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Virgins no More

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Steve…oh Steve, I want you so much,” Brian uttered between kisses

This is the concluding part to Seduced by the Milkman and details an event which lead to our lifelong friendship.

The idea of returning home to my boring parents did not seem appealing, for following the fucking I had just received from Brian my inhibitions now were almost zero and my sexual fantasies were focusing on having some real hot sex with him.

“Brian…can I stay at your place” I asked in a very subdued manner.

“Well…err… if you don’t mind roughing it,” came his reply.

On several occasions I have acted upon impulse and what Brian had said now intrigued me.  “OK…if I can sleep rough on the moors then your place should hold no surprises,” I replied.

We got back to Wealdstone in the early hours of Monday morning, lucky the night watchman was going his rounds so I was able to sneak into Brian’s car un-noticed.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Brian asked as we pulled away from the depot.  I remained silent as we drove through the suburbs.  Soon we arrived in a road of terraced houses where Brian drove around the back then as we pulled up in front of some garages he uttered, “Welcome home.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding, “ I answered in amazement.

“No…wait until you see inside,“ and with that he left the car, swung open the garage doors then drove the car inside.

In the headlights I could make out a door set in the back wall.  Brian pulled the garage doors too then uttered “Come on then,” as he made his way towards this inner door.  Having crossed its threshold I was utterly amazed for we now stood in an area which could only be described as a typical ‘Bed-sit’.

“I’ll be fucked!“ I uttered in astonishment.  “How on earth did you find this place.”

Brian jokingly replied “Yes” then went on to explain that the garage and outhouses were converted by an eccentric couple for use by their disabled mother who had since died.  He then went on to explain that the door at the end lead onto the toilet come wash house or scullery as it was called in then an then via a kitchen into the house proper.

“Do they ever bother you,” I asked.

“No…I’ve bumped into them a couple of times but they keep much to themselves; as you see I’ve got myself a little cooker unit just in case but what with being on the road most of the time it has little usage.

As we talked my stiff cock was leaking at the thought of what was to come for I could not believe I was finally here.  As I looked around Brian began pressing his body up against mine and through his work clothes I could feel his growing cock fitting perfectly into the crack of my arse.

I felt his breath on my ear as he whispered "Ready to rough it," as his tongue teased my ear with a flicker.  Suddenly Brian shoved me against the wall, scrapping a layer of skin off my face with his stubble before kissing me roughly then jamming his tongue into my mouth.  A hand found the growing bulge in my pants then gave it a hard squeeze.  Breaking our kiss he then uttered, "I think its time we got naked."

We undressed in unison, clothes and shoes were thrown everywhere then following a quick tussle we slid onto his single unkempt bed, thankfully it remained silent as we continued our tussle, each seeking to dominate with our kisses and caresses.

"Steve…oh Steve, I want you so much,” Brian uttered between kisses and I could not have agreed with him more for my mouth watered, my rectum twitched and my prick all throbbed in unison.

The next thing I knew my entire cock was in his mouth and he was really working on it.  His rough hands were everywhere.  I grabbed one of his nipples and the twisting brought out a moan that ticked my buried prick from deep within his mouth.  His low-hanging nuts were hanging above my face and I lifted my head to bathe them with my tongue.  As I got a whiff of sweaty arse I reached up and pulled his hairy arse closer to my face.  Fuck, I was in heaven it was as if some demon had possessed me.  I pried his tight arse cheeks apart and for the first time began to lick his anus.  Brian was so stunned he lifted his head up off my cock and moaned loudly.  As my tongue twirled around his anal bud, he went back down on my cock, matching the circling motion with his tongue.  Saliva began to slowly run down my arse crack then one of his fingers followed this trail of wetness to my anus.  He ran it around a couple of times and then slowly worked it into my more than welcoming orifice.  Another finger joined the first in teasing what I now knew to be my prostate.

