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Verne and The Black Brazilian at the Steambath

I get the brother while Verne has a sexual reunion.

Note to readers. This is a continuing story told to me by a friend who is strictly “trade.” He will permit me to tell of his gay affairs only if I don’t change his name, Verne and do change the name (s) of his partner (s) in that affair. If you have the uncontrollable desire to embellish this story, do so but do not make Verne into any person other than a guy who is so much a top with gay guys that he has never allowed a penis in his mouth or anal opening. You should note I am like a gay Dr. Watson to Verne’s Sherlock Holmes and the details are usually given to me after I have completed oral sex or been used anal.

Verne and The Black Brazilian at The Steam Bath.

One Friday in February, I got home early from high school. I am 18 and a junior as I was out sick one year when I was 14. I was alone in the house and the phone rang. It was my friend, Verne. I had known Verne for maybe five years as a family friend, but it was just this year I found he was a gay top and he soon had me as one of his submissive sex partners. Verne is about 23 or 24. I did not think that Verne had even held another guys cock in his hand but that I was to learn was not true. I was gay when I fell under Verne’s spell so he is not a child molester at all.

“Hey, Bob. Come on over. I miss you.” Verne knew just how to turn me on so I took my voice activating pocket recorder with a new tape and drove over to my friends apartment in my older Mustang my Mother gave me for school.

Verne has a nice house with a swimming pool that is surrounded by a seven foot fence and is visually secure from prying eyes. Well, I hope so anyway as there have been times I was doing something out there no one should get to see without buying a ticket.

The house, without the swimming pool fence, was the family home. When Verne’s folks were killed in a cruise ship sinking off of Peru, Verne got the house and a big insurance settlement that would set him up for life, but he still works for the same construction company he did before the accident as a trainee construction foreman.

“Bob, it is always good to see you,” my good friend said as I walked up on his porch. Verne was dressed in a T-shirt and loose cargo shorts and sandals. I knew that he would be pleasantly naked in seconds after we got to his play room with the 52 inch TV.

From force of habit, I waited to hear what part I would be playing in Verne’s plans for the afternoon. As I knelt to orally worship that staff of light and joy that swings from my friend’s groin, Verne broached the subject in a tone that suggested I had some say in the matter but I knew I would do as he would tell me to do. In case you don’t know it, the obedience to your dominant partner’s commands is part of being a submissive gay boy.

“Oh yeah!, “ Verne exclaimed. “Your mouth is the thing I have been missing the most today. Now show your papi just how much you have missed this cock since last weekend.” In our unusual relationship, I did not have to ask for permission to move or say anything or call my “dom” Sir. We had an unwritten and unspoken agreement. I would do as I was told and Verne would not deprive me of anything I desired or needed from his genital regions.

“We could have done this today,” I said as I stood up to clear my body of the unnecessary garments I was wearing. “Without you giving me the illusion that you missed me.” I said with a smile and Verne’s face broke into a cheerful but crafty grin. He laughed a little.

“See.” my dom laughed, “Six months ago you would not have caught on like you have. You are growing in a lot of ways under my rules.” When I thought about that, he was right.

I was naked that time when I knelt to suck his cock, but Verne suggested we get on the bed to finish our session so we did. For some unexplained reason, I was used both orally and anal and used vigorously, but Verne did not complete the sex with an ejaculation. I was left keyed up and frustrated like never before. Verne had been silent except for some involuntary moans when I did something really intense to stimulate his cum firing system.

“OK, Bob, I have to explain to you why you have not had any cock cocktail after all your good work.” Verne spoke as I was in my regular place between his legs where my tongue could reach and lick his smooth ball sack. “If I had known that withholding my cum from your mouth would make you do me so intensely, I would have been doing it before.”

I waited for the explanation but instead Verne turned on his side and I knew he wanted a bit of a rim job.

“Yeah,” I replied. “You have me worried about you. Nothing bad has happened to spoil my usual load of prick juice has it?” That brought on another laugh and my dom shook his head to indicate that nothing had happened as he returned to laying on his back.

“OK. Here is your regular story and you can use it however you use my stories.” I turned my small recorder on and started to lightly stroke my own cock. It had not been able to hold it’s hardness while I worried but then it stiffened right up when it seemed like it was all right for me to miss my portion of prick sauce. I had my dominate partner’s anal taste on my tongue but I still wanted my liquid reward. They say you never miss the water til the well goes dry. Well the same is true when your man’s cock comes up cum dry.

“Bob, You have seen that Home Coming picture of me catching that ball in the last twenty two seconds of play in the game with,” and here he named our biggest football enemy. “Well, I was not the intended receiver and I was on the one yard line when I was looking for someone to block. Suddenly, I saw Jake, the intended receiver reach for the ball and it bounced off his fingers and I, without thinking, I reached up and caught it. Well, that bruiser of a tackle on that other team hit me like a steam train locomotive but he just drove me over the line into the end zone. Well we won 27 to 21 and I got the credit even though I was in my wrong place at the time and got no credit for a rush..”

