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The old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Fresh out of the military, I start the the trip home with a planned stop in Sin City. I get a room on the strip, and call home to let the family know how and where I was. Mom suggests I get in touch with family friends that lived close by and gave me the phone number to Ernest.

Ernie is one of the reasons for my planned stop. We had fooled around a bit before I had entered the service. Actually, I lost my virginity to him when I poked him in the ass five years before. Now that I am out of the military and don't have to worry about Uncle Sam's, "Don't ask, don't tell" policy I am going to let my hair down and have some fun.

I dial his number and he answers on the fifth ring. I tell him that I am in town and that we should meet up. He agrees excitedly and gives me directions to a nearby bar. We decide thirty minutes would be enough time for both of us to get there.

I walk to the bar since it is only a few blocks away. After twenty minutes I walk through the doors of the bar and start looking for him. Not finding him right away, I decide to sit at the bar and order a drink. After a few sips I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around and see Ernie looking at me with a wide grin.

We shake hands and do the bro hug, and asks me to join him at his table. I pick up my drink and he leads me to a corner table where another guy is sitting. Ernie introduces me to his boyfriend, Chuck, and we sit down and start catching up.

After some small talk I let Ernie know that I am extremely horny and I have been waiting five years to finish what we started. He seems concerned about leaving Chuck out of the action. I insist that Chuck can participate if he wants to.

We gather our things and head out of the bar and down the street to their apartment, which is the opposite direction of my hotel room. Fifteen minutes later we were standing in their living room.

After the door closes I walk up to Ernie, wrap my arms behind his neck and kiss him with five years of built up passion. He bends down and wraps his hands behind my back and kisses me back with the same amount of gusto.

I look out of the corner of my eye and see Chuck standing off to the side, not wanting to interfere with our reunion. I beckon him over and soon he is behind me, kissing the back of my neck and massaging my ass. I whip around and start making out with Chuck as Ernie nibbles on the back of my neck and starts undressing me.

The shirt came of first followed by my shorts and underwear, I kick them off along with my shoes, and by the time I was naked both of my companions are buck naked as well.

Subconsciously, we all must have known what roll I would be playing in the tryst we were engaging in and I enthusiastically accept it.

I am led to the couch and Ernie pulls me to him as he sits down. I slide down his body and position myself between his legs and take his cock between my lips. Chuck crawls up behind me and starts to probe my asshole with his slick fingers, making me suck on Ernie's cock with more vigor.

Soon his fingers are replaced by his cock head as it tries to gain entrance to my virgin asshole. I arch my back to make it easier for him, and wait patiently for the push that I have been waiting for five years to feel.

I feel the head slide past my ring and shudder as I keep sucking on Ernie's cock. I can feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead as he pushes more of his cock into my ass. He pulls partially out before pushing further in until I finally feel his pubic hair tickling the back of my ass.

He lets it sit there for a moment before he pulls out halfway and back in, after a minute or two of this he starts making longer, faster, and harder strokes. I pull my lips away from Ernie's cock long enough for me to grunt at him to fuck me harder, which he readily complies to.

Ernie's cock is deep in my throat, and as hard as it is to try to keep him from cumming, I manage to keep him on the brink of orgasm. I have plans for the load that is building up in his balls.

Chuck is grunting and I am moaning as he tightens his grip on my hips and starts slamming his hard cock into my ass. The next thing I feel is a huge thrust that almost knocks me off of Ernie's dick as Chuck shoots his load deep into my bowels. I feel it coat my insides and shudder as I feel him withdraw his cock from my ass.

I immediately jump onto Ernie's lap, straddle his legs and impale myself on his cock. He grabs hold of my ass and I start bouncing up and down on his cock like a cheerleader on prom night. After a few minutes he starts pulling me down hard onto his throbbing cock as he explodes, treating my insides to another coating of baby seed.

I grab my super hard cock, pump it a few times, and explode all over his chest while his cock was still buried deep in my ass. Every nerve in my body seem super excited and at the moment of orgasm I start to feel light headed and giddy. I slide off of Ernie's lap and on to the couch exhausted and content.

I stay in Vegas the rest of the week and lament when it was time for me to finally leave. The memories I have will last for a very long time, and I know I will find myself jerking off to the memory of what has happen this week.

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