Wantonly I continued to tongue-fuck his arse amid the tangle of hot, sweaty limbs for as I said, my inhibitions now were almost zero.  I reached up between his furry, firm legs and grabbed his balls with one hand and began to stroke his cock with the other.  With my fingers I formed a tight circle just above his bollocks and pulled them down towards my mouth so I could begin licking.  Brian’s pendulous balls were a bit larger than I expected so I could only work on each ball separately while I gently stroked his cock with a hand that was becoming more slippery with each stroke as I milked yet more pre-cum from his dripping cock.  Sensing some impatience on Brian’s part I reluctantly let go of his balls and placed my mouth over the tip of his now bulbous cock.  Orally his cock was much larger than I expected so with a hand wrapped around his cock I managed to bob my mouth up and down on 5 - 6 inches without gagging.  I was totally in heaven now, so I just closed my eyes and started twisting my mouth from side to side; releasing my hand I pushed an inch or so more into my throat, but I immediately began gagging so I had to back off.  Redoubling my efforts, I went at it again, this time a couple of inches slid into my throat before I was forced to back off again.  Determined to control this gagging reflex I took a deep breath then I forced my face deep into his crutch and presto, Brian was now truly engulfed in my throat; for a while I remained motionless then I pulled off to breathe again.  I repeated this over and over again, taking deeper breathes and impaling my throat on his cock as his moaning on my cock continued to send vibrations throughout my entire body.

With his fingers giving my rectum a good workout I was close to coming.  This form of sex was so new and intense I began to feel dizzy and light-headed; losing all sense of time I forced my head away from his cock and let out a big sigh as I collapsed back onto the bed.

He lifted his mouth of my cock, wiped a hand across his mouth to catch any saliva then asked, "You OK?"

"Yeah, I'm OK.  Just exhausted," I uttered with all the energy I could muster.

Brian then twisted around and repositioned himself on the bed.  Slowly he rolled me over on my stomach and with a thigh on each side of my hips then began to massage my back and shoulders.  As he leant forward the weight of his engorged cock first smacked onto my lower back then left a silvery trail of pre-cum as he leant back.  His massage felt incredible and I was almost asleep when I realised Brian was working his way down to my arse.  My arse tensed slightly as the head of his cock traced the cleft between my cheeks.  As he slid down my body, he lowered his face to kiss my skin and lick some of the sweat and pre-cum from its surface.  His strong hands began to massage my arse and with each kneading my cock pulsed underneath me.  Occasionally one of his thumbs would just slightly brush over my rectum, causing it to twitch as if it were begging for more.

I was almost asleep when Brian suddenly gripped my hips then roughly dragged me onto my knees; pulled my arse apart he then forced his rolled up tongue directly into my anus.  Shit, his stubble was rubbing my arse raw as he ate my anus.  Half in agony and half in ecstasy I thrashed around on the bed, moving my head back and forth and moaning like I was in heat.  He dropped one hand from my waist, moved an arm around my stomach and pulled my body even closer to his mouth.  I sensed a rhythm in the bedsprings and soon figured out he was stroking his own cock.  As a form of relief I went to reach for mine only to be met with the cry of.

"Don't you dare touch your fucking' cock!"

This time Brian didn't go back to where he had left off instead, I could feel him repositioning himself then his hands prised my arse apart again.  I was kind of surprised when I felt a huge glob of spittle hit my anus.  It was then invaded by one of his thumbs where he worked it around in a circle.  He pulled out his thumb with a "pop" and again a glob of spittle found its mark with my puckered opening.  Immediately his unshaven face made contact with my arse as he pushed his spittle into my arse with his tongue.  As Brian broke away, he shuffled a bit on the mattress then the bulbous head of his cock replaced his tongue.  His hand was guiding it around the hole in a circular motion that felt fucking incredible but like a stupid fool I tensed up for this was all new to me for in the pass we had always used some form of lubricant, namely Vaseline or on the odd occasion butter scrapped off sandwiches.  Suddenly and without warning, he shoved the entire length of his cock all the way into my arse.  Luckily I was used to this monster by now but never the less I gasped for air as the wind was knocked out of my body.  Then all was still as Brian waited for me to get familiar with his cock inside of me.

“Fuck, you could have warned me,” I uttered for I nearly came when he'd first entered me.  It took every bit of self-control for me to resist the urge.