“OK, Verne,” I broke in. “Most of that is in the school’ s history and I won’t correct it if that is what is bothering you.” I reached up with my left hand and petted the one piece of warm flesh I thought I could not do without. “I don’t know why I love this fat eight inch worm,” I said, laughingly.

“If I have to stuff a fat dick in your mouth to keep you quiet,” Verne said with a smile, “I will stop you from talking real good.” My dom laughed. “Anyway, ”Verne continued. “My back got hurt real bad so the school doctor said the school medical fund would pay for ten hot tub treatments.” My dom patted my head as I licked his nuts. “Doctor Joe, who is not there anymore so I can tell you that I fucked him several times in the coach’s office in the steam bath he sent me to also.”

“Where did he send you?” I asked, raising up my head to watch my favorite worm begin to stand straight up.

“A gay steam bath Doctor Joe knew about in the city. He had a lot of pull there so I got a private room at each treatment. I went there first Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for two weeks and then on Thursdays for the other four times.” Verne told me.

“Bet you got a lot of sex there,” I laughed. I remembered I went to maybe the same bath for my first time in a bath house and sucked off from ten to twelve guys before I managed to leave. Have you ever lost control and sucked more dick than you should?

“Well, Mondays and Wednesday were bargain nights so all the old guys were there and very few hot young guys like you.” My dominant partner went on. “That first Saturday however was pretty hot and I probably strained my back fucking young sailors and hot Marines more than the hot water helped it.” Verne pulled his now hard joy tool away from me like he did not want me to enjoy it. “The story I want to tell happened on that Saturday and continued for eight more times, four of which I paid for myself.”

“Well, get to telling it then before my tape runs out,” I told my dom which is in itself unusual in a relationship like ours.

“Ok. I was walking around upstairs after fucking a young Marine corporal and I saw this black guy. His black hair was wavy and not at all kinky. You know I am not a racist and I liked his looks. He gave me a good looking over and then he stepped into the glory hole room. I followed and the cubbyhole next to him was vacant so I slipped my dick into his side to see what he would do. A great warm mouth took me in and revitalized me. A few minutes later, the Black suggested we go to a room so I led him to mine. I told him right away that I am one-way and he said he saw that when he first saw me.”

“OK. The black guy is sucking the cock and balls I should have a lock and key on,” I joked. “What did he say about my favorite wiener?”

“Actually, there was not a lot of conversation as at first he spoke English slow and precise like a student.. He was a great cocksucker and later he showed me some new tricks about taking my cock up his ass.” Verne remarked as he pushed my head down for a quick light rimming of his ass pucker. “He told me his name is Victoro, he was from Brazil and spoke mainly Portuguese. I ended up giving him a fast hard fuck as he was dog fashion and he shot all over my sheet. I have admit though I did stroke his hot thick Brazilian cock each time I was in him like a bull on a cow. We showered together and then he left and I did also as I had more sex than even I could handle.”

“Man! That was hot!” I said hoping my ration of hot cum was now to be mine.

“Well, the next Saturday, I saw him in the same spot and tried to speak to him but he just led me into the glory hole room and we duplicated the prior Saturday in an almost exact repeat of the sex we did before. This went on for six times and the ‘pickup’ was always the same. The only difference was Victoro was learning English in some school and he was more talkative in each successive time after sex was done. He told me he had to move to Los Angeles and later he did move and we have had a few telephone conversations since then.”

“Well, the story was worth the effort to suck you off, “ I laughed “But where is my juicy pay off?”

“That is what I want to tell you.” Verne replied. “Victoro is in a hotel down in the city. He wants to relive our steam bath nights up to the point of going to a room. This time we will go to his hotel and spend the night. I want to save my cum for the reunion festivities.” I guess I had a disappointed look on my face as Verne went on, “Victoro has brought his younger brother with him who is around your age and has a dick nearly as big as yours. The brother is Alphonse and Victoro asked me to get you to entertain him for the night. You can sleep over here as I told your mother I wanted to do some work in the morning and I needed your help.” So, Verne knew I would comply with his wants even before to told me of them.

I will now just go into enough detail to let you know how this session ended. I did meet Victoro and Alphonse. Both are good looking black guys with black wavy hair and real white teeth. After Victoro and Verne left, I had the fluffy white towel Verne had loaned me tight around my waist. Alphonse stripped to his bare black skin and was very happy to show me his nice black thick cock. Making a big show of it, he pulled my towel off and his eyes bugged out when he saw I had over an inch more dick than he carries. But who was measuring dicks when we had things to do.

Alphonse told me he fucks Victoro once in awhile as it pleases Victoro and he gives Alphonse little gifts in appreciation. Victoro, the brother does not know he likes to get fucked also and to suck cocks and then he added, “White cocks look nice on black lips.

My final words before action began was “And vice versa.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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