warmed up a bit.”

The first two strikes were uncomfortable as his large hand began slapping me. What, however, amazed me, was how good the ‘agony’ began to feel as the smacks continued and a flood of pleasure started flowing through my body as I panted and gasped.

When Cory finally stopped ‘warming me up’ my arse, was really tingling. After removing his hand from my back he told me to stay put. Following on that, I felt his bare knob nestling in my crack. As he commenced rubbing his cock between my cheeks I could hear him spitting, as slickness began to develop.

I wondered why he had not first shown me his dick as I felt the head of his knob prodding at my pucker. Very slowly, I then felt Cory commence his entry. From the start, I could clearly feel that the dong that was conquering my backside was in a different league to anything I had experienced before. I was, nevertheless, surprised that the level of discomfort was far less arduous than I expected. What I also found intriguing was that with every inch of his entry, my sphincter seemed to be dilating more and more. When he finally announced that he was ‘all in,’ I felt a fullness that I had never been subjected to before.

Cory now got into a slow rhythm as he leisurely speared my backside, totally unlike the manic approach of Clive. The feeling just seemed to get better and better, and I knew that I could become totally addicted to his dick.

“How are you coping?” Cory asked.

“Jesus,” I replied, “This is fucking unbelievable.”

Picking up on my comfort level, Cory now began to steadily up his tempo.

“I’m very pleased that Clive has such a small cock,” he said, before resuming, “Because your fucking hole is incredibly tight.”

Cory next lifted my torso and told me to anchor us with my hands on the counter. A quartet of pleasure now ensued as my ‘torture’ once more commenced as his left hand alternated between my nipples and his right hand squeezed my balls, added to that, his teeth gnawed on my neck as his huge I cock pummelled my backside. As if this was not already enough, as I would come to realize with Cory, he sweated profusely as he became sexually excited. The pungent smell emanating from him began intensifying, encapsulating us in a cloud of ripe funk.

When I thought that I was approaching heaven’s gate, Cory upped the ante even further by embarking on a verbal onslaught as he commenced slapping my balls. The piece de resistance then followed when his left hand moved up to my neck and started restricting my breathing. As opposed to Clive who enjoyed controlling me, Cory was taking total possession of me, and I loved every second of it.

As I battled to breathe he began tugging on my knob. “Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me,” he began intoning, and when I shot my load, my body shuddered with the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced.

Cory enfolded me in his arms after my ejaculation. There was no more nipples tweaking or gnawing as he lovingly caressed my torso and gently kissed my neck, with his knob still embedded in me.

“Was that good,” he asked.

“Fucking fantastic,” I replied.

“Are you okay with the rough stuff?” he then asked.

“You can do anything you like to me,” I willingly answered.

“Cool, but now I want to move through to the bedroom,” he stated.

As he let go of my body his dick slowly withdrew from my backside. I was incredibly excited because I was finally going to see the knob I had been dreaming about for the past few weeks. As I turned to face him I beheld the object of wonder. Cory’s uncut dark cock was fucking huge and I wondered how the thing had fitted into my arse. His dong was long and had a fat midsection that tapered toward either end and I now fully understood the sensation of dilation when he was inserting it into me. Although his balls weren’t as plump as Clive’s they were, nevertheless, very impressive.

When we got to my room I sat on the end of the bed and asked him if I could take a closer look at his phallus. Amused and compliant, Cory stood before.

As I lifted it in my hand the heaviness of his knob was extraordinary. Unable to resist, I commenced retracting his thick foreskin. When the dark purple head revealed itself I was indulged in an olfactory orgy. The smell was pungent and heavenly, and as I started licking his dick-head the taste was mind-blowing. Cory had a substantial bush as I had hoped for, and the added aroma from the forest of fur had me convulsing with lust.

Picking up on my groaning approval, he said, “Looks like you are a bit of skank-hound.”

“Definitely,” I murmured as I savoured his bouquet of delight.