Very, very slowly Brian began the motion of sliding a bit of his cock out of my body and then roughly shoving it back in.  He was consistent in his gentle out-stroke and the forcefulness of his in-stroke.  We began to grunt in unison as he sawed into my rectum.  I’ve got to admit that the sensations I felt were different, for it was a much rawer, hotter form of sex and both of us were soon coated in a film of sweat; as slippery as I was I was getting the most amazing fuck of my life.  It felt like I was in a dream.

I was brought back to my senses as the pounding became harder.  I reached up and grabbed the headboard so I wouldn't lose my balance on the ride.  Brian put his hands up on my shoulders and pulled my entire body back onto his massive probe.  I swear I could feel the veins of his cock massaging the insides of my gut.  I don't think I'd ever had anything so hot and so deep in me.

My head began to bounce off the headboard, but I felt no pain as the two collided repeatedly for I didn't want this fucking to be interrupted or to stop.  Shit, then I could feel it happening.  I was going to cum without either one of us touching my cock.

"I going to cuumm!" I shouted as I first blast of cum hit the bed and various parts of my body as it jerked up and down.  My rectum began pulsing massaging the hot, no burning cock in my arse, with each pulse a shot of cum left my cock.  A combination of a sigh and whimper made its way out of my mouth each time he sawed his cock into me.

"Fuck, that was really hot," whispered Brian as he licked the sweat off my back.  He never stopped his sawing in and out of me; he just slowed it down to something gentle and soothing – almost romantic in a way .

Without pulling all the way out, Brian rotated my body then lifted my legs above my head.  Following some re-adjustments he maintained the same slow fucking of my arse.  When his hands reached down and began to play with my nipples I smiled to myself.

With his salty sweat dripping down onto me, and the rocking motion continuing, he mumbled, "What’s got you smiling?"

"Well, besides having the hottest fuck of my life, you’ve remembered to play my nipples."

Hearing this the pace of his fucking picked up again.  I reached forward and grabbed a piece of his arse in each hand and pulled him deeper and harder into me.  With my cock trapped hard up against my stomach I could feel the cum churning again in my balls.  Brian's sweat dripped into my mouth when I opened it to moan.  God, it tasted good.

I could sense his body tensing and his cock seemed to grow within the walls of my arse.  He arched his head back and let out an indescribable guttural sound.  Brian suddenly yanked his cock out of my rectum then after a couple of jerks, hot, thick white cum began flooding my chest and stomach.  Brian reached down and started pulling on my own prick and soon this was shooting all over me as well.  I'm not sure whose seed was hitting my face, but I licked it off my mouth and savoured its taste.  With both cocks spewing their seed I was soon covered with cum.  As Brian slowly continued to stroke both cocks each releasing yet more fluid, I looked up into his face and saw total contentment.

As a form of union he leant forward and began to mix the combined cum on my chest with his chin and tongue.  As he licked across my hard nipples a jolt of electricity shot down to my cock and it released a little additional cum.  Although we had shared many an hour together this was an unseen side for Brian now was sucking up our mess with his mouth.  He took my softening, sensitive cock into his mouth, removed all evidence of our fun then brought his cum-filled mouth up to mine and together we shared this treat.  We continued kissing deeply for some time as we hung onto each other in an intense hug.

My nostrils took in the scents of cum, sex and sweat, and I realised it was not a dream at all for once again my arse felt raw and sore and laid alongside me was a man who I knew now to be my lover; it was then as he looked my way, I asked the one remaining question.

“Brian, when do I get to fuck you?”

“Soon,” came his reply.

I sighed as Brian turned over onto his side, threw an arm across my chest then succumbed to sleep.  As for me I just lay there for although I was tired, sleep seemed a million miles away; at first all I could hear was Brian’s gentle purring coupled with that of my pounding heart then as time went on I began to hear the dull and creaking sounds of garage doors being opened and closed as the world began to go about its business.

At one point or another I must have succumbed to sleep myself for when I re-awoke I was spooning Brian and cupping his genitals with my free hand.  Thinking nothing of it I began to twirl my fingers through his hairy bush; what had started out as a bit of fun was now leading to more serious things for both our cocks were reacting to the situation.  Now with my hand wrapped about his cock and with mine creeping up the crease of his arse I began kissing the nape of his neck and the easily reached parts of his shoulders.  With my cock now between Brian’s legs he gave a groan then pushed back against me.  Sliding a wetted finger down his arse Brian moaned deeply as I let my finger linger at his entrance.  The more I played with him, the more he pushed back until my finger finally slid into his arse.

"Yesss" he growled fiercely as my finger penetrated his anus,

"You like that?" I teased him.

"OOHHHHH Yes, fuck yes," he yelled as I slide another finger into his arse.

"You like my fingers in your arse?" I teased again, "You like me finger fucking your arse?"


By now my cock was aching.  The sight of Brian facing the wall, arching his arse towards me as I finger fucked him was erotic beyond any fantasy.

“Come on then, you’ve earned it,“ Brian growled as he rolled onto his back.

Not needing to be told what to do, I quickly coated my cock with some Vaseline I had found in the bedside cabinet then positioned myself between his legs.  As I shuffled closer Brian curled up his legs then placed them on my shoulders, I in return moved closer then slid my cock into his arse.

"OH, FUCK" was all he said.

Surprisingly Brian was tight, so remembering how he treated me I proceeded slowly.  Just the head at first, allowing him plenty of time to adjust to me.  Brian kept on offering my encouragement as he kept pushing back.  Sliding my hands under his arse I gave a final thrust and buried my cock deep into him.

"FUUUCCCKKK…OH GOD…your cock is finally up my arse" uttered Brian.

"Brian…you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this," I replied.

Every once in a while people reach a certain level of sexually ecstasy that defies description.  Their level of passion and carnal lust is so intense that it becomes the most powerful force in the world.  That is exactly what happened to Brian and I at that moment.  As I began to slide in and out of him, we were both overcome with such animalistic passion, that we literally evolved to our most basic primal state.  In unison we tugged at each others nipples as I ravaged his arse.  Any pain he initially felt was long gone and was replaced by a fullness that completed his being.  The lube allowed me to slide deep into him with very little pain or effort.

Brian had begun to climax as soon as I entered his, I could feel his body spasming with small contractions, and he continued throughout, with his orgasm slowly growing and building in intensity.  Sweat began to cover us as we quickened, my chest once taut with dried cum now glistened with sweat and my cock filling his arse completely, slid in and out in a smooth effortless rhythm.  The tightness of his arse coupled with the lube was the perfect combination, so warm, engulfing and slippery.  His body was the perfect sight, his arse high in the air, his glistening ‘pecs’ pushed forward by the curl of his stomach, his hardened nipples erect, for Brian with his head back and eyes closed was completely lost in the moment.  Once again I could feel cum building inside me, my stomach tightening.  Brian looked so sexy, so beautiful as my hard cock slid in and out of his arse.

"Ohh fuck" I yelled as my orgasm built.

"YEESSS…CUM IN MY ARSE, CUM IN ME FUCKING ARSE," Brian screamed as I felt his arse begin a series of minor contractions.

By now we were both fucking hard and fast.  Brian was pushing back against the bed with both hands, resisting me as hard as he could.  By now I had grabbed his waist and was slamming into him fast and furious.

The force of my first ejaculation caught Brian by surprise.  He could feel me spurting deep into his bowels and he began to cry with satisfaction and passion.  Dropping his legs about my waist he pushed back as hard as he could impaling himself on me, no longer moving as he buried me as deep into him as possible.  Holding onto his waist for dear life I pushed forward with one final thrust and continued to empty myself into him.

As we lay there recovering from our exertions Brian made an astonishing confession for I was his first; yes he had played around with blokes before but had always denied them the privilege of taking his arse, well you can imagine after that I was gobsmacked for I didn’t know what to say.

It’s hard to finish any story but finish it I must for I could go on and on about the life Brian and I shared; the times we went climbing together, our cheating wives (its not only the men who talk in their sleep) and the heartbreak of becoming widowers.  Our friendship has endured for over 40 years and although we’re both well into our sixties and a bit rotund, we still get together a couple of days a year to relive our youthful days.
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