After a minute or two he said, “Get on the bed on your stomach and open your legs, I need to fuck that tight arse of yours right now.”

Upon complying, Cory mounted me and pushed his knob into me a lot quicker than before. It was slightly uncomfortable, but the remarkable fullness of his huge dick soon negated any discomfort.o problem,” I hornily groaned.

For the next hour, I was transported to Valhalla as Cory languidly fucked me. He constantly altered my body position as he hovered above me on outstretched arms, and I was moved from one of my sides to the other before I finally ended up on my back. As I gazed up at him, Cory’s body was glistening with perspiration. I ran my hands up his sweaty flanks before my fingers nestled in his swampy armpits. When I commenced tickling him there was a look of total satisfaction on his face.

“Fuck, baby, your hands are going to stink,” Cory murmured.

There was a look of unbridled pleasure on his face as I laced my hands at my nostrils before sniffing and licking them. After I once more returned my hands to his moist pits I could see Cory becoming very excited.

“I am getting close,” he uttered.

“Please cum in my mouth, because I want to taste every bit of you,” I groaned, between gasps.

Moments later, Cory moved up over my body and started tugging on his knob. After placing his cock-head on my lips he began to unload. His spunk wasn’t a plentiful or as tasty as Clive’s, but very enjoyable. After giving his knob-head a good cleaning, Cory lay down next to me.

“Are you looking forward to this evening?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, before qualifying my answer. “But I’m going to ask Clive if you may join us.”

“Don’t count on that,” Cory replied.

“Why do you say that?” I countered.

“Although Clive and I have had a few get-togethers upstairs, unlike you, I think that he is offended by my body odour,” Cory stated.

I did not pursue this matter but hoped that Cory would be proved wrong. I was itching to have a threesome, something I had never done before.

Changing the topic, I said, “I hope that you don’t find another place to rent, too soon.”

Cory laughed, and then replied, “Maybe you’ll be sick of me in a week’s time.”

“After this afternoon, I seriously doubt that,” I answered with an impish grin.

Cory now began to kiss me. When our faces moved apart he asked, “So, what would you like to do next?”

I did not answer but simply moved onto my stomach and opened my legs. Cory laughed as he mounted me and commenced sliding his knob in my crack. Once fully hard, his re-entry into my backside was not as measured and gentle as before. The discomfort, however, was soon surpassed by the unbelievable sensation of ampleness that his cock provided.

Another age of bliss followed as my butt got thoroughly ploughed. This time Cory remained on my back as he moved his torso up and down continually. The intensity of his thrusting also perpetually varied. Rather than the manic pummelling of Clive, however, Cory fluctuated between short and long strokes. My prostate had never been more stimulated in my life, and Cory displayed his full skill as a lover, constantly taken me to the edge of ecstasy before denying me. I eventually began to beg him for release.

Next, Cory once more began to pump his cock into me as his left hand moved to my throat and his right hand moved to my balls. As the squeezing of his hands intensified, a flood of delight once more peppered through my system making me wheeze with exhilaration. My second orgasm completely eclipsed the first one, as I squirmed beneath him.

After I had cum, Cory lifted his torso onto extended arms and fucked me harder than ever before. I wailed as he thumped his massive knob into me. When he unloaded I thought my head was about to break through my headboard. When Cory then slumped back onto me, I was once more enveloped in his heavenly hum.

A long while later, Cory lifted off me and went to the bathroom to have a shower. I just lay there, replete, exhausted, and satisfied beyond belief. When Cory finally left for work I was still on the bed, hoping like hell that he would be proved wrong later and that Clive would invite him upstairs.

Upon drifting off to sleep I awoke at ten o’clock, somewhat startled. I had a bite to eat and headed for the shower. After a good anal cleansing and scrubbing, I leisurely dressed before making my way to the bar.

When I arrived at ten forty-five I sat down and was handed a complimentary beer by Cory. I saw Clive mingling and each time we made eye contact he gave me a wink. Time flew by very quickly and before I knew it, it was twenty to twelve and Clive was doing his usual last drink patrol.

As Clive sat next to me he said, “Jesus, I wish they would all just fuck-off so we can go upstairs.”

“Will you be inviting Cory?” I asked.

“Actually, no, if you don’t mind, the thing is that I really enjoyed my time with you earlier this morning and I would really prefer another one on one session with you again,” Clive replied charmingly, but firmly. With an arresting smile he then resumed, “Besides, I’ve planned a really busy evening for us tonight and you won’t be leaving until every ounce of spunk and every drop of piss has been drained from me.”

When Clive arose to do his final patrol, Cory gave me an enquiring look. As I shook my head negatively, Cory simply gave me an ‘I told you so’ shrug.

I was somewhat annoyed with Clive because he had definitely used Cory as bait and now selfishly, having achieved his goal wasn’t willing to let Cory share in the spoils.

As Cory was leaving the bar he gave me a wink. I was very sad that he was not going to be included upstairs, and truthfully, I would have preferred to be leaving with him.

As the elevator doors closed Clive grabbed hold of me and began kissing me. I could already feel his stiff cock prodding into me.

After entering Clive’s suite, he poured us each whiskey. After that, he retrieved a bottle of water from his refrigerator and glugged it down.

“I hope you are not too disappointed about Cory?” Clive asked, before resuming, “The thing is, I can only handle him in small doses. Cory’s huge dick comes at an unpleasant cost and when he’s around he really stinks out the place.”

I remained quiet and simply shrugged noncommittally.

Clive now hastily undressed, inviting me to follow suit, and before long my head was on his pillows and he was skull-fucking me.

“I’ve been horny all fucking day, thinking about you,” he grunted, as his hips hammered my head.

Our session was lasting longer than normal, as Clive continually held still to delay his ejaculation. I had also cleared my head of negative thoughts and began to enjoy the action, in anticipation of my first spunk feast, but Clive now surprised me by suggesting we move through to the shower.

“My bladder feels like it going to burst,” he declared.

I sat flat on my backside with my back against tiles. Standing before me, Clive now commenced anointing my entire body with golden nectar, before plugging his knob into my mouth. I swallowed greedily as he drained his bladder. As the last bit of piss trickled down my throat, Clive’s hips sprang to life.

“Are you ready for your first cum shooter?” he grunted as cock pounded my mouth.

I mumbled a garbled, “Yes,” between thrusts.

Clive’s spunk was as delicious as I had remembered as it coated my mouth.

After we arrived back in the bedroom, Clive glugged down another bottle of water, and then took a sip of his whiskey.

Soon, our marathon session got underway. We sixty-nined, butt-licked one another, Clive skull-fucked and butt-fucked me, as my body was rotated and turned to suit his needs. I lost count of the number of times Clive unloaded into my mouth and backside, and the amount of piss that trickled down my throat.

After three gloriously gruelling hours, I was pleased when I observed Clive dozing off, before following by example.

Three-quarters of an hour later, I awoke with Clive prodding me, and next, I was being hauled off to the bathroom.

A golden tonsil washing then preceded another skull-fucking, and when Clive had cum, yet again, I cheekily told him that I wanted to piss in his mouth. Clive didn’t look too happy with this suggestion but didn’t refuse. I am not sure that he liked the taste of urine but he swallowed, nevertheless. For good measure, I now turned the tables on him and gave him a solid skull-fucking. I could tell that the taste of my spunk was far more agreeable to him.

When we returned to the bedroom after a quick shower, our second marathon session got underway. The tempo of everything that happened was far less frenetic and I really enjoyed the change of pace.

By six a.m., I was very pleased when Clive once more dozed off. As quietly as possible I arose and got dressed, before making my way home.

As I walked to my apartment I reflected upon two things. Firstly, Clive and I had not swapped telephone numbers as he had requested, and secondly, no future ‘upstairs’ appointments had been made.

I wasn’t sure what lay ahead for Cory and me. Great as our first afternoon had been, we hardly knew one another and for all I knew, he could soon be trying to find alternative accommodation if he found living with me a strain.

When I arrived back in my apartment, Cory was sound asleep. After a quick shower, I crawled into the bed next to him and drifted off to sleep instantly.

After I awoke at eleven I could hear the sound of the television in my lounge. With Cory not working on Sunday, or Monday, I got busy making lunch for us immediately.

“Are you exhausted?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

Cory let me go about my work without any further chit-chat. I was really hungry after my sexual marathon and needed a proper meal.

After a short silence, I said, “You know, what really annoys me about Clive was that he used you as bait.” Cory said nothing and merely smiled. “The only reason that I ended upstairs with Clive was in the hope that you would be part of the deal.”

After another pause, I continued, “Actually, I have a confession to make.” Cory’s eyes now lit up with interest. “I have never had a threesome and have always dreamed of having one,” I concluded.

There was a huge smile on Cory’s face before he let out a laugh. “Well, if you want to have a threesome, maybe I can pull a few strings.”

“With who?” I enthusiastically asked.

“Well… Apparently, things aren’t going to well with Steve’s girlfriend and he has been mumbling about ending his relationship with her. Maybe I can use you as ‘bait,’” he said, stressing the last word before we both burst out laughing.

As a joke, I then replied, “And what about Doug?”

Cory now really began to laugh heartily and when he finally calmed down, he answered, “Well, there are two problems with that. Firstly, Doug is totally straight. Secondly, an even worse problem is…” Cory did not finish his sentence, but instead raised his right hand and showed me his little finger.

“You’re joking,” I replied, almost gasping.

“No, I’m not. For such a big guy he really has a small dick and how he satisfies his wife with that little thing, only fuck knows.” After another laugh, he resumed, “When I stood next to him at the urinal once, I got a good look at his knob. All guys check out each other’s cocks, straight or gay, and when I had finished pissing I gave my cock an exaggerated shake as he stood a good look. I swear to you, I am sure I saw his blue eyes turn green with envy.” Both of us now began convulsing with laughter.

After we had calmed down, I said, “Okay, so Steve it is.”

When we finished eating and the dishes were done, Cory moved up behind me and enfolded me in his arms. Truthfully, after my night with Clive, I could’ve done without sex for the rest of the day. When, however, I smelled his manly essence, I was quite willing to endure some more.

Shortly, I was in the bedroom on my stomach as Cory commenced spearing into me. With minimal nipple tweaking, nut squeezing, and teeth gnawing, I enjoyed another hour-long blissful encounter with Cory.

That night we took a break and were asleep by nine o’clock.

Over the following days, we settled into a great routine. When he worked until midnight I would always make sure that I had slept for a few hours prior to his arrival, so that we could have a good fuck session when he arrived home. We were very compatible sexually, but I have to admit that outside the bedroom out interaction was not as sparkling as I had hoped for.

One of the perks at the hotel was that the barmen on duty were always fed at one in the afternoons, and at seven in the evenings when on duty. Most of Cory’s nutritional requirements were, therefore, adequately taken care of.

During the week I wondered about Cory’s threesome suggestion with Steve, but not wanting to place pressure on him I made no mention of it. On Friday and Saturday nights of that week, I did not visit the bar, as usual, hoping to spare Cory another humiliation of a snubbing by Clive

On the Saturday evening, however, as I lay on my bed awaiting Cory’s arrival home after his shift, shortly after midnight I was surprised when I heard two voices emanating from in the lounge. I was sure that Cory was there but the other voice sounded like Steve’s. Intrigued, I decided to stay in my room initially. As I listened, the banter was soon replaced to the groaning and moaning associated with the grumblings of a sexual nature.

Unable to resist any longer, I made my way to the door and peeped into the lounge. The two guys were naked and facing away from me to my right. Steve was bent over with his elbows on my large sofa, and Cory was behind him with his hands on Steve’s hips, as he rubbed his cock between Steve’s butt cheeks.

I would soon learn that Cory had indeed invited Steve to a threesome on Friday evening, which Steve said he would think about.

Next, after Steve had accepted Cory’s invitation on Saturday evening, the two of them had a bet at the bar. The bet was about the age of one of the customers, and the winner would get to fuck the other one’s arse. Obviously, Cory had won the bet.

I watched with fascination as Cory went about driving his knob into Steve’s backside. It was a very erotic contest as Cory pulled Steve’s hips toward him, and Steve’s hand pushed on Cory’s stomach, ‘fighting’ him off.

Grunts and groans emanated from both of them as Cory said, “Take the shame, buddy,” and Steve begged for ‘mercy.’ The scene was mesmerizing.

When Cory had conquered Steve’s backside, Cory lifted Steve’s torso and commenced the nipple tweaking and ball squeezing that he delighted in. I could also sense Steve’s total acquiescence as he extended his right above his head before cupping the back of Cory’s head, encouraging the neck gnawing I knew was taking place. I watched with envy.

A short while later, Cory extracted his knob from Steve’s backside and made his way to my bedroom. I quickly rushed to the bed, and feigning sleep, hoped that I would be awoken and asked to join the action. My heart then sank as I saw Cory then close the bedroom door.

My apartment had been very well built and the rooms were fairly soundproofed. Despite that, I heard the faint slaps from the lounge, and I was sure that Steve was getting a good butt-slapping. My heart sank even further when I heard those sounds. I eventually fell asleep, disheartened.

When I finally walked through to the lounge the following morning at nine o’clock, Steve and Cory were cuddled up on my huge sofa. As I made myself a cup of coffee, Cory sheepishly joined me in the kitchen.

“Sorry didn’t wake you last night,” he lied, “but after we had a few drinks you just looked so content and sound asleep. We really didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Thank you,” I said, almost choking with disappointment.

“Listen,” Cory said sheepishly, “We have another big favour to ask you.”

As he moved his weight from one to the other foot uncomfortably, I looked him in the eyes and said, “What’s the favour?”

Well… Steve is really havin a hard time with his girlfriend and needs a place to stay for a few days. Do you think you can help him out?” Cory asked with anticipating eyebrows.

Slightly annoyed as I was, I said, “Sure, no problem.”

“Fuck… thank you, buddy,” he replied.

Although I did have a few threesomes with the two of them, and one on one session’s over the next ten days, I clearly understood that I was the odd man out. When they arrived home I was generally penetrated or skull-fucked by Steve, before they feigned tiredness. Thereafter, when I was deemed to be asleep, they would move through to my lounge after closing my bedroom door and enjoy the main course.

Thankfully, ten days later they both moved out when Steve found another apartment. I wasn’t annoyed but just mildly disappointed. In all honesty, it was great to have my home all to myself yet again. Apart from their sexual compatibility, outside of the bedroom, they also got on famously. They were ‘birds of a feather,’ as they say in the classics.

Two weeks after my last upstairs episode with Clive, I arrived at the bar on a Friday night at ten-thirty. After I received a complimentary beer from Cory I thank him and told him that there were no hard feelings, and that I was elated he had found happiness with Steve. With a look of relief, he thanked me profusely.

When Clive finally saw me he rushed over enthusiastically. That single gesture made my heart thump with excitement. I lied to him by saying that a friend had invited me to visit him the previous weekend, and also went on to tell him that I was sorry I had left so abruptly on the last occasion, but because he had seemed contented as he slept, I just didn’t have the heart to wake him.

Clive smiled, and insisted there and then, on exchanging telephone numbers, which we did.

“I have really missed you,” he said with an incredible smile. “I cannot wait to go upstairs with you tonight.”

In a rare show of affection in the bar, he then leaned over and gave me a loving kiss.